(FT5) Panasonic G3 leaked!


The new Panasonic G3 is going to be announced tomorrow (May 12) at 8:00 am London time. And here is the first picture! The new G3 is 25% smaller than the current Panasonic G2 (Click here to see that camera). It features a new 15.8 Megapixel sensor but unlike the GH2 sensor it is not a multiaspect sensor. It records in FullHD, has the same ultra fast autofocus of the GH2 and goes up to 6400 ISO. It takes pictures at 4 fps (frame per second) and has a 3 inch articulating LCD. The G3 is a much more touch oriented camera than the G2. The left dial is gone, the Q-button moved on the trash button (just an example on how Panasonic tried to remove as much button as possible). The G3 will be priced at $649 with kit lens. One of the biggest changes is the design. It has a bit of Samsung NX10 touch what do you think? It has the “G” mark only and not “G3″…interesting.

And that’s not all guys! In June Panasonic will announce the real hot stuff so stay tuned on 43rumors! But do not cross the finger for a Micro Four Thirds version of the LC1 (Click here ot see that camera on eBay). That’s the only 100% sure thing I know for sure about the June announcement.

Reminder -> Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • NativeFloridian

    If I wanted a dSLR-like camera I’d buy a real dSLR!

    • spam

      Shouldn’t be difficult to find one

  • none

    more mp.

  • Great, a DSLR body!!!! Ergonomy of a DSLR in small and light body!!!!! Great Pany!!!!

  • tmrgrs

    Looks like a G2 (faux-DSLR) without a dial on the left side to me.

  • Kevin

    perhaps the G3 is the real GF1 upgrade that everyone wanted? (small w/ built in EVF). if it makes a good enough distinction between GF & GH it’ll probably sell.

    I hope oly makes something like this, w/ a rangefinder style =)

  • ELK

    Sounds like a bit of overacting, don’t it? I’m really fond of this site. But recently admin started to rumor the rumors, so to say. I mean, same way as manufacturers tease us with their covered pictures and obscured pre-announcement moves, well the same way admin started to provide the rumors. Like: “I already know what kind of stuff will be coming, but I’ll tell you when I think it’s the hottest time to do so”… Hope I’m wrong here, but if not, this approach would contradict the spirit of rumors site. I’m not whining or something – it’s just there’s a feeling in the air, that not only myself would be more happy if admin stopped teasing us and made things more transparent. Otherwise this sounds like rumorsof43rumors.com.

    • admin

      Hi Elk!
      You probably don’t knwo how this works.
      1) When I get rumor I try to double and triple check them with other sources. This because i receive so many junk rumors.
      2) I also use rumors I received from good sources to check the quality of rumors from new sources

      That’s why I don’t post every rumor I do receive after I got it. It takes a lot of time to get “quality-rumors”! Regarding June. I am not 100% sure what’s coming. I got bits of info from here an there but I need to check. But I am 100% sure there will be a new Panasonic announcement.

      Is that explanation ok for you? Feel free to ask me whatever you want!

      • NativeFloridian

        I’m not suggesting that you pass on every ‘junk rumor’ from unreliable sources. But, I would propose the following:

        1. Post all rumors received from known reliable sources in a timely fashion. You can upgrade the validity of the rumor (e.g. FT2 –> FT4) and add details as the rumor is confirmed by other sources.

        2. Post some of the more interesting but less likely rumors as FT1. Posting some of these rumors may bring your more reliable sources out of the woodwork to confirm or deny the assertions. By using this technique you should still be able to sort out which new sources are reliable. Either way, posting these FT1 will at least generate some discussion.

        3. Please DO NOT post “coming soon” teasers! Either post the rumor formally or not at all. Please no more of the “I’ve got some more information that I will be posting soon”.

        4. Lastly, I appreciate all of the work that you put in the site. It is one of the few sites that I visit daily. I do think the above changes would improve the site.


        • thom

          i completely agree on this one.. macrumors.com is a great example of how to run a rumor site – it’s not about hyping stuff but posting quality content when available.. if there aren’t any rumors for two weeks and thus no posts that’s more than fine by me..

          • admin

            My goal is to improve the website. But it’s not easy. The limitations in language and content do reflect my limitations in time. Macrumors lives from the earnings of the wesite. I have a real job as photographer and documentarist. That makes a huge difference. And I am not interested in working full time on websites. What I am trying to do is to find a person that could help me. But it’s not easy because I live in the middle of nowhere!

