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(FT5) There is more “stuff” to come from Panasonic….in June!!!


For some mysterious reason during the last three days I got more rumor that during the last two months! And the best thing about that is that those are all very good news!!! Of course I need to double check the rumors before to post them with FT5 value (See rumor ranking description below). I will not publish all details yet because I need to check a couple of things (I want to avoid to make bigger mistakes). The only anticipation I can give you is….drumming drumming drumming….there is more to come from Panasonic than we expected!!! On Thursday we will see the G3, but my best sources confirmed that there will be a new Panasonic product announcement in June!!! And it’s high quality and hot stuff! And Olympus should release new m43 products in June too. I guess I have to delay my vacation in France because of that :(
Keep following us even after the G3 release!

A personal note:
The last 30 days I have been very busy in my private life. Sorry if I didn’t manage to answer all your emails. But finally I had the chance to recharge my “biological batteries” and I am ready to work even more on 43rumors and Mirrorlessrumors. One more thing: I invite you to follow Mirrorlessrumors too. I am going to post a lot of stuff there!


P.S.: Feel free to help me to cover the costs by shopping whatever product you want by clicking on those links: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay. Thanks!

Reminder -> Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Tom

    what “stuff” :D
    lens-stuff? camera-body-stuff? accesoire-stuff? :D

    • admin

      Got some info from a trusted sources but I need to wait for confirmation form other sources. But almost certainly there will be new lens/lenses. But please that’s FT3 now.

  • Wt21

    What’s a rumor site without rumors?

    • admin

      So it’s not a rumor for you that Panasonic will have one more m43 product announcement in June?

      • WT21

        I appreciate your efforts, but I think, for me, rumors of rumors are not as interesting. Perhaps others enjoy it.

        Thanks for your site, though.

      • Asterix

        Any information about a *real* successor to GF1, Admin?

        • admin

          Working on it. But the answer is yes I got something from my sources!

    • Admin wrote:

      “… there is more to come from Panasonic than we expected!!! …”

      “… But almost certainly there will be new lens/lenses. …”

      Well, I can expect a lot! ;-)

      Although a new, bright, continuous-aperture, fully electronically compatible, m43 zoom lens will be nice, I’d expect it to be relatively expensive, too. Of course, the devil will be in the details, and whether or not its specs & price meet my needs or the needs of others.

      I might also expect a new, “pro” weather-sealed, metal-based m43 camera body: Essentially, a big brother for my GH2. Again, a pro m43 cam would likely be relatively pricey, but could be perfect for many shooters.

      Myself, I’d be supremely happy if Panasonic would just add an ordinary headphone jack for live monitoring of audio while recording, or higher AVCHD video recording bit rates, or perhaps a fully-functional live 10-bit HDMI video output on the next “GH3” or whatever it’ll be called. Those are the things I “expect” more than anything else.

      But what I expect, and what will happen anytime soon, are probably quite different. Same as it ever was. :-)


  • Tom

    sounds nice :-)
    Looks like we finally get the 25/1.4 and maybe a bright zoom!
    go for it!
    thanks for your work! youre great!

    • That bright zoom will be too expensive for me at this time but if the 25/1.4 gets good reviews and isn’t more than about $500, it’s going on my wish list. f/1.4 can open up lots of low light opportunities that aren’t currently available without using MF legacy lenses.

    • Jules

      Ok lets day dream for a split second : lets hope its going to be that bloody fast portrait lens so that people stop complaining on forums that there is none.

      I want one. I want people to stop whining about the lack of. I don’t know which I want more actually.

      /Day dream mode: off/

  • Dave

    Indeed – just want to reiterate Tom’s comment.

    Thanks very much for all your work and effort that goes into this site!

    Keep it up!

  • molik

    ” I guess I have to delay my vacation in France because of that ”
    you d better visit us … great weather , june is a super month!
    enjoy life ; )

  • admin,
    Thanks for your hard work. Please do not let camera gear, as exciting as it may be, interfere with your holiday plans. Some things are more important. I may be out of line here, but unfortunately I’m writing this out of personal experience.

    • +1

    • Jules


      if it kills you that 43 rumors becomes inactive, it may be time to consider having contributors.

      • admin

        Yes I am lloking forward to find a solution.

    • admin

      The problem is that I am doing the work on 43rumros all alone. I am trying to find a perosn that could help me out. Hope this weill happen before June!

    • Inge-M


  • Oh god please give us a Panasonic LX6 with a 16mp m43 sensor and FAST autofocus.. That would be all i ever need.. Please please please..

    • Jules

      Exactly what kind of fast motored fast zooms can physically cover a 43 image circle and yet stay true to the LX Gestalt?

