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GX7 image and specs roundup. Do you like the design?


GX7 patent image colored by Dicahub.

Next month Panasonic will finally show us the real new Panasonic GX7 camera. It’s time to make a roundup of the specs and images and ask you guys if you actually like the new cameras.

1) The camera design goal was to take inspiration from the superbly designed Four Thirds L1 camera (here on eBay).
2) The Sensor is a new 18 megapixel Bayer sensor. I am 100% sure this doens’t have the new organic tech devloped by Fuji-Panasonic. It’s still a long time to go before you wills ee that tech in a MFT camera
3) It is the first Panasonic camera with in body stabilization. it is not as advanced as the Olympus 5 axis stabilization. This is a “normal” 2 axis IS.
4) Pop up flash and titlable built-in EVF. There is still no info about the EVF resolution but an anonymous source told me it’s not the same GH3 viewfinder (FT2 for now).
5) It also has a tilting LCD (resolution unknown).

Now assuming specs and design presneted in this post are correct:

Do you like the new GX7?

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct



I am still (very busy) working on the next bunch of GX and OMD rumors. I got a small detail from a source about the name of the new Panasonic camera. It is the “Panasonic DMC-GX7“. The rumors till has not been confirmed by my trusted sources but I “believe” it’s the correct final name. Bloggers and forum owners and ebay sellers can now start to create their GX7 forums. Meantime I made a GX7 group on Facebook and a Google+ page :)

All specs got confirmed, the camera is bigger than previous models and design reminds the Four Thirds L1 camera (here on eBay). It has a new 18MP sensor but I don’t yet if that is multiaspect or the new color splitter sensor. It has the built-in image stabilization which is not the same and not as advanced as the one from Olympus. It has a built-in viewfinder that you can tilt up.

I found it quite funny that a terrific good source told me that Panasonic made the camera for me :)  Thanks you Panasonic engineers!

  • Although seems to be a really great camera I’ve voted ‘No, I don’t like it’ for 2 reasons:

    1. a (semi)professional aimed camera should have a good grip, not one similar or even inferior to G3.
    2. As the body is significantly larger cannot get the point why couldn’t adapt the classic, tilt-and-swivel LCD instead the just tiltable one. The latter may become unusable when the camera is on a tripod.

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      To me the camera looks nice. Handling of L1 was good. It all depends from the size of the camera: you can firmly hold a Leica in your hands without adding the optional grip (in fact you don’t see those grips that often). Same thing for Fuji x100(s) and XPro-1. I think GX7 will be slightly bigger than OMD and therefore will have a better overall handling (at least to me) when paired with “heavy” lenses or bigger zooms.
      Back to the question: it will be announced in August, when it’s supposed to hit the market? If too late (read months) I could go for something else..
      Really curious about the IQ quality (sensor).
      2 Axis stabilizer is enough when using for example 50mm M mounts: I like it!

      • stickytape

        Has Panasonic used this 2-axis stabilisation on any other sensors? It seems a little optimistic to me to expect it to work perfectly if it hasn’t been tested elsewhere. Just because Olympus has had several iterations of its IBIS doesn’t guarantee success for Panasonic’s version.

        • Olyboy

          I believe that IS unit comes from mature third-party manufacturer, so don’t worry about it.

          Buy the way, NO RETRO — NO BUY!!! :)

    • Ant

      Probably cheaper and less warranty claim than the swivel LCD. Besides, consumer is getting used to it’s limitation in Olympus and Sony products.

      Would be sad if the trend really crawl to the big DSLR and made them silently throw away swivel screen for tilt screen.

      • Anonymous

        just a question: with the tilt and swivel screen, how is the screen when looking from the top (when using like a waist level viewfinder)?

        if it’s on the side, no thanks, I prefer the Oly solution

        • fred

          Yes, on the side. I do prefer the tilt-and-swivel, for the extra flexibility (video, macro, etc.), but for most situations, like waist or above the head shots, the tilt-only screen is actually better.

          • Well, I should admit that the only situation when swiveling is really needed is portrait mode on tripod. But you still can solve it easily by a smartphone and the appropriate application.

        • Mr. Reeee

          Yes the LCD is on the the side. But I rest the camera in the palm of my left hand with the LCD on my wrist. One you get used to it, it’s quite comfortable and functional.

          One other way to shoot is at a 90 degree angle. I use it that way quite often on the street or in the subway. If you’re not facing people it’s much easier to get the shot… and I use manual lenses, too!

