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(FT5) New small picture of the E-M5. And 5 axis stabilization explanation.



On top you see a new small picture leak. Again, it’s not me doing those small leaks startegy. But let’s talk about one of the  he real innovation of the new E-M5, the five axis stabilization. I got some details from sources that explains how this will work. Until now the Olympus image stabilization compensated for “two kinds of rotary movement….yaw and pitch“. But in reality the camera shake is caused by five different motions. The new five axis IS will also correct “horizontal shift“, “vertical shift” and “rolling motion“. The system is perfect for macro and shooting while moving.

No other camera manufacturer did something like that until today. That is certainly one of the areas were Olympus is the leader.


USA deal:
The Fuji X PRO 1 is still the most requested camera at Amazon (Click here). But right behind it you can find the Olympus E-PL1 (Click here) which now sells for $279 with lens. And it’s even $50 cheaper at Cameta (Click here).


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