    • I have no idea why so many people demand a 16MP (M)FT sensor. Almost no-one really needs that. 12MB IS actually more than enough, even for professionals in most use cases.

      And let’s face it, noise control is MUCH MUCH more important than 4 more MP that nobody’s ever going to make use of. Even the APS-C based X100 sticks with 12MP to be able to deliver brilliant images even at ISO 6400.

      • +10000

      • twoomy

        Thanks for telling me what I need. Yes, I don’t need any more resolution; I just need the ability to shoot at ISO6400 all the time. HA HA! Different strokes for different folks, buddy. Some of us want even more resolution and yes it’s quite possible in the M43 world, although perhaps Pany and Oly need TWO flagship models ala Nikon and Canon: one model that’s only 6mp and shoots ISO 102400 and another model that’s 48mp but not so good at high ISO. :)

  • Fishfishfish

    Panny will announce G3 tomorrow, so it probably is not another camera body announcement in June. If it is a really exciting and hot new product, I guess it would be a bright zoom. I hope it’s not just the announcement of an update version of the 7-14mm lens!

  • any chance of the battery grip for GH2 that was rumored last winter?

  • I saw in Canon Rumors that Canon will have built-in radio controls on their cameras to control their flashes. I hope Olympus and Panasonic would have something like that before Canon does. I don’t like the idea triggering the flashes using the built-n flash unit, It might just contaminate the lighting.

    • Michael Meissner

      I was among the people who complained when the Olympus wireless flash system was based on light pulses from the pop-up flash and not bluetooth. However, after thinking about it for awhile, I suspect that using light is better for underwater photography. You can buy fiber optic cables that allow you to command your flashes without breaching the case your camera is in (the fiber optic cable acts as a light tunnel).

      In the Olympus system, users have reported that you can sometimes see the effect of the pop-up flash in macro or highly reflective shots using the normal TTL mode. If you switch to FP-TTL mode and have a faster shutter speed (say 1/320 or so), the flash isn’t noticible, due to the way the shutter curtains work.

      Frankly, I tend to think that Panasonic just doesn’t get advanced flash usage (since they don’t for instance provide ways to shoot with the pop-up flash in manual mode), and Olympus just doesn’t get advanced video (after all nobody wants to record a performance that is more than 14 minutes long or to track subjects move faster than a slow amble). So, I wouldn’t expect a new radio based flash system from Panasonic (because they don’t grok flash) nor Olympus (since they’ve made the commitment to the current wireless setup). It would be nice to be proved wrong, but we will see what the May and June announcements will herald.

      It would be nice if somebody offered a cheap radio TTL support that sits on the hot-shoe and sends the TTL signals to the remote flash (or sits on the pop-up flash and recreates the light pulses for the flash), but so far nobody seems to have stepped up to do it. At one time, it looked like radiopopper might do this, but they’ve backed away from saying it could be done.

  • Mumbly

    Sorry for the harsh words, but how can someone be that stupid to delay his vacations for a product announcement!?! Hey, get a life – no matter how exciting a new product can be, it is still just a piece of consumer electronics and there are far more important things in life than following some product announcements! NOBODY (except workaholics) should sacrify his/her leisure resp. the opportunity to relax a bit and discover new cultures for feeding the fanboys; maybe you’ve now your fifteen minutes of fame, but one day you’ll regret to have wasted your time with some hypes instead of enlarging your intellectual horizont by discovering the world…

    • admin

      I will try to find a person that can work for me. And I maybe will have Internet connection in the house where I am located. Anyway Mumbly, I am travelling a lot all the time. You can’t imagine how much. Have been in all contintents and also for a very long time. The work on 43urmors is only a small pause between one travel and another.

      • Mumbly

        Don’t get me wrong: You’re doing some phantastic work and I admire your enthusiasm/engagement, but I’ve seen so many good people ruining their personal life just because they couldn’t take some distance from their work, that I felt obliged to warn you. Just take my advice and leave your laptop at home; the first 2-3 days you’ll think you go mad, but finally you’ll realize how addicted you were to the whole internet buzz…

  • Bob B.

    WOW! Panasonic must be about to announce the new GF4 with in-camera Hi-Rez viewfinder (rangefinder style), all the dials back from the GF1, newly minted sensor with incredible high ISO performance AND improved dynamic range, & faster more accurate focusing @ 8 Raw frames per second!!!!!
    I would buy that camera in pink if that was the only color they were offering! :-)

  • thomas ashley

    Given that Panasonic seem to do everything before Olympus gets round to it I’m guessing we’ll see a high-end photo-oriented body from Panasonic before the Olympus one.

  • Admin, we appreciate your hard work! Do not postpone your vacations for us. We’ll still be here when you get back from your well deserved days off…

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