          So, yes, I MUCH prefer a fully articulated screen to the merely tilty. But I’ll take tilty over a fixed P&S style LCD any time!!!

      • Phred

        Funny…most top-end DSLR’s do not have any tilt or swivel in the screen, (My 5D-3 for example). I would prefer to see this camera as very stealth and simple (like the GX1)… Like a real pro camera, I.e. no tilt screen. We have a tilting VF…all a shooter needs. :-)

      • Anonymous

        One reason why I prefer a fully articulated screen is that you can turn it to face teh camera to protect it when not in use.

        • if a camera is used without a protective bag,for me, that has always been the main advantage of the swivel concept.

    • Anonymous

      Who said it’s a “semi-professional” camera?
      I think the grip will be just fine and an aftermarket add-on grip will surely be available. And yes it would be perfect if the screen articulate out to the side and swiveled, but you can’t have every thing now can you?

      I suspect that this camera is more vectored toward stills than video, hence the tilt-only screen.

      The biggest thing is the in-body IS – even if it’s just 2-axis it’s going to be way better than nothing at all.

      • safaridon

        I too would prefer seeing use of a fully articulating screen especially for video and protection of the LCD. However Pany didn’t do that because not wanting to detract from those available in the G6 and GH3 series as well as larger sized EVFs. The EVF size as depicted looks a bit small but maybe hopefully that is due to inaccurate sketch rendering as appears smaller than EVF of NEX6/7 ?

        If the G6 and GH3 series with their conventional DSLR styling continue to have difficulty in selling in volume and the GX7 is a roaring success then maybe since the GX7 appears to be very small a larger version more like the original patent rangefinder concept drawings will emerge with a larger sized EVF and a swivel screen?

  • @admin What do your sources tell you about these Digifotopro images? Any FT ranking?

  • How can somebody like a camera before there are some serious tests???????

    • Phred

      Simple…we like what we see “so far”. Most of us would not buy the camera without more info, photos and test reviews. For me …I am very interested in this camera with the info and images admin has culled together. This “could” be the break-thru camera that many of us have been waiting for.

    • Gabriel

      new sensor, evf, flash, tiltable screen, ibis, that 5 reason to like it :) If they put gps, wifi, touch screen and apps, that make 4 more reason ;)

    • michael

      The question was, “Do you like the design?” That has nothing to do with image quality, or even ergonomics. It’s a purely aesthetic questions based on pure aesthetics (since that’s all we have for now.)

      • stickytape

        While we can’t make any judgments regarding image quality, we can certainly consider the ergonomics of the camera from the way it looks. So no, it is not a purely aesthetic question.

        I think the chamfered top plate looks arbitrary, and I hope the grip is the same material as in the L1 so that it doesn’t look like a detachable piece. Not sure what that red dot is but it better not be in the final release.

  • Yun

    Nice, but nothing really heartbreaking. (31%, 37 Votes)
    I vote for this .
    I can see Pana’s efforts to put everything it’s premier product & have to admit Pana did a good job .
    Might get it for for Oct 13 birthday , still eager to see what will OMD Pro offer as well .
    This intend a lovely camera to have if I don’t really mind about sensor achievement .

    • true homer

      Keep on waiting yun, keep oooon waiting…

  • Narretz

    Regarding the GH3 viewfinder. I heard some people here in the forum talk about it like it was a piece of crap. But to my knowledge, this hasn’t been brought up in any reviews. So what is actually wrong with it?

    • Anonymous

      “Electronic viewfinder has distinct color cast and disappointing optics”

      “The viewfinder is something of a disappointment. The OLED design avoids the ‘tearing’ that the field sequential designs used in previous Panasonics gave – making it much more enjoyable to use. Sadly the optics let it down (you’ll rarely see the whole screen as sharp if you wear glasses), and we’re not alone in finding the color calibration of the EVF dramatically different to that of the rear screen – to a degree that’s unacceptable for anyone with any concerns about color.”

      The above comments are from the DPR Review of GH-3:

      • true homer

        So if you wear glasses its a problem and otherwise its good? How is that a problem? Take the glasses off and adjust the diopter!
        That whole comment is a testament of how people here exaggerated one sentence to death. But hey! As long as its something bad to say about a panny camera itll be beaten to death here right!?

        • Anonymous

          Sure, no problem at all. I can always take my glasses off, then put them back on, then take them off, and then on… See, easy!

          • stickytape

            Small VFs have never been an optimal solution for those of us who wear glasses. The rubber cup inevitably leaves marks on the lenses, or pushes the nose pads into the face. You simply can’t get as close to the viewfinder as you’d like to. The camera moves with your glasses, not your face.

