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Olympus manager says: More DSLR to come, More Sony sensors to be used in future.


Olympus manager Hiroyuki Sasa has been interviewed at Toyokeizai (Google translation here). And there are quite some interesting infos! I ask my Japanese readers to correct me if there are some errors. The Google English translation tool doens’t really make a very good job. Anyway, here are the hottest news:
1) Olympus will reduce investment in the compact digital camera business and focus on niche products with clear identity (example Tough series).
2) Mirrorless is doing well in Asia (Japan, Singapore and Thailand for example). Still not so good in Europe and USA.
3) We will supply our tech to Sony (example lens design knowledge)
4) We will use more Sony sensors in future.
5) We plan to launch new DSLR cameras in future.
6) We do not plan to quite the digital camera business even if it it not profitable yet. Because it drives the technology development that is helpful for our medical business too!

Great news! It confirms what we posted the last few weeks. Olympus is helping SOny in their 400mm f/4.0 A-mount lens design and the soon to come new OMD camera(s) will feature a brand new Sony sensor with phase detection pixel on sensor.

  • Admin, should the the title be “…to be sure in the future”?
    From the reader whose first language is not English. :)
    If I’m misunderstand, I apologize in advance.

    • admin

      yes sorry. Typo!

  • 1.All sounds good, at least they have a exit strategy for the low price low margin point and shoot segment.I believe tough series sales will grow in future.
    2.The main thing holding back mirrorless in Europe and North America is the poor state of the economies but mft seems to be doing well in the UK.
    3.I have a feeling supplying their tech to Sony could be quite profitable, they may even or have done the same with Panasonic.
    4. Makes sense.
    5. Good, good.
    6. I think digital cameras will be profitable in the next set of financial results, Olympus is going through the pain and re-organising now.

    • Tropical Yeti

      I have wrestled myself over Google translation of article.

      As far as i understand it, they are “considering” new 4/3 cameras.

      Considering that “poor” sensor in their 4/3 cams was blamed as reason for failure of their 4/3 line, I really don’t know why they have waited so long, when they have Sony sensors, new IS, and whole bunch of new technogies available.

      Beeing owner of many 4/3 cams (and Canons too) myself, I would prefer E-510 size and ergonomics + slightly better build, double wheels and all other current bells and whistles like in E-P5.

      • @Tropical Yeti
        I believe that any new 4/3 cameras will have lots of new goodies, it’s not simply a case of replacing the sensor…. Olympus, Sony and Panasonic have until early 2015 to improve their “DSLR” market share before canikon release anything seriously new…

        • spam

          I’ll believe in a new 4/3-camera when I see it.

          • Zune

            Yes, and after the so Mr. Sasa say can i belive the soon coming E-x camara not will be the last one.

      • “they have Sony sensors, new IS, and whole bunch of new technogies available.”

        According to E-5 already has IBIS with “Up to 5 EV Compensation”, so it is not that bad…

    • mercy me

      “I think digital cameras will be profitable in the next set of financial results”

      You’ve been saying that for years.

    • mercy me

      “I think digital cameras will be profitable in the next set of financial results”

      You’ve been saying that for years.

  • Sony’s sensors better have good lawyers!! :P

    • shade


    • Admin has to patent his writing style. :D

  • Anonymous

    I think you meant ‘used’ in the header? Or these translations/rumors are missing something vital here… XD

    Also, they do not plan to ‘quit’ the digital camera business.

    (Sorry, I don’t mean to be a grammar owl, but the heading in particular threw me off)

  • Lana

    I think you meant ‘used’ in the header. Or these translations/rumors are missing something vital here… XD

    Also, they do not plan to ‘quit’ the digital camera business.

    (Sorry, I don’t mean to be a grammar owl, but the heading in particular threw me off)

    • admin

      sorry! Thansk for the correction!

  • Those vague statements are just attempted damage control. I’m surprised they didn’t send “Maybe-maybe-not-san” this time around.

    Not sure about Sasa’s gesture…

    • Anonymous

      Gesture refers to Canon “M”.

  • Jankoff

    No hybrids please! Pure DSLR with the new sensor and stabilization – and with a good grip like E-520!

    • Anonymous

      Full-Frame Sony sensor?

      • with MF OM lenses or what?
        This “full frame sensor” for olympus stuff makes me sick each time I read it.

        • Anonymous

          Here L’il boby…this will maybe make you feel better…

        • bart

          It’s like a religious chant for same people – ignorant people who think the sensor size is some sort of measure of quality and capability.

          • Bob B.

            Well Bart…a Sony RX1 image quality and dynamic range is waaaaay better than an EPL5 and the 17mm Oly.
            Don’t get me wrong…I am an MFT fan and do not own an RX1 (just using that as an example, there are many others)…but one cannot ignore the facts.

