Let me know what you are waiting for…


More or less One month from now we will have a long list of new product announcements. I put together a poll and mixed reliable and non reliable rumors about possible Photokina stuff. And here is the question for you:

What's the hot stuff you are waiting for (select a maximum of three products).

  • Panasonic GH3 (15%, 2,419 Votes)
  • Olympus "professional" m43 camera. (14%, 2,313 Votes)
  • Olympus 12-60mm f/2.8-4.0 lens (8%, 1,378 Votes)
  • Olympus Four Thirds camera (7%, 1,138 Votes)
  • Panasonic 35-100mm X f/2.8 lens (7%, 1,136 Votes)
  • Olympus 25mm f/1.8 macro and pancake lens (7%, 1,114 Votes)
  • Olympus PEN with integrated viewfinder (7%, 1,098 Votes)
  • Olympus f/2.0 zoom lens (7%, 1,082 Votes)
  • Panasonic GL1 rangefinder styled camera. (6%, 999 Votes)
  • Panasonic wide angle and fast pime lens. (6%, 899 Votes)
  • Sigma m43 designed prime lenses. (4%, 588 Votes)
  • Olympus 60mm f/2.8 macro. (4%, 587 Votes)
  • Olympus E-P5 (3%, 509 Votes)
  • Tamron f/2.8 zoom lens (3%, 407 Votes)
  • Olympus E-PL5 (2%, 354 Votes)
  • Olympus E-PM2 (1%, 215 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,579

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  • Stevey

    Is there any chance of the 12-60 given we got the 12-50 only recently ?

    • anonymous

      if a m4/3 12-60 would be high optical quality, like the 4/3 one – it would be a great companion to a high grade m4/3 camera, unlike the 12-50.
      So IMO, one does not exclude the other.

      • Stevey

        I live in hope too. But I’ve been hoping for this since m43 was born. The 12-50 was a major disappointment so I’m thinking of getting the Pan 12-35, even though I’d much prefer an Oly 12-60. Have there been any rumors about a 12-60 ?

      • That’s right, and then they could introduce a “medium-quality” 12-55 to fill the gap in their product line. And then a “near-high-quality” 12-57.5, and a “slightly better than consumer quality” 12-52.5.

        Come on, people, they are not going to introduce a 12-60 when they just introduced a 12-50! There are too many other gaps in the line that need filling.

        • You are aware that the FT range features a high-quality 14-54 and an even better 12-60, aren’t you?

    • Anonymous

      I think it would, if they choose for a 2.8-3.5, so basicly a near-constant aperture type zoom.

    • mpgxsvcd

      Give me a GH3 + 35-100mm and I will be happy.

      • Stevey

        I’d like to see a m43 version of the excellent Oly 50mm f/2 macro. Not in the list, and not rumored. SIGH.

  • Tom

    from a video perspective…

    GF/GL style over GH “prism hump” type of body
    let’s ditch AVCHD and do something like PRORES or DVCPRO OR clean HDMI out
    23.976, 25, 29.97 or else no go… bonus 60 (59.94) and/or 120fps (119.88) for slow motion
    Integrated viewfinder OR clean HDMI output
    weather sealed would be nice
    best clean HDMI out, better AES input, ok line level input (no mic please)

    did I mention clean HDMI output?

    • Esa Tuunanen

      50/60p shouldn’t be some bonus but standard video feature in any above lower end cameras.
      And that’s also for cameras which aren’t designed “purely” for video.
      (Sony already has it in products announced year ago)

    • Anonymous

      >>>GF/GL style over GH “prism hump” type of body

      I use the EVF all the time, so NO MORE GF style bodies, “Prism Hump” all the way! :-)

      >>>let’s ditch AVCHD and do something like PRORES or DVCPRO OR clean HDMI out

      PRORES files are huge and cumbersome, where AVCHD or AVC-INTRA are far more compact. If it’s a Mac AVCHD problem, then it’s time to complain to Apple about AVCHD support.

      >>>better AES input, ok line level input (no mic please)

      What supplies the AES audio source ? ( especially when you are working on location )

      Nothing wrong with MIC level audio, we just need a low noise-floor, though the GH-2 has a RMS noise-floor of -63 dB, which is as good as the HMC-150 camera.

  • hannes

    Good Tele m43 lens with macro capabilites

  • Hey admin, I made only two votes – the Oly pro cam and the 12-60 – as you missed out the 50-200 2.8-3,5. ;-)

    • Yeah, a good zoom to 200 would be much better than my third vote, which was the Pany 100mm zoom.