            It’s best to just wear contact lenses or use a camera with a large waist-level viewfinder.

      • jimbo

        Unless the color is crazy off, what’s the big deal about color accuracy in a viewfinder. You are using the view finder to frame a shot, who cares if the color is a little off.

        • Anonymous

          Not everyone shoot RAW, even with top of the line models. Nothing is bad if you were the only one in town.

          • Phred

            If you only shoot jpeg you are a fool to buy “any” top-of-the-line camera.
            You completely waste the camera’s potential for incredible photographs and are therefore wasting youn money.

            • Please go tell this guy: for example.

              There can be very good reasons for shooting jpeg only, that you can’t imagine them says a lot about your photography and lack of ability to look a bit beyond your own specific use, and nothing whatsoever about others being a fool.

              What is foolish is spending lots of time behind a computer on something that your camera can do itself just fine most of the times, rather, save that time for making more pictures instead.

              • Bollox

                Bart you have just won the yearly prize for the silliest fool on the forum. Competition was tough but you made it. Now go and do your homework.

                • Ohenry

                  And you, bollox, just won first prize of self-labeling. Bart is right — who wants to spend time crouching over a computer manually doing stuff the camera can do on auto? Not me.

        • Anonymous

          Obviously you don’t and others do.

  • Narretz

    Hey admin, have you heard anything about the max shutter speed? Photorumors says it’s rumored to be 1/8000. Maybe they confused it with the E-P5?

  • V4Vendetta

    when will be officially presented?

    • V4Vendetta

      Focus peaking?

      • Almost sure as G6 already has.

  • Kylberg

    Design looks very promising. A little bigger than GX1 makes good handling possible. Tiltable EVF Nd scren – great.
    For Panasonic it is essential to show they can develop their sensors. The GH3 is OK, the sensors on the other cameras ar too old and poor. This one must trumph the GH3 and OMD sensors.

  • Carl

    Can you find out if the GX7 will have phase detection on its sensor?

    An m43 camera that can deliver continuous focus would be welcome.

  • Hubertus Bigend

    Built-in finder, sensor stabilization, tiltable screen – for my purposes, this would be the first Panasonic MFT body I’d call interesting.

    But only if it offered fast AF with FT lenses, too, I might actually become interested in buying one. Any information about on-sensor phase detection elements? Where does the sensor come from, for that matter, Panasonic itself? Or do we have to wait for the Olympus-Sony-cooperation to achieve that goal?

  • fvanzela

    To have something like a Sony NEX, go straight and buy a NEX!!!

    • Anonymous

      …but Sony has very few good lenses…so it is not much of a system…

      • Mr. Reeee

        Maybe so, but Rainbow Imaging sells NEX lens adaptors for nearly every lens ever made. M4/3 adaptors, too! :-)

        • twoomy

          Size and optimization. While I can slap an adapted Oly 12-60mm on an M43 camera or a Nikon 24-120mm on a NEX, isn’t the point to have native lenses to keep the size down and have features like good AF? (For the record, I have done things like this and I have questioned my sanity. The size is so big, I should have just stuck with my SLR.)

          • Mr. Reeee

            Sure, but if you don’t want to be tied to one system using a camera (or cameras) that enable you to use ANY lens from ANY system, then lens adaptors are pure gold. So far, M4/3 & NEX and maybe Fuji are the only systems that allow you to do this.

            With M4/3 I’ve been able to get a bunch of different lenses that aren’t available as native M4/3: macro lenses (long and short), telephoto lenses, fast primes. I use Nikon, Pentax SMC Takumar, Olympus OM and Voigtländer (M and L mount) lenses on my GH2 and GX1. So, those same lenses can migrate to NEX, or whatever, for a pittance. Using these lenses, uto-focus isn’t an issue for me. For that, I can use any of my Panasonic lenses and M4/3 cameras.

            The only concerns I have about the design of the GX7 and it’s offset EVF would be for macro and close-up shooting, where the traditional SLR/DSLR viewfinder and lens alignment is crucial. Yes, I shot with rangefinder cameras years ago (Konica II and Konica Auto S2) and struggled doing close-up photography, because of the lens and OVF offset.

            Also, using long lenses for wildlife shooting without the EVF/lens alignment and the lack of balance with the lens off to the side. Yes, I tried a long-ish zoom on a NEX 7 and found it very strange! It felt like playing a transverse (horizontal) flute. Me? I’m a shakuhachi kind of guy. ;-)

            For short primes and pancakes the GX7 design may be close to ideal.