            • bart

              I am not saying the RX1 IQ in particular is any worse, it is way better than any mft body and lens combination on a ppix score – what I am saying is that the current MFT models have the same level of IQ as did the best FF camera’s only a few years ago. And those camera’s were good enough for everyone then why is an MFT camera with the same IQ not good enough now…it is because people are religious about the size of the sensor, not the IQ that comes off of it.

              • Oilymouse

                How about comparing to the 1Ds, say at iso 800? You cannot have missed the increasing S/N ratio per photosite over the last ten years. The 5D is indeed a great (almost) timeless camera, but the point is FF will make less and less of a difference in practice (although I hope I will never have to part with my FX gear).

                • I can agree with Bart saying older generation 24×36 dlsr’s are not better at high ISOS compared with current generation MFT bodies, in fact , I even found the first PEN’s equal to my 1Ds shots (same location) at ISO 800. So i prefer to say that bigger sensors win in ISO performance depending on the sensor and imageprocessor generation.

                  • Raist3d

                    I find that a rather misleading way to look at it. If you are going to compare a years newer to a years older tech, it shouldn’t be that surprising that much newer mft could match or win over the other. It’s really irrelevant- people in the market looking for something will compare at what is available on both *today*.

              • Boooo!

                You mean that 5D which has just as much noise as old Oly DSLRs, but with the extra pixels to compensate so that the noise goes away when the image is resized?

              • Ross

                A local photog took shots at ISO 3200 on her 5D for a ‘musical’ & the noise in some of them were just downright ugly (& I’m definitely not exagerating). Is that what you mean? ;)

            • Gabriel

              way better in what ? DOF management ? Color ? I hope one day the mythbuster tv show check if FF sensor are really better or it’s just a myth :)

            • Eskimo Micronian

              Having recently made the switch from full frame Nikons to micro 4/3 (Panasonic bodies, Olympus fixed lenses), I can tell you IQ is undoubtedly superior on full frame cameras in terms of high iso noise handling, dynamic range, color depth and narrow depth of field at an equivalent focal length. That being said, I have made the switch anyway because of the video work I do and because MFT cameras are so much smaller and more versatile. Also, I ultimately end up with photos of the same quality as FF…allow me to explain.
              Take dynamic range for instance. My D3X (I still use for certain studio work) has more than two stops of dynamic range when compared to my G5 (1.4 stops over an E-M5). But the MFT camera forces me to nail my exposure in high-contrast situations. It makes me a better photographer and the images end up looking every bit as good as they did on my D700.
              Take high iso as another example. With FF, I was using zooms (24-70 and 70-200) at f/2.8. Because they are smaller and because I can carry quite a few of them, I use f/1.8 primes with MFT, mitigating much of the iso advantage of full frame. I shoot wide open with the lowest shutter speed I need and the lowest iso I can get away with. Having made the switch to MFT, I can tell you full frame image quality is scientifically better, but my MFT images look the same or better. Oh, and I am shooting a lot more because I always have my G5, my 12mm f/2 and my 75mm f/1.8 on hand.

              • @Eskimo Micronian
                Micro Four Thirds allows you to nail your exposure everytime without chimping or drastic post processing unlike Full Frame. Mft makes it far, far easier :) anyways welcome to micro four thirds….

                • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    If Oly is in this much trouble WHY would they spend time and money designing and manufacturing a hybrid camera for 4/3 lenses.?

    • PLI

      I don’t understand it either why Olympus wants to keep 4/3 alive, they should focus on m4/3. I would not buy any 4/3 stuff, too big, too heavy, right now worse performance than m4/3 line.

      • Tron

        Not always the case, I’m very much enjoying the 4/3 version of the Oly 9-18mm on my GH3. Build quality and optical performance seem better than the m43 version. Of course autofocus could be faster as well… so a hybrid mirrorless would not be a bad thing to have available.

        • PLI

          You were adopter of 4/3 line or just bought this specific lens? It’s a shame that both versions are not DxOmarked. Would like to see the differences in quality.

          • According to DPR the old 9-18, which I have is much better in the corners than the Micro version. You can use the comparometer at DPR and see for yourself. It is better built, and twice the weight, and takes one sec to AF on the E-M5, so your choice :)

    • Anonytrackball

      What much trouble?

  • “We plan to launch new DSLR cameras in future.”

    WTH??? I thought some kind of hybrid was on the way…

    • Maybe, maybe not.

    • Raist3d

      That’s not what Olympus said. Don’t know where admin got that. They said considering.

  • awabow

    I read original coverage in Japanese language.
    It’s interesting to compare the camera department of shop in Japan and abroad.

  • I like m43

    Old 4/3 system (DSLR) is dead. No sense to spend $ on it.
    Compacts have no future – smartphones will eat them. No sense to spent $ for compacts. Maybe compacts like XZ serie can be profitable, but with 1 inch sensor. And maybe something for underwater photography (with bigger sensors then 1/2.5”).