          • dko3tgk

            I also agree. I love this site. but to say there is something coming, and not saying what it is, is pointless. Say what it is, and categorize it a low value FT1 or FT2. Its a rumor site, so as long as you don’t claim it is a FT4 or FT5, no one is going to claim you misled them. Just say what you have and upgrade or downgrade as you get more info. But to just say, something big is coming, without saying whether its a lens, or a body, or sensor, or firmware, is pointless. This is a daily visit site for me because your info is good, and its fun to follow what might be coming for m4/3, but to just say something big is coming and not even incorrectly saying what it is makes no sense. Keep up the good work with the site.

          • macrumors is a bad example. well, it is a good example of a good rumor site. the crucial difference though is that Apple itself also does proper promotion of their products and has predictable release schedule – both are missing when it comes to Oly/Pannya. IOW macrumors doesn’t have to hype something up – rest of the media does it for them already. macrumors is more of a forum than a rumor site really. we can only dream that the 43rumors becomes such a place one day. but it depends much much more on Oly and Pannay than on our irreplaceable Admin.

        • admin

          My answers:
          1) Yes
          2) Could do that. But I learned that people critized my very few FT1 rumor because they said I do post them to drive traffic only.
          3) ok
          4) thanks :)

      • Boooo!

        Any idea when we’ll have solid tests of the new sensor?

    • Nick clark

      Transparent? Lol this is a rumour site for a hobby, not the ASX… Who cares? Admin keeps a constant flow of interesting stuff coming through the site, far more than most rumour websites, what does it matter if there’s a bit of tension and excitement too? If you want solid info then watch DPR for official product announcements!

      Keep up the great work! :)

  • Arrow

    A touch screen on a camera is wrong. I like buttons and dials which can be adjusted without having to take the viewfinder from my eye.
    Maybe Panasonic will add a game of Tetris to the G4 :(

    • spam

      Panasonic usually launch new superzooms during the summer.

    • ELK

      Thanks, dear admin! I really enjoy and appreciate your work very very much! I just raised my concerns, and I am happy that these were wrong :)

      • admin

        Fine ;)

    • Mr. Reeee

      Panasonic’s touch controls are actually done pretty well. On the GH2 they’re completely unnecessary, as it should be. On the GF2, they’re quite usable. buttons are translucent and can be arranged to suit the user.

      The only complaint I really have is not being able to disable touch focus, but since I have a GH2, I use the EVF probably 60% of the time (if not more), but I’ve learned to adjust.

      I’ll be curious to see the G3 (or is it just the “G”?) and how touch controls are implemented. Losing the left hand focus-oriented switch isn’t a tragedy (for their target user), given the AF+MF option in the Custom Menu.

      A built-in EVF is a big selling point and coupled with such a small size, I bet it should sell pretty well. It could turn out to be a great second body.

      @Admin… Thanks for all your hard work. I can see what a thankless job it is. Keep at it!

  • It will sell. The G2 is already quite tiny. 25% less results in a size like the Pen/GF1 or even smaller, but with EVF and articulated screen. This combined with the AF-speed of the GH1 is what many people dreamed of. The only drawback is the DSLR-formfactor. Many mFT users simply want to seperate themselfes from the DSLR crowd. I don’t like to have a VF-prism-hump in a mirrorless camera. The G3 in rangefinder style with VF in the edge would come close to what I’m thinking of to replace my E-P1 with.

    edit: although I prefer dials over touchscreens…

  • Inge-M

    Evolustion to Panasonic, is compact and more compact ;-)

    • ELK

      Exactly my thoughts about G and GH series. They look too much like those DSLR “replicas” – the Nikon P100, Panasonic FZ series etc. What bought me in E-P1 were the style and better (or more agriable) sskintones plus nicer high ISO JPEGs. After using a while I almost don’t nitice the style of E-P1 :) I notice mostly the rather awkward controls – the tiny dial which is really hard to use as dial, because you accidentally press the button under dial … But the skintones and the metering are really fine – better than on my 40D.

      Regarding touchscreen – it would be very welcome ADDITION to the buttons and dials, but very UNwelcome as REPLACEMENT. :)

      • Elk, you can easily “deactivate” the small dial of the E-P1 by setting the flash control on it. I only use the top thumb wheel which I like really much.