            • pdc

              If they give us the tilt/swivel LCD instead of only tilt, the issues for macro photography just fall away, and the greater portability of this rangefinder-like format vs. the DSLR-like format really appeals. MFT and other MILCs are here to stay, despite the poor sales of mirrorless vs. DSLR, for the undeniable advantages of a short flange back distance.

            • MarcoSartoriPhoto

              Good points Reeee! By the way, I’m having a lot of fun with the new Voigtländer Nokton VM 50mm f1.4 M mount! ;)

              • Mr. Reeee

                Ooooh!!! Sounds nice! How is it?

                I’m waiting for the Voigtländer 42.5 to ship in August!

            • JHCCAZ

              Could you clarify why the offset EVF view-port has anything to do with parallax error? The viewed image still comes through the lens, unlike the opto-mechanical rangefinders that really do have viewing parallax.

              What difference should it make whether one views the live, through-the-lens EVF image from behind and directly above the lens, or in the corner, tilted or not, or even remotely on a monitor, tablet or “Google-Glasses” viewer?

              • Mr. Reeee

                Parallax? Huh?

                When using the viewfinder, it’s the direct, physical line of sight. Like aiming and firing a pistol or rifle, you look directly down the barrel.

                The same thing goes for the location of the viewfinder to the lens. When they’re offset, it simply feels wrong physically and trying to compose without the direct line of sight is tricky and not at all intuitive. When trying to shoot macros and close-ups, which I do quite a bit of, it’s downright maddening.

                Use the LCD and no problem, it’s P&S time. ;-)

                • JHCCAZ

                  Your example of close-ups and viewfinder offset was the Konica II and Auto S2 (which I also used). That of course has the well-understood problem of VF offset, commonly described as parallax error which becomes so extreme as to be unusable for macro photography. But, that example is confusing in this context because it doesn’t apply to mirrorless EVF cameras that display the lens-formed image.

                  But OK, I can accept that you personally felt strange shooting a long zoom on a NEX 7, and that you feel strange with a transverse flute. Those issues don’t bother everyone but they bother you – perfectly legitimate opinion. I remember learning to shoot a bow & arrow by looking down the length of the arrow, then later trying a bow with a sight mounted about 3″ to the left. It does take a little adjustment but the brain can be wonderfully accommodating after a few minutes. Some people shoot guns accurately from the hip with no scope or sight at all, most don’t.

                  A more common example of your concern is when taking relatively close photos with a smartphone. The center of the display is usually offset quite a bit from the camera lens position, so you have to adjust your intuitive placement of the phone. I actually think this is less of a problem with an eye-point EVF than with an LCD panel display, because with the EVF you are more immersed in the displayed image and thus not receiving conflicting messages from the real-life view.

                  • Anonymous

                    You seem to not consider 2 eyed shooting with a lens/vf that provides a 1:1 view. This combination has a long standing popularity with street photographers, but doesn’t work well when the view presented through the viewfinder doesn’t come from directly in front of that eye. The brain actually uses parallax for depth perception when using both eyes, and the brain doesn’t adjust to that as easily as to an offset sight on a bow or such.

                    • JHCCAZ

                      You are right in that I did not address that specific scenario, but on the other hand that is not a subset of the scenarios in the preceding discussion. In practical terms, you are referring to shooting through a 1:1 optical, likely non-TTL VF – available on Leica M3 and some (but not most) models of later Leicas and some other RF cameras. Yes it is one of the aspects of Leica-street-shooter lore which I understand and respect, but not germane to the extreme close-up or long-focus scenarios that Mr. Reeee referred to – the ones in which he mentioned a preference for a centered VF.

                      With SLRs and EVF cameras, the viewfinder magnification depends on current focal length, so near 1:1 mag is only achieved at a certain specific focal length, which by the way will vary camera to camera depending on the intrinsic VF magnification. Furthermore, the center viewfinder position of SLRs or current EVF M43 cameras is not conducive to straight-on two-eye viewing even if you happen to achieve the match of lens f.l. and viewfinder mag that gives you 1:1 viewing. Far better is the corner VF position that keeps the camera clear of your other eye, not to mention your nose, to allow natural face-on position. So the Gx7 / NEX 6 / NEX 7 / Xe-1 body style will actually work _better_ than center VF in your scenario, albeit only with a suitably matched focal length. It would be interesting to put together a table of cameras vs. the focal lengths that result in 1:1 mag; I certainly haven’t seen one or worked that out myself.

