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(FT5) The all black E-P2 image (+ rumors summary)


The latest 24hours have been very busy. I am currently on a trip at the sea and it’s an adventure posting on 43rumors from here. I didn’t expect Olympus to announce new stuff tomorrow. There will be two different announcements on August 31 and September 14. It’s time for a resume of all latest rumors:

On August 31 Olympus will announce:

1) a new E-P2 kit with black 17mm lens and black external flash. A perfect Stealthcamera!
There will be also two new MFT lenses:
2) The new M.Zuiko ED 75-300mm f/4.8-6.7 (equivalent of 150-600mm in 35mm)
It is the world smallest 600mm zoom lens. It weighs 430 grams and has a diameter of 7cm and 11.6cm length.
It allows nearly silent HD movie recording.
The new lenses are made with ED (extra-low dispersion)
It will be available in December 2010 for $899.99
3) the new M.Zuiko ED 40-150mm f/4.0-5.6 equivalent of 80-300mm in 35mm)
It weighs 190 grams.
It will be available in November 2010 for $299.99

On September 14 Olympus will announce the E-5:

It has 12Megapixel, two more than the “older” E-3. It has the new TruePic 5 engine for better detail, 720p hd video at 30p, 11 pt af, 920k dot res lcd, 3 inches, art filters and a mic jack.

Here the image of the new 75mm-300mm lens:

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P.S.: At the very first moment we thought also the E-5 would be announced on August31. Sorry for that, the sources did forget to mention us that.

  • kesztió

    M.Zuiko ED 40-150mm f/4.0-5.6 @ 300 USD?!
    Hardly can believe that. Plesase check it!

    • admin

      Checked, it’s 300USD :)

  • addieleman

    M.Zuiko ED 40-150mm f/4.0-5.6: does it have a plastic bajonet mount?

  • Agent00soul

    No new Pen at Photokina then? That would be hugely disappointing.

    • CRB


    • Majorly disappointing! The fact that their lower-end E-PL1 has better features (wireless flash control, better anti-aliasing, a button for manual focus assist) than the higher end E-P2 makes no sense and is the only reason I haven’t upgraded from the E-P1.

  • matt-

    FT 40-150 f/4.0-5.6 is now at 113 USD and is already extremely compact: mFT version, even if new, should (must ?) then not be above 300 USD.

  • Brian

    Hey, great site. I read it in google reader, and I love it.

    Whats the deal with the poor aperture on these new lenses. I was hoping for something around f3.0 at 40mm on a non kit. Although if it is around 3 bills, I guess I could handle it. Thank God for old manual primes!

    • Michael

      Agree with primes part. I wondering who produce first (beside pricey Leica) mirror-less 135 format digital camera for that legacy primes.

  • Antonio Rojilla

    “It is the world smallest 600mm zoom lens.”

    Maybe because it is not a 600mm lens? And at that SLOW aperture, it’s not that hard to make a small lens. Olympus missed the boat with this one.

    But who knows, maybe ‘consumers’ don’t care about the almost useless aperture (diffraction, DOF…) and will value size and weight better. They may care about the price though.

    • Jules

      At 600mm equivalent, DoF is shallow, even at f5.6 on a FT sensor and
      diffraction becomes an issue past f11.

      Admittedly, this is not a top notch lens for sports/wild-life photography, but then again no one here believe its the strength of m43 to begin with.

      but almost useless? Not even a field review or a serious trial and you already know? Jeez…

      • Antonio Rojilla

        Well, you can’t read or you only read what you want because I said “almost useless aperture”, not “almost useless lens”. And yes, the aperture is almost useless at f/6.7 so close to f/8 (not even a stop!) where diffraction starts to kick in. Just imagine when they decide to release a sensor with more pixels, and I guess they will some day.

        There is a reason this kind of lens use to be f/4-5.6 even for ‘full frame’ versions, because that’s ‘slow enough’. Olympus were further for no other apparent reason than size. I can’t find a justification for the price.

        If you want to justify this lens, good for you. I like Olympus but I’m not a fanboy.