        • ELK

          Well, in Manual mode you have to use that quirky dial anyway :( And the thumb dial is really fine. It’s a shame that Olympus did not replace this dial with something more useful.

  • That’s not so bad actually. Definitely a better looking camera then the G1/G2 (and I own a G1 despite how it looks). I’ll wait to see what Olympus has in store in June, but if the IQ is a step up from the G2 I’ll upgrade to the G3. I’d rather have a rangefinder design, but in the end, a camera is just a tool, and looks ultimately aren’t that important. This will do until someone finally makes a digital Contax G2. I just hope they sell it with the 20mm or 14mm lens. Who in their right mind will want the 14-42mm if they already own the 14-45mm?

  • Thomas

    hm, it looks like panasonic really want’s to kill the NEXes. so we now have the “dslr” like picture quality (think GH2 sensor w/o multiaspect, but really better in iso-range and resolution than G1/2) inside this miniature dslr-body without any dslr-like controls, just like the first NEXes. and it’s all “touchstyle” today. you just need to set the mode-dial to iAuto or PSA and there you go with auto-ISO und fast AF! click, click, click, just like with a compact.

    so the G3 is a GF2 with internal EVF, bulky handgrip and improved sensor and faster processing/AF. not the camera i would buy (since i’d rather have 3 dials than one touchscreen) but me thinks… it’s a very good camera for the market of compact upgraders, and it can put much pressure to the competion.
    if the sensor is really good, the upgraders who wants to have the “touch style, good sensor, mini EVF dslr, without any of those buttons & dials for old retro fotographers”… will take a look at the many available lenses for m43 and kick there new sony NEX and samsung NX gear out of the window.

    At least, this is what Panasonic might have given a thought, when construction this “thing” :)

    but i now fear, that there could be no next camera from panasonic. since, the bodys and EVFs can’t be much smaller, and we have now 3 form-factors with GHx, Gx and GFx to give variations on this topic. perhaps there can be rangefinder-model alter (GF3/4) and a massive magnesium sealed GH3/4 body… but not in short time, since the EVF needs place and the GH3/4 needs fast “pro” zooms. The only improvement left is in lenses and sensor/processing-engines. and this wil advance slowly, not counting the numerous “upgrades” in little features and trend-gadgets, but for the “fotographer” this system now seems to reach it’s peak in context to body-designs and control/handling options.

    so now, it’s about faster OIS zoom lenses with 2x, 3x and 5x range, some for video, some for stills, and some more fast fixed lenses (12/2, 17/2, 25/1.4, 50/1.8 and 100/2.8 please!) to make the system as a whole to stand out of the competition and further dig on the low to mid-range DSLR-world. the m43 system can evolve to this level… if, the market sales and cashflow allows for more investing. So, why not this “thing” called G3, if the sales numbers go higher in summer? :) i’m fine with GH2, and panasonic does it’s job much better than olympus these days, “replacing” there E-xxx series with a PEN compact camera, slow zooms and exactly ONE 17mm pancake… ;)


  • Creatingdvds4u.co.uk

    I dont see the real point in another camera. The GH2 is all you need, ok its more expensive but why would you want to buy something that does the same thing but a little less good.

    I hope panasonic release more longer zoom lenses like a 500mm or 800mm lense. A battery grip would also but nice too.

    • spam

      The point is lower price, and I assume smaller size.

    • Mr. Reeee

      $300 less for the body and quite a bit smaller size and weight-wise is a BIG DEAL for many.

      It’s about the same price as the GF2, but with a built-in EVF. It’ll make the Panasonic M4/3 lineup fairly diverse. If only they’d release a GF1-style camera with GH2 guts to fill out the top of the line. Maybe that would be an answer to the X100?

      When you look at the rangefinder-style bodies of the Olympus line and the GF2, THEN you add on an external EVF and the level of complexity and price rise. The G3 should be VERY compelling.

  • RS

    what abaout a crop of the pic in the G3, so we can see it better?

    • admin

      I am trying to find more pics. But believe me it’s veeery difficoult. It was already a miracle to find that picture!

      • pdc

        Good work admin. We really appreciate it.

        This camera should work very well for Panasonic and MFT, as long as they build a lot of them quickly and get them into all the big box stores pronto. The price is right. This mode of selling will build brand presence, keep MFT out front, and hopefully give Olympus and Panasonic the impetus to build enthusiast (“pro”) models, for sale through the camera specialty stores.

