(FAKE) Sony Alpha 500 leaked! It has Swifel LCD!


After the Pentax leak it is Sonys turn! Today we have a lot to talk about. Don’t worry Panasonic and Olympus leaks will come soon or later ;)

17.20 megapixel CCD / CMOS sensor [that we did not understand a bit – different sensors for focus / measurement of the shooting and immediately?]
2.7-inch screen resolution of 920,000 pixels
8 and 9, the main focus points of support
viewfinder 0,98 x

ISO 100-12800 ISO 100-12800
rate of 4 frames per second
вес 516 грамм Weight 516 grams

1920Ñ…1080 32 fps 1920h1080 32 fps

AVI (Motion-JPEG) или MOV (H.264) AVI (Motion-JPEG) or MOV (H.264)

russian website


Good news folks…order the Novoflex micro four thirds adapter !


Novoflex is a german company and we still miss a complete english translation on his website. But if you speak some german you can order the adapter. Price is 149 Euro.


The super friendly administrator from ww.forum-fourthirds.de allowed us to share the review he made over the new Novoflex adapter.

Please respect the copyright. You can download the document for free but don’t make any change of it and don’t make any commercial use of it!

DOWNLOAD test-novoflex-adapter

Short summary: buy it! it is the best adapter avaiable!

If you have some request to Novoflex please write us. We can let them now what you need!


43rumors website


After spending hours and hours learning PHP and MySQL fundamentals :( we found the main problem which caused the slow website loading time. We removed all the wordpress plugins, made a cleanining job inside the database and reinstalled only the most important plugins. Now things should work better.

Our hosting server is still not fast and responsive enough for the ammount of people who visit us daily. We hope to get enough money from google advertising programm and free donations to upgrade to a better service.

Really, it was a frustrating job, Marwin sleeps an I go out to take some photos with my camera. I miss to play real photography!

Marwin and Alejandro


(FT 3) Kawuuum! Russian rumor close but not close enough?


New micro four thirds rumors from Russia!

Basic specifications:

LiveMos 12 megapixel LiveMos
ISO range will be reduced: from 100 to 800
together with the camera will be released / announced lenses with fixed focal length of 14/2.8, 25 / 2, 50/2.8, and 14-75/3.5-5.6 – a lens with variable focal length, it seems, as planned in the state of KIT’a

Close but may not real enough?

Can someone translate it for us? Google translate is not working very well…