Kodak MFT camera release postponed to next year?


As you know a couple of times Kodak stated that the new S1 MFT camera would be released the second half of this year. But now ePhotozine reports that Kodak “aims to release a Micro Four Thirds compact system camera some time in 2014.“.

It’s still unknown what the final specs will be. But at least we know how it looks:

  • tomas

    but the pictures of camera looks realistics…no photoshop …so they are filling the warehouse with bilions of pieces or ?

    on the other hand I dont expect huge interest for this camera as it cant be extra cheap and extra better than the EPL3 or EPM2 ….

    • peevee

      There is a market for cheap mfts in developing countries, and there is a real possibility to make both mft cameras and better lenses much MUCH cheaper (current asking prices for something like E-P5, GH3, 12/2, 75/1.8 and 17/1.8 and 12-35/35-100 are outrageous, given how much cheaper it is to made them compared to DSLRs and DSLR lenses without in-built corrections).
      But the longer they wait, the more pretty decent bodies like GX1 (and reasonably priced E-PM2+14-42 II R kit) will fill the niche. Still I think that viewfinderless m43 body should be about $100-$200 (depending on number of controls and body material), especially if global shutter is developed and will not be a need in that last dinosaur of precision mechanics. A body without lens is actually simpler than P&S. Lenses also should not be more that $1 per gram, a lot of DSLR lenses are cheaper than that (even the latest and greatest Sigma 18-35/1.8 is less than that). :) Seriously, their production costs (optical glass, polishing and finishing the surfaces, AF motors) pretty much track the weight.

  • Anonymous

    May they are waiting for the release of the super sensor co-developed by sony & olympus or the pananic & fuji sensors

    • Anonymous

      Edit: Panasonic

  • It can easily be in the 300 -200 $ bracket if it’s targeted to the Chinese market, and is made of plastic. Probably real cost wouldn’t be more than 100 $, depending on the sensor.

    Despite one might feel more interested by the top tier, I am very interested by Chinese Kodak, because it might rapidly become the safety net of m4/3, if Oly and Panny go busted.

    • $200-300 … with a tilting screen?!

      mind you the new Pan GF6 with tilting screen has dropped in price already £499 pre-order, £479 when it was first in stock, already down to £399 at WEX

    • I guess Blackmagic Design can’t be the “safety net” for m4/3? :-P

      At least not for the m4/3 photographers! lol, the videographers will survive just fine.

  • tulio

    It won’t be missed.

    You can still get a GX1 for $200.

  • Probably waiting for the E-M5 sensor to reach the right price. I agree this camera will be very affordable. Don’t expect it to be officially sold outside China.

  • Me

    Are you all aware that this camera has a mFT mount, but not an mFT-sized sensor? It uses a small sensor like your average compact camera.

    • Paul Latouche

      We can see the sensor on one of the pictures. Looks like m43 size to me.
      Besides, what would be the point of having a 1/2.3″ sensor if the kit lens is 14-42mm? You’d be always at telephoto.

      • Do you really think they’d sell an Olympus lens as the kit lens??? (I think this is just being used for a demo example, unusual but not totally weird) More likely to team up with say Sigma, or some OEM manufacturer.

        • n3eg

          Most likely Asia Optical.

    • C. C.

      First of all, there is no such thing as a mFT sensor. It is a FT(43)sensor, and that is what is in the Kodak.

  • Gabriel

    But i thought Kodak is dead o_O Are those zombie camera ?

    • It isn’t really that connected to the “old Kodak”, this new group has basically just bought the name “Kodak”.

      But +1 for wanting a zombie camera, me too!

  • in my opinion

    Doesn’t matter where it will be sold, if only sales will be good.

    Bigger sales of micro43 cameras = more sensors in micro43 format = more lenses = bigger amounts spending for R&D connected with micro43 (worldwide) = faster develeopment of micro43

  • Anonymous


    • Interesting! Seems that most of our anonymous trolls come from the Land of the ex-Free. Says a lot about their cowardice…

      • twoomy

        What are you babbling about?

        • There has been a little surgical operation here. People didn’t like the idea of Kodak with slit eyes invading the Pacific rim

          Trolls went down in flames, and lamers like you were none the wise.

          • The bald conehead got too much sun!

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    My two cents: the plastic looks cheap from the pics shown, easily the overall quality will be cheap. I don’t know what kind of sensor it will have: a cheap (and “weak”) sensor would keep costs low, but still M43 lenses are expensive and I don’t see many people upgrading from their smartphones to this camera. Of course someone will be happy with it though. Personally I would buy it and give it as a present if the price would be really low.

    • If having a cheap Kodak camera encourages the production of cheaper lenses to go along with matching it, that can only be a good thing for broadening the market for m4/3.

      I for one welcome this camera with open arms! (might even buy it, will wait and see. I’ve already got the GX1 though)

  • Narretz

    Maybe they realized that if they use the backstock of Pana 12MP sensors, nobody would buy it at all. ;)

  • Anonymous

    I don t know which sensor will be used but this camera looks small and beautiful.

  • xkodak

    This is not Kodak. Kodak licensed away the name to be used on cameras by that unknown company.

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    Admin, speaking for myself: some of the comments above make this page disturbing and disgusting.

    • That is because you have the sense of humour of a hairdresser :)

      The Kodak paradox is delicious.

      • QBNY

        Dude… Just go somewhere.. Sad that you find the only place where you don’t get banned.

      • What would you know about hairdressers? You haven’t needed a haircut in decades!

        • Wrong. In my country the run out of jokes quickly, in yours they are spied by the NSA. I wonder what is better, comrade.

          • FrouFrou

            The NSA doesn’t operate here in Denmark, baldy. :-)

  • n3eg

    2014? In that case, I made the perfect decision by buying a refurb E-PL5 with lens for $399 last night. I’ll save my Ebay money for next year…

  • quiquelbola

    Nice Little cam. I think is good for m 4/3 China is a big market

  • quiquelbola

    nice Little cam

  • twoomy

    Why do they even bother? It will be a flop.

  • Daemonius

    Hm, Im quite curious if it will be worth something..

  • I don’t think Kodak can afford a catastrophic failure at this time. Maybe it a possible re-think of the strategy.

    If the current players are scraping by (if that), how could Kodak without bringing some new technology fair?

  • Val Thor

    Darn, postponed again. I’ve been waiting patiently to sell my Kodak Instamatic on ebay in order to upgrade to this little gem. Kodak continues to be on the leading edge.

  • pll

    I speculate that the company is stuck after it realized that creating an m43 camera requires substantially more work than combining off-the-shelf parts.

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