    • You may keep wishing. The 12-50 needs a weather sealed 50-200 companion, but it will be just as slow to keep the size reasonable.

  • What about that Panny fast telephoto prime?

    • Jens


  • teroll

    What about the additional schneider lenses???

  • Anonymoose

    What about the tweet post that disappeared?

    • ED


  • physica

    actually…. i’m waiting for a weather-seal pancake lens……match with the Weather-seal level of E-M5 or better…

    • TomR

      +1 it is the logical product. For my liking it wouldn’t have to be pancake but just small like 12mm.

  • A relatively compact 14-40/4.0 would probably make me switch from Nikon DX to m43…

    • Jevfp

      There is pana 14-42mm X power zoom already ,. It’s very compact,. Now it s time to switch from nikon,..

  • lusterus

    300mm f4, about 1000 euro


    • Esa Tuunanen

      And what would you do with long tele without actually tracking capable AF system?
      Camera with Nikon 1 like hybrid AF would be better goal to reach before that or at least at the same time.

      With Olympus now using Sony sensor I could see chances for hybrid AF sensor in the future because Sony must be working on that considering SLT’s mirror causes ~2/3 stop light loss and unlike Canikon they want to get rid of mirror stuff.
      Olympus and Sony might even have some cooperation behind curtains. Despite of often being big competitors Japanese corporations can also cooperate when it comes to threat from outside. For example Korean industry giant Samsung must be using their resources to research that because well working hybrid AF would give huge boost to credibility of NX-system.

      • Roy

        You can’t shoot stationary or slow moving subjects with a long lens?

        • Esa Tuunanen

          Sure but size and weight of that lens along with price (more likely 1500-2000 for good optical and mechanical quality) means that those are mostly bought only for use where they are actually needed like animals/birds which don’t let you closer.

          • lusterus

            for my “garden safari” i donnot need fast af, but i need af. i really miss good tele for mft.


      • bart

        C-AF is very useful for sure, but many uses for which one would need a long tele do not require C-AF at all.
        – birds at the feeder
        – Closeups of far away scenery

        Beyond that, I’ve been using the 50-200 with my e-m5 for concert photography, using manual focus.

        For that matter, until 1985 there were no SLRs that had any practical form of AF but there were plenty tele lenses.

    • A 300mm f4 would be fantastic!

  • nicwalmsley

    every forum i see, people want a better 17mm

    • … or better 20mm.

    • BLT

      Yes yes better 17mm pancake PLEASE PLEASE!

  • MacT

    pen with viewfinder, articulated screen and 50p video

  • Miroslav

    How wide and how fast is Panasonic wide angle and fast prime lens?

    Voted for PEN with integrated viewfinder. A NEX-7 lookalike at half the price would be awesome.

  • Barton

    A Canon high-end superzoom bridge camera.

    • Dave

      A bridge for this troll.

      • Alan

        Good one Dave…

  • Lez

    All we need is MFT version of 12-60 and 50-200!

  • Oly 12-60 is really needed…

  • I just got the 12-35/f2.8, no need for dat (hypothetical) 12-60. A PEN body with the E-M5 sensor would certainly get my attention. GH3 probably to pricey for me anyway, and I don’t do video.

    • Incessant Troll

      haha implying that the 12-35 is appropriately priced

  • Yun

    Mine , GL1 is the most important , that’s why I vote for it .
    M4/3 already got excellent lenses but the camera sensor itself really need a breakthrough to deliver ultimate image quality .
    Hopefully this is the one I been waiting for .

  • JF

    I stopped waiting for the 12-60 m43 version which would be my perfect all around lens (climbing, hiking, traveling,…) and bought the 12-35… so I’m not really waiting for 12-60 anymore but in absolute terms, yes the 12-60 f2.8-4 tack sharp “macro” is a dream…
    I also would like a 7 or 8 mm f2.8 or even f4 prime tack sharp all frame weather sealed + filter thread for landscapes and seascapes…

    • tom

      “…I also would like a 7 or 8 mm f2.8…”


  • wayne wong

    need a compact, fast tele prime

  • grmlfz

    I’m waiting for the banding issues to be solved….

  • mountainwalker

    I am still quite happy with my FourThirds equipment. FourThirds should not die, should not be “cannibalized” through m43. In sports and in tele range, the good old mirror has true advantages.

