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(UPDATED) Olympus is going nuts (LOL) ? Mystery announcement soon?


Our friends over at Techradar (Click here) got that mysterious package from Olympus! The image on top (on courtesy of Techradar) shows the “Coming soon” message and the two nuts. I haven’t heard of any imminent product announcement yet. I know the new lenses and the XZ-1 successor will be announced around June. And than we also have the two 75mm and 60mm lenses that are coming soon. But why the heck is Olympus sending nuts? Can you imagine what this could have to do with a product announcement?

UPDATE: Also Damian Mcgillicuddy (Click here) received a mysterious package from Olympus. I now believe Olympus is sending out the two new m43 lenses (two nuts) to selected journalists and photographer!

P.S.: A couple of months ago Olympus said that it is possible to make a PEN with built-in viewfinder like the Fuji X PRO 1 and Sony NEX-7. But I don’t think it this is coming now!

  • GreyOwl

    Looks like a nut cracker will be required :-)

    • Ernest.orf

      Jijijijijijiji the em5 is so strong that maybe u can crack the nuts with it !!!!

    • You could easily use an Olympus E-1, E-3 or E-5 to crack those nuts open, no problem. If you dropped one of those cameras on the sidewalk, they would crack the concrete.

      So maybe an E-7 nutcracker? I can’t imagine anyone is buying the E-5 anymore–but then I was surprised anyone bought one of those to begin with.

      Or maybe Olympus has truly gone nuts, and is bringing out a full-frame camera–with a black and white ONLY sensor. Nobody would be stupid enough to do something like that… :-)

      • The sidewalk cracked my first E1–but I think it could handle these nuts just fine.

    • Esa Tuunanen
  • I expect the two nuts represent the 60mm macro and 75mm lenses. I can’t tell on my mobile but they look like peach stones, in which case a couple of absolute peaches are coming soon!

    • Looks more like walnuts to me :)

    • PeterJ

      Sweet as a nut? Both lenses.

  • Viktor

    Maybe its the missing thing (between the nuts) that’ll arrive soon?

    • Achiinto

      In my case I will expect that thing in the middle as a super telephoto 300mm f0.95.

    • Achiinto2

      In my case I will expect that thing in the middle as a super telephoto 300mm f0.95

    • Achiinto2

      In my case I will expect that thing in the middle as a super telephoto 300mm.

  • BLI

    “Our next release will castrate the competition”?

    • Katzen


  • Phil

    its COMING

  • Who said Olympus marketing was useless?

  • Marcin

    I think it’s going to be shock- and waterproof compact camera

  • Pooh_bear

    What sort of nut is it, maybe thats a clue?

  • Nic

    The “Nut” camera. Product name.

    • Miroslav


      Maybe there’ll be a NUT line, besides PEN and OM-D lines.

  • Agrivar

    Maybe E-7? using all the new tech from the E-M5. They are saying “Nuts” to the competition?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know if anyone noticed this teaser on Damian McGillicuddy site from 12.-th of april …

      Quite a big box :)

      • Anonymous

        Hello fellow Anonymous! That is indeed a big box. If you try to estimate how big it is (the tape gives you a clue), and compare some of the dimensions to the boxes E-3 and E-5 came in (with the included kit lenses), you might find everything to be quite a solid fit.

        • Anonymous

          Very interesting.
          I wonder if Damian would provide another clue in near future :)

        • Hello Anonymouses,
          In a new post Damian mcgillicuddy almost say’s he’s using the new 75mm

          ‘NOT the OM-D this time… but the humble PEN EPL2… its NEVER about the size of the dog in the fight but all about the size of the fight in the dog! The 45mm f1.8 is simply stunning as is the 75mm ;0)’

          Hope to see more soon.

          • Anonymous

            Yes – and he had that lens before he showed the big box. Unless he’s going to distribute fifteen or so 75mm lenses around, the big box is just too big :D

          • Hmmm…
            Subject separation in one of his samples is more than the 45 can achieve.

            • are you kidding? headshots are easy to seperate at the same level as that shot from Mcqillicuddy with the 45 surely

              • Pedro del Río

                After receiving the 45mm 10 days ago, I fully agree with Ulli.

            • MJr

              lol that isn’t even lens blur at all.

            • Ah,sorry I thought I was on to something there but when I see al these women on Damian Mcgillycuddy’s site the text becomes a blurry mess ;)
              The big box could be the new E-7 because I remember a comment from Robin wong that he would rather wait for the E-7 then buy the E-M5,
              so maybe Robin know’s what is coming.

    • Riley

      A famous radio transmission to the Commander German Forces France during the Battle of Bastogne sent as a reply to a demand for surrender


      • ght

        Riley, I’d forgotten that story. Thanks for reminding me. I’ll now go get more details. :)

    • E-7 appears to beeing tested already with big hints from Damian but maybe an OMD-Pro alongside?

    • Leo

      A Chinese website had added E-7 to its catalog.