    Mirrorless can be profitable, but smaller micro43 sensor needs to be always first with technological race. Maybe 2 deliverers of different sensor will be better then one. Like insurance. Sony and Fuji? Sony and Sigma? Sony and Aptina?
    As many as possible companies and different cameras in the system can help it survive. Panasonic – OK, but he has old technology of sensors (but is good in movies). Blackmagic – OK, good support. But micro43 needs more.
    Industrial cameras? OK, every help is usefull.
    Kodak? We will see what will be added value from Kodak.
    Sigma? Is there any chance for body with micro43 Foevon sensor?
    Casio? Leica?

    We can see that some producers of lenses don’t want to support micro43 system. Sigma? Only micro43 versions of lenses costructed for APS. Samyang? Only one dedicated for micro43 lens (fisheye). Tamron? Nothing special, only one dedicated lens. OK – there is wide range of lenses from Panasonic and Olympus. Others? I don’t care. But technological support is necessary to be on the wave. Maybe Nokia can add something?

    • bart

      two things:

      Nokia are a mobile phone company that hasn’t even released a tablet yet – what makes you think they would diverge into pure camera’s?

      And the Kodak camera’s we have seen released are not from Kodak, a company called Asia Optics licensed the Kodak brand but they are not Kodak.

      • cangopluto

        “Old 4/3 system (DSLR) is dead. No sense to spend $ on it.”
        Yes, if one shortminded think of the system in terms of camera bodies. You neglect the immense work and money invested in the 4/3 lens line. You DO need a body to put them on, right? A system is never really about the bodies – they come and go – people let go of them as soon as the next one is out. It’s all about the lenses, and will always be.

  • OMD owner

    1) Oly – give us Tough camera with micro43 sensor. It can have fixed prime wide lens and teleconvter options. And give bigger sensor for XZ-3 (like Sony RX100, but faster lens).

    2) Lower prices.

    3) Sony NEX with APS sensor and Zuiko lenses can eat micro43. Micro43 needs something special over NEX. Now there is wider choice of lenses. A good idea is to give support for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera – produce some dedicated lenses for it (wider then 12mm, Blackmagic has micro43 mounth but crop similar to x3, not x2).

    4) Good idea is to have second option (Aptina, Fuji, Foevon…). Don’t you remember Panasonic Lesson?

    5) DSLR has not sense, escpecially DSLR with 4/3 sensor. Maybe FF…

    6) We will see…

    • rune

      mFT lenses are by default smaller (and lighter) so there will always be a difference to NEX.
      FT lenses are even as big as APS-C lenses for the superb image quality, to achieve that on a bigger sensor they would also grow.

  • As noted, if if Oly did fold down in the US (and Europe – but I don’t believe it), they could prosper in Asia, and since they have a World Warranty, importing would still be an option.

    That will teach a lesson or two to those who refused stubbornly to transition to m4/3. OTH it would be quite surprising if because of Sony Olympus began to work on a FF project. Let’s cross fingers.

    • FF? Olympus? Where did you get that idea from?
      If anything, I don’t see why Olympus shouldn’t make Zuiko lenses for the A mount.

      • Cropped dSLR don’t make any commercial sense anymore – didn’t you know, dear? :)

        • Hifinut

          Yeah, Olympus FF is inevitable and I could see that Oly will collaborate with Sony to create a new highend FF universal mirrorless mount that is backward compatible with m43 and nex APSC mount. The new FF lenses can be used with m43 or Nex cameras with the suitable lens turbo type of adapter with full AF and with 1 stop more light gathering.
          The m43 or nex lenses also can be used in the new FF mount but likely will be cropped (from 24mp to 12mp). Rumors about the NEX FF is coming in 2014. Hopefully Oly will jump into the same bandwagon. Otherwise if canikon reduces the price of their FF camera to $1300-1600, it is game over for Oly highend m43 or 43 cameras.

          • Honestly, I fail to understand this FF lust. Increasing sensors used to be much more beneficial than it is now. Given the various compromises between size and IQ represented by all existing systems, I would probably choose a current m4/3.

            • Mr. Reeee

              Sony has proven that it’s possible to make a small bodied camera with a larger sensor.

              The preposterous thing about the vast majority of so-called full-frame cameras is the sheer size and weight of them.

              When Sony releases a version of the RX1 with interchangeable lenses, I’ll be all over it with a pile of lens adaptors and my Nikon, Pentax SMC Takumar, Olympus OM and Voigtländer (M & L mount) lenses!

              • Hifinut

                exactly my thought, Mr. Reeee. Just look at Sony RX1 and I sure sony and Oly can come out with a relative compact FF mirrorless interchangable lens camera.

                • Mr. Reeee

                  My thought, too. I walked past the Sony Store in Manhattan yesterday and saw an RX1 for the first time. Wow! The body of that thing is small. About the same as a GX1, I reckon! Gimme that and some Voigtländer rangefinder lenses and I’d be a happy camper!

