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New Olympus teaser spotted! PRO image quality for a compact camera?!?!?


Getolympus just launhced a new teaser for a new camera you can see here: It says “Pro image quality from a whole new perspective“. But don’t get too excited guys! After seeing the video on that website I think this may be the Olympus TG-1 iHS already leaked via Photorumors. Here is the picture:

It’s a shockproof and waterproof 12Megapixel camera with tiny 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor and a 4x zoom that starts with a fast f/2.0 aperture. All good and nice but is it worth a teaser like that?

  • Four by Six

    I’m not sure they would use “pro-image quality” to describe a tiny sensor, even if the lens is f2.0. But then again, it is Marketing after all. Definitely curious about upcoming announcement.

  • Simon

    Finally a bright lens in a rugged compact camera – so far they all feature 3.5 or even slower wide angle apertures, making them useless for anything but bright light. Hoped for an XZ1-like or bigger sensor. “Whole new perspective” would have meant a rugged fixed lens version of the E-PM1. It would be a huge success, no marketing research needed for it.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Excellent! I have an older, pre-Tough Oly waterproof camera (1030SW) that’s served me well for snorkeling, hiking, biking, skiing, even zip lining in pouring rain in the cloud forest of Costa Rica. It’s great to have a small camera that can literally go anywhere, but with next to zero worries. I’ve gotten lots of great underwater shots!

      I wanted to get a replacement with better IQ and Full-HD movie mode. The new Panasonic TS4 has both, but a crappy 230K LCD. The specs look pretty good for a compact camera… an f2.0 lens is a bonus… and this could do it! Hopefully the lens is at LEAST a28mm equivalent. 24mm would be killer!

      I do agree that it would be fantastic if Oly made a Tough XZ1! I’d buy it in a heartbeat!

      Maybe it’s time for a M4/3 Nikonos…

      • The previous Tough models are promoted as 5.0-25.0mm (28-140@35mm eqiuv). This one sounds like 25-100mmequiv using the same multiplier.
        Sounds like a good camera.

      • Anonymous

        Th rumour site says 25-100mm equivalent for the lens.

  • napalm

    crushproof? the walnut mystery is solved

    • Duarte Bruno

      Good thinking! :)

    • Ross

      The saying, “tough as a nut” would ring true here then.

  • Duarte Bruno

    This could be massive as a light snorkeling/sports underwater camera.
    If the sensor delivers good IQ then it’s F2.0 lens is another major argument. It’s not my beach but I can see it selling very well!!!

  • Dave

    Helmet mountable? Hence the new perspective?

  • NineFace

    not interested

  • Tadeo

    Will olympus release a tough camera with Zuiko branded lens a la XZ-1???

  • mpgxsvcd

    I absolutely do not want shallow depth of field underwater. It is just the same as landscape photography. This new camera sounds like the perfect underwater camera.

    For underwater you want a fast lens(Check!), with very broad depth of field(Check!), a medium zoom starting with a wide angle(Check), and very good color controls(Assume it is a Check there since it is Olympus).

    This camera will take the right market by surprise if it delivers all of that and good video.

  • Zo

    So sad, was hoping for a ZX-2 announcement :-(

    But, this could be a very nice beach camera

  • adriaantie

    So this is what olympus calls pro image quality. Makes one wonder about the OMD.

  • Ah ha! So you can use the camera to bust nuts. Sweet! Gives a whole new meaning to street photography. Knock the subject out then photograph them all with the same camera.

    Seriously though I’m looking forward to this camera. Love to be able to take this with me to the beach and rinse it off with fresh water when I’m done.

  • The Master

    Now, if they would just add RAW, they might have something.

    • bobak


  • “Pro image quality” is too naff to use with m4/3. Samsung may do it, but it’s below Oly’s standards. I agree it must be a compact, albeit a rather special one.

  • Mic

    Too much unnecessary info silkscreened on the housing, that just looks cheap…

    • Mr. Reeee

      Solution? Duct Tape! ;-)

      I hear you. I hate all that crappy, tacky stuff on my gear! I have to pay them to advertise? They should subsidize me!

      If possible, I cut, scrape, paint or use a Sharpie to cover all that stuffe. I used electrical tape to cover all the BS advertising on my GH2. It looks much more stealthy ,too!

  • Mikey

    That definitely looks like a teaser for their new tough camera and that is a gorgeous teaser video. Olympus is really learning how to create appealing marketing videos. I thought their CGI rendered OMD video was brilliant. Congratulations on the execution Olympus.

