In case you want to see where the hell the 43rumors admin is right now :)


In case you are wondering why the heck I am not answering your mails in these days here is the picture showing the house I am currently living in. There is no Internet connection there but from now on I will have a more constant access thanks to a mobile 3G USB stick.

Finally I can go back to 100% full news and rumors coverage! Stay tuned ;)

BIg hug from Ale.


  • Horacio

    First, to envy you!

  • Pat

    I think you made the right decision. Being close to the nature makes us better as human being. Enjoy every minute of it. Life is short!

  • It got to add years to your life expectancy to live in a place like this. Enjoy.

  • MicaSbg

    Enjoy your time. Looks like Austria or Swizerland, very nice! Almost could be somewhere in my home in Thuringia :-)

  • Mark

    Nice, but I’d rather see some GH3 rumors.

  • Rinaldo

    Wonderful place! Now we are ready for ‘real’ GH3 rumors… Panny is frighteningly quiet… ;)

    • ED

      One more vote for GH3 info!

      • admin

        Got the message!!! :)

      • Miroslav

        One vote for new PENs.

        • Pavlo

          Same here

  • Beautiful place!
    Thank you for your contribution for M43 community.

  • This is the kind of hideout Julian Assange needs!

    Perhaps 43rumors and wikileaks aren’t of the same magnitude?

  • m4/3

    Looks like you are in the right place to get all the good air into your system, reboot and get energized for more amazing content on this site. Great work and have a good rest whenever you can…

  • MikeH

    I think the admin has been kidnapped! Someone send a search party.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      You mean search party for fresh clean air instead of dirty air full of exhaust fumes etc.

      I would rather choose thin but clean air at 5km altitute than smoky air of any big city.

  • Victor

    Nice view Ale. I see to brown building, is this barn on the right side of the picture? Whole Foods Market in California sale basque cheese and your in the tastes place ;). Keep and eye on weather, winter is a great proving ground for camera battey testing. Only if you get snow in.

  • Where did all the cows go?

    • admin

      No cows here. Only goats!

  • yosemite

    Come on, you have to at least tell us the continent, if not the country!

    • grum

      France, in the Pyrenees.

      • admin

        +1 :)

      • admin


        • bli

          Admin — since you arerelatively close: Andorra and the 75/1.8 offer of €715 I found — is it for real? Or just very inconvenient in that you have to pay full price and reclaim tax?

      • Miroslav

        The Tour is over, Nibali’s on the podium, now it’s time to rest :).

  • Boooo!

    Looks like admin needs a CPL…

    • Yeah, and an alarm clock to wake up earlier. :)


    Very nice place (^____^)

  • alex

    The vegetation looks like central Europe. My guess is north Italy, Switzerland or the Pyrenees :)

  • axio

    horography is like Basque country

  • enjoy – life`s analog

    • admin


  • Enjoy! Keep up the great job you’re doing for us. I’m patient, so just do what you can.

  • Keith

    I also live in beautiful hills in the UK, away from lots of people.
    I am lucky enough to have more offers of work than I can do.
    I have a beautiful wife, and some nice cameras.
    I don’t wake up to the sound of gunfire
    I don’t have to walk miles to find clean water

    How lucky are we ?

  • jeouther

    awesome place you got there!!!

  • Enjoy the real beauty world and take – not too many – photos!

  • physica

    not a 100% full and constant access, you will have 0% access while your phone’s power is not enough and unable to charge the phone :D (I always facing this problem)

  • Bronica

    Congratulatios Admin! The pyrenees look beautiful. You are a real montain-child :-)) – from one mountains to the others! How many hours by car to the civilization?

    Where do you get better food? Pyrenees or Alps?

    But your right, if my wife and I could get a job there, we would also change to the montains. Now we live in Berlin – no Mointains, a few hills – some are artificial.

    But – ok – many lakes and deep forrests in and around this city. Lots of wildlife here – even in middle of the city (foxes, rabbits, dun crows, falcons, field larks and even dangerous wild boars. And outside from Berlin live some wolves again) Better than nothing…

    • Julien

      Better food is definitely in the Pyrénées (everything around duck, from magret to foie gras…), Alps is better for High Mountain climbing where you have the highest mount (Mont Blanc, it is not only a brand for expensive pens ;) Nevertheless you have some very good food in the Alps as you are still in France (lot of recipes around melted cheese, it is very good…) But be careful in the Mecca of Alps’ climbers (Chamonix) it is now full of British, owning the bars and restaurants, si I am not sure that the food is still at its top :p

  • Anonymous

    You could see views very similar in Mid Wales….. but sheep not goats present.

  • chronocommando

    good to see that our admin uses a E-P2 ;-)

  • bobo

    Good for you
    Good for you
    Good for you
    Good for you
    Good for you

  • bobo

    Can i come by with my GF1 and lenses for a couple weeks and shoot ?

  • Jens

    This is like playing Scotland Yard/Mr. X. In how many rounds do we get the next location hint!? :-) Enjoy the summer up there…

  • The Real Stig

    Very nice Admin. It looks like you will need snow chains and a shovel.

  • Bronica

    In august available in Germany: Tokina Reflex 300 mm F6.3 for Micro Four Thirds.

    But for 400 Euro (!). Nice lens, very compact, native MFT – but very expensive. Will purchase it only for less than 300 Euro.


  • Nice!
    Enjoy the surroundings, and I am looking forward
    to more GH3 rumors, Admin :)

    Visit your site every day – keep up the good work!

  • beautemps

    @Admin: Give us some hints. Where is north? Do we see a piece of Spain?

    All days goats-cheese (with honey and dryed tomato on top) and red wine…and the only beauty up to horizon is your beloved woman. What have I done wrong? :-)

    • admin

      Right behind that montain we have Spain!

  • I guess you are greeting from the black forest?

    • bobo

      the Black Forest is between France and Germany, not Spain, fyi..

  • Oriol

    Hi Admin,

    Tell me if I am very far… can you see from your town the Puigmal?


  • hornblower

    near Maule?
    Regards from Donostia!!

  • admin

    I am close to St Giron. That’s all I can say :)

  • Rutrem

    the World is so small :)
    i have a friend that recently had moved near you.. he lives in Pau now.

  • GreenWithEnvy

    So jealous! Enjoy it!

  • Anonymous

    pour garder votre intimite ¿pareil a Seis?

    • admin

      yes :)

  • Joshe

    Pour garder votre intimite,¿peut´etre pareil a Seis?

    • admin


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