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Olympus manager says: More DSLR to come, More Sony sensors to be used in future.


Olympus manager Hiroyuki Sasa has been interviewed at Toyokeizai (Google translation here). And there are quite some interesting infos! I ask my Japanese readers to correct me if there are some errors. The Google English translation tool doens’t really make a very good job. Anyway, here are the hottest news:
1) Olympus will reduce investment in the compact digital camera business and focus on niche products with clear identity (example Tough series).
2) Mirrorless is doing well in Asia (Japan, Singapore and Thailand for example). Still not so good in Europe and USA.
3) We will supply our tech to Sony (example lens design knowledge)
4) We will use more Sony sensors in future.
5) We plan to launch new DSLR cameras in future.
6) We do not plan to quite the digital camera business even if it it not profitable yet. Because it drives the technology development that is helpful for our medical business too!

Great news! It confirms what we posted the last few weeks. Olympus is helping SOny in their 400mm f/4.0 A-mount lens design and the soon to come new OMD camera(s) will feature a brand new Sony sensor with phase detection pixel on sensor.

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