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Ridiculous low price for the new E-PL1 body: $149!


The new E-PL1 body now sells for $149 only at Amazon (Click here). If Olympus would have sold the E-PL1 for such a price right from the start they would probably have double the market share they have today :)

And in these days Amazon sells more E-PL1 cameras than Fuj X PRO 1 cameras :)

P.S.: If you need a zoom lens on it take a look at the Panasonic 45-200mm lens which also got a price drop and sells for $199 again at Amazon (Click here).


  • spam

    Good price, it’s still a OK camera.

    • warren

      I paid more for the VF2 alone, which it should have been bundled with.

  • Frederic Hew

    The only ridiculous thing is that these cameras are still in stock.

  • Vivek

    “If Olympus would have sold the E-PL1 for such a price right from the start they would probably have double the market share they have today :)”

    It is never too late. Drop the price of the EM-5 with all the grip to a very fair price 800 Euros.

    • Ernest.orf

      Buaa the price of epl1 was ok from the begining, epl1 has more options, more picture quality and more choises THAN A LOT OF CAMERAS From today and others years , EX nikon D3000, D5000,canon 1000D,pentax x1, panasonic TZ series , nikon P series, olympus SP series,fuji x10 and a lot of cameras , you can work in manual, change optics,has a good big sensor ,and if the price’s still droping thAts cool, ’cause for this price , u have a lot of picture quality , for a price of a simple compac camera ^^

      • Vivek

        Why didn’t it sell then? ;)

        • Masterblaster

          because it´s a slow POS with a bad LCD.

        • Ernest.orf

          3 years ago , the mirrorlees market , was very unknown for the simple custumer ,EPL1 vas a pionner in that serie , was small simple to use not heavy ,(has flash -something that EP1 & ep2 dont have) ,and ’till today u can use that cam really well , right now everyone knows the mirrorless system , knows that , this system is the future of enthusiast photographers, and with EM5 , fuji XPRO , maybe a really good profesioanl system, now is the time for that kind of camera and all its products, unlike before u have , more flashes than ever , more optics, adapters,brands , periferics etc etc etc ,

          • Jan

            learn to write english or shut up.

            nobody understands your childish brabbling!

            • Frederic Hew

              Your comments are much more disturbing and have no place in an open forum. Who are you to tell anyone here to shut up?

              I can do with bad english or comments I do not agree with, not with abusive comments such as yours.

  • Farrukh

    How annoying, was just about to buy 2 of them to give away as gifts, but they can’t ship to the UK :/

    • Mau

      Annoying is the price I paid for this one a month or so after introduction. This camera (+kit) and the Panasonic 20mm more than 1000 USD. Sic. But I took so many nice pictures with it, but still..

      • Masterblaster

        i paid 500 euros.. and i rarely used it.
        it´s slow.. the LCD is crap. the whole handling sucks.

        sure IQ is not bad. that i have to admit.
        but it´s no fun using the camera.

        i will not buy a olympus camera again.. it´s the worse purchase i have done in years. i rather burn my money.

        olympus is making updates every 6 month.. nothing new.. just minor updates… but it ruins the worth of your gear.

        • Farrukh

          Not too fussed about the sound, speed, etc. As entry level cameras for my little cousins, this’ll be great. Add a couple of cheap legacy lenses, teach them how to manual focus – voila: two little people, happy :)

        • Ernest.orf

          i paid 899 with the 14-42 40-150 4/3 , but wow its a great camera i always use this one in manual , the autofocus was a little bit slow , but u can fix that making a firmware update, the camera is damn easy in manual , small, and as a lot of options , WB IN KELVIN included , mAybe u master-whaterver DONT KNOW HOW TO USE THE CAMERA!!!!

    • Lucio

      The seller is Cameta Camera ( I think they ship to the UK if you buy directly on their site (57 USD). I bought from them a refurbished E-PL1 + 14-42mm lens for 199 USD. They don´t ship to Brazil, so I made them ship to a friend in the USA. I didn´t receive the camera yet, but it´s already with my friend (took 4 days to arrive).

    • Is the same one on ebay, DELIVERY throughout the world,
      I took one to take photos waiting of GH3

  • Jack

    You can go to their site directly and buy them there.
    I am sure they will ship it to the UK.

