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Full Gh3 review at ePhotozine.


ePhotozine finally posted their full GH3 review. The conclusion in short: “Image quality is very good with better noise performance than any other Panasonic Micro Four Thirds cameras, with detail visible in photos taken at ISO settings as high as ISO6400. Focus speed, shutter response and shot to shot times are all excellent, and the camera shoots at 6fps in continuous shooting mode, although it’s a shame it’s not as quick as the OM-D E-M5 and Sony NEX-7.” The camera gets 4.5 of the maximum 5 available points. It doesn’t get the full score because the reviewer said that it “feels a little expensive

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  • George

    I wish they used 12-35mm for the tests. 14-140 is not a great lens

    • bousozoku

      The 12-35mm is not a great lens, either. Olympus’ ZD 14-35mm is.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, what a waste of electrons. Lot’s of vague subjective words like “fast” and no objective tests, or even comparisons to it’s competition. And they compare it to the RX100 in measured speed? Like anyone’s going to cross shop those two cameras. Nothing about how good the EVF is, nothing about how AF compares to the OM-D, nothing about C-AF.

    This reads more like a recitation of Panasonic marketing material than it does an independent review. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty excited about the camera, but I learned nothing useful from this “review.”

    The don’t even say what version of firmware the camera had.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, wait, I see they did mention firmware: v 0.5 So we don’t even learn anything about the final feature set.

    • napalm

      question is was there ever a Panasonic body whose beta version was way worse than the final release? i think this is about 90% of what would come out, just basing on previous releases

  • mike fix

    I’m waiting ’til the final version is released and tested. I most care about the video quality and rolling shutter. So far I’m not seeing a reason to upgrade.

    • Renato S.

      They say that Panasonic says that 0.5 firmware is representative of the final IQ in both photo and video.

  • Renato S.

    I know it’s silly but I’m still bothered by the fact that Panasonic was not able to ask, or pay – Sony – for a multi-aspect sensor. They probably just tweaked a bit the same sensor that the OM-D E-M5 has. And that it seems that the HDMI output is clean, but it’s a 4-2-0 instead of a 4-2-2 – based on the Andrew Reid’s interview.

    We can see that Panasonic, as a smaller company than Sony, has its limitations since there are not enough engineers to work on feats like focus peaking, zebra and others, hopefully they will get at least the focus peaking in the final firmware or in a coming soon update.

    The Panasonic GX2 should come with a EVF and same sensor as the GH3, but with only AVCHD 2.0 like Sony’s NEX cameras, without the IPB 50mbps and the All-Intra 72mbps. that will be a very nice and competitive camera. Make the design more like the GH3/L1.

    I just feel like the GH3’s design looks more like the L1 rather than the recent Panasonic camera’s design. That miniaturization obsession was compromising the design and making it very ugly.

    • Well…

      Since 2008, the Panny sensors always have been clearly behind the competition. That’s why Oly opted for using the latest Sony technology. So what makes you believe that Panny would have been able to close the gap technology-wise right now? And don’t forget that Oly always were able to squeeze more out of an identical sensor than panny.

      So, we’ve got two options, here: either the GH3 also uses a Sony sensor or it will be blown out of the water by the E-M5, stills-IQ wise.

      • Incessant Troll

        blown out of the water = shenanigans. i like the competition. more competitors, more downward pressure on price. eventually we end up with monopolists like apple without competition.

      • YJYJ

        DON, lets be honest here the GH2 is less than a stop away from the E-M5 and it is a couple of years old so it will be no surprise if the GH3 has moved forward. The reality of the E-M5 is that it is still not as good as the best APS sensors , not surprising as they also use Sony

        You are another Olympus user who buys into all the hype about the E-M5.For everyone apart from Olympus users the E-M5 is just a well featured camera giving the results against APS that are expected given the smaller sensor. You Olympus users used to the ancient 12mp sensor think it is a miracle , it most certainly isn’t , take a look at a RAW file with all NR turned off including the default NT in many RAW software and it isn’t a pretty sight

    • Renato S.

      Wow. Now I’m an Olympus fanboy? Grow f*** up! I don’t care about the brands at all, nor if it’s m4/3, X mount, E mount or even NX mount. I just want the best for my needs.

      It’s just a fact. Both GH cameras before had as a differential the multi-aspect sensor, with all the upgrades they put in the GH3, even putting in a higher-PROer-more-serious-weather-sealed category, why on earth would they make it a non-multi-aspect? It makes no sense, unless you were not the one that actually manufactured it, actually, even like that it doesn’t make sense. You are the one paying for it, make it as you like, make it a custom made sensor for your needs, just like Leica did or just like Nikon did for the Nikon1, etc.