    • bart

      No, the flipping mirror has no advantage for those, but pdaf does, and many pdaf implementations still need that miror. The way to address that is known, so with time the mirror can go whithou affecting sports capabilities.

      Mirror and tele lenses are only related in that the mirror has to be oversized, and hence tele lenses are actually a good reason to want to remove the mirror.

  • JF
    • I want Panny 10/4 pancake

      It’s a 35-100X f/2.8 OIS comes in late 2012, rumoured to be up to $300 more expensive than 12-35X

    • @JF – this is surely 60mm from the 35-100mm zoom lens at F2.8??

      • JF

        I think so…I don’t remenber if there was a rumor of a 60 mm f2.8 prime ? there was a rumor of a panasonic prime but don’t remember the focal…

  • I want to see an 8 or 9 mm f/2.5 or 2.8 prime.

    • Vlad

      +1 here.

  • ED

    Still waiting for more gh3 specs..Admin, when will we get more info from ur sources??? Hope soon..

  • Lily

    I’m waiting for a weather-sealed telephoto zoom. My 4/3 40-150 won’t focus on either my GF3 or my EM5, and I’m not going to buy a m4/3 version until they release something that’s weather-sealed.

  • Glad to see that I’m not the only one waiting for the GH3. Still have the GH1 and I really hope the GH3 is going to be worth the upgrade.

    • JF

      E-M5 is worth the upgrade for stills shooter ! I switched from GH1 to E-M5 and I’m very happy but don’t do any video…

    • Mike

      I’m also a GH1 shooter waiting for the GH3. I do both stills and video. Really hope the banding disappears, the camera is hackable and they’ve raised the max framerate to 60p. As a bonus I hope they’ve included a real 3.5mm mic jack and headphone jack. Weather sealing would be icing on the cake.

  • SteveO

    Admin, I think your list could be more helpful:
    – You should include categories for both a 4/3’s pro body (E-x) and a 4/3’s consumer grade body (E-xxx), both with the E-M5 sensor.
    – add “with E-M5 sensor” to the E-P selections, this being the only reason most would upgrade
    – state that the 12-60 f2.8-4 would be for mFT (obvious, I suppose, but just to be clear)
    – add “affordable and fast Olympus 17mm pancake prime” to the list
    – maybe even add “more $400-500 primes of Olympus 45mm optical quality”

    • aqasem


      17mm f2.0 pancake

  • 20mm mk2?

  • sorry my inglish

    my vote goes for E5 with 800$ brand new

    • caver3d

      Dream on. That won’t happen until after the E-7 is out for some time.

  • twoomy

    I’m actually waiting for two other things:

    1. “First-party” batteries and the E-M5 grip to become widely available. Forget thinking too far into the future for a few moments. I want these companies to make widely available what they have ALREADY announced!

    2. A new wide-angle zoom that supercedes the Pany 7-14mm and the Oly 9-18mm. While I have both lenses and they are convenient, the Pany doesn’t take filters and the Oly doesn’t have the greatest corners. I want a high-end corner-to-corner sharp wide angle that takes filters. I’m not holding my breath though… :(

    • JF

      +1 for both…

      • Esa Tuunanen

        Filter would have to be specifically tailored to lens/lens for it.
        It would be about impossible to add flat filter in front of bulbous front element without it causing lots of vignetting or at least it would be huge in size. (imagine big Cokin filter in Canon IXUS)
        Or it would have to be also bulbous/spherical instead of flat, which would make it basically part of optical design.

        • JF

          I have some Cokin Z-pro that work fine with the 9-18 mm at all focals, as you say it produces lot of vignetting at 9 mm but you can partially remove it in PP (if noise is not too high…it is better with E-M5 than with GH1 which produces noise and banding in long exposures…)

        • twoomy

          Actually, I’d be happy with a reworked Oly 9-18mm. Just make the circumference of the lens wider so you have better corners, and filters would still fit without a problem. (Coming from Nikon SLRs, I use a ring adaptor and 77mm filters on the 9-18mm, so vignetting isn’t an issue.)

          I have seen custom filter fittings for the Nikon 14-24mm and they are amazingly large. Anything for the Pany 7-14mm would be similar and quite bulky.

        • bart

          Additionally, that front element is strongly curved for a reason and putting some flat piece of glass in front of it is not such a good idea.

