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Imagine Panasonic would have done this: Fixed lens camera with Slow zoom and for 2450 Euro :)


The new Leica Mini M (with behind the existing X2)

Sometimes we are very harsh in criticizing Panasonic and Olympus new cameras. Now imagine they would do this: Launch a fixed lens APS-C camera with slow 28-70mm f/3.5-6.4 zoom for 2450€! You would say no company would ever do this….but indeed there is one…Leica! I published specs and images here:

I post this because some websites speculated that this camera could have been made in collaboration with Panasonic. And indeed the Leica Digilux series (here at Amazon) is based on Panasonic camera design and tech. But that new Digilux Mini M camera is a Leica own designed camera…and they did a pretty bad job :)

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