              • Milt

                Are smaller, mirrorless interchangable lens FF cameras going to be the rage? Will there be a GFF1, an EMFF5, etc and one from Fuji too? Leica? They might be niche money makers. Will we be waiting for years for one like the RX1 with an internal EV as we have with m4/3rds?

                I think I would be satisfied if the GX2 comes down the pipe as rumoured. We still don’t know about the sensor yet. And maybe the EV. But I digress.

                I can understand the interest in those who have invested in 4/3rds cameras about the future of those cameras and their lenses. They seem caught between m4/3rds on one hand, and the FF RX1 style camera on the other.

          • Well exactly, I am no fan of FF per se, but that is where the market is heading, and small mirrorless FF might act as a lever to break the C&N duopoly.

            Therefore ‘more DSLR’ might be an error in translation – Admin should be careful, because his words are immediately relayed.

            It is true too that the Speed Booster could work as a go-between between ‘cropped’ and uncropped formats, but low priced FF will be difficult to fend off.

            I wonder however if people realise that they will lose DOF, need bigger lenses, which are less even across the frame – although Leica seems to have solved the problem – at a price.

            If Sony competition can induce Leica in making cheaper cameras, well then it would be worth it. I’d love a x1.3 format like the M8, perhaps in the 4/3 proportion.

            • IMHO jumping into FF will be a suicidal move for Olympus. Perhaps they should consider a slightly larger sensor such as the one in the Pentax 645D and put it in a mirrorless camera with the size of a Canon 5D. Then they can cooperate with Black Magic Design to make it the ultimate cinema shooter and exploit their expertise in CDAF to give it unmatched auto focus capabilities with its own carefully designed primes for the new system. Sony can also have a chunk of the cake by designing the most exquisite CMOS sensor the world has ever seen, featuring ISO25 as base sensitivity and going up to a clean ISO100,000 or whatever.

              Well, dream on.

              • Hifinut


                what you suggesting will be harakiri suicidal indeed going into medium format. Lenses made for that format will be hugh and enormous not to mention expensive.

              • Noit’s not a dream. I am not speaking of leaving the m4/3 format. I won’t at any rate. However I am realistic and I see the danger of m4/3 being squeezed by cheap Kodak at one end, and by cheaper FF at the other.

                This will become crystal clear if they issue the Hybrid close to 2000 $. Who is going to buy it, despite its flexibility. Wouldn’t you rather add a FF to an E-PM2 and call it quits? You’d have the best of both worlds.
                Someone at Olympus must be quite aware of the problem, and since they have Sony among their shareholders discuss with them of what happens next.

                In fact it is Sony which is running the pitched battle against C&N. It has mirrorless, it has the SENSORS, FF included.

                Make no mistake, this is a SENSOR battle, lenses come second. Old 4/3 preached the opposite, but they might be changing their minds.

                • Anonymous

                  m43 can’t be squeezed until APS-C remains as buffer.

                • Anonymous

                  Well, if this is a sensor battle, then m43 is already lost, since the large size sensor cost is going down and it is possible to build a small body around it and a bunch of small prime lenses. Not too much different size and cost than the m43 for a much better picture quality at high ISO with less noise, permitting the large sensor body to shoot with smaller aperture lenses at higher ISO.

                  Look at at this way: Why should I care about disposing the m43 systems if all I have is $99 m43 lens to worry about a body that will work with it? I would worry more if I have $6000 worth of m43 lenses that have no body to work with them in the future.

                  • Exactly so. That is why I mentioned, have two mirrorless cameras, say a 2000 $ Sony FF ILC in the coming future, and an Oly PMx for street work.

                    What would be the advantage of a hybrid 4/3 – m4/3 costing the same? Instead of having the best of both worlds, you’d end up with the worst of both problems.

                    I am sure that Oly sees the problem, and if it puts aside its damn pride, it can work with Sony on a new FF mirrorless, and never being cornered anymore.

                    • Anonymous

                      “Exactly so. That is why I mentioned, have two mirrorless cameras, say a 2000 $ Sony FF ILC in the coming future, and an Oly PMx for street work.”

                      Except that I don’t see the point of buying another inferior system for whatever reason if I already have ‘one ring to rule them all’.

                  • everything else being equal, larger chips result in lower yield, and in a higher per area cost. This is an unavoidable consequence of the fact that on average, a silicon waffer does contain some imperfections.

                • “Wouldn’t you rather add a FF to an E-PM2 and call it quits? You’d have the best of both worlds.”


                  First of all, the E-PM2 is ‘full frame’ 4/3″ format.. so I suppose you mean full frame 135 format :-)

                  But seriously, making it 135 format will cause a need for bigger heavier lenses. That is a simple consequence of the laws of physics and unavoidable. Everything you can do to make that 135 format lens smaller can also be done to make that m4/3 lens smaller, and your 135 format lens will still be unwieldy and big in comparison.