  • Jalo

    I’m waiting m.zuiko 17mm 2.0 with similar design and manual focus as the 12/2 :)

    And also, m.zuiko 400mm 5.6 or faster :)

  • Walter Freeman

    One of:

    200 f/2.8 (specifically matched with EC14 and EC20)
    300 f/4

  • scooby70

    I’m hoping that Panny can move IQ on and specifically increase DR and at least match the OMD. I’d also like reduced lag in the EVF and indeed a new EVF technology to enable night time photography. At the moment the current EVF acts like a little torch shining directly into my eye and I’d love to see and end to that problem. I’d also like to see an alternative to the IMVHO hateful FBW technology.

    I won’t hold my breath on any count. I expect another yawnfest from Panny.

    • bart

      Pana’s evf actually uses an illuminated reflective surface (lcos) and could eaxily support managing display brightness to match ambient light withou affecting contrast or such by managing illumination.

      Ever since I studied Panasonic’s evf implementation I’ve been wondering why they didn’t implement such a feature.

  • Narnian

    What I would like to see is Samyang come to the fore with some nice primes. They are off to a good start with the fisheye. Even if you don’t buy them they could help put price pressure on the other vendors.

  • rrr_hhh

    I’m curious to know the specs of the next generation Pens, especially so since Olympus indicated that they want to redefine the Pen line.

    However my single most wanted piece of gear is a wide angle shift lens, coming from whatever manufacturer.

  • Partyender

    25mm f/1.8 macro would become my primary (and possibly exclusive) lens on my camera.

    • Zonkie

      Yes, but why a macro? I’d prefer if it wasn’t macro so it would AF faster. Instead of macro, could we have it a bit wider aperture, maybe even f/1.4?

      • Ash

        I am hoping against hope that the 25mm would be weather-sealed to compliment the E-M5.

        Macro is nice but not that important in my book.

      • Partyender

        There is already Panasonic 25mm F1.4 so the macro ability would bring new lens instead of copycat.

  • Once my Oly 75mm arrives, I’ll really only have two holes left for me in the m4/3 lineup. A fast short telephoto zoom (the 35-100/2.8) and a fast longer prime (say a 150 f/2.8 or 200 f/2.8)

    Given the pricing for the 12-35, though I don’t know if I could afford the 35-100, but at least we’d have an option.

  • Ergo607

    What I really, really want is a 12-120-ish f/4 zoom. Not to big, metal and glas and weather sealed. I want the replacement for the PL 14-150 for m43’s. How I mis that lens…


  • Consumer

    I am waiting for Olympus 12-150/f4, weather sealed, with optical quality of the current 12-60. ONE GOOD TRAVEL LENS, that’s it!

    • You realize that lens would be pretty huge, right?

  • Missing from list was THE most glaring omission in mFT lens line: UHG 17 mm lens. Speed can be anything between f/1.4 and f/1.8 as long as it performs right already wide open. (Which, by the way, means it can’t be a pancake.)

    • aqasem


    • Esa Tuunanen

      Unfortunately many here seem to want to force everything into “lowest common denominator” slot instead of allowing diverse system from small (and cheap) to bigger not undersized high quality optics.

    • hendrik

      if the performance from wide open is excellent (low distortion, great edge to edge sharpness), i think f/2.8 is good enough since oly has IBIS. I prefer smaller size lenses for this pen cameras.

      • bart

        While the IBIS in the e-m5 is really good, it still can’t stop motion, only higher shutter speeds can do that.

        • hendrik

          We can use high iso with EM5 right? :)
          I prefer nothing but compact lens instead of faster lens with larger size, because its the design of micro4/3: compact size

    • pdc

      Excuse my ignorance, but what do you mean by UHG?

      • BLI

        UHG? I don’t know, but what about Ultra High Grade? Fits with the context and Pekka’s previous suggestion that a better lens than the Pana 20/1.7 is needed at this focal range.

        • Yes, meant SHG… Super High Grade. Olympus has no similar quality denominations for mFT lenses as with FT, but I guess such will emerge. 75mm f/1.8 is the first mFT lens where both build quality and image quality are SHG. Anyway f/2.8 is not enough and we (meaning I of course) need a better lens than Lumix 20mm. Maybe optimum would be around f/1.8 considering speed and size. It only is not enough for the status of SHG class.

  • eliot

    you seem to be missing an option
    fast 34-36 equiv af lens in an oly 12/2.0 style

  • rubits

    I came to troll another poll, but it seems like we’re all agreeing on this one.