        Panasonic’s marketing needs to think hard about the benefits of significant line diffentiation.

  • Gocalbearz

    Whoa cool. If the G3 is about the same size as my GF1, then this is a must buy for me! EVF, improved ISO, and GH2 focusing speed? No brainer!

  • Woo. I have the GF1 now, and what I really miss which I thought I wouldn’t is a viewfinder, an articulated screen and the quick auto focus! THOUGH! The removal of buttons and wheels have me a bit bummed. I adore physical buttons because you learn where they are and can magically press them very quickly no matter how little you see them. Like the review button when taking pictures at night. Touch is nice, sure, but I will have to try the camera before I decide to get it to see how much I would be forced to fiddle around on the screen, unless I get hyped enough to get one anyway…

  • @ admin: ‘G’ might stands for the Lumix aniversary model, just in line with your previous rumors. And a separate G3 announcement will take place separately and shortly, e.g. tomorrow.

    • Chris

      I guess it’s not called the G3 because Panasonic worry about their sales team continually having to say “no, it doesn’t have mobile internet…” ;-)

      I guess having fewer buttons enables a cheaper price and fewer Quality Control problems. Touchscreen focus dragging is definitely handy, and if it’s well-implemented I don’t mind Panasonic using the touchscreen for other things.

      Man, that ‘prism hump’ looks more and more superfluous though…

      Can’t spot any new lenses in the product line-up.

      Good work, Admin! Keep it up but don’t overload yourself- if you burn out where will we feed our Gear Acquisition Syndrome?!

  • bluejake

    My first thoughts are meeeww. The picture is only small but that looks like one ugly assed camera. The grip doesn’t look very usable and the look generally is inferior to the Samsung NX10 which it appears to have been inspired by. And still the DSLR style viewfinder hump?
    Perhaps if it is very small that will be a plus but a touchscreen instead of buttons – no thanks. Panasonic are heading in a diffrent direction from what I want and I wonder if I should sell my m43 gear and maybe get a K5 or a X100. Maybe Olympus will come up with something. And Panasonic stop putting all the branding crap all over their cameras.

    • Mr. Reeee

      My solution to branding crap: an X-Acto knife and a Sharpie.
      Electrical or gaffers tape works in a pinch, too.

      I remove, cover or black out logos on all kinds of things.
      I refuse to pay for the pleasure of advertising someone else’s gear.

  • I’m very confused now with the Lumix m4/3 series…
    GF – compact body
    G – DSLR body
    GH – DSLR body with more improvements
    XXX – Futurible rangefinder

    Aren’t they too much lines?

    • spam

      IMO yes, the G and GH-series are too similar. Panasonic want to charge a bit too much for the GH-models and that necessitates a cheaper G-series. They should just sell the a lot more GH2s a bit cheaper. Other brands do the same though, but maybe not to the same extent.

      • pdc

        @spam. Have to disagree. Panasonic are slowly moving in the right direction, and they need to differentiate the GH line (and future entnusiast or “pro” lines) with superior build and performance. If they build brand presence with the G3 and GFx sold through mass retailers, they can then offer their best models only through specialty photographic stores (including the on-line branches), and not let profits be hopelessly eroded. They have to do this if they are serious about taking significant market share for enthusiast-grade cameras away from Nikon and Canon. I hope they can.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          GH definitely needs to have more ergonomic design and second control wheel to be any high end model. Now it’s just same basic entry level DSLR body with little more innards.
          Just used GH2 for couple weeks in Himalaya and grip is way too small and space for thumb is horribly undersized often resulting accidental activation of WB setting menu etc.
          Also one wheel is way clumsy for changing two different settings.

        • spam

          @pdc: See your points, but the differences are IMO too small to justify different GH and G models. G3 (provided that the leaks are correct) make the difference a bit bigger than GH2/G2, but not enough. I think the GHs make excellent entry level models and Panasonic could add a higher end model when they are ready. Anyway, GH2 and G3 are better than last years three simialr models. Btw, I think Olympus is even worse with the E-P2 and E-PL2 too close.

  • Bu

    I like the 25% reduction in size, but utterly dislike the increasing removal of external buttons.

    • pdc

      Some dials don’t get used that much. I do switch a lot between AF and MF, but don’t really need a dial to do that. It will be interesting to see how this is implemented in the G3.