                  Its not the best of both worlds, its the worst of both worlds. You now get a very small body with too big and heavy lenses, and very little result justifying that extra weight.

              • JimD

                A Sonipus 645 mirrorless in a nice small body (small relatively speaking) with Zuiko glass in a nice range of fast primes. If small enough I could handle that.

                • Ross

                  Yeah, why muck around with FF when we can have 645 instead. ;)

                  • Hifinut

                    Because sony dont make 645 sensor.

                    • Ross

                      Take note! ;) But I’m sure they would if they wanted to.

                    • JimD

                      Nothing gets made until does

            • Anonymous

              My understanding is curved sensors will solve the problem bringing better edge to edge sharpness as well as allow smaller lenses

              • JimD

                For interchangable lenses there may be big problems, the curve would need to be across all planes not just left to right and look like a slice off a tennis ball or mini satellite dish. Then all the lenses would have to fit that contour. This would be an instant stop to the one lens several mounts brigade. So high quality very high prices. As most good cameras are good enough for most users right at this point, do we really need the added expense. It could be a $20,000 option on my Maserati quattroporte as a dash safety camera and walk about gold chain.

      • OMDowner

        Sony wants to realease FF mirrorless. It won’t be NEX system (because it is APS), and it won’t be Alfa system (due to size – mirrorless have to be smaller). Not so stupid idea is to create completly new system, maybe together with Olympus. Not micro43, not NEX APS, not Alfa DSLR, but new FF mirrorless. Something like micro43 Olympus-Panasonic, but FF Sony-Olympus. Sony created RX1 and have necessary technological knowledge, but New System needs New Lenses. Without lenses new mirrorless will be like RX1 with fixed prime. Olympus is able to make more and better lenses than Sony for new FF system.
        Maybe that is the point.

        • Ross

          That sounds like a nice idea & then adapters could be made to adapt 4/3’s lenses in crop mode much like Nikon did with FX & DX lens/bodies.

    • Anonymous

      “As noted, if if Oly did fold down in the US (and Europe – but I don’t believe it), they could prosper in Asia, and since they have a World Warranty, importing would still be an option.

      That will teach a lesson or two to those who refused stubbornly to transition to m4/3.”

      Lesson in what? Importing or learning to read Thai, Malay or Mandarin?

      • JimD

        World warranty. That’s something that needs fixing. Many countries opt out. For example the US world warranty does not apply in Australia and many other countries. Have a problem with your new vacation purchased EP5 in Sydney. Expect to get a repair quote.

  • andrew

    “2. Mirrorless is doing well in Asia (Japan, Singapore and Thailand for example). Still not so good in Europe and USA.”

    Olympus should fix the pricing differences. Oly cameras are really expensive in Europe.

  • Anonymous

    I can see Sony and Olympus developing a consortium for FF similar to MFT. In time this will break the canon Nikon strangle hold. Wonder where this puts Panasonic who may also join?

    • Nobody can touch Canon and Nikon in FF territory. Too many lenses out in the wild.

      • Anonymous


      • bart

        We have seen how an open standard can disrupt the status quo with m43 – I see no reason why Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Zeiss, SK and others couldn’t stick it to the Canikon duopoly using that same strategy. And it would be us the consumers who win in the end!

        • lorenzaccio

          I see plenty of reasons why that would be veeeery difficult. One over them all: before the ep1 there was no interchangeable mirrorless market. So it was a new market invented from scratch. And, mind, the mirrorless boom is far less than enough for these companies to survive in the future (and if their mother company didn’t have other profitable businesses they would be out of the market, already). While the FF semipro / pro market is already there, and already saturated. What miracle should these companies create to break the duopoly? A new perfectly executed FF mirrorless system with top notch sensors and camera bodies, with a wide and splendid and small enough series of lenses almost from year one, with accessories and backward compatibility with older accessories, and a world-wide professional and reliable warranty / repair service. It would be more productive to imagine the storyline of Star Wars episode 13…

          • bart

            I have a more optimistic outlook – there is no reason why a monopoly can’t be broken by changing the market itself (i.e.. tablets taking market share from PC’s)…it doesnt happen in a few years but over the course of a decade the “old” technology can become a “legacy” product but still exist in large volumes.

            • lorenzaccio

              What you say is theoretically true, but e.g. in PC vs tablet market the initial winner with tablet was Apple, which was also very well established and, very very prestigious in the computer market arena. You say that in some years Sony, Oly or others could rival Canikon. It may very well be: ten years are an eternity in technology. The question is if these companies can afford ten years of investment with no real revenue. Especially as the lower, non pro market is eroding quickly. I guess we have to wait and see…

              • (different bart from the one above)

                Apple was not actually very well established in the market for mobile devices until they made the iphone. Apple was not established at all when they introduced the ipod and basicly created the market for those devices (eventho mp3 players had existed for quite some time). Tablets? IBM created its first sortof workable tablet in the first half of the 1990s, and they weren’t really the first one to do so. The concept had been played with by many others. Apple was not well established in that market at all, but had an easy time there because they could make use of their iphone experience and the market recognition it got them.