  • _Katira_

    Check , they are Selling it for 140. € in Germany

  • Masterblaster

    i have one and ist so slow i rarely use it….. the shutter makes a sound that is annoying

    • Anonymous

      The shutter is one of the quieter micro four thirds shutters. It sounds excellent. While AF is slow initially, subsequent firmware upgrades increased the speed. Maybe you should look at firmware upgrades. The camera doesn’t operate slow at all. A faster focus lens such as the pl25 makes it much faster. Maybe you should try learning to use your camera.

    • Al

      Sure it isn’t real fast, but I use manual lenses, so focus is dependent on me, not the camera. I have the VF3, so the lcd is of little consequence. It takes very good images in RAW and jpeg and that is what is important to me.

  • Jon

    I got mine with the 14-42 and 40-150 for 399. I consider the body to have been a free-bee thrown in with the lenses.

    Biggest let downs are:
    Lcd resolution – same as my pentax k100d.
    Low light image quality – same as my pentax k100d.

    My k100 and epl1 had the same close out pricing. But despite being released 3 years later the epl1 does not seem significantly better.

    On the plus side, it is surprisingly easy to use, even without any dials.

  • Jens

    Is dropping the price of the 45-200 an indirect announcement of the rumored 45-300 mm ?? Let’s hope for it! :-)

  • metalaryeh

    $149.95 with Free shipping if bought directly from Cameta Camera.

  • ShinPhoto

    I still regularly use epl1 underwater. It’s a very capable camera and iq is very good. Here are some examples I shot in Kerama Islands, Okinawa, Japan. I may buy one more for a spare.

    • Neonart

      Outstanding photos! Thank you.

  • jrworthy

    I have one but am waiting for my e-m5 to show up any day now. The e-pl1 has many drawbacks and thus I am upgrading, however, the little thing has been a real trooper.

    Yes the LCD is lacking, yes the shutter lag can be frustrating, yes the auto-focus can be slow, but it is the micro that got me started and I don’t see any reason to go in another direction. I am not a pro by any means so the format works for me. If it weren’t for the e-pl1 then I would have never learned about shooting on M. The exact reason I bought it instead of a proper DSLR.

    Issues aside, I am more than willing to put the best images i took with my e-pl1 to the pepsi challenge against anyone of my level of hobbyist. Pixel count be damned. My only regret now is that there is no point in me selling it to anyone because I can’t justify a price above what amazon wants for the body.

  • Chris K.

    This plus the EVF2 for <$400, I am confused why the GF5 would excite anyone. (But in all honesty, I use my G3 a lot and my E-PL1 went to my nephew for him to take while he studies in Tanzania.)

    • Brod1er

      The GF3 is actually a great camera in context. It focuses fast, is nice to hold with pancakes and is well made. it is a much better all rounder than the EPL1 and actually can be fitted in a pocket. Including a flash and missing out the hotshoe was a really sensible move – fitting a large external flash to a camera this size designed for snaps is pointless. The GF5 just seems to improve on the recipe, although it would have been nice to see a new sensor at this stage.

  • Brod1er

    I am really pleased the OMD is such a good camera because I think the early Oly cameras were poor compared with the early Pannys (GF1, GH1, G1). It was only with the EPL2, EP3 that Oly started to catch up. The same is largely true of the lenses. Oly only had a few hits early on (eg 9-18) but now is knocking out some very tasty kit (45/1.8, 12/2, 75/1.8). Unless Panny get a GH3 out soon I will be treating myself to some IBIS for the first time…..ooooh!

  • Biggstr

    I suspect that the cost of ILC cameras such as the E-PL1 and E-P2 are so low that (sans lens) they cost about as much to manufacture as point-and-shoot cameras. There is no need for costly mirror assembly/calibration or separate systems for auto focus as in traditional DSLRs.

    The PL-1 can’t be at the top of the Amazon ILC list for months on end without Olympus continuing to manufacture and make money on them. Same for the E-P2 that Cameta Camera has been selling for less than $300 for months. For heavens sake, how many “refurbished” PL1 and P2s can there be in the Olympus inventory?