    • central squared

      Agreed. It’s not a 600mm lens, please don’t call it what it isn’t. And 6.7 is really slow for the widest aperture. At $900, that seems a little steep for what you’re getting.

  • Clark

    While it’s nice to see some new lenses, I think this 75-300mm lens is a disaster from the beginning.

    Even if someone was tempes by the reach, that $900 price rage should sen them packin pretty quick.

  • Miroslav

    Is external flash a completely new unit or just a black FL-14?

    • admin

      Just black :(

  • jt

    More slow zooms instead of fast primes. Crazy.

    • CRAZY! I always insist that fast RF style primes (fast, build quality, durability and size–all comes without the price tag of a Leica M-mount lens) are MUST items to address the thirst of enthusiast fraction of MFT users!

  • NativeFloridian

    I really WANT to buy a m43 new lens!? Unfortunately, there is nothing out there (nothing made by Olympus, at least) for the typical user. I think I’m the typical PEN user: a point-and-shooter who upgraded to a PEN. I’m no ‘photographer’, but like to take pictures (and occasional videos) of my family, kids, and pets. I purchased the panasonic 20mm lens to help me take better indoor and ‘action’ photos of my kids(success!). Now I’d like another portable lens to help me with portraits and add a little reach for other occasions. No luck with this announcement :(

  • BornBad

    you’re on engadet

  • Seb

    12mpix, art filter, 4/3 sensor ? Is this still supposed to be a profesional camera ?

  • shuber182

    Let’s see here. The new 75-300 f4.8-6.7 has a rumored price of around $900.00 and at 300mm (600mm equiv) you get f6.7. A new OM 300mm f4.5 is $350.00 and you end up with f4.5. Duh !!!! I know the OM 300mm is a lot larger and manual focus and requires an OM to MFT adapter but the savings and f4.5 aperture at 600mm is enough for me to pick one up. I am really having a hard time understanding what Oly was thinking when they came up with this new lens. Sheeze ????

    • paulus

      Dear shuber182!

      I fully agree with you!
      I have also got the Olympus Om Zuiko 4.5 at B&H-Foto for USD 349,00.
      Even the OM Zuiko 2xA teleconverter works with it and my E-PL1 – thanks to EVF-2! – with the teleconverter you get a 1200mm about f9.0

      Best regards


  • NativeFloridian

    Lenses that I think would best advance the mFT system:
    1) Fast AF portrait lens
    2) Faster kit replacement lens
    3) Video-oriented lens (modest zoom, quiet, fixed aperture)
    4) Any collapsible or pancake lens

    Lenses that do not advance the mFT system:
    1) More large slow zoom lenses

    Your opinions…?

    • iMikl

      1) Yep!
      2) Yep!
      3) … no, not really
      4) Yep!

    • Agree mostly on your point, but you miss the most important point–the thirst of a fast prime with above average image quality (benchmark: any ZD High Grade lens, 50 f2 MARCO in particular) and build. I reckon item (1) in your WANT list is a short telephoto prime you’re waiting for, but I mean more than that–what I really mean is a whole line-up of fast prime to complete the system right from (ultra-)wide to short telephoto. Here is my proposed list:

      7mm f3.5
      9mm f2.8 (or f3.5)
      12mm f2 (or 2.8)
      25mm f1.8
      35mm f2
      70mm f2 (or f2.8)

      I’m not a pixel peeper, so I don’t need final product with razor-sharp edges–above contrast and saturation is the key

      • NativeFloridian

        Lenses that advance the mFT system will take advantage of the system’s inherent selling points:

        1) IQ compared to point and shoot cameras
        2) Portability
        3) Relatively low cost (compared to dSLRs)

        I believe most specialty photographers (large fast zoom for sports, macro, extremely fast lenses for DOF, and fisheye, etc) are looking outside of m43 for their cameras systems. With this is mind I update my lens wish list with some clarification and my max prices:

        1) Fast High IQ AF Portrait Lens, at least f1.8 ($700)
        2) Any collapsible or pancake lenses (variable)
        3) Faster kit replacement lens – fixed aperture and quiet autofocus for video ($500)
        4) Wide pancake prime for landscapes and architecture – smaller aperture OK, maybe could use distortion correction to lower price ($350)