  • om-4

    25/50p support from Oly, please!!!
    plus built in ND filter

  • aqasem

    I’m waiting for
    17mm f2.0

  • hendrik

    Waiting for E-P3 with 17mm kit going for sale around 400 usd :P

    • hendrik

      Seriously, we need wide 10mm (20mm eq. for 135 format) prime lens with normal filter thread (46 or 52mm) from Panasonic.

  • Dmitry Pashkevich

    Olympus E-M5 price drop, that’s what I’m definitely waiting for :)

  • Ram

    Any chance of an Olympus 500mm for Four Thirds?

    • Rasmus

      Probably not. 500 mm would be a horribly specialist lens, with an angle of view equivalent to 1000 mm on 35mm frame. Also, it would either be quite large, very slow, or both. Hand-held shooting not possible for other people than army snipers.

      A small telescope with T2 adapter would probably be a better option.

      • No, 500mm F4 need not be more large so Zukio 250mm F2 for old OM system.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        > A small telescope with T2 adapter would probably be a better option.
        Also it would low light gathering ability thanks to their f-ratio which would make low end f/5.6 consumer teles look fast.

        And human isn’t some stabilized gun turret, snipers shoot with rifle very well supported.

        • Bart

          Refractor telescopes of around 500mm with an F6 or better aperture exist, and aren’t extremely expensive.

          I use a William Optics ‘short tube’ 480mm with a 80mm aperture, which makes for a nice F6, and which can be had for less then $300.

          If you want better quality (what I use is a mere achromat) you’ll pay a bit more obviously, but a nice ‘semi apo’ can still be had for $500 or so.

          So no, light gathering isn’t really an issue.

          Needing a very stable support however is a huge issue, since such devices aren’t exactly light-weight or small, they are made for usage on a serious telescope mount.

          • Esa Tuunanen

            > nice F6
            Nice slow F6.
            And problem isn’t needing sturdy tripod to keep lens pointed for long exposures but keeping shutter speed fast because animals and especially birds tend to move lot which is why better light gathering ability (smaller f-ratio number) is needed.
            Also how much aperture control it has and what about autofocus?

            There are reasons why astronomical telescope constructions/designs aren’t widely used as photographic lenses.
            Otherwise someone (if not camera brands then third party makers like Sigma) would have surely based system camera lenses to those.

            • Bart

              I’ll quote you from a few posts up:

              >Also it would low light gathering ability thanks to their f-ratio which would make low end f/5.6 consumer teles look fast.

              The difference between F6 and F5.6 in brightness is less then 1/3 stop and consequently hardly noticeable, so your earlier statement is not very accurate to say the least.

              Additionally, there are much faster telescopes (upto F2) for somewhat more money.

              > And human isn’t some stabilized gun turret, snipers shoot with rifle very well supported.

              The first problem with a ‘1000mm equiv’ field of view is getting it pointed at something long enough to frame and focus. Additionally, a 500/6 is quite heavy unless you are talking mirrors, so that tripod (or monopod is a lot more practical often) isn’t just there for long exposures really.

              You are right that there are drawbacks when using a telescope with regards to AF and aperture control, telescopes tend to not provide those. Technically it is possible to get both AF and aperture control with most telescopes, but this is not practical for general usage.

              That doesn’t change that many people who want to use very long focal lengths (and aren’t doing some action photography) will use a telescope. Practical and decent quality photographic lenses at 500mm or more exist but are rare and usually expensive, and if you can live with the drawbacks of a telescope, its a very useful alternative for such long lenses.

    • BLI

      Some “bird” lens would be useful. From my test of the 75-300, the AF was adequate at 75mm/4.8, but relatively poor at 300mm/6.3 (on a sunny day without a cloud, with subject in the shadow), and in the shadows the colors became greyish/muddy; probably the 90-250/2.8 is much, much better even with TC, but very expensive. Either a good/fast telezoom which admits good TC, or ditto faster fixed focus.

      • rootkit

        I use Borg scopes (as well as others) for astrophotography, and they are popular for birding in Japan. They are lightweight, relatively small and are part of a very configurable system. Importantly for birders you can build a system as fast as f/3.8. With a suitable flattener or reducer, optical quality is far, far better than lenses.


        Recently they’ve been focusing more on birding, releasing kit like this:

        And irises, so you can control DOF:

        The closest you can get to autofocus is to use a focus confirm adapter. I’ve only played around with focal lengths up to about 400 with the EM-5, but the IBIS is incredible and makes it a lot easier to focus.

