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Speculation running wild after the Olympus teaser :)


The video teaser you see her eon top created quite a buzz! Time to make a summary of what’s going on. First, Olympus sent out nuts to many journalists (like Techradar and Photographyblog for example). Damian Mcgillicuddy received a big mystery package from Olympus. And than we had that new teaser at (I posted the video on top of this post).
Olympus is known to make such campaigns for important camera releases (the last one was for the Olympus E-M5 for example). So many here started to speculate that something BIG might will be announced soon. And also that “PRO image quality” statement sounds so good. There is even some chinese website listing the E-7 :)

But I think Olympus marketing is just playing a big game on the not so big (at least for me) Olympus TG-1 iHS camera that has been already leaked (via Photorumors). The video clearly suggest that this is a splashproof new Though camera (here is a list of these cameras on Amazon).

So should we give up all our hopes? The only thing that speaks for something really BIG is the package sent to Damian Mcgillicuddy.
He is a pro photographer and certainly not exactly the target customer for a Though camera! And looking at the size of the package he received this looks more like a big camera or big lens. I suspect he got an early production version of the 75mm f/1.8 or 60mm macro lenses. My sources told me that both lenses would arrive in early Summer. So may Olympus will soon give us the final specs and price and release date of these two jewels?

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