  • hsin54

    Taiwan got the “E-P2 kit with black 17mm lens and black external flash” for a while
    Price about USD. 1000

    • emde

      but youe link leads to a black E-P2 with silver 17mm an black EVF (but no flash)..?
      Not that I want this “all black kit” – only for the records

  • Hoo-boy! Two more slooooooow zoom lenses, a 12mp DSLR with 720p video, and a cosmetics package. Way to push the envelope, Olympus! Sure hope I can stay awake through all these “exciting” pre-Photokina announcements…

  • Michael Meissner

    I dunno, for street a perfect stealth camera is one in silver that blends in with all of the p&s out there that does NOT have an EVF. The one thing when I bought the E-P2 that I was unhappy about was the camera in all black. It sort of reminds me of the more pretentious art students who think they are so cool by dressing in black (black baret for extra coolness).

    • CRB

      Agreed…shame that in Japan is much more expensive than the black one….the one with brown “grip” is beautiful…

  • Clark

    Hmmm I like the above lens list…. But here might be my contribution:

    First and foremost, all lenses must be priced less than $400!

    7mm f4
    10mm f3.5
    17mm f1.7
    25mm f1.8 & f1.4
    42mm f1.2
    50mm f2
    75mm f2
    100mm f2
    150mm f2
    200mm f4
    300mm f4

    Now there’s a dream list. Some of those lenses could be real work horses. Honestly it’d be work carrying a little extra gear to have this Lind of flexibility.

    • If oly would produce this lenses at the price you mentioned I would definitely purchase the 300mm and 7mm or 10mm

  • George

    i never liked olympos cams though i like their lenses. But to use auto focus with 40-150 for $299 i will definitely buy an olymposs

  • Maley

    a 300f4 for 400$ i see that comming xD.

  • Clark

    Lol yeah the teles may be too ambitious but who knows. We can dream

  • andrew

    in 1963 olympus introduced the pen F with revolutionary titanium shutter, and through its life also produced 20 lenses for what was a half-35mm frame series camera.

    i think these 2 new lenses are too slow, the large zoom – one size fits all but would be better f2.8 minimum.

  • Jules

    At work, when there are events, I get to see lots of sports photographers. Now that the Nikon D300s, Canon 7D and the like are having crazy ISO like never before, I get to see many of them using f4 zooms instead of F2.8 fixed focal lens: it has become common practice to sacrifice a full stop of speed over for convenience.

    My point? The EP-2 is decently usable as high as ISO 1600. Who cares if the 70-300 is half a stop slower than its 43 equivalent : what we got here is a small and innocent looking package likely capable of very good keepers.

    And size does matter! I have seen in practice the difference between a 2.8/133 ( Tair-11 ) and a 4.0/133 (Jupiter-11) : the bigger f2.8 draws attention like a magnet.

    If I was equipped with Olympus, I would want to give it a serious trial.

    • lander240

      I’m not that sure if allowing more light to pass through is the whole point of a fast lens.

      • Jules

        Shallow DoF is a key issue. But at 600mm equivalent the difference is often irrelevant.

      • mc2

        I’m sure it is.

  • JUGOslaw


    I do not know what happend to the olympus i once loved. I love the FT system and with the E420 my first dslr joined my journeys. With the E420 olymus gave me a small camera with excellent IQ (jeah bigger sensor is better blah blah, i am printing not pepping). The small lenses allowed the camera to go everywhere with me.

    Soon after they release the first PEN. WOW, so nice, so small, so beautyful – but expensiv! I believed there will be soon a even smaller and cheaper camera for everyone. More sells more money, but there was the E-P2. Slightly different design. More slightly better. And now another E-P2 – this sucks. Where is the innovative Olympus from FT.

    Olympus is just doning the same over and over again. I will stick with panasonic. They seem to be now there leading forseeing company

  • Eric

    Well, I guess people that enjoy taking pics of the moon are now covered nicely in the m4/3’s lens line up by both Oly and Panny. So how about throwing is people that like taking, you know, portraits a lens or two. The Voigtlander 25mm is a huge bonus to me, but there are still plenty of people that would love a 25mm f/1.4 with AF. We also obviously need a 50mm f/1.4 portrait lens. Why in the name of all that is holy is a 75-300mm f/6.7 zoom more important to Olympus then either of those primes?