      • Mr. Reeee


  • wife

    Good work, Admin.

    However, you shouldn’t put 43rumors.com on the picture to imply that the picture belongs to you.

    Unless you actually took that picture or the person who owns the right to that picture expressly gave you the rights or the permission to use the picture in that way, you’re being slightly dishonest. And if you’re in America (which I know you’re not), you’re probably infringing on someone else’s rights.

    And this is isn’t the first time you’ve done this.

    After all, how would you like it if YOU ever have a real scoop and actually took the first picture of the GH-3 and then only to have other websites stick their names on the pictures.

    • admin

      Hi! First, I don’t know the source of the pic, second I am doing that because there are so many websites copying our content that at least the picture do contain links to our website. Bye the way, I see other websites doing that too!

      • Inge-M

        Easy i`m 99% safe on, the Panasonic have copy right on the picture,
        so if you not do money on the, is not problem. ;-)

      • wife

        Maintain your integrity admin, and DO NOT put 43rumors.com on pictures you do not own.

        It will be better for you in the long run.

        So you’re using someone else’s picture but you don’t like other people using that same picture.

        Think about that.

    • admin

      I removed the reference to this website.

      • I see no problem putting it in the picture Admin. I wouldn’t listen to the “wife”, just by re-publishing the unauthorized image you’re at fault. there’s no point letting other rumor/news sites leach your hard work without at least getting the credit.

        Engadget and all the other gadget blogs do it, and they’re legitimate business’s (or owned by one).

        btw, contrats on the engadget link:

        • wife

          Is there really anything wrong with what Admin did? Not really.

          But as someone who runs websites, you get respect from other websites by being respectful to your peers, not by being disingenuous.

          There is a work around. Do what the newspapers did: put a caption by the pictures. In this case, I would embed the caption WITHIN the picture. Something like this:

          Source: Anonymous
          Published on 43rumors.com on Feb 11, 2011

          This way, you get credit for it, and you’re not deceiving anyone.

          • I run websites and I also am a photographer and I still have no problem with what admin did. The photo is “clearly” panasonics as it is a marketing photo, so ownership is not in question. It was “leaked” by an unknown source to he admin. If he admin got the photo from another site, then I agree he should backlink and not claim the leak as his own. This is a rumour site… Right? And it’s clearly stated that the “content” isn’t created by the admin.

            Bringing ethics into a rumour site seems a bit odd…

          • wife

            Whoa… you’re a photographer? Shocking. I never would have guessed that photographers exist on a photography-related website.

            And you pretty much killed your argument with your statement:

            “Right? And it’s clearly stated that the “content” isn’t created by the admin.”

            In that case, why be deceptive and put his site name all over it?

          • wife

            Furthermore, if your statement is correct:

            “The photo is “clearly” panasonics as it is a marketing photo, so ownership is not in question.”

            Then he definitely shouldn’t have claimed it as his own!

  • Ben

    Finally a bit of clear separation in the line! Really helps situate GH2 as the highest end camera (for now.)

  • V4Vendetta

    Some about the options for video?, i like 1080 @ 24fps

  • Java

    Lol, there goes the range finder body dream. Panasonic seems to be in love with the dslr body style. G1, G2, G10, GH1 and GH2; all look the same with different specs. It’s getting boring really. Maybe Oly can save the m4/3 universe.

    • mahler

      Not sure what is boring here. Panasonic put more innovations and improvements in their bodies than Olympus ever did with their boring PEN line.

      Customers, so far, had a choice between 12 brick (rangefinder) style mirrorless bodies on the market:
      GF1, GF2, EP-1, EP-2, EPL-1, EPL-2, NX100, NEX-3, NEX-5, M8.1, M9, GR-X. If we include the ones with fixed lenses, there were even 4 more: X100, DP-1, DP-2, DP-2s

      On the contrary, there were only 9 bodies with DSLR design around:
      G10, G1, G2, G3, GH1, GH2, NX5, NX10, NX11.

      It is funny, that you think that Olympus should save the m4/3 universe. If they could not managed until now (they had plenty occasions for that), how will the do it in the future.

      Panasonic has the most versatile and diverse m4/3 – mirrorless product line:

      GF2 (small), G3 (photographic), GH2 (hybrid), AG-AF100 (video). Isn’t that diverse enough?