    The E-P3 is just now starting to appear on the Cameta website. Anticipate similar price reductions on the P3 as the pipeline starts to fill with the new and higher-priced E-M5 and a yet-to-be-announced E-P4. What a strategy … continuing to sell previous models for years at reduced prices after R&D and start-up costs have been recouped from the early adapters. I’m not complaining. I own three P-2s purchased from Cameta at an average price of $282 (I’d rather take extra camera bodies to the field than change lenses in the field). I don’t mind previous PEN models at these prices since I was very happy with the IQ of my earlier Nikon D100/200 and D60 … and the P2 has become one of my all time favorite cameras. Yes, I have an E-M5 on order, but I’ll also own a P3 someday if I can get it for under $300. Olympus, keep up the good work!

  • Well, at least we know that with a touchscreen, slightly faster processor, Olympus can’t spend more than $100 making the E-P3, which has the same sensor. With a $700 profit per camera, we should see Olympus out of the red in no time.

  • Forester
  • Biggstr

    I sense your irony, but, yes, two-year old touchscreens, processors, and other electronic technologies can go for a song. Put another way, those of us who pay premium prices for new models of electronic devices are donating to the cause to pay for the next round of “bleeding edge” R&D. It wasn’t $700 of profit when the P3 was first out the door. As the saying goes, the first chip (or sensor) off of the production line can cost $1 billion in R&D and investment (which needs to be recouped), the second can cost a nickel.

    My first 1 GB chip cost over $160. Now, I can buy 16 GB chips all day for less than $30 (what would a 2 GB chip cost today?). Assume similar cost reductions for cameras components and you are there, especially over multi-year production runs of the same model.

  • BLI

    Informative experience shared by new E-M5 owner Steve,

    • Nawaf

      Thank you!!

    • jrworthy

      Thanks for the link. Great to read real world experience from an actual owner over a review site.

  • I think it’s far more amazing that the E-PM1 is available for just €209, in Germany.
    That’s what I’d call a bargain.

    • E-1

      Got one. Thanks for the link.

  • Stopkidding

    some of the best pictures I took was with the EPL1, including the one that got put on the Olympus Pen catalog

    This is a great deal!

    • klos

      olympus puts pictures from olympus cameras on a catalog.. big deal for sure.

    • Neonart

      Agreed! It’s a wonderful camera. I bought a G2 and an EPL1 to try out the m43 waters and loved the EPL1 (not so much the G2). The images where great. Really nice handling too- light with a decent grip. Loved it with adapted lenses! I have a Voightlander 35mm f2.5 thats just fantastic on m43!

      Have alot of wonderful photos taken with that little camera. Sold it for the EP3, and now waiting for an EM5. So the EPL1, with its low cost did the job of hooking me into the system.

      Right now a $199 EPL1/14-42 with a $150 refurbed VF2 will yield a very capable and affordable kit!

      • Al

        I’m keeping mine while I build up a good collection of lenses. When a M4/3 comes out with a big jump in IQ, I will buy a body. I’m very happy with my EPL-1.

        • Neonart

          The EM5 is that camera.

  • Patboyslim

    Not bad for a m43 sensor size camera. Add $150-$200 for a lens. Although not pocketable, this easily beats out any point and shoot with a tiny sensor in the $300-400 range.

  • Adriaantie

    Fair price for à camera with such à small sensor.

  • Dear admin,
    It is good to know that this site is not going to get overwhelmed by fanatics like over at dp***** or at ph***-r*****, thanks!

    I mean… the quality and politeness of the contributions here… that’s something valuable, when you compare it to other places. But it supposes a lot of work from you.

    Keep posting such opportunities for the EPL-1 and the 45-200! Any news about Samsung?

    EDIT: why did my comment appear a few messages BEFORE the last one? I meant to publish after the admin’s ban of the message below…

  • Frank

    Wow. A $500 camera body that is selling for $149 is selling more units than a $1699 camera at full price? Who would have thought?!?!?! The sheer brilliance of this website is astounding.

  • I ordered one for my wife last week and SHE LOVES IT! She was using a point an shoot before and hardly notices the slow focus…. I gave her my 20 f1.7 and she is loving it.

    Nb: Women will love gifts that make their family memories more beautiful.

  • shade

    Order placed for the 45-200 on weekend! Including shipping+taxes (35+28 EUR), at 220 EUR total it was still 50 EUR below lowest EU offer. Thanks for the info!!
    Now it’s back at 280$ on

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