    Also, why is that 75-300mm more expensive then Canon or Nikon’s 70-300mm f/5.6? Both of those require more glass and even have image stabilization built in, and are still cheaper. I’m not going to forget the way Oly and Panny have treated actual photographers the last two years. We have a ton of mediocre cheap plastic lenses with premium prices. I can’t believe I’m saying this buy I hope Nikon blows m4/3’s out of the water in Photokina with their system.

    • Michael

      When mFT concept was introduced I thought this gonna be something like rangefinder camera (solid compact body, fast primes range) but now it is all obvious that Olympus is going to attract mainstream and rich people only. They claimed better cameras than FT with lower prices. What they are thinking? When bigger company will introduce other sensor format Olympus/Panasonic will be struggling with it every day like with classic Four Thirds system. I don’t say that first PEN is bad camera, but at this time the mFT system should be far away in technical terms from the time when first PEN was introduced.

    • Ganec

      I tried picture of moon with 380mm eg with Sony H20 .. it is not enough…

      70-300 is good range, Panasonic does not have it yet. 50mm (45 mm Leica) is aready here. I understand Olympus.
      F6.7 .. sound weird at first .. but when it allows only 11 cm lens with diameter 7 cm .. it does not sound bad.
      There is a price for minimalization .. notebooks are still more expensive than similary spec PCs.

      Canon/Nikon are cheaper? Does they have expensive ED glases?
      I also expected lower price .. but if you care about price, you can have 4/3 lens with adapter.

      • Michael

        Agree with you, but they are wasting potential of mFT system. Olympus are selling now so they hurry products like these and ignoring enthusiasts and semipro users. But what in future when other systems will be better? Same as with the FT. Except that enthusiasts/semipros will be using other system and mainstream will be saturated with mirror-less format. I don’t want silly Canon/Nikon war as we can see in many forums. I just want a camera like was in film rangefinder era – compact, unobtrusive, well build and not overpriced-hype-thing. Digital cameras bring many advantages over film that is not a question. Point is that mFT system could bring that time back.

        • E-X

          they could, but will they?

      • For pictures of the moon, you need to have an effective focal length of at least 1200mm. If you want to make a full frame picture of the moon, it should be around 2000mm. There’s no way you can get a shot like this without a tripod and a remote control.

        I used a Minolta MC Rokkor 300mm f/4 with a 2x TC on my E-520 last week to get this shot:

        Since you’ll use spot metering against the bright moon, you can easily stop down to f/22 and still get very fast shutter speeds.

        Having a camera without a mirror would have been nice in this situation I admit.

  • AL

    I don’t know… This doesn’t sound too exciting to me. Let’s wait for Panny :)

  • NativeFloridian

    Lenses that advance the mFT system will take advantage of the system’s inherent selling points:

    1) IQ compared to point and shoot cameras
    2) Portability
    3) Relatively low cost (compared to dSLRs)

    I believe most specialty photographers (large fast zoom for sports, macro, extremely fast lenses for DOF, and fisheye, etc) are looking outside of m43 for their cameras systems. With this is mind I update my lens wish list with some clarification and my max prices:

    1) Fast High IQ AF Portrait Lens, at least f1.8 ($700)
    2) Any collapsible or pancake lenses (variable)
    3) Faster kit replacement lens – fixed aperture and quiet autofocus for video ($500)
    4) Wide pancake prime for landscapes and architecture – smaller aperture OK, maybe could use distortion correction to lower price ($350)

    • BS Artiste

      I think a site survey of the primary uses everyone has for their cameras would be interesting.

      I don’t view a smaller system as giving me the ability to put a camera in a pants pocket. I carry the same amount of gear with just more range of focal lengths.