                If you only look at the ipad, then yes, one can argue that Apple was well established in a related market, but if you look at the bigger picture then Apple has disrupted the market for audio players and mobile phones and by extension tablets while coming ‘out of the blue’.

                The problem for a brand like Olympus is that they have a long legacy and an existing and at times extremely vocal user base with expectations. This makes it somewhat difficult to be radical.

        • Anonymous

          the market penetration of mirrorless outside the land of the novelty gimmick Japan decreases rapidly till bu the time you get to America the market share is in single digits . Look at the actual sales charts especially those that include mirrorrless and DSLR to see just how pathetic the mFT “invasion” really is , the vast majority of mFT sales are down to low end low price end of line models.look at the BCN weekly charts and follow them for awhile , then look at the average prices of the mFT gear that is selling, even expensive niche DSLR models such as the D800E out sells the E-M5

          • JimD

            You need to read what the man said. Note comment on stores and outlets. An issue that has been raised here several times including by me with my “camera of the day” comments about canikon. The “camera of the day” mentality of some stores seems to have come to the notice of some in Oly at higher levels.

            Maybe match the Leica and Apple mobs by opening a store. But up market them and charge $200 -$500 just to enter, all glass so one can be seen by the next lot of wanabees. Get a camera cleaning cloth impregnated of course, as a present when you leave.

    • Anonymous

      This consorted effort might be what is needed to crack the Canikon armour!

  • Jalo

    I would have preferred a comment saying “Olympus is delivering 400mm f4 for MFT…” instead of Olympus only helping Sony on this :D

  • Per

    New DSLR cameras is nice. But when there are to many years between the updates they loose customers and once they have gone over to another brand they are gone…

  • new Sony sensors

    Kucf yeah!!!

  • rune

    “5) We plan to launch new DSLR cameras in future”

    The linked article with translation only quotes:
    “- Quantity is small, but how SLR will become in the future?

    It is also considering plans for new products in the future and you do not have to quit.”

    Thats in my opinion no evidence for new DSLR cameras from Olympus, this could also mean that you can use current FT lenses on the new hybrids.
    It makes also totally sense considering that Sony also switches to mirrorless for A-Mount and E-Mount.

    • Very true. FourThirds shooters have been living off poor translation for years. I never believed for a second the E-5 would be replaced by another proper DSLR. The future for Olympus is strictly m4/3. Hopefully the “hybrid” camera enables seamless use of 4/3 glass just as promised.

      • bart

        Out of curiosity – why do people want the OVF of a DSLR as opposed to the EVF on camera’s like the Nex or OM-D

        I have used both and in all honesty prefer an EVF – what is it that makes people so fervently desiring an OVF?

        • Are you asking me?

          No idea. After experiencing a good EVF I had no desire to go back.

        • “what is it that makes people so fervently desiring an OVF?”

          I think it is as irrational as those who fear to fly. But that explains v. well the staunch opposition to mirrorless, no matter what.

          I myself went through a period of resistance. I thought I would lose touch with reality, to watch it through a bad TV screen.

          It was only later that I realised that reality you watch with your own eyes. What you see through a VF is always an artefact, so better have control on the parameters.

          This works also in the case of the optical fetish – fast lenses. The jump of sensitivity however was quite extraordinary with the E-M5, so even with ordinary lenses you literally see in the dark.

          • Try before judge

            At least you admit that your previous judgements were biased and not based on any experience. I hope you’re going to change attitude and stop judging before actually experiencing things.

        • PLI

          I would like to know that too.

        • Martin

          The pronounced quest for OVFs is based on a prejudice against EVFs and experimation under the wrong experimental conditions. First of all, the EVFs of early bridge cameras have consolidated a prejudice that EVFs provide a small and grainy image which is lagging behind. Many DSLR owners haven’t tested any recent EVFs, as DSLRs eventually became affordable. And those who have tested recent EVFs will likely have done so in a shop under stroboscopic neon light – basically the only environmental condition where recent EVFs still fall short.

        • Well one reason is for sports. EVF cannot compete with OVF currently in this area. OVF gives you constant view of your subject with no interruption. Current EVF tech does not allow that, and certainly not at fast enough frame rates to give mirrorless a competitive edge in this area.
          I personally prefer EVF as well, but it’s got some ways to go before it can totally replace OVF for everything.

          • Yes? I guess it’s an American fixation. I am sure that 95% European never shoot Sport, , running dogs, the Chinese shoot Circus instead. Conversely I have seen beautiful images by the E-M5 of BIF and even Whales jumping out of the water.