      (remind you that both E-5, E-M5 are made in China)

  • st3v4nt

    It better be something interesting otherwise it’s just a publicly stunt. But if they announce something big thus make EM-5 obsolete I will be very disappointed because I just got my EM-5.

    • DagBO

      Why would that render the E-M5 obsolete? It would still be a very functional and practical piece of gear, I’m more than happy to shoot with. That post sounds IMHO more like G.A.S. ;)

  • Reza

    I’d say a special edition of E-M5 with wooden trim.

    • TomR

      walnut trim?

  • eM

    Open one nut and you will find a fancy camera for your ball with a prince.

    • matt


  • Noticing that Techradar seems close to Olympus – will keep in mind.

    • +1

      Or perhaps they’r telling that techradars last DR mesuarment is just completley nuts!

  • Jed

    One beautiful system. They have cracked it.

    • :)

    • Riley

      you’re nuts

  • Dan

    Chapeau Olympus, great marketing, whatever it’ll be they’re certainly the game changer at the moment – well they started the whole revolution with the E-1, it took them quite some time… Looking forward to the riddle’s answer!

  • Daniel

    My guess is that the next Pen will have a Walnut (wood) finish.

    OR ‘wal’ stands for wide angle lens.. but I can’t figure out the nuts part.

    • Reza

      +1 on wood finish.

    • GreyOwl

      Walnut box……

  • Bob B.

    Techradar simply got the gift that keeps on giving. They got Olympus’ “junk-in-a-box”. Was it gift-wrapped???????

    • Neonart

      Lol! That’s funny right there. “my junk in a box”

  • The Real Stig

    ‘A lot of you who just purchased our E-M5 are going to go nuts, because here is the OM-D E-7m pro. As you can see it is of entirely modular construction with full capability to use legacy 4/3 lenses. The sensor, IBIS and processing engine are all contained in a swappable module, allowing the user to always keep up with the latest in sensor, IBIS and image processing developments. All camera functions are controlled by the Tizen Operating System which allows the user to download and install Applications. All camera functions can be controlled from The OM Pro app which will run on any Tizen, iOS or Android equipped phone with WiFi capability.’

  • googling now for any Olympus patents involving “walnut technology”

  • LEXA

    why not breaks those nuts?

  • I guess this two walnuts is symbolize on two new like lens from OLympus, MFT 100mm macro and FT 100mm macro.
    I can look walnuts is not same size too. ;-)

  • Biohzrd8

    If you push the nuts back into the box on its side, it’s like a setup for taking macro shots…probably just referencing the upcoming macro lens announcement

  • spam

    Olympus has two problems that needs fixing, that’s AF performance with FT-lenses om mFT bodies and market share. The two is somewhat related, but I can’t imagine that Olympus is able to fix them. So, the nuts are probably just another marketing stunt not related to anything anyone outside Olympus sees as a major issue.

    • The Real Stig

      You might have something. Perhaps they are signalling they have ‘cracked’ the problem.

  • Ahem

    Will there be bolts in the next package?

  • api75

    Hi Admin, when you say ” the new lenses (…) will be announced around June” do you mean the 60 and the 75 out other new lenses? (I’m still waiting for a 17/2 pancake…)

    • admin


  • bilgy_no1

    This box was not sent from the Camera department. It was sent from the same business unit that invested in Tupperware-like boxes and hand cream.

    It’s just a way of diversifying the company’s portfolio!

    • You mean this come one month for late. :-D

      • Why would they send it to camera reviewers if it were a riddle for hand cream?

  • perretcapwannabephotog

    Maybe a big balls camera with fullframe sensor

  • Achiinto

    Look like an adapter. Maybe an Om to m43 adapter that have focal length adjustment to divid 2. But don’t know why there are two nuts instead of 1. Maybe the other nut is a 50mm f1.8 OM lens for tester to use the adapter with.

    • Geoff

      Will give that one a miss, what’s the point of puting an extra element in the optical path, that will only degrade the quality. If you have a fast 50mm use it as a fast 100, I love my 1.4 on my E-P2, and the f4.0 200mm is a fabulous telephoto lens. Many people will give big money for a 2x converter, here you get it for free.

  • They are probably going to introduce a squirrel powered e-m5 power adaptor that effectively runs on nuts. But I second the wishful thinking of a guess that they cracked the 4/3 legacy lens AF.

    • BLI

      Squirrel cage induction motors?

  • bli

    Two nuts: (1) fast AF of 43 lenses under CDAF, and (2) fast CAF + tracking: will be cracked soon!???

    • Tropical Yeti

      My thoughts also.

      – PDAF tech on sensor -> the solution majeure for Olympus, which enables fast AF of 4/3 lenses on m4/3 bodies. This is the way to pro m4/3 camera (they said em-5 is not pro remember)

      – PDAF tech on sensor -> also enables 4/3 bodies (with OVF), which can operate equally fast in LiveView mode, i.e. like mirrorles cams. They can also enable new 4/3 camera to mount existing EVF, so you have perfect hybrid OVF / EVF camera.