                  • Oilymouse

                    Indeed, the Konica rangefinder example is rather confusing (i.e. plain silly IMO :-) in this case, given that the parallax error is a much more serious issue.

            • JHCCAZ

              Could you clarify why the offset EVF view-port has anything to do with parallax error? The viewed image still comes through the lens, unlike the opto-mechanical rangefinders that really do have viewing parallax.

              What difference should it make whether one views the live, through-the-lens EVF image from behind and directly above the lens, or in the corner, tilted or not, or even remotely on a monitor, tablet or “Google-Glasses” viewer?

  • Yun

    Everything in GX7 are well plan except the unknown 18 megapixels sensor . My guess is this sensor surely edge the current GH3 & OMD sensor .
    I’ll be happy to see if GX7 sensor achieved a 13 EV DR & ISO , a one full stop improvement over it’s
    predecessor .
    Not dare to dream for more cause this is Pana .

    • true homer

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…….hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…aaaaaaaaaah…gasp…hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…oh you crack me up…13 evs and 1 full stop in a couple of months after the gh3…oooh yun…

  • MJr

    I has a decent grip !!!

    These days that seems like a gift from heaven.

    • MJr

      *It has

    • Anonymous

      Almost all pana cameras have decent grip, at least far superior to olympus. Even if sensor tech is slightly worse in g5 than current sony sensor in oly cameras, g5 grip is just godly.

  • It looks like a NEX 7 clone. I hope the final design has a bit more class. As to the image quality, I’m perfectly satisfied with what I have so I won’t buy another camera on that premise alone. Panasonic seems to lag behind the pack by about a year when it comes to design, imaging technology and new features. Nevertheless, when it does release a product it is very well implemented and is devoid of significant flaws.

    Any word on weather sealing?

    • picsesen

      Why do you think so? I think it has Panasonic originality. Think all the Panasonic cameras… like LC1, L1, GX1.

      I think this is just between LC1/L1 and GX1.


      The only big difference is the sliver top. If Anything, the NEX knocked off the L-1!

      • JHCCAZ

        The L-1 was a very nice camera with a superb kit zoom lens, ut that was 4/3, not Micro 4/3. I have one (no longer used) and I’ve been hoping for an M43 descendant; the GX7 appears to be that (but probably without the beautiful magnesium body shell).

        NEX had absolutely nothing to do with the L-1 sales or its product life cycle. Different eras in this fast-changing marketplace. Yes, the NEX-7 and NEX-6 were the first mirrorless cameras in that form factor; all credit to Sony for that.

        The L-1 was a premium-priced, very well-constructed camera that was Panasonic’s entry into interchangeable lens systems, borrowing much from Olympus EXXX cameras. The only real downside (other than price) was that the reflex OVF image was relatively small, and of course the camera was large by current M43 or NEX standards.

        I don’t think Panasonic expected (certainly shouldn’t have expected) to sell gobs of L-1 cameras at its price; it was more of a proof of capability. If they delayed the ractangular / corner-EVF form factor in M43 because of disappointing L-1 sales years ago, then they were interpreting the market data incorrectly. When they _invented_ mirrorless cameras with the G1, they deliberately chose the “mini-DSLR” look rather than the “digital-RF” look because they thought it would have wider acceptance; I wonder if that was really the right choice.

  • Anonymous

    Pana has a lot riding on this camera. With the less than stellar success of its recent offerings, there is no holding back. A great product will have a flow on effect on other offerings like lense sales.
    My bet is the sensor will have phase detection and performance as good as GH3 although not as good in the video department.
    Pana may also release new lenses that overlap with Oly now that Oly will most likely release a 25mm.
    Finally a camera that is designed with passion and not just sterile technical excellence.
    It also shows Pana did listen for them to incorporate IBIS.

    I voted yes, it is the closest thing from MFT to my dream camera.
    All in all, it looks a winner!!!

  • Ben Harnsworth

    What an ugly pile of junk

    • C. C.

      You are in the wrong forum. The Canon EOS-M is not in this forum.

  • mau

    Keep in mind that we know a smaller cam is coming in H1 2014. So probably this cam will not be the most compact possible and push on other features like IQ and usability, leaving the ultrapocketable spot to the upcoming XXX “rated” cam (because of the GXXX numbering).
    So, it all bodes well for this model and the members of this forum. Let’s see!

  • Anonymous

    I hope that they keep the dial speed, something I really miss in most modern cameras !