            So if you want to spread the legend that mirrorless cannot shoot action, go to Saturn. Perhaps they’ll believe you, since they have very vapid minds :)

            • Anonymous

              BS I have never seen one truly sharp BIF shot from any mFT . What we do get is a landscape shot ( huge DOF ) that just happens to have a bird in it somewhere . They cannot track and C-AF is at a level that would make a rebel user laugh

                • Ross

                  Before you post links you should check which camera is being used. I can see lots of birds in flight photos taken by an E-5, not E-M5. ???

                • dyuHF

                  Well said Ross, I think that the many happy snappers in mFT land simply do not understand just how important C-AF and fast tracking are to some areas of photography. Imagine that E-5 updated with a better sensor and processing coupled with a couple of those fabulous FT lenses. I would have to agree that I have not seen any true quality feather detail bird in flight shots from mFT,it is a bad combination of poor AF and even poorer slow long telephotos that holds back mFT.

            • Anonymous

              BS I have never seen one truly sharp BIF shot from any mFT . What we do get is a landscape shot ( huge DOF ) that just happens to have a bird in it somewhere . They cannot track and C-AF is at a level that would make a rebel user laugh

            • Hey Al, SERIOUSLY..

              You need to stop with the American Bashing. Hating behind a Screen typing your nonsense, not only makes you look really STUPID, (not to mention that pic) But also Cowardly and disliked.

              I can see why you were Banned elsewhere. Keep your idiotic ideas to yourself.

    • G

      Read it in Japanese and then come to conclusions, it might make you opinion more valid to others.

    • If quantity is small is the not M43 camera Sasa mean. ;-)

  • Olympus manager says: More DSLR to come, More Sony sensors to be used in future.
    and they are this big

    • Anonymous

      sadly they have been leading us FT users not so merry dance for a few years now the E5 was just a warmed over E-3 .With a sensor that was already behind the loop when it came out ,I love my Ft lenses and I hope that they do deliver a real DSLR with all the bells and whistles .

  • Anonymous

    This is all so funny, because as well as myself, other people have been saying for years that what is needed is larger sensor all weather cameras that shoot Raw and high quality rangefinder type M4/3 bodies. Larger bodies and not the future, as in 4/3 again. Jesus H. Christ, Olympus, wake the fuck up and read the Gawd Dam forums and quit being so fucking stupid!

    • Are you serious? You want Olympus to read the forum :D

      Which forum? The one where 4 people keep crying the death of the DSLR division or the forum where almost everyone complains about every product released… from the colour, to the price and everything in-between.

      Last place they should read is forums :)

      • J Shin

        Or, they could just read mine. Seriously! :-)

  • Still no news about new mFT zoom lenses? ;-)

    • J Shin

      Or prime lenses… ;-)

  • Narretz

    DSLR only makes sense if the sensor is bigger. What use is 43 size sensor in a dslr body that is as large as a APS-C sized camera?

    • hlbt

      Many APS-C cameras bigger than the RX1 have their uses :-)

  • If they’re going to design lenses for Sony, they better put Sony G and Zeiss to shame.

    Go Olympus!!

  • Trevor

    Since m43rumors informed us about the expected GX2 specs no one is interested in Olympus news anymore.

    • JBL

      the main point of GX2 rumors specs i think the unknown of new 18MP sensor,
      which of type,if all new tech in that sensor the next questions is new AF?
      sensor specs about DR,high ISO performance,read-out speed for video coded

      i guess next month @admin will post something about it.

  • adaptor-or-die

    all camera brands would be wise to dump compact mass unit market.

    Olympus should push ahead by adopting their Tough model into fixed lens mft and they could offer it as a mft prosumer-compact as well. It doesn’t have to be FF like the Sony; a matched, fixed Zuiko bright prime with a newly upgraded Sony mFT IBIS and then you can have the OVF/EVF, RF-style model to fit the compact, on-the-go market. Fuji did pretty well with a less than perfect variation of this. One model could test the waters, so to speak, especially if it came in a ‘tough’ designation. Travel, adventure, street-wise shooter, there should be a niche for that? Not a daily snapshot phone clone, but an upmarket photographers tool

    • WSG123

      That’s a good idea. There’s nothing like it out there, and I think that there might indeed be a niche for that. If IQ was competitive and the price was around a grand I’d totally buy a “tough” camera with a bright lens for travel, hiking and other outdoor activities.

  • The Real Stig

    OMG – look at the size of the sensor his fingers are indicating!


    • Gabriel

      Or he really have small hands ;)

  • Don S

    I’m don’t know why they can’t take the insides of an OMD-E5 and slap it into a more traditional style DSLR body today. Continue making the E5 with the retro look (which I won’t buy because I don’t like the way it looks) but offer a more contemporary looking version, sort of like an E-620 which I would buy). Also from a marketing point of view I wish they would drop the “micro” (the sensor size is the same) and substitute “mirrorless” as in “Mirrorless 43rds”

    • Don S

      Excuse me but my reference to the E5 to actually be the OMD-EM5. Sorry for any confusion.