  • The Master

    I think there is a real need for a 40 mm 1.2 Pana/Leica or even a 37.5 mm 1.0 or vise versa. Other than that, maybe a really good and compact 25 1.8 (not macro, which would make it too large.) Of coarse a client shutter GH3 and or rangefinder type body would be nice about now as well.

  • Atto

    m4/3 ideal for street, so I really want two key lenses:

    Fast 14mm f1.8 -be realistic, no bulky f1.0 o something like that-
    Fast 17mm 1.8, again please a compact lens, not pancake, but speed enough and keep f.95 for voigtlander and those manual lenses.

    For both… super fast and quiet AF.

  • For me, the most anticipated are the Panasonic 35-100mm f/2.8 and GH3.

    How about a MFT prime lens with auto-focus (!), which can provide a high imaging quality at the aperture f/1.2 and the focal length somewhere between 30mm and 40mm?

  • Michael

    The day there’s a PEN with a built-in EVF, I will own it. Until then, I’m perfectly happy with all my gear.

  • Mike C

    Waiting for DXO’s evaluation of the E-M5’s sensor. Really.

    • Yes, but DXO say we need wait too Seprember, for new Test evaluation of camera sensor.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        You forgot to read between the lines and writing there says they’ll maybe give E-M5 review after all second half of year Canikon cameras have been reviewed.

  • snowflake

    Only 8% voted for sigma lens?

    They make very good lenses, there macro/tele leneses are great.

    If there is not any demand they will not jump in. Too bad the possibilites that would result if Sigma made a dedicated series of lenses for m4/3 was mentioned with the choice. More would have selected Sigma.

    m4/3 is the future, I hope they join the revolution.

    (Although I think they are going to make one lens, but I think it is also for NEX, not a dedicated lens, I think. Correct me if I recall wrongly).

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Sure any optically high quality lenses would be interesting but right now there’s more pressing needs elsewhere for m4/3 to fight against competition/ready for coming competition.

      Like Olympus mirrorless with E-M5 sensor whose controls and ergonomics actually compete with enthusiast DSLRs. (if we forget good video) Now that they finally have competitive sensor body isn’t ergonomically even at level of E-400 serie.
      Also Panasonic needs new GH/high end body with more modern sensor, video frame rates up to competitors anounced in last year and better ergonomics. At least G5’s more substantial grip is step to better direction.

      • Bart

        Gee, I happen to own an E-420 and E-M5 (among a whole lot of other cameras). No, the E-M5 isn’t at the same ergonomics level as the E-4xx, its actually way beyond it because of having 2 control dials and can be adapted to the size of your hands much better.

        Oh, you meant ergonomics of the E-M5 can quite be improved? absolutely!

        If you personally prefer one or the other thats fine, but your totally absurd exaggerations really don’t help with making your points.

  • What I’m waiting for is for the silver body only E-M5 to actually show up in any store…

  • Ash

    Its not on the list, but looking forward to the release of black 12mm and 45mm lenses!

  • Niels

    A 100-400 mm lens or even just a 75-300 that is optimized for the long end and truly does reach 300 — and from Panasonic, please, because I use pana cameras and want a power ios and light speed AF


  • Charles

    How about the upcoming lenses from Schneider Optics?

  • I voted “Panasonic GL1 rangefinder styled camera.” but a GX2 or E-P4 with a viewfinder and weatherproof would do just fine!!! ; ))

    I like the boxy shape of my awesome GX1 (and of my gf’s E-P3), and I just want a solid m4/3 camera with a built-in viewfinder that doesn’t push my nose against the LCD screen. ;)

    Also, a weatherproof update to Panasonic’s epic 20mm/f1.7 pancake would be awesome.

  • Forge

    Actually, would love a Olympus 125/1.8 to extend the current 45 / 75 set out a bit further.

  • Rasmus

    What I’m REALLY waiting for is for Olympus to start delivering stuff, not just releasing it. These constant shortages and delays are getting ridiculous. I didn’t preorder a 75/1.8 because I’m tired of all the waiting. If I stumble upon it some day I’ll buy it, otherwise not.

  • John H

    Olympus lenses in black, e.g. 75mm f1.8

  • zhediek

    i want 14-140 f1.4 for my gh2

  • They make very good lenses, there macro/tele leneses are great.
    I agree with this :A 100-400 mm lens or even just a 75-300 that is optimized for the long end and truly does reach 300 — and from Panasonic, please, because I use pana cameras and want a power ios and light speed AF

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