Pentax K-7 specs…


Now it seems the specs are semi official. From Rice blogs

Camera Name: Pentax K-7 (It Is “K Hyphen Seven” – *No* “D” Letter and *With* the Hyphen)
Size: Width Slightly Less than K20D, but Slightly Taller for the Body’s Head; Slimmer Body Design – Overall Volume Comparable to the K200D, but Still Slightly Larger
Sensor Format: APS-C, Aspect Ratio: 3:2
Mount: Pentax KAF-3 (Crippled K-mount, Support Both Body Driven “Screw-Type” AF and SDM)
Viewfinder Coverage and Magnification: >95% and/or >0.95X ( by my Best Measurement and Estimation – It could be 100% *and* 1.0X ! Actually, I’ve measured that result but just can’t believe it myself !! )
RTF: Yes, Manual Pop-up
Live View: Yes, Activated by One-touch Dedicated “LV” button at the Thumb Position
Movie/Video Recording: Movie/Video with Mono-Audio Recording
Monochrome status LCD: Yes
Rear Colour LCD: 3.0″
e-Wheels Control: Front and Rear Wheels
Green Button: Yes, Directly Under the Rear Wheel
Exposure Modes: Green Mode, P, Sv, Tv, Av, TAv, M, B, X, User and Movie
Focusing Modes: AF-S, AF-C, MF
Dedicated AF Button: Yes
Dedicated AF Point Selector: Yes: Central, Auto and User Select
Built-in AF Assist Light: Yes, Bright Type (Not Near IR)
Dedicated Metering Mode Selector: Yes: Evaluative, Centre-Weighted Average, Spot
Controls Around Shutter Release: Optical/Digital Preview; Separate Buttons for ISO and +/-EV Compensation; Top LCD Panel Backlight/Illumination
Other Direct Controls: With the Four Ways / “OK” Buttons: WB, Flash, Drive and Colour Mode / AF Point Selection Activation
Standard Controls: Play/Delete (at Upper Left), INFO/MENU (at Lower Right)
RAW Button: Yes
“Fn” (Function) Button: No (Not Needed with New Direct Controls Design)
Shake Reduction Switch: No (to be Enabled and Disabled via System Menu)
PC Sync Socket: Yes
IR Remote Control: Yes, Front and Rear Receivers
Accessory: Vertical Battery Grip D-BG4

(FT 3) BIG! Panasonic and Leica to produce together a new compact m4/3 camera?


Fake rendered image of a possible LX5

Fake rendered image of a possible LX5

So Panasonic folks. We have something for you. In the last week we received some informations from two sources who gave us some news over Panasonic and Leica micro four thirds plan.

That’s what we got and to bo honest this are the first Panasonic rumors we publish with (FT3) value. FT3 means that is not only a cheap rumor!

1) We from 43rumors are sure a Panasonic compact mico four thirds camera will come before the end of this year but what really surprises us is tht this will probably be made in collaboration with Leica.

2) In the same way they produced the LX3 /D-LUX 4 duo they probably will sell the similar camera with minor differences. Leica announced two things in the past:
a) They don’t plan to enter in the m4/3 market
b) They want a cheaper alternative to the M-series

It seems they were cheating us on point “a” ;) May Panasonic has convinced Leica to enter in the micro for thirds market. It seems wise for Leica to go for m4/3 instead of doing all alone! And the Panasonic and Olympus m4/3 brand will gain a lot of credit having Leica (and his lenses) on board!

3) One single rumor claimed to know that “There isn’t a lot to improve on the LX-3! Yes they could try to make a little bigger sensor then the one inside the LX§3 but this doesn’t really make any sense. That’s why they choose to upgrade the LX series. That means the next LX5 will be the compact micro four thirds camera! Count on this! (translation from other language)”

4) If Leica enters the micro four thirds world expect to see the release of new Leica lenses specially made for m4/3!

It is to early for specs, I don’t have any certain onfromation. May I write a (FT1) post later with specs I got from anonymous people.

UPDATE: it is possible that such a camera could be announced this year but we are very doubtful that it will be called “LX5”. Probably it will have a new name.

UPDATE 2: Yes, one trusted source told us the compact m4/3 camera will not be the LX5.

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(under construction) Panasonic/Leica rumors

Share and will soon publish a rumor over Panasonic and Leica plans. Sorry if I let you wait but we still have to wait for some confirmation…

I can say you now it has to do something with the LX5


More Olympus micro four thirds rumors!


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This are excepts from an article from

More or less they confirm our rumors and add some details (the bold part in the text):

The other zoom lens that could come in together is the M43 variant of the 40-150mm. We use the word ‘variant’ because there may be modifications here.

Both the model for June 16 and the one for end-of-year will sport the now-familiar 12.3-megapixel LiveMOS sensor. TruePic will remain at generation III+ but there will be additional capabilities of which the most eagerly awaited is their video capabilities.

It’s more likely that you will see a more serious chrome-black model instead, almost reminiscent of Olympus’ RD/RC rangefinders or the Pen-series. December will see a full-black model and more serious features including lenses.

Olympus understands the strong appeal of a real rangefinder. It’s been there and done that and the revival of something very similar in the digital era is an important growth area for digital camera sales.


Is The Panasonic Lumix G1 the New Digital Leica?


Hi all!

There is a nice article in luminous landscape. They make a comparison between panasonic and Leica lenses. The really important part is the text where they try to gve an answer to a simple question: Is The Panasonic Lumix G1 the New Digital Leica?

You know why I posted this article? Because our next Panasonic rumor talks about future Panasonic and Leica cameras ;)