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Olympus announcement today at 11:00 Cologne time (Panasonic 13:00). And some issues on 43rumors.


Olympus and Panasonic announcements:
The Olympus PEN announcement is scheduled for 11:00 Cologne time (10:00 London, 5am NYC). The Panasonic GH3 announcement is scheduled for 13:00 (12:00 London, 7am NYC). As usual I will follow the event live and give you all possible events. So stay tuned on 43rumors!

IMPORTANT service note: Not only is the rumor time taking all my time but we also had a wordpress issues as some of you may have noticed (and automatic redirection to a terrible payloan UK website). We removed the issue and please invite your friends on forums to clear the browser cache.

  • Mike

    I know bigger was Panasonic’s plan but that camera looks too huge for m4/3.

    • lazybeans

      The camera is aimed at professionals and serious video hobbyists. It will be the right size for them. There is a reason why they released the G5, it is for the rest of us who want a smaller body and less serious about video.

      • BB

        Too bad the G5 cannot compete with OMD sensor that is in the new EPM-2 and E-PL5.

        Maybe Panasonic should license the OMD sensor and push a G6 to market ASAP.

        • Rep96st

          First it was the mega pixel battle, now it’s sensor size….. “YAWN” .

          Not that big of a deal.

          Want the OMD sensor? Get the OMD.

          Want a GH3 with a OMD sensor? Not gonna happen. And besides, there’s pros and cons to every camera. Theres no perfect camera, and never will be.

      • Milfred

        Its a big mistake if they try to go bigger and compete with the Canons and Nikons. Panasonic should have known better and remember how they became successful with the m4/3. m4/3 is all about small and good IQ. Why would a pro buy the GH3 if he/she can buy an equivalent Canon/Nikon dslr that is the same size but with a bigger sensor? I’m sorry, but video will only sell a few. The APSC-mirrorless cameras are getting smaller and the m4/3 sensor cameras are getting bigger….good luck.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          Does your small Point&Shoot brain really think all those serious enthusiasts and pros using high end DSLRs who gave Canikon brand recognition to push their cameras to everyone would change to controlless unergonomic toys like EOS-M?

          As long as mirrorless lacks same level of controls and ergonomics you can be assured that market control of Canikon DSLRs stays strong.
          But that’s the thing you want instead of 4/3 evolving to offering digital age mirrorless replacements for those.

    • Guy McLoughlin

      …Yes the new camera is huge and will take 6 tripods to hold it. :-)

      Visual Camera Comparison : GH2 vs GH3 ( download to open full size )

      • ozymandias

        ha! Thank you! I for one am bemoaning the fact that it isn’t even bigger.

  • Site still does not load on my Android device, either w/ stock or Chrome browser.

  • GH1 Owner

    As an owner of a GH1 and have been waiting for sometime for GH3 announcement, I am very disappointed with how big the GH3 is :( Should I buy the OMD or the GH3? Hmmm… a difficult decision.

    • I have a GH1 with the 14-140mm and the 20mm f/1.7 and I say none… sell the camera and lens and buy a Nikon D3200 with some lens…

      I really don’t like how micro four thirds is going, sadly I’m stuck with it as I’m ‘tightening the belt’ in these times of less money …

    • MikeH

      The GH3 is only 8.9mm wider and 3.4mm taller than the GH1/GH2 if Sammy’s specs can be believed. Get out a ruler and measure out 3.4mm and 8.9mm and you’ll see that it isn’t much larger. It has a much better grip and many more manual controls. Where would the larger grip, and all those extra buttons, control wheels, and other controls go on a smaller body? People would be endlessly whining about accidentally hitting this or that button, wheel, or switch and call the GH3 an ergonomic disaster. As it is, the ergonomics look really good, and all the real/physical controls for instant access to functions are there.

  • I had a bunch of wordpress issues last week and had to completely redo my blog.. I feel for ya!

  • Desmond

    I can visit the website from Chrome browser on my PC. But I can not see it from safari on my iPhone. It simply shows a untitled blank page.

  • very curious how this body feels in my hands

    • micksh

      The camera will feel good in your hands if you are Gulliver or a leader of Ogre tribe. From what I see it’s so huge that very few humans will be able to grip it.
      If GH3 feels too good in your hands don’t become obsessed with the feeling. The Hulk may come and take it away from you because it’s the Hulk’s camera.

      • I’m just glad nobody has said the GH3 tickles all the right buttons. :-P

  • _Katira_

    for me neither opens on the safari on the iPhone, and I deleted many times the cache. in the afternoon it worked after cleaning the cache but doesn’t work anymore

  • John

    Your site server had some malware looks like it came from a porn site. Quit surfing to porn site and focus and delivering the good rumors.

  • Anonymous

    One ugly camera overloaded with buttons.

    • Blinkered

      Sounds like someone has button envy ;-)

      Until the camera is tested, and people have held it and used it, I’m not sure why so many are so convinced it is either good or bad… the number of posters whinging on about sensor being better/worse is laughable.

      Let’s wait and see hmm?

      • BLI

        Totally agree!

      • Mr. Reeee

        No kidding. Rumors and speculative spec sheets are interesting , but nothing to base solid opinion or a buying decision upon.

        Let’s see FULL specs, REAL sample images and HANDLE one a bit…
        THEN formulate an opinion.

    • Gabriel

      PRO Photographer want buttons, dial and lever, the more there is, the more pro camera is ;) They also want big camera, to impress other guy and customers :)

      • Direct access to functions beats fumbling one’s way through menus under time constraint each time. That’s what makes a monster camera like the F4s so nice to work with, even though it weighs as much as small medium format camera. With all controls recognizable by touch, you never have to put the camera down or take your eye of the subject.

        The GH3 looks like it has good ergonomics. With small lenses, this body still makes sense when compared to an APS-C or FF body – with large lenses, not so much, unless somone prefers the small sensor for some reason.

        Personally, I find the GH3’s little sister, the G5, rather interesting, especially if there will be battery grip for it.

  • does anyone know if it has IS ?

  • Pei

    That’s a pretty big body. Same size as D7000 except 1cm shorter. I guess all the controls means it cannot be small.

  • chris

    The GH3 is only a tiny bit larger than the GH2 and still smaller than most DSLR’s, how is that big?

    • Agrivar

      Exactly.. Put on a 24-70 f2.8 eq lens and it’s still lighter than any apsc or ff cam with a 17-55 or 24-70 lens!! The canon 24-70 f2.8 mk II is close to 1 kg. add that to a 650D and the package weighs 1.7 kg. gh3 with 12-35 is only 700-800g. Less than 1/2.

      Big is relative

    • The GH3 is almost 3 mm wider than my E-620. It’s HUGE! :-P

      • I just double-checked. The E-620 is 130 mm wide. The GH3 is supposedly 132.9 mm wide. That is however impossible, if I overlay images of the E-620 and the GH3 (Scaled to same bayonet size), the GH3 comes out at 156 mm wide.

        • Never mind what I said. Apparently the m4/3 moutn has a smaller diameter than the 4/3 mount, so my calculation was off. Apparently the GH3 is indeed a whopping 3 mm wider than my E-620. So it’s still pretty small.

  • Tron

    I really hope that people complaining about IBIS, size and sensor don’t show up to buy this thing, then my spot in the pre-order queue will be that much closer to the top!

  • fishtank

    So much better looking than the recent Oly design. Alas, too bad Pana chose not to have IBIS and their sensor…

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