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Olympus E-M5 now shipping in USA, Canada, UK, Germany!


I am getting mails from 43rumors readers saying that they finally got the E-M5. An example: “My local Boston camera store called. My E-M5 is in the store waiting for me! They only got the one though. I was the first to pre-order.” and John wrote: “The EM-5 is shipping in Canada as well. I received the email from Olympus that mine was shipped yesterday.”. In UK it’s in Stock on eBay (Click here) and Systemkamerforum users are reporting that it is shipping in Germany.

In short, watchout! The postman could knock at your door soon! Below you can find a short recap of E-M5 links to US/Europe/Asia stores:

Black E-M5 body at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here), J&R (Click here), Henrys (Click here).
Silver E-M5 body at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here), J&R (Click here), Henrys (Click here).
Black E-M5 with 12-50mm lens at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here), J&R (Click here), Henrys (Click here).
Silver E-M5 with 12-50mm lens at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here), J&R (Click here), Henrys (Click here).
Black E-M5 with 14-45mm lens at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here), J&R (Click here), Henrys (Click here).

Black E-M5 body at Amazon DE (Click here), Amazon UK (Click here), Jessops (Click here).
Silver E-M5 body at Amazon DE (Click here), Amazon UK (Click here), Jessops (Click here).
Black E-M5 with 12-50mm lens at Amazon DE (Click here), Amazon UK (Click here), Jessops (Click here) and eBay (Click here).
Silver E-M5 with 12-50mm lens at Amazon DE (Click here), Amazon UK (Click here), Jessops (Click here) and eBay (Click here).

Black E-M5 body at Digitalrev (Click here).
Silver E-M5 body at Amazon JP (Click here).
Black E-M5 with 12-50mm lens at Digitalrev (Click here) and Amazon JP (Click here).
Silver E-M5 with 12-50mm lens at Amazon JP (Click here).
Black E-M5 with 14-45mm lens at Digitalrev (Click here) and Amazon JP (Click here).

  • 43shot

    No mention form Amazon yet.

    • admin

      You are right! LOL! Didn’t see this before :)

  • jon

    Nothing from amazon from me as well. Placed my order an hour after release. Got on chat with amazon to see if they had any updates and told me they have no info.

  • Got mine yesterday from Olympus USA directly. I didn’t know if I should do an unboxing or something, but I got caught up with excitement and just opened it up right away.

  • Park Cameras (in the UK) have told me their first deliveries are due on the 20th of April, but they are still trying to get an earlier date. (I’ve pre-ordered one!)


  • Doug

    What is this about a free accessory? Admin: have you ever viewed this site on an iPad?! What ever is to the right of the picture of the OMD is cut off….

    • Yeah. I get that cut-off on images and videos on my browser at work, Firefox. Which is really weird because I use Firefox at home too but it displays correctly at home.

  • gbrn

    early order placed at amazon as well. contacted them via email about information and they just keep sending out the same email I received earlier. will now try place my order elsewhere and not use amazon for any equipment.

  • Narretz

    I wonder if the price will fall at all until Christmas. I guess pre-orders alone are more than enough to cover the production.

  • Craig Richardson

    Anybody get a call from Henry’s yet?

    • HouseGuest

      Nope no call, waiting on black kit. Seems like no black kits/bodies are available in North America right now, hopefully soon.

      • Craig Richardson

        Henry’s just called to tell me the grip only has arrived.

        • mooboy

          So, had fun with the grip yet? ;)

          I had similar in Australia… shop called to tell me my grip had arrived. What am I supposed to do with just a grip?

    • Hamish

      Not yet. Henry’s in Nova Scotia has a discount for members of the military. Works out to $1,149 before taxes with kit lens. One of only three people at the Halifax store to pre-order.

  • I just got off the phone with Amazon USA. They do not have the camera in stock, and there is no word on when they will. The one that is shown is shipping from Camera Spot, and is about $200.00 more than the pre-order price I paid on Feb 14th. Amazon customer service was really great though and upgraded me to overnight shipping for free due to the delay.

  • Fan

    One German shop says they have the black kit. But I wanted the silver one. Black or silver, black or silver, black or silver “/(§!(/§&!”(/&”!§

  • tmrgrs

    So far, we haven’t heard anyone say they’ve got a silver or black body without a kit lens yet. Olympus USA told me yesterday that the first shipments at that time were only with lenses. Those of us who don’t want either kit lens are going to go crazy waiting a while longer – sigh.

  • jonbly

    UK seems to get the grip free instead of those options.

  • Now show us good, sharp pics, please ;-)

    • Brod1er

      +1 Time for some full reviews PDQ. I find the first impressions articles of limited use.

  • And I just went out and bought an E-P3 :-)

    ex-demo at a very low price…and apparently there is no more new stock coming in, just E-PL3 and E-PM1

  • Amseldrossler

    Ridiculous pricing in Germany. Amazon US sells the body for $999 (=760€) and in Germany we get to pay 1099€. No thanks, I’ll wait or get the Camera elsewhere.

  • Joe

    Got a chance to play with it yesterday at Samy’s camera in Los Angeles. Smaller than my GH2 and I’d definitely use the grip all the time. Sad news, the 4/3 Zuiko 14-54mm mkII f2.8-3.5 did not focus fast and is a tad slower than my GH2

    • mclarenf3

      Oh, that’s not good news at all. I have the G2 and the 14-54mm mkII focus speed is acceptable, but I was hoping it would be better on the E-M5. That just means I really need that new Panasonic 35-100mm f/2.8 sooner than later!

  • Rob

    Enjoying my E-M5 here in Japan already and sent off for a the free MMF-3 :-) It’s worth the wait, very fun to use.

    • You really should be spending more time with your girlfriend, not taking photos. Get your priorities right. Oh! You did.

  • bnye

    Has anyone received an order yet from Amazon US??? Keep hearing about various local camera stores shipping but no one here has yet reported an Amazon shipment. Also no reports from dpreview or micro43 forums about Amazon. B&H and Adorama have been closed for Passover but Amazon has no excuse. Have also emailed them several times and keep getting a standardized reply. Amazon has dropped the ball on this.

  • larry

    I received an email from Oly USA this evening (6pm, West Coast) that my E-M5 had shipped from New York to Seattle. Arrival is promised before 1030, tomorrow (Friday the 13th!!!!). I pre-ordered the black body with 12-50mm lens (and added the MMF-3), about 30 minutes after the Feb. 7 announcement. I ordered overnight shipping.

    • John

      I ordered at the same time as you, Feb. 7, minutes after they opened the Olympus site for ordering direct. Black camera, kit lens,2 grips, 2 auxillary flashes, Paypal, 1 day shipping.

      No word on mine.

      What’s up with no 1st come-1st serve, shipping?

  • Perret cap Joe gear photo blogger

    Epl1 was 650 when launched now its 149, omd is 1099 when launched, now do you own math…

  • uray

    for this prige i better get nokton 17.5 :-D

    • ali b.

      Got the last e-m5 in a store in Hamburg (Germany) without having pre-ordered. I am sooo lucky!

  • Nothing from Henrys Canada. Pre-ordered Silver w/ 12-50. ETA given was April 16th to receive from Olympus. Then another day or so to dispatch to customers.

  • Mike

    I’m in the UK – just had a call from WEX photographic. I’ll have my Black E-M5 kit and grip on Monday :-)

  • Art

    I’m in Calgary, Saneal called me and ask if I’m OK with a silver body (I pre-ordered the black one). I’m totally OK with any body :)

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