    If not, it looks good ! Very compact, with EVF, and hopefully many manual control which I still prefer over screen menus.

    The IBS is also a good thing.

  • dude78

    can someone please colour it all black?!

    • HERE YA GO

      Bang up job in Illustrator, but better than nothing.


  • MJr

    Look at that cute little sensor by the way. They almost made it look like a Nikon1. :o

    • JBL

      do not worry,
      may drawing had mistake scale or this sensor has wide(er) aspect!!!

  • ph

    Doesn’t look like a m4/3 sensor to me. And indeed the sensor looks tiny.

  • Anonymous

    Possibly it will have Wi-Fi, with luck maybe even GPS and loads of different cute and cuddly art filters to boost your photography to a whole new level and to share with all your friends on the various social networks because lets face it it’s what most people want the most, no social sharing capabilities, no art filters, woooot? No GPS ?? OMG Can you even use such a camera? Can you take photos with it?…Anyways doubt you can make phone calls, send SMS, MMS, read your mails with it or even download more interesting and creative apps, still waiting for my dream camera I guess =P!

    • true homer

      Yes pana sucks, lets stick with oly as the dont have art filters (who invented the name?) And they also dont care about bluetooth modules or wifi right?

  • Anonymous

    It could be better, namely:

    – 5-axis stabiliser
    – a larger grip

    Other than that, it looks like a nice camera. It’s good to see a tiltable EVF and a pop-up flash integrated into a single camera body. Olympus take note!

    • The E-P5 should’ve been something like this and all it needed was an EVF in the corner (and maybe a grip that protrudes more). Now I’m considering a Pany. That or a used E-M5.

      Do newer Panasonic bodies do wireless flash like Olympus?

      • true homer


  • In the end, as mau says, it won’t be pocketable, so the appeal of RF-like is relative. Tilt and Swivel fragile screen also goes against it, and so the sticking VF.

    In the end if you are in the m4/3 environment better split the problem in two. A bigger camera for dedicated shooting, and a PMx or XXX for always with you. Therefore as much as I appreciate the novelty I don’t see myself yet trading in the E-M5.

    Other two main reasons. I shoot Jpeg LSF so the colour signature OOC is v. important to me. 4-axis stab is essential for tele lenses and Movies.

    Grip wise the part in the back is even more essential than the front. As I said if this is the blueprint, there are far too many buttons near the thumb rest, which is not adequately profiles.

    But we’ll see. I hope this is the beginning of a new series for Panny, so that they will keep it improving.

    • safaridon

      If you check I believe that Pany already has a 4 or 5 stabilization built into a compact camera and camcorder to use with video. I think they use a conventional 2 axis IBIS combined with electronic simulation for the other 3 axis. They do have a patent of a year ago for such as system so we do not know if it will be used here. I think they will just so Oly fans won’t still claim it is no good because only 2 axis.

    • safaridon

      Depends on what you regard as pocketable. Most consider the GX1 pocketable if combined with 14/2.8 lens or similar small lens and the GX7 looks to be about 2.8″ tall and 5″ wide based on the patent sketches. Yes the EVF protrudes a little but so do those on the NEX6 or NEX7.

      I think the real pocketable one will be the rumored small Gxxx. Just take a look at the patent sketches and you will see the top openings for the EVF and flash are almost idential. Ala for the smaller model just replace the EVF with the flash and put the control wheel where the flash was shortening the width by 0.5″. They could also reduce the top height by up to 0.3″ for lower flash and hotshoe. The end result would look very much like a mini L1 and be very attractive. They could use most of the same body parts only moving the location of some controls. The size would be only about 2.5″ high by 4.5″ wide with similar controls and optional EVF via hotshoe? Just my wildest guesses.

    • Milt

      The drawings make the GX7 look a bit longer but no taller, so if the GX1 is pocketable with a pancake lens, the GX7 should be too.

  • Swejk

    full black please …

  • Swejk

    full black please …

  • JBL

    “I don’t yet if that is multiaspect or the new color splitter sensor”
    @admin ,i mean if it’s a new 18Mpx bayer sensor is couldn’t be color splitter because color splitter had no color filter.

    the new GX7 sensor is something that make the main performance ,for me IBIS is unnecessary but image sensor is something special . i think no more GH3 sensor in others line of lumix because it’ s external sensor that will take higher
    cost for consumer ;)

  • adriaantie

    If the price is good under 300 dollar than its an ok camera. But if it costs more everybody with a normal mind is going for Fuji or Sony and not for a look a like NEX6 with tiny sensor.

