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(FT5) Panasonic G3 announcement tomorrow at 8:00 GMT time


Tomorrow you can follow the Panasonic G3 announcement on 43rumors. As usual I will continually update the website with links to reviews, previews, image samples and other G3 related news. If you find something interesting drop me a text at

The G3 will be announced at 8:00 am London time (May 12). That’s:
0:00 (Midnight between 11th and 12th of May) Losa Angeles time
3:00 (am) New York time
9:00 Berlin time
10:00 Dubai time
15:00 Beijing time
16:00 Tokyo time
17:00 Sydney time

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  • Chris

    Hi Admin, looking forward to the announcement! I’m in Britain, and am just wondering if for me it’s 8 a.m. GMT or 8 a.m. British Summer Time (GMT+1)?

  • So… no big surprise right? (sigh…)

    Pen Pro… Pen Pro… Pen Pro….

  • Parci

    khmm… this is a rumor site, right? how come the full specs haven’t leaked less than a DAY before the announcement? admin, for one you shouldn’t be respecting NDAs… ;)

    • admin

      First, I have no NDA, second the specs are only marginal different from the G3. The only big difference is FullHD recording, new design and 16 Megapixel sensor. Stop :)

      • Parci

        + new evf etc. yepp, these are the details (along with photos) that should have been online weeks ago :D, but I am in fact only teasing you (well, sort of). Anyway, we will find out soon enough.. :)

        • admin

          EVF is the same of the GH2. I already told you that. Only the physical size is a bit smaller.

          • grzybu

            So magnification is still 1.4x (0.7x) and just EVF bulge is smaller?

  • Inge-M

    The big question for me is DR in new 16mpx sensor ;-)

  • admin

    Oh, and there is one HUGE surprise. Not tomorrow, not the G3. But you will be veeery happy to hear that on 43rumors. Coming soon ;)

    • LLama

      E-50 with new Oly-Panas (not Panas-Panas) sensor, right? ;-)

    • Mk7

      I wonder if it’s lens, camera or both…
      Don’t make us wait too long! :)
      Keep up the good work.

      • admin

        No I will not let you wait long time. I will write a “general” post soon. I know more than I will publish but I need the info to double check the rumors. Anyway it’s a VERY good news and not a mid or long term rumors. It’s about new stuff coming very soon!

        • leendert

          You know more then you will publish?????
          This is a rumour site…tell us everything you know!

          • admin

            It’s not that I wan’t to make you suffer. I use the info I have to check if other rumors I received are correct. Plus I need to double and triple check the info to be sure how I can rank the rumor. If I would publish everything I do receive you would get confused. :)

          • Inge-M

            Correct, better by FT5 so FT1 rumors.

        • Inge-M

          Exciting, you give us tension, admin :-)

        • AndyOz

          Come on admin – give us a clue! I think you should post it today before all the G3 release news starts.

          Thanks for all your work admin.

        • AndyOz

          Give us a clue – is it one of the following:
          1. A new company joining Micro43
          2. Olympus coming out with a built in EVF in rangefinder style
          3. Panasonic coming out with an L1/LC1 styled body which is the big August surprise

    • fta

      Maybe I’ll get some photos of the G3 or anything new from Panny/Oly this weekend. Panasonic/Oly/Sony are usually pretty good a showing their new stuff at the Henrys Photo Show in Toronto. Even though it’s a small show globally.

      • admin

        Would be awesome!

  • Swejk

    Admin sei kein Showmaster, quäle uns nicht…
    Auch FT1 bitte rausgeben…
    Nicht auf FT5 warten…

    • admin

      Sorry, in einigen Minuten ist alles online ;)

      • Jules

        Nach einegen Minuten sags du? Schon 50 vorbei..

        • admin

          Sorry. Bin mittlerweile auch beim Kochen :)

          • leendert

            Kunt u ook in het Nederlands schrijven meneer de admin? ;-)

            • admin

              duidelijke ;)

          • you are admin and cook at the same time….wow! :-)

            • admin

              That was a good one. Yes I am the cook in my house. After all I am half italian :)

  • tipper

    Hallo admin,

    lass dich nicht treiben. Ich finde es gut, wenn du die Informationen gegencheckst und nicht alles ungefiltert raus gibst.

    Ob eine Info einen Tag später oder früher kommt ist doch meistens egal. Wichtig ist die Qualität der Information!

  • sam

    System camera costs for body and a medium-fast normal lens looks like this in UK pounds (including import and shipping costs) from Digital Rev:

    Canon 60D + 28mm f1.8 = £1155.89 (44mm 135 equivalent focal length)
    Canon 7D + 28mm f1.8 = £1578.89 (44mm 135 equivalent focal length)
    Canon 5DII + 50mm f1.8 = £1964.30 (50mm 135 equivalent focal length)
    Nikon D7000 + 35mm f1.8 = £1091.93 (50mm 135 equivalent focal length)
    Nikon D5100 + 35mm f1.8 = £774.11 (50mm 135 equivalent focal length)
    Panasonic GH2 + 20mm f1.7 = £1126.58 (40mm 135 equivalent focal length)
    Panasonic G2 + 20mm f1.7 = £826.02 (40mm 135 equivalent focal length)

    Leica M9 + 50mm f2.0 Summicron = £7214.74 (50mm 135 equivalent focal length)

    Based on these prices the D7000 with the 35mm DX f1.8 is probably the best camera to go for if you want a system camera with a prime normal lens.

    Do Leica have dirt on all these other camera manufacturers or some kind of non competition agreement because it seems insane that all Japanese camera makers are just competing with each other when there is a huge demand for a similar camera to an M9 and the margins to play within are massive.

    The first company to do an M9 type camera in the 5DII or less price range is going to clean up.

  • Tom

    oh dear, cant wait to get those infos admin!
    Aber guten Appetit schonmal :-D

    EVF same as in die GH2. mhm. that would be nice. I really hope DR is kinda better then its now for the 12MP sensor, and on par with at least Canon’s APS-C DSLRs.
    But i bet its just dreaming here :/

  • kesztió

    Oops… anything about sensor readout frequency, focus speed, EVF refresh rate?

  • Keep the news coming admin!!!

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