      This is final solution to one integrated system, Olympus is mentioning / striving for. I guess many users will like this…

      • Esa Tuunanen

        PDAF without DSLR mirror is also key for giving mirrorless bodies DSLR like actually working moving target focus tracking.

  • cozy

    two high-grade mft lenses; note that high-grade zuiko lenses r weather sealed

  • anonymous

    …crack them, there is something in it!

  • MikeH

    Oly will release the natural lens line for complete stealth photography. People may wonder why you are holding walnuts up all the time but they won’t suspect you are taking pictures of their reactions to it.

  • Yun

    No ideas , might nuts inside got things .
    Please crack it , then you will find the answers .

  • Olympus are going into partnership with Wal-Mart and the whole idea’s nuts


    they’re bringing out a walnut EM-5 similar to the Sigma SD1:

  • Samuel Sihombing

    Something out of the box maybe?

  • Simon

    Finally Oly seems to get more focused on great products, again. Fantastic. The mentioned f2.0 rugged camera looks like a winner.

  • napalm

    the question is: Will it blend?

  • 43shot

    They are nuts for releasing lenses in only Silver? I would say that costs them a minimum of 20% of lost sales for not offering black as well. Yes their marketing people are nuts and out of touch and the designers need to test cameras with real people that have hands before they implement pointed strap lugs. We all don’t have squirrel hands.

  • They ship nuts because the don’t have produced enough E-M5…

  • Vivek

    May be the real gifts are inside the nuts! One has to crack them to see them! ;)

  • Charlie

    This gives us a good idea where all of the missing $30 billion yen has gone,

    To buying massive amounts of Sake.

  • bli

    クルミ — walnut in Japanese, according to some web translator. I don’t see any hidden message in this…

  • Mr. Reeee

    Michael Woodford? Poor bastard.

    • Vivek


    • napalm

      that’s what he got for “singing”

      now he can sing at a higher pitch :D

  • babbit

    Anyone think this is just Olympus having fun and there’s no new product at all? Maybe the nuts are just that…nuts. An Olympus exec probably went on vacation and found these great tasting nuts, so he decided to bring some back and share with the press in order to get some good will. The “coming soon” means they should expect a bigger bag of nuts soon. These 2 are just the samplers.

  • Tripp

    Sooo, it is something that will arrive as a pair. In the order of probability, I would vote for a)lenses, b)cameras, c)sensors (we wish) and d)systems (we wish even more)!!!

  • madmax

    Will they release it in silver or black?
    Anyway I think I prefer my own nuts, no need to get these…

  • flash

    Clearly it means the Olympus is going into a partnership with Mitsubishi (they sell walnuts, have some in the pantry). Wait, isn’t Nikon part of the “Mitsubishi”.

    Oh my, it means Nikon and Olympus are merging!!! :)

  • Charles

    ‘NUTS’… Like in how most of us are going while waiting for our EM-5 to be shipped instead of reading “coming soon” all the time.

  • Charles

    Double post, sorry.

  • Jon S

    Could be a new line of Olympus Tough cameras on the way? May not be m43 related at all.

  • Pedro del Río

    In ancient times walnuts were called glans Jovis, meaning Jupiter’s nuts. Since Jupiter was the boss of Mount Olympus gods, two walnuts clearly mean that two divine entities are going to descend from the Olympus to be worshiped by the m43ites community.

  • vril_ya

    here you go
    Wal – Wide angle lens
    Nut – New Ultra telephoto …
    S – Sweet.

  • Kidscat

    They are going to release TG-1

  • samshootsall

    Everyone is gonna go NUTs when they will announce a NEW E-Px with built-in VF ;)
    It will be sightly larger than the E-Pxs but smaller than the OM-Ds and the Fuji X Pro1!

  • Rob-L

    It’s for the next Olympus “Tough” camera. As in the phrase “It’s as tough as nuts”.

    It’s very obvious.

    • anonymous

      in the press conference they will beat the nuts with a Tough camera to crack it open, and then pulverize and grind the nuts. Then they can blend it in cookie dough, using the tough as a spoon, and take macro pictures along the way.
      But I’ll still take a Em5 instead…

  • Fiatopichan
  • Engadget just posted their review:

    Incredibly fast autofocus
    5-axis image stabilization
    Manual/auto-zoom kit lens

    Battery meter issues at launch
    Poor focus accuracy in low-contrast scenes

    Olympus’s OM-D E-M5 is the company’s best camera yet, but battery meter and focusing issues may be a dealbreaker for some.

    • MJr

      Who cares what engadget thinks ?

  • gg

    panasonic better up their game

  • Riley

    National Welder just posted their review
    Incredibly fast autofocus
    5-axis image stabilization
    Manual/auto-zoom kit lens

    Battery meter issues at launch
    Cant weld for shit

    Olympus’s OM-D E-M5 is the company’s best camera yet, but as a welder it just doesn’t cut it.

    • Camaman

      Hahahaha! Even the welding branch is talking about this cam!

  • Mistral75

    Two Nuts = Two Noughts = f/2.0 (zoom) lens(es)?

  • Llobet

    Creative thinking from the new “Yakuza Liaison Executive”?

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