      • “Not sure what is boring here. Panasonic put more innovations and improvements in their bodies than Olympus ever did with their boring PEN line.”


        Getting rid of buttons and dials on a camera body is not my idea of innovation. I tried the GF2 at a vendor not so long ago and I hated it.

        Plus, one decisive reason for me to ALWAYS choose Olympus bodies over Panasonic bodies is the fact that I get image stabilization for every lens, even vintage legacy lenses. Even some Panasonic lenses (the most interesting in fact, the small prime lenses) come without integrated IS.

        And in regard to “rangefinder” like bodies: there is no such body in the MFT world, as long as we don’t get a body with the EV integrated off-center into the body. It’s not about looks in the end, but about usability. Something that an electronics company such as Panasonic is loosing track off as they are on their crusade to ban every sensible user interface element from the surface of their cameras.

        One of the best small cameras in terms of user interface innovation I have seen (and I own one) is Canon’s Powershot S90/95. If you want to see how to innovate on a small camera body, take a look at that camera, it’s just beautifully working and extremely powerful. Panasonic is just doing the opposite.

    • Steve

      Maybe the hi-resolution viewfinder takes up too much space for a rangefinder style body. In that case, you may as well continue to integrate viewfinder and flash together in a SLR-style hump.

      • But that hump is the ugliest part!

        And I say this as a GH2 owner.

      • HMR

        Exactly. I hate to tell you people, but maybe you CAN’T have it all. You want interchangeable lens,Hi-Res EVF, Dials,articulating screen and a flash!? in a small rangefinder body!? Where do you put the battery? Just because it looks good? Personally, if my pictures and video look good, I don’t really care too much what my camera looks like.
        But I do want all of those things so I have GH, and really like it

        • Brian

          Actually you can have much more than they are giving you… All of the electronics needed for a functional camera processing 12 MP of data fit in a LX3 right. G series cameras have the dead space from the lens circle to the sensor extra, but even when you add that they still can shrink…

          In the x100 you can see you can do a rangefinder body with an EVF in the ‘right’ place, particularly if you are willing to give up on the flash. Sadly they won’t design a photographer camera because they think it won’t sell to the mass market without a pop up flash. And they are probably correct.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Design is a matter of balancing compromises.

      There’s more than one reason why the SLR form factor superseded rangefinder bodies. Had you ever used rangefinder cameras (I did exclusively for 10+ years) you’d know why.

      The GH and G series body evolved from a PROVEN design. The viewfinder is centered over the lens. It’s simple, direct and logical. It makes framing and composing images more direct. There’s a direct visual AND physical line from eye thru lens to subject. The offset viewfinder scheme feels odd, as does holding a camera at arm’s length to compose a shot.

      Where did both Panasonic AND Olympus position their removable viewfinders?

      The thing is, that without the mirror, M4/3 cameras ARE essentially rangefinder cameras. The flash could be removed to streamline the body, but then people would howl about that. Centering the flash over the lens makes sense as well, or they could do some sort of off-to-the-side flash like the Leica X1. Why not remove the flash altogether? People would complain.

      No matter what, there are bound to be those who are unhappy with design decisions. In that case, just be quiet and buy something that suits you. That’s what I did.

      • Mk7

        Offset viewfinder may feel odd to you, but not to everyone. Fuji X100 is selling quite well, isn’t it? And all the classic Leica photographs over the decades…
        Many people have no problem composing on LCD as well.
        If that G3 photo on this post is real, I’ll keep waiting for the next PEN-type camera. Without mirror, SLR form factor is no longer necessary (or desired, by many of us).
        T-minus one hour till the announcement!

      • Esa Tuunanen

        SLR grip and overall design is surely couple light years more ergonomic than rangefinder box but without optical connection requirement it’s stupid to retain electronic viewfinder in centered position above lens:
        Human doesn’t have eye protruding two inches rightward out from nose, period!
        So what’s so hard in taking best of both now that electronic viewfinder can be positioned freely?
        That clumsy centered EVF position was exactly the primary reason why I used almost completely GH2’s rear LCD for framing during couple week EBC/Kala Patthar trip!

        And why would flash have to be always above the lens? Digicompacts have had it off center and elsewhere all the time.

  • So basically there is still not worthy sucsessor for the GF1 :(
    Panasonic is not listening

    • Daemonius

      No they are not and they wont listen, they listen only to marketing. Its not Phase One, unfortunately.