      Here is the only thing that makes sense, even more based on the recent statements from Panasonic people. They said they prioritized IQ over multi-aspect and that they didn’t have time to develop a multi-aspect, actually they said that they used the best they had in hand. But that’s your flagship camera! How come you didn’t have the right sensor for it? There is no such a thing!

      The only reasonable thing to think is that after the Olympus OM-D E-M5 high IQ, everything changed. Panasonic had their sensor but they had to make a tough decision once they found out that their sensor was not up to the OM-D E-M5’s IQ. This is not just about high ISO stops it’s also about DR, etc. They probably asked Sony if they could make it a multi-aspect size, but they probably wouldn’t be able to make it in time so they just tweaked the sensor.

      Panasonic also said it wasn’t custom made, lots of parameters are not custom made for their needs. So it means they tried to make the most of it by tweaking what they could. They would have probably gotten more out of the video feats.

      Another possible thing that contributed for all of this is that they were probably focused on the the development of the codec, to make it right. And as it looks like, Panasonic doesn’t have as much engineers working on the m4/3 camera division as Sony has for their NEX line – and even so Sony doesn’t have decent lenses! Probably because they are making more and more bodies, what about the lenses?

      The Nikon1 sensor is capable of a lot of stuff and it looks like the next gen Nikon1 sensor can even do 10MP@60fps and 1080p@120fps, that’s a custom made sensor! Nikon probably said what they want and Optina answered what they could do about that and how much it would cost and that’s it. Just as a side note, the problem is not just the sensor being able to output that and the processor work with all the info, but it’s also about how to not make it a toaster, how to dissipate to heat so the camera can shoot more than 20~30min without going off.

      Panasonic m4/3 camera division doesn’t seem to have the resource to develop all that. I don’t know, but maybe with the G-series cameras growing in number, they didn’t have the money for that, even more if before that they tried to make the sensor in house, so it would mean they already spent money on that, so they wouldn’t have the money and the time to ask for a custom made sensor. I wish they had, the GH3 would be even more awesome.

      • Incessant Troll

        Olympus m4/3 camera division doesn’t seem to have the resources to develop a flash that can’t be detached from the body. Not even one new model with a body flash. I guess a $1000 flagship camera doesn’t need a flash. It is understandable because taking the detachable flash off makes the em5 so pocketable. Things that olympus also doesnt include are lens hoods, pouches, ethics.

        Most likely they will include a body flash as a new “innovation” next year without changing anything else, and the photography world will go bonkers. Pure genius. But I can’t blame them. Panasonic wouldn’t let them have the best generation sensors so they had to go to Sony.

        • werwr

          “Most likely they will include a body flash as a new “innovation” next year without changing anything else, and the photography world will go bonkers. Pure genius. But I can’t blame them. Panasonic wouldn’t let them have the best generation sensors so they had to go to Sony.”

          In “limited edition colour” and costing 50% more. Olympus have a lot of money to make up, it seems some genius in the boardroom came up with the excellent shaft the customer routine . $80 for a hood , yes sir ,limited edition black lens ,charge more ,yes sir.

    • zebarnabe

      GH3 has a Panny sensor… not a sony sensor … the yellow noise blotches are there, thankfully a lot less noticeable, but it is there :P

      • napalm

        comparing it with the G5 image samples from the same site, I’d say it is closer to the GH3 than the OMD. DR and noise handling seems to have improved, though

    • JHCCAZ

      you wrote:
      “We can see that Panasonic, as a smaller company than Sony, has its limitations since there are not enough engineers…”

      Panasonic (formerly named Matsushita Electric) has been a significantly larger company than Sony for many years. Currently, Panasonic has approximately 327,000 employees while Sony is at approximately 161,000.

      By comparison, Olympus is far smaller, at around 34,000.

      I don’t have any statistics on the number of engineers in the camera division of each company, and without data I’d caution about making any assumptions. Do you have any information to support the idea that Panasonic (in comparison with Sony) suffers from “not enough engineers”? They certainly have enough to produce dozens of complex still and video camera designs per year.

      Panasonic currently has a somewhat larger market cap (about $15B vs. about $12B) but both companies are very depressed in stock value because of the huge losses in televisions particularly.

      • chris


        On top of that, for CY 2011 Panasonic’s revenue was $101 billion while Sony’s was $83 billion. Panny turned a profit of $864 million, while Sony lost $3 billion.

    • GreyOwl

      L1??? You mean L10, I think.

  • Yun

    What ? Continuous shoot not as fast as OMD , how could ?
    This is Pana’s latest & top .
    Pana really need to improve this .

    • Anonymous

      You get 20fps continuous shooting if you use the electronic shutter.

  • Ed

    The reviewer makes me “feel funny”.

  • I am liking the RAW 3200 ISO improvement over my GH2. I agree there is little useful info in the review that we have not already read on the Panny site.