      What do most people take on their common photo shoots? I carry: E-30, 3 batteries, 9-18, 18-180, 70-300, EC-20, and sometimes the 135-400 or 50-500. I also carry a laptop, a monopod, FL-36R or FL-50R, and a DVD burner. My last trip I had five 32 GB cards, one 16 GB card, and misc smaller cards.

      For travel and sports photography, I can’t see how it makes sense to carry a huge number of prime lenses. That would not cover the range of focal lengths needed. Also, there often would not be a tremendous amount of time to change amongst prime lenses without missing some shots of the action.

      How do people use their u4/3 cameras for portraiture? How many prime lenses do you take when going out shooting or traveling?

      I am far from an expert or experienced photographer and am still learning. However, I have realy enjoyed my E-30 and equipment the last 18 months.

      I can see how artistic photographers want prime lenses with shallow DOF to finely control the subject of a photo. However, can’t that be done in Photoshop, albeit with some significant editing and retouching time?

  • Kevin

    I have the 70-300 f4/5.6 and like it, not in love with it, but 4/5.6 is barely acceptable. I wonder why they would do a 4.8/6.7 on an otherwise nice zoom?

    • spam

      Size, of course. If you want a small package get the Olympus, if you want F5.6 get the Panasonic 100-300mm. It makes sense to differentiate from the Panasonic lens, and the Olympus one will be cheaper too. Nobody (hopefully) pay the reccommended price for a lens.

  • CRB

    I find it hard to believe that Oly will not show any new pen…specially with these E5 specs…

    • E-X

      We must pray

  • marilyn

    another crappie item… think of this guys 900us dollers well u can get a 50-200 SWD f2.8-3.5 for 1200… is more worth it

  • Spiny Norman

    Do any of the commentors in this entire thread understand that (1) these are rumors, not product announcements; and (2) that even 2 years out, no company besides Olympus and Panasonic has released ANY cameras that are compelling micro 4/3 competitors? (No, NEX does not count — at least, not yet.) The economic climate stinks, and Oly and Pana are making conservative business decisions because they want to, you know, stay in business.

    • WT21

      What??? Why doesn’t NEX count?

      I was waiting for an EP3 and portrait prime. I’m using a 50mm 2.0 OM macro right now. I can use that on the NEX just as easily, and get better high ISO.

      I, for one, am NOT buying an all black EP2 or these silly lenses. I have the 14-150, and the 150mm focal length is about the limits of the m 43 format.

      Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  • dear olympus – I want to give you my money. why will you not make products that will allow me to give you my money?


    • Rob

      Its so true, I have been asking that question for over a year, and I ended up switching systems. I love olympus, but I am certainly not regretting my decision to switch. I still might try m43 in the future if they start making decent primes and pancakes. But I find the portability annoying compared to a panasonic LX3-LX5 which is an amazing compact.

      • Kevin

        > dear olympus – I want to give you my money. why will you not make products that will allow me to give you my money?

        Well put. I am now an FT orphan with my less than 2 year old E system. Now there is the mFT bandwagon. Will it be orphaned in the next few years for nFT (nano), then after that pFT (pico)? I never expected Oly’s system support to be so poor. Had I known that then, I’d spent my $ before on a system that will “stay” around.

  • BXL

    The new MFT lenses are actually fairly good deal and fairly competitive against APS-C mirrorless… I can see where it is coming from… but I’ll wait for something better (pray)…

  • RayUK

    What attracted me most in the latest rumour was a new, presumably small, external flashgun. Several of us on the forums have been pleading with Pan/Oly to produce a gun similar to the Nikon SB400 – hope this is it at last.


  • omgreo

    Why would they release more bulky zooms when most people buy a m4/3 for portability and compactness?? Bring out more pancake primes!!

    • mat

      Agree entirely. I haven’t seen a product announcement from either Panasonic or Olympus since I bought my GF1 about nine months ago that seems to make much sense. It’s really frustrating because the image quality to size ratio of micro four thirds plus a prime lens is outstanding, but every new product seems to go in the opposite direction — towards big and slow zooms and novelty fisheyes.

  • I agree with most of you that these zooms are not that exciting, but I think Olympus is trying to win over the mass audience – the first part of that was the E-PL1, I think.