      • Never mind, it happens to hallucinate in a hotel room, and hear voice which whisper ‘dSLR…dSLR”

  • kl

    I hope they fix focusing issue i have for OM-D first, It can’t seem to decide its focus when shooting into say Christmas lights or anything that has tiny little sparkling lights.

  • Milt

    Is Panasonic going to use Sony sensors too, or use its own? There has been speculation that the GH3 sensor is a Sony. Has Panasonic produced more advanced ones than that? What sensor is coming in the GX2? Stay tuned.

    • JBL

      nobody know about Pany,but i guess they(Pany) are develop their new sensor,if it fail they will use new sensor from
      others factory(Aptina,toshiba) but opposite oly ,they must have sony sensor now and in future.

  • kab

    Interesting, but why is he showing us the size of his genitals?

  • Edric BF

    That “We do not plan to quit [digicams]… even if it it not profitable yet…” does not say a lot about longevity… Just decided to freeze my investment in MFT and keep it as backup to my Canon system…

  • Random Jack

    “with MF OM lenses or what?
    This “full frame sensor” for olympus stuff makes me sick each time I read it.”

    Olympus full frame camera with Sony lenses. :P

  • greg

    my man salmon s only this big

    • Anonymous

      Is that what happens when you look at another man, you immediately think of his sexy parts :) :) Good for you coming out for us!!

  • Anonymous

    MFT has its place for a long time to come. It is truly the best CSC with emphasis on compact. If anything it may be the new compact market with camera phones sqeezing sales from the bottom. FF is definitely the future enthusist market where eventually the strongest players here will by extension win in the pro market

  • Raist3d

    Admin, where did Olympus say they are coming up with new dslr cameras? What I read was “considering”- they have been ongoingly vague on this for a while now. If I missed something please by all means point out were he said it.


  • Tad

    Hmm, I see Sony soon acquiring a certain company with a division that does medical imaging. Eventually, Sony will gobble up every imaging company that is not Canon or Nikon, and maybe even those!

    • FujiX

      Sony lost 520 billion yen in 2012. Fujifilm made over 42 billion yen in profit. Ain’t no gobbling gonna happen.

      • Henrik Lars

        I must admit it was a little amusing when Sony helped out Olympus baring in mind that away from the anchor that is their camera division, Olympus seems to be doing reasonably well. Sony on the other hand are losing money and selling assets to try and save themselves.Frying pan to fire?

  • JimD

    I like the sonipus 645 mirrorless idea. Then we can all go to canikon sites and rave about their useless DOF and loss of 10 stops and their ISO being crap at night shots taken in total dark. And the noise of their funny mirrors scaring the neighbours. Bet they will come up with some strange equivalence arguments, opposite to their current ones.

    • Ross

      Or they might come up with a 645M slow focussing model themselves. :D

  • McFern

    In 1979, the argument was between the best IQ found in 8X10 and the weight and flexibility of 135 format. There was a concerted effort to make 135 smarter and smaller. Fast forward 30 some years and here we are again. At least there is a reason why a larger sensor costs more as there was no reasonable reason for a medium format camera to cost 5 times a 135. Want the best IQ, spend 20 0r 40 grand on a REALLY big sensor. But for many of us, we like the IQ per weight that IS 4/3. And besides all that, I have always despised that idiotic 135 format that has to be cropped for everything but a 4X6 print or a custom frame. If they do another 4/3 dslr, great, if not, I’ll plug along with it as long as I can. And since Im getting old, that MAY be as long as I can. In the mean time, I can print a portrait made with my E620 and 50mm (quirky as it is) to 11X14 and have folks squalling about it…and so can anyone else with their cameras. Point is, if people weren’t such cattle we would have more choices. In ’79, purist were lamenting about the new automatic cameras weren’t real cameras…the program cameras…the autofocus cameras…the digital…so all the choices went away as folks only bought the new type of camera and the old ones were discontinued. Things change for all the reasons you see on this page…because people want their Nikon to be more Cannonish and vica versa. For me, I love my 4/3 for size and weight, its impeccable lenses, and its body stabilization. Oh, and the IQ is excellent as well. Just saying.

  • Viktor

    My humble opinion is that they need better market segmentation. Right now, Olympus and the whole photography business has some identity problems. To many cameras, to many formats, to much confusion for everybody.

    The thing is, I am using, still Olympus DSLR’s and they are good. I think they should add more bodies in 4/3, leave the current lens, cut the compacts to just 3 models and mass produce them, plus make incentives for mft and ft cameras. I think their marketing team, actually sucks and the market is quite chaotic these days.

  • Alex H

    Well they were quick off the mark to exit the film compact market, about 10 years before larger sensors allowed digital compact to catch up in terms of image quality.

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