  • Newbie Here

    *cough cough* Wait for the hack. *cough cough*

  • MdB

    God I enjoy all these rants about Panasonic vs Sony sensors, especially in the GH3, but also in the E-M5. For a start the people at Panasonic who make sensors are not the same people who make their cameras. Secondly these divisions have their own update schedules, they had to release a new GH an the new gen sensors are probably a little way off, so to get the camera to market they opted for an off the shelf sensor. This does not mean that Panny are going to stop developing sensors for their own internal clients (camera division).

    As far as Oly moving to Sony sensors, well it could be two things, 1 that panasonic were charging too much for their newer gen fabrication sensors or 2 it was a sign of good faith to Sony who were already at the time looking at heavily investing in Oly.

    Any which way, camera of all shapes and sizes are getting better and better. If Panny did choose a Sony sensor it was because they felt it was the best sensor available to them at the time of bringing out their latest iteration of their flagship camera. If not they thought their own sensor was up to snuff and ready to roll. My guess is their latest gen wasn’t ready and that we’ll see it in the next GH which will probably have a shorter release cycle than the GH3 did, with far fewer cosmetic changes – more akin to the differences between GH1 – GH2.

  • Sarek

    The prices they mention must be seriously wrong.
    In Sweden I can pre order the GH3 with 12-35/2,8 for SEK 19.900 inc vat ≈ £ 1780 and the body only for SEK 10.900 inc vat ≈ £ 975

    Body only:

    with 12-35:

    • BobDrw

      @SAREK , i was hoping the prices were wrong but one of our largets online camera companies WEX has the camera priced at £1549

      I keep hoping this is a mistake and that they will fix it lol but no it looks real . Amazon UK are selling the Nikon D600 at £1570. Panasonic UK must be dreaming or they want to halt sales, I could easily afford it if I wished but frankly I would feel robbed.

      • Sarek

        Yes you’re right. That is almost 600 quid more than around here for the body-only.
        Can’t see anyone buying from that site as there is no customs fee within the EU, and the VAT is deductible directly at payment if you have your own business.

        For 600 quid you can even take a cheap flight to Göteborg, get the bus to the city, buy the camera and still have cash for drinks and shopping the rest of the weekend!

        • Jørgen

          Well, it costs the same in NL (1200 euro) so it would be even better to go to NL, but better is to simply ship it from NL to the UK. And keep the money to buy a nice lens for that cam.

    • Anonymous

      Cheapest price is now 1100€ here in Finland. (1150 in another etc)
      Panasonic UK’s management must be driving some expensive cars…

  • Slightly slower on focusing (0.2-0.25 sec) than GH2/G3 (0.2 sec)?

    Gimme a break! :D

  • Karen

    I don’t believe that GH3 uses Sony sensor. Panny has their own sensor department. It doesn’t make sense to use sensors from other vendors However, if GH3 uses Sony’s sensor, dxomark will confirm this. Let’s wait and see.

  • Shop in Switzerland delivers GH3 within 4-6 days!

    This is GH3 with 14-140mm for 2199 Swiss Francs, which is about 2’400 US-Dollars or 1’830 EURO

    They say, they deliver within 4-6 days, but i’m sure, it’s not true.

    But if that would be true, do it like on the titanic:
    Frauen und Rinder zuerst!

  • dau

    heres a g5 review from cnet australia:

  • adipocea

    I am really stunned by the number of comments reffering only to the sensor performance… Sony sensor, panny sensor, multi aspect, aps-c compared , etc… But how about the lenses , people? Gh3, or any other micro four thirds camera doesn’t need a sensor as good in noise and dr as other companies camera. That’s because they have THE BEST LENSES available for the money. Give me another 50mm f 1.4 that is as good as the Panaleica…All this tests are done with the shitty 14-140, a common kit lens, or with 12-35 pro lens, which, as good as it may be, it is only a 2.8 lens. The faster the lens is , the less noise allows to the sensor… Did any reviewer make some test with the Gh3 and the fenomenal Panaleica? Did any reviewer use the 45mm olympus, or the 12mm ? Did someone go out on the street, in the evening or night time, to shoot people, scenes, real life? Only blunt photos, experimental ones… The only photo that satisfies me from ephotozine is the one with the castle, and that one PROVES CLEARLY that gh3, or, for that matter, om-d, are on par with any full frame camera at shooting real life photography when shooting with their best lenses(in that case the extraordinarily good 7-14mm, a lens that in other systems is much more heavy and expensive for that focal equivalent).So calm down, people, since the gh3 went on the market all you did is procrastinate, criticize, make bad comments, ironical ones… Gh3, as it is now on the market, is the BEST OPTION (size vs value)for a camera that is intended for pretty almost ANYTHING, from stills to video, at a professional level.

    • Vlad

      Bets lenses available for the money? Are you kidding?
      And good luck improving your DR with lenses.

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