    • JBL

      what?,same body size but m43 has lighter and smaller lens ,do you know!
      i remember you on MRL site that is your place,you like APS sensor that is dslr
      old-sensor ,but this room choose the suitable system performance ans size,

      if APS compare to FF 35mm it’s will be tiny sensor ,dude

  • adriaantie

    If the price is good under 300 dollar than its an ok camera. But if it costs more everybody with a normal mind is going for Fuji or Sony and not for a look a like NEX6 with tiny sensor.

    • Michael Gerrard

      If the price is USD 300 then I’ll have two!!!!!!!! For all you are getting, the price is bound to be higher. But I agree that it will be great if it is a reasonable price and it does have to compete with the NEX6… come on Pany, let’s see what you can do!

      • Narretz

        800€ would be a steal … with tilting viewfiner + IBIS, I expect Pana to price it higher, around E-P5 territory.

        • The E-P5 + VF 4 is currently $1278 at Amazon so I guess the GX7 will also be in that territory. These two fine cameras are comparable, right?

          • Narretz

            Well, not really because the E-P5 doesn’t have a viewfinder. And camera + external evf will always be more expensive than with built in vf.

    • Matt C

      Your statement about what “most” people will do is probably correct, but pricing the camera at $300 isn’t a sustainable way to solve that. Panasonic’s issue is with marketing and product positioning, at least here in North America.

      My friends, employed urban 25-35 year old people, many of whom have or are stepping up into their first digital ILC barely know Panasonic exists as an option. They certainly don’t know that Panasonic offers near-Canon (or Nikon) SLR image quality at perhaps half the weight and volume for comparable body+lens combinations, with comparable and often superior body build quality, ruggedness, etc. That’s the m4/3rd advantage. That’s why I bought a GF1 and now a GX1.

      When I place a GF1 or GX1 with a prime or small zoom into someone’s hands they almost universally say “wow! This is a sweet camera!”. The metal bodies, clean aesthetic, and balanced lens-to-body size scream out that it is a quality product. Some of these people have an SLR like an older digital rebel or something but rarely bring it out because it’s bulky. When I tell them this GX1 takes shots that are almost as good as recent SLRs they think “OK neat this is the next camera I’ll get”.

      Panasonic MUST reach these people with its marketing.

      Whether that’s in-store displays or TV ads or social media or various niche channels like outdoor and lifestyle magazines I don’t know, but Panasonic needs to figure out who each of their models is for, why they’d buy it, and INFORM those demographics.

      Now, is this new GX7 for the person I’m describing? No. But my point is mainstream people don’t know what m4/3rds is and why it’s a great system. I hope Panasonic has thought about who the target is and go after those people. It looks like a wonderful camera but even if all of you folks who come here who have been dreaming and begging for this exact camera for years buy it, that’s not even 0.001% of how many people need to buy this for it to be a successful product.

      • Bollox

        Panasonic must reach those poor unaware sods with marketing, because it cannot reach them with “m43 advantage” things, because they do not exist. I am still laughing.
        Seriously, anything over 300 for this toy would be overpriced.

  • That’s the big question. Will they make it a luxury cam or a popular cam? A NEX 7 or a NEX 6?

  • The E-P5 + VF 4 is currently $1278 at Amazon, so I guess the GX7 prize will also be in that territory. These two fine cams are comparable, right?

  • George

    need a larger grip to balance the larger lens

  • n3eg

    It looks like a PEN, and it has IBIS….so does that mean Panasonic has PEN – IS envy?

    • Optical1

      Well done! Really made me chuckle. Thanks.

  • Howie

    Finally a built-in viewfinder! What took so friggin long?

  • QBNY

    Did I call it or what? I was hoping for a size between the L1 and the GX1. Looks like it might come true! I hope they add a little more to the grip, but I doubt i’d complain if its like the illustration.

  • Camaman

    I can forsee one problem… Tilting and protruding evf when you are putting it away and taking it out of storage…

  • I like it so much I will probably pre-order it, though I usually prefer to buy expensive gear after very thorough research. Then, while enjoying it, I’ll wait for version 2 which will hopefully include weather resistance and GPS :-)

  • j

    Seems promising, But I wish the EVF was more flushed against the body. I know that it’s the way it is due to tilt-able functionality, but I don’t find the function appealing since it will have tilt-able LCD which will allow greater freedom of when composing low or high angle. I guess it couldn’t hurt to have it. Just from design point of view, it seems to be the ugly part of the camera. Any idea how many dials it will have? If it has at least two and in the right place, I just might bite instead of E-P5.

