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Panasonic live event starts tomorrow at 1pm (13:00) Cologne time. Pekka Potka meets Olympus. New Samys leaks


The back from the new Panasonic GH3.

Panasonic announcement:
Personal View (Click here) unveiled that Panasonic will have a press conference at 1pm (13:00)
Cologne time. There will be a online live translation from press conference with photos, video will be uploaded later. On Tuesday Will Crockett and friends (Click here) will host a live conference about the Panasonic conference.

Olympus announcement:
On the Olympus front Pekka Potka (Click here) will meet Terada-san from Olympus tomorrow in Cologne at Photokina and shares his thoughts about current trends in consumer photography. PP is aksing you to send him some questions for Mr Terada.

PEN screen rumor:
And I got another small rumors about the new PEN LCD screen: While at first glance readers may be disappointed with the new 460k resolution they have to know that these are using a new technology that makes them appear very clear and on par or even better than the 640k OLED screen of the E-P3 “The new 460k screens on the new pens have been redesigned so that while the resolutions are lower, they appear to be very clear and they’re on par or even a bit more effective in bright sunlight than the OLED found in the E-P3. In short…wait and see!

And here are more Samy links:
Silver E-PL5 (Click here)
White E-PL5 (Click here)
Black E-PL5 (Click here)
FL-LM1 Flash Replacement for E-PM2 Digital Cameras (Click here)
Silver E-PM2 (Click here)
Red E-PM2 (Click here)
Black E-PM2 (Click here)
White E-PM2 (Click here)

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