    • mahler

      How, do you know that they don’t listen? In my opinion, they listened very well.

    • Bob B.

      I agree with frosti….nothing has topped the GF1 for me.

  • Miroslav

    G3 looks nice from that angle, admin thanks for the picture. Now, let’s all go to sleep and we’ll read the official announcement when we wake up :).

  • Stopkidding

    good job admin!

  • Duarte Bruno

    NativeFloridian and Admin
    I believe these are good and balanced guidelines to follow. I’d appreciate them.

  • Fishfishfish
  • bluejake

    The first full size photo of the G3 so far. I thought it was supposed to be smaller than the G2. They seem more or less the same in that comparison.

    • bluejake

      In fact that is a fake. We will have to wait to morning.

    • GMan

      Thats fake.. that’s the “Samsung based Lumix” i’m afraid.. I think we’ll have to wait till tomorrow :)

  • lunic

    I know that pany’s ISO setting is about one stop higher than other companies, so G3’s 6400 is equivalent to other’s 12800. But this is the bloody shame for pany that G3 still supports only 4 digits of ISO. There’s inevitable difference between 4 and 5 digits of ISO.

  • Nick clark

    From this shot it looks good, and I think having noticeable body differention between the G-x and GH-x lines will be good for both…

  • extreme compact and with EVF; now if the next design would be one with the shoulders around the bulb raised untill level with the evf, then you could finetune this into a rangefinder format, and you would have extra real estate for bigger hands and electronics. it would still be compact (Olympus are you there?)

    • Kevin

      yea man olympus gotta step it up. only thing that’s keeping me hooked up to oly cameras is the JPEG engine + IS (need it because of my investment of the oly 14-150mm, pany 20mm, & legacy lenses). olympus is getting trolled on in every other aspect possible!

  • amalric

    In a few hours we’ll see how this pans out.

    IMHO the crux of the matter is the EVF. How big and good is it? I detest faux-dSLR design, but I suspect that until the Epson type of EVF is further miniaturised, it is unavoidable.

    Let’s see what the E-P3 brings. If it cannot have a built in EVF, it will be a sure sign that a good one cannot be miniaturised much further at the moment. I can take a Bessa type of design with the E-PLx, because it makes the camera pocketable, and yet allow the use of an EVF on the scene.

    Other concern is batteries. Good EVF like VF-2 is energy hungry. There should be better batteries around the corner, but what will be the minimal size.

    So we see that EVF and batteries size determine camera size. Those should be first concerns of R&D. Six months is probably not enough to innovate, perhaps one year or even more.

    Until then we are stuck with familiar form factors. NEX did innovate with tilting screen allowing better view without compromising thickness, but loss of buttons for me is a no-no, and it doesn’t have an add on EVF.

    So to have an idea of the future one should watch the components industry heading for further miniaturisation. Fuji now has also a chance to enter the chase and win the race, give it a year.

    The slightly bigger size of the X-100 perhaps give a hint of what a future rangefinder form factor by P and/or might look like, later this year, with a lateral EVF. Analog controls on that class of camera are of course v. welcome, but they come at a price.

  • Nick clark

    I’m puzzled why people think faux-rangefinder would be better than faux-dSLR? It this an aesthetics thing? A functional thing?

    IMO I find it unnatural using a viewfinder than isn’t in-line with the lens…

  • amalric

    The SLR form factor was needed because the prism had to be in line with the lens and the VF.

    With an EVF there is no such need, therefore the rangefinder Form Factor is more compact and functional for small Leica-like lenses.

    Quality for Size is the main advantage of mirrorless, so what’s not to understand?

    In the Japanese market, which is trend setting, sales of mirrorless compacts outdo faux-dSLR by at least two times. Clearly people find an advantage in the rangefinder pocketability.

    We’ll see if the G3 changes the trend, but I doubt it. Perhaps it’s more aimed at the Western markets, that have trouble in adapting to the loss of dSLR :)

  • Zaph

    There is something that they could do, but it has it’s own compromises. Do as the Macbook Air has done, and place large capacity batteries within spaces in the camera itself, rather than having to specific size and shape extra for a replaceable battery. Make it 5 times more capacity than the small batteries now and you overcome *some* of the disadvantages of a non-removeable battery.

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