    However, I found this on Photo Rumors – patents for four new MFT primes from Olympus. they may not be the fastest, but they definitely have some useful focal lengths (but no portrait lens…)

    • Simon Rivier

      This list of prime lens looks very interesting. Maybe Oly will announce these weather-sealed primes with a new weather-sealed m43 body at Photokina. Please please please Oly, make this dream come true.

  • Inge – M.

    Yes and a thing to, vibrating front element, this is for water pro M43 lens.

  • Gabi

    I am not too disappointed, especially since both announced lenses are lightweight. For this, you have to make compromises. However, the 75-300 tele lens has to be pretty good to justify that price! Therefore and because I also own the Panasonic G1, I will wait for the tele lens from Panasonic, which for sure will have IS but also will be a lot heavier.

    I am pretty sure that we will see an Olympus MFT 50/2.0 announced pretty soon!

  • jvn

    postpone e5, till it get s great spec

    • paulus

      43rumors – make a poll !!!

      reply – postpone e5, till it get s great spec

      Postponing E-5 for another 3 month – till it gets great specifications:

      – Full-HD – no time limitation
      – 14 MP sensor
      – Mount/adapter for Zuiko and m.zuiko lenses
      – faster autofocus

  • Ashton Sharapova


    The market & development teams from every single company other than Sony need to get back from their coffee break. Sony is the only one with an announcement which is NOT a dud for photokina IMO (A55/A33 – say what you will at least it is a unique approach)

    • jvn

      totally agree

      -full HD no time limitation, adjustable frame rate 50-60p (720p) 24p 25p 30p 1080p, manual control exposure, manual control sound
      -better than current canikon offer (don’t compete with d300s or 7D, much better than them)
      -improve battery life (1000 ex)
      -more SWD lens (fast prime(s) and HG super tele zoom)
      -smaller weather seal body
      -much better DR
      -1-2 stop better noise control in hi iso
      -faster af, much faster in low light
      -12mpx ok, 14mpx yummy
      -dual slot CF n sd

      if e5 spec like that, i’ll buy instantly

      • BS Artiste


        Same here.

        All that for around $2K to $2.2K USD for a DSLR camera body would be just what the doctor ordered.

        I also think an optical/electrical u4/3 lens to 4/3 mount adapter would at least give those of us that might get stuck straddling u4/3 and 4/3 a little more flexibility to be able to use lens of both mounts like the u4/3 users already can do. I don’t think many u4/3 users want to mount the 50-500 Bigma to a Pen, but they can already do that with the MMF-2. Right now, we 4/3-only camera owners can’t use any of the new u4/3 lenses. Still, I can more likely see a 4/3 camera mounting a small 17mm u4/3 pancake using an adapter than I can see a u4/3 camera mounting an MMF-2 and the 50-500mm Bigma.

  • Dan #2

    Dear Internet,

    Please administer the whiny, boring and completely unrealistic lens requirement posts on this site. It is getting out of control.

    Dear Admin,

    Please spare us photographers from these idiotic replies. It isn’t very hard to hit the reject button. Also, as the sites title suggests, it would be a good idea to concentrate on the Four Thirds system. Micro Four Thirds is a different ball game. Please register a separate site so we can discuss mire intelligent subjects here.

    Dear Posters.

    No offense intended. xxx

    • WT21

      If there weren’t m43 posts here, this site would have nothing to say. Hate to break it to you, but 43 is dead, or at best in a multiple year vegetative coma, and you are hoping it will come back to life. You need to realistically look at your investment in that system, and figure out where you are moving next.

      • Dan #2

        And your opinion is based on rumor’s. Good job.

  • Ariel

    Gosh, that’s disappointing. I was dreaming of some nice fast primes maybe a 35mm f2 that’s as fantastic as their 50mm f2. Now that is something I’d be lining up to buy, I honestly have no use for slow zooms. I own their 40-150mm for regular 4/3rds and it’s not the greatest especially compared to some of their higher quality lenses, I cannot imagine some ridiculous 75-300mm is gonna be any better.

    Please please Olympus I invested in you guys because of my undying love of your OM system don’t let me down.

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