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(FT5) New small picture of the E-M5. And 5 axis stabilization explanation.



On top you see a new small picture leak. Again, it’s not me doing those small leaks startegy. But let’s talk about one of the  he real innovation of the new E-M5, the five axis stabilization. I got some details from sources that explains how this will work. Until now the Olympus image stabilization compensated for “two kinds of rotary movement….yaw and pitch“. But in reality the camera shake is caused by five different motions. The new five axis IS will also correct “horizontal shift“, “vertical shift” and “rolling motion“. The system is perfect for macro and shooting while moving.

No other camera manufacturer did something like that until today. That is certainly one of the areas were Olympus is the leader.


USA deal:
The Fuji X PRO 1 is still the most requested camera at Amazon (Click here). But right behind it you can find the Olympus E-PL1 (Click here) which now sells for $279 with lens. And it’s even $50 cheaper at Cameta (Click here).


  • 43shot

    Why does the top look cheap and like something that would break off, collect dirt and water or catch on something. Seems very “clunky” and cheap looking. At the very least it is ugly and not refined. If that is all about a silly flash it is just a waste.

    • flash

      +1 Hopefully, they understand strength of materials and used that knowledge regardless of cost.

      • TheEye

        That’s the first ever camera Oly has designed. I’m sure their engineers, presuming they have any of those, don’t understand even the basics. You should ask Oly to hire you for the job. :-P

        • flash

          I have worked as an Internal Financial Auditor, also have worked as a Forensic Auditor Manager. I also a lot of experience hiring Independent Audit firms and interfacing with audits and investigations (and conduction them). I think I can help them more there. :)

          While I have studied engineering, I never worked in the field.

          I am sure the engineers at Olympus can make something that does not break, but like all organization it is made up of individuals with different levels of ability, and in the last 9 months or so I am sure several have been preoccupied with the companies problems. Unfortunately, like a lot individuals I have there, and it does wears on you when your company is in real trouble no matter how much you try to keep upbeat.

          I have been very impressed with Olympus ability to get stuff manufactured at a high level. I think they are one of the best firms in the world at that. I expect this to be the best made small system compact.

    • deniz

      if i know olympus, this camera will be built like an ox

      • TheEye

        Hey, your hypothetical investigations could take you the beautiful Cayman Islands! ;-)

        I’m not saying bean counters don’t have a say in product development. The on/off switch and mode dial assembly on my E-620 surely has proven to be of poor quality. However, my point was that Oly engineers surely are knowledgeable in material science.

  • malchick743

    I don’t think 5-axis stabilisation is something new. AFAIK Fuji has its own version on its HS-10/20/30 DCs.

    So maybe Olympus will become the first company to implement this on an EVIL…?

  • Mikey

    Camera looks gorgeous. The blurry picture of the silver version looks a bit disappointing though. I don’t like the silver body with black knobs. Should have been silver body with silver knobs but it is just a blurry picture.

    Regardless, the black version looks gorgeous.

    • rrr_hhh

      I think that what they call a silver version will look more retro than the black version. It doesn’t seem to be entirely silver, it will have a black leatherette cover on most part of the body. Only the top and bottom plates will have a silver metal look. You could see that black leatherette on the leaked picture. Of course this is assuming that the picture wasn’t fake.

      • Yes i mean also the, silver version is very like OM-4Ti in silver, but black version is more up to date look by fiber textile and not leater.

  • neeming

    The camera has a curved top, like the modern Canon and Sony designs? That’s terrible news. One of the reasons why OM series looked so handsome is its straight masculine lines. The previously leaked photos of the camera front did not show that, perhaps because it had a top down perspective. This photo of the camera back, however, has a more level perspective. It certainly shows a curved top. To me that’s a big disappointment. What were they thinking?

    • Vril_Ya

      I agree… was a bit surprised myself, all along it seemed like it was level and straight. And agreed, the old OM cameras or for that matter old design philosophy of that seem more robust sleek and rugged. Apart from apple products, I don’t see any other company using curves and fluidity of surface that convincingly. Some electronic products the audio equipment sector.. look like they were made of clay.! ew.

      Also, the “exceptionally light..” statement kind of bothers me. I hope it feels the right weight.

      • caver3d

        Curved top not used well by other companies? Well then, you obviously don’t own a GH2. Take a look. I think it looks great on the E-M5 and I plan to buy it.

      • TheEye

        Mass. You mean the camera’s mass. If the camera is too heavy, you can jump with it off a ledge. The camera will then be totally weightless.

