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New MFT lens reviews….


Image courtesy: DSLRmagazine

Good Sunday Morning! There were a couple of new Lens reviews and here is one post to rule them all. Enjoy!

Can the Panasonic 35-100mm X challenge the Superb Canon 70-200mm lens? DSLRmagazine (translation here).
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Pekka Potka posted the full 60mm macro lens reivew: “As a lens for general photography it is better than any Olympus mFT zoom which has the same focal length. But it also is not as good as Zuiko M. 45mm f/1.8 or 75mm f/1.8. While it has practically no vices, it still falls somewhere between those two groups because of its weaker corners.
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Steve Huff posted a short 75mm lens review. Zuikoholics posted the 17.5mm Nokton review. Thoughts on Olympus SHG Four Third Lenses, Including Video Usage at Diglloyd.
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The Nokton 17.5mm cheapest price I found is on an “Austellungstück” at [shoplink 34348 ebay]Fotomundus Germany (Click here)[/shoplink].

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