    I think claiming “pro image quality” from a tiny sensor is overboard though, I wonder why they would do that? The sensor is sized at 1/2.3″ so its a typical point and shoot sensor.

    Has there been any rumors of a new set of 1/2.3″ sensors that produce amazing image quality? The only thing I can think of is the Pentax Q sensor which is a Sony sensor, is sized at 1/2.3″ and has the image quality, according to DXOMark, to compete and better some of the 1/1.6″ enthusiast compact cameras like the XZ-1, S95, and LX5.

    • Mar

      Pro probably refers to image quality good enough to be published in magazines and that the quality is good enough for larger prints, which it should be if the sensor and lens work well (and they should).

      Besides, one does not need ISO Million underwater, especially in relatively shallow water. Deep underwater, you’re going to need strobes regardless of your camera anyway…

    • Mr. Reeee

      Pro is relative and a cheaply deployed marketing buzzword.
      Usually it’s a warning. ;-)

  • moonshot

    of course the teaser is absolutely needed.
    “Other” brands sell a lot just because their ads.
    Why Olympus not?

  • ght

    Any suggestions on what’s the most affordable systems to go with as far as off camefa flash photography- Oly, Canikon, Sony, etc.

  • Atle

    Interesting Cam, I use a similar type (Panasonic FT3) as my cam in addition to the mFT and my cell-phone. I find these types of cams to be a good companion too the mFT-system, as the excel in situations where you can or don’t want to use the MFT-cam or the cell-phone.

  • Admin, you should start a Point and shoot rumors site!

    • awaler


      This object has nothing to do with 4/3.

      I have nothing to say against P&S, but there is no need to mix up walnuts and peanuts.

  • alex

    it looks to me like something that might be aimed into the go pro market

  • leonedolci

    still possible to be the lenses. Perspective sounds like referring to angle of view.

  • This market is dominated by the Go Pro HD camera. The words Pro Quality would instantly stand out to an extreme sports fan. That’s my guess anyway.

  • T-Dawg

    I hope they’re going after GoPro’s turf with broadcast quality images that Olympus is probably capable of delivering. If that is the case, this “tough cam” is not the right form factor for helmets and surfboards… let’s hope it’s something different.

  • gg

    whats the video mode bro?
    i’m a huge panasonic ts series user (ts2-ts3), but the upcoming ts4 is a big disappointment for me.
    gopro hero 2 upcoming firmware adds 24p support and 35Mbps data rate.

    if they can’t match that, then i’m not considering.
    same reason i didn’t buy omd, doesn’t even match gh2 video modes.

  • Pro image quality for video?
    If it has also good IS, well…. :-)

  • Camaman

    They will market it as Pro IQ because it is 25mm and f2.0
    That would make it a few stops ahead from other compacts and when you calculate the large DOF that is wanted underwater… You have yourself a compact camera comparaple to pro systems under given scenes. :-)

    This one will use much lower ISO for needed DOF. And it will be comparable in magazine sized prints.

  • Anonymous

    I really can’t see them saying “pro image quality” about a compact.

  • Fred

    Does anyone here think that Olympus will ever produce a large sensor P&S like the Canon G1X?

  • Definitely helps to have seen this. I’ve been dying to start shooting underwater again for personal work but my stomach can’t justify $599.99 for a E-PL1 underwater housing and another $599.99 for just one UFL-2 underwater strobe. That’s $1200 and I don’t even have any M4/3 equipment yet.

    I did consider the older Stylus Tough cameras but I’m not digging the f/3.5 aperture at the wide end. The f2.8 on this one does help a bit.

    • David Tenser

      f/2.0, not f/2.8.

    • Alex

      My old Canon D10 had 2.8 aperture

  • konikonaku

    E-M5 for dry stuff & this TG-1 iHS + UW housing for wet stuff might become my traveling companion….sweeet

  • Daniel

    That’s why they sent nuts then… it makes sense now. “Tough as Nuts”.

  • samshootsall

    PEOPLE!!! it’s the NEW PEN with Built in VF ;) DUH. NEW perspective?!

    • napalm

      you obviously didnt watch the video :)

  • napalm

    “All good and nice but is it worth a teaser like that?”

    well the Tough series is a good seller for Olympus so yeah it is a big deal to them. i think they even sell more Tough cameras than m4/3s

  • Duarte Bruno
    • rubits


  • Anonymous

    I’m so gutted…

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