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(UPDATED) Olympus is going nuts (LOL) ? Mystery announcement soon?


Our friends over at Techradar (Click here) got that mysterious package from Olympus! The image on top (on courtesy of Techradar) shows the “Coming soon” message and the two nuts. I haven’t heard of any imminent product announcement yet. I know the new lenses and the [shoplink 19904 ebay]XZ-1 successor[/shoplink] will be announced around June. And than we also have the two 75mm and 60mm lenses that are coming soon. But why the heck is Olympus sending nuts? Can you imagine what this could have to do with a product announcement?

UPDATE: Also Damian Mcgillicuddy (Click here) received a mysterious package from Olympus. I now believe Olympus is sending out the two new m43 lenses (two nuts) to selected journalists and photographer!

P.S.: A couple of months ago Olympus said that it is possible to make a PEN with built-in viewfinder like the [shoplink 30663 ebay]Fuji X PRO 1[/shoplink] and [shoplink 25396 ebay]Sony NEX-7[/shoplink]. But I don’t think it this is coming now!

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