        • Vril_Ya

          oh yea.. professor calculus..that was smart. Why don’t you try that with the camera on a weighing scale and and instead of a ledge, use a cliff so you have more time to jot down your observations.

    • Alan

      They were hiding half the EVF in there.

  • I’m not sure I like the faux pentaprism look. Is this runaway form over function?

    I would still like to get one in my hot little hands!

  • TheEye

    The camera is not only too retro, but also too fashionably curved. It’s too big to put in a condom pocket, but too small to be held comfortably. It’s too heavy to carry, but too light to be held steadily. It’s got a huge hump for looks, which ruins its looks. It hurts short fingers and long noses. It’s too black or too silver in color. It’s gorgeous, it’s garish. In short, the OM-D is an abomination, a stillbirth. It’s Olympus’s Edsel, Pinto, Excalibur. Fascinating. :-P

    Can’t wait for the official announcement and the inevitable variety of reactions.

    • TheEye*1000=right :-D

      • TheEye

        You can be my sidekick! ;-)

  • Sevenor

    This is undoubtedly one of the two most sexy retro models to date.

    If it excels high ISO settings, has got fast 18mm, 35mm and 60mm prime lenses (like that of Fuji) and at a price around Sony NEX-7’s, I’ll be buying for sure.

    Olympus, my favorite.
    Once an OM user, always one.

  • Charlie
  • stimmer

    Camera really looks to have the flash inverted on a hinge on the back of the hotshoe. Very nice indeed if that’s true, and ingenous. Is the viewfinder that wide?

    • TheEye

      The hinge is either for a strobe or for swinging the viewfinder upwards. Based on the “revolutionary” viewfinder comment, I expect the viewfinder to tilt.

    • The Real Stig

      My bet, on studying the images, is that the pentaprism hump everyone is complaining about, is actually a flash. It has two legs that extend down the sides of the hot shoe, from front to back to where the pivot point is. It will swing up and back, straddling the hotshoe.

      That funny hump behind the hotshoe and above the eyepiece appears to have a hinge at the top between the hotshoe rails and is a cover that will flip up.

  • bulky pyramid EVF lose to sony EVF, why not make it as simple as a square box as high end as sony EVF :D

  • ExTex

    Perhaps I’ve missed seeing this thought, but … with all the concern about the size of the hump people seem to have forgotten about the original leaked images, which showed a chisled, prism-shaped hump – with NO hot-shoe. If that image and the one showing a hot-shoe are correct, then the hot-shoe must be detachable – and replaceable by a slim cover at the least.

    This seems like an elegant solution, which offers full flash capability … or a low profile when flash is not required. My guess is that the hump contains an AP2 (or 3?) port, into which the ‘flash adaptor’ or other PEN devices can plug.

    It would be an even more complete solution if the ‘flash adaptor’ contains a pop up (swing up) flash which could be used for casual flash situations or to control remote flashes. Perhaps the rectangular block behind the hot-shoe is a GN10 flash head, which swings up above the hot-shoe when in use.

    • TheEye

      The initial picture that showed mostly the slanted front of the hump from slightly above. You couldn’t really see the top of the hump at all, which was conveniently fading into the black background.

      Something is movable on the hump/viewfinder assembly. Either there’s a pop-up strobe stashed away or the viewfinder can be unlocked to swing in an upward position.

    • Pingflood

      The original OMs had removable hot shoes.

      • rrr_hhh

        Interesting !

  • Richard_X

    One question: If we put an eye to the viewfinder, how to choose the focus point while looking into the viewfinder? or do we have to use touch screen to choose the focus point and then put our eye to the viewfinder?

    • TheEye

      Touch screen with nose control function? Works only if you are a cyclops. :-p

      Maybe a dial allows scrolling through available AF points. I don’t need that. Center AF and AF lock work for me.

  • Herve

    Wow! Number 2 bestseller on amazon is a GE camera! Not a motivation for other brands to innovate much…

  • Yaro

    If this “Oly” is good on video mode then meybe they will make accesory with second hdmi output.Serious “videographers” could use first hdmi output for external monitoring and second (clean) for external video device recorder.

    Second accesory in “Oly” family i think should be ,external recorder with possibility to use with accesory port on “Pen” cameras famity. Just plug recorder in accesory port and great video sound is coming… ;) ohh and XLR’s connectors too :)

    I hope somebody from Oly read this…

    • Yaro

      I start thinking again and accesory with good preamps and XLR conectors … oh meybe someday they do that ?.

  • Leu

    is that not 43rumors loaded up in the EVF? This cam is watching the rumors about itself.

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