    • Lacunapratum

      Just hope the viewfinder is better than the one in the GH3

    • stickytape

      I agree. I have no idea why the EVF needs to tilt. I can only think of one or two situations where that would be useful and the likelihood I will ever use is it next to none.

      As for the protrusion, I suppose it’s a little better for those left-eye shooters for whom the the left-side-EVF RF form factor was never optimal.

  • Oh Olympus, look upon this and weep at what could have been…

    • Lacunapratum


    • adaptor-or-die

      more like Oly watches the sales progress of GX7, and then decide/not decide to release similar model? With this constant requirement for new models to a retail public, it only makes sense to drip feed the populous and want them to desire, more, better, different constantly.

      2 years ago would people have speculated that Android phones out spec and sell Apple gear? No one stays on top in such a dynamic playing field. If Gx7s sell, Olympus will offer a RF styled model, if they don’t sell, they won’t.

      Sizing this new model vs a NEX6 (which I don’t really like) I have got to say the Sony model ticks more boxes. It’s usefully compact, the EVF doesn’t poke out like an old 2006 digital and it’s price isn’t unreasonable. Now mFT is a much better lens system. But there is the choice of adapters, which is what really make all these mirrorless concepts sing …

      • YEAH BUT

        Sony’s lens selection either sucks or it’s too expensive compared to the plethora of MFT lenses. And you can’t use the adapter excuse, because MFT has plenty of adapters for the same lenses. The only thing NEX has over MFT is the sensor, and how long will they have the 1up on that?

      • Yes, I agree. In fact NEX 7/6 is the v. limit for pockets, and they have a streamlined design.

        Oly however must be in a quandary, because such a design would be the natural replacement for the OM-D.

        I predict they’ll have another two dSLR-like models, and then it will be crunch time, in 2014.

  • Admin, I think what you mean to say in your second poll answer option is “Nice, but nothing breathtaking” not “heartbreaking”. I think it speaks to the excitement and interest surrounding this camera that there have been over one hundred comments and no one has bothered mentioning that correction yet. Thanks for the awesome work you do on this site!

    • admin

      thanks! Will correct this.

  • confucius

    The camera is a winner. The commenters have gone mad. Stop reading too much. Go to your work or on vacation.

  • I think the execution is all. I handled the NEX7 2 yrs ago, and compared to the E-M5 it felt plasticky, AF mediocre, and the EVF smaller. Then one discovered that the 24 Mpx didn’t resolve more than 16 Mpx

    To be a winner you must compete in every aspect not only over the shape.

    • pwner

      “To truly pwn, you must pwn at all games”

  • Mark

    Assuming this is the form factor of this camera, what’s not to like? It looks like the original Konica Hexar with the fixed 35mm lens.

    All this talk of Sony NEX 7’s and 6’s. I think they look like really interesting cameras and I probably would have had one if there was a more interesting lens spread. The Fuji XE1 looks interesting, but having been an early x100 user, I grew to hate Fuji colours and annoying bugs, lags and quirks of the user interface, so am pretty leery of Fuji.

    I still think the Panny GF1 and GX1 with finders were the closest thing I ever had to my beloved Contax G2’s from my film days, all I really want is a built in evf in something with the form factor of a GF1 or GX1, and this looks like it.

    Bring it on Panasonic. If this really is the form factor of the new camera, this will probably be the last camera I ever buy!!

    The only other things I really wish for is a 10mm and maybe a 90 or 100mm f2 lenses. Take me back to my old Nikon film days of 20/28/50/105 and 180mm lenses!! A kit you could pretty much do anything with. A 20mm, (full frame equivalent), lens is such a sweet spot for me, where 24 is too wide or not wide enough and 17 distorts too much and is just more than I ever need. Small, cheap 10mm f2.8 Pancake Panasonic, pretty please.

  • Milt

    I am really looking forward to this camera. the sensor is still a question mark – in the worse case scenario, it could be an 18mp GH2 sensor with multi-aspect – but the basic design looks good.I hope it is not too expensive $700-800 would suit me.

  • Anonymous


    You mentioned that “The Sensor is a new 18 megapixel Bayer sensor”. Are you saying it will definitely not have the Micro Color Splitter technology?

  • RAS

    It doesn’t look half bad, but the top plate doesn’t have the clean lines that I’d like, and I’m not a fan of protruding lens mounts. If the camera looks like these drawings, it will not be a lustworthy camera for me.

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