For film lovers…and Ken Rockwell fans!


I don’t know you but I have never stopped to take pictures with film cameras! May one day I will explain you the reasons why I do this but today I invite you to read the recent Ken Rockwell reviews of two films (both slides).
First we have the Fuji 400x review. I tried the film and I do not like the color rendition. If I have to use 400 ISO I preferr to use the Kodak Portra 400VC or the Fuji Neopan 400 black and white film.

Than we have the Kodak Ektachrome E100G review. I like this film for street photography. I use it a lot!

And if you have time read his very provocative article over film quality against digital photo quality!

I agre with him to 99%!

Remember the best camera is the camera you can carry with you! And if you do not have money but want to be a real photographer buy an old Olympus RC! It is a fantastic camera (with his used price set at only 50$) and at low ISO it beats the image quality of the Nikon D700!


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Dear readers,

as you may have noticed I added a new camera deals grid. The list shows you all the best camera-lens-accessoires offers which I receive from our shop-partners. I hope you find it interesting for you!

Buying a product by clicking the product- or logo link will help me to cover the monthly server costs and to sustain my daily 43rumors work.

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Leica R and M Adaptors for Micro FourThirds by Panasonic


Panasonic Press Release

New Optional Accessories for Lumix G Micro System
M Mount Adaptor DMW-MA2M and R Mount Adaptor DMW-MA3R

Panasonic is pleased to announce two new mount adaptors, the M Mount Adaptor DMW-MA2M and R Mount Adaptor DMW-MA3R, to further enhance the photographic experience with cameras from the Lumix G Micro System.

The M Mount Adaptor and R Mount Adaptor are developed under support of Leica Camera AG, making it possible to attach Leica M lenses (DMW-MA2M) or R lenses (DMW-MA3R) on DMC-G1 and DMC-GH1. Users can enjoy outstanding image rendering offered by the combination of high quality Leica lenses and Lumix G cameras that are full of Panasonic’s cutting edge digital technologies. These adaptors also allow users to use the movable MF assist function, which enlarges the selected area when focusing manually.