(FT5) Rumor correction. Tomorrow (August 31) the new MFT stuff. On September 14 the E-5!


I will give an important update about the new Olympus products:

1) The E-5 will be announced on September 14!

2) The new E-P2 kit + 2 new MicroFourThirds lenses will be announced tomorrow August 31!

Sorry for the mistake, the sources did forget to tell me that :)

  • Alberto

    FT5 modified one day later !!!!!

    please, be carefull with rumors FT5, it can sink your credibility

    • admin

      Sorry not my mistake. The sources forgot to mention me that. The camera infos are correct.

  • Tropical Yeti

    So E-5 will be announced on Sept. 14 and have 12 Mpixels.
    Or maybe announced on Sept. 12 and have 14 Mpixels…
    Or maybe announced on Sept. 14 and have 31 Mpixels

    • Alberto

      i vote third, Medium Format? :-)

    • admin

      Tropical. Our specs are correct!!! The sources only forgot to mention that there is a double announcement on August 31 and September 14.

      I will make it good by posting some image leaks ok? ;)

      • I wouldn’t mind the 12 megapixel so long as the IQ is excellent and the high ISO performance is great. I am still wondering what other special features Olympus came up that the other companies doesn’t have.

      • Rob

        Admin, I think you are doing a great job. To be that close is pretty amazing. The other rumor sites don’t know anything until something is released. besides, there is no other compiled source for 43/m43 rumors that I know.

    • drish

      Sept. 14 and have 31 Mpixels
      i like this

  • 43 photo

    There was a statement made some time ago from a guy who seem to know more on the E3 successor. He already mentioned september 14 as announcement dat in June. “Technological statements will be made with the E3 successor”, he said.
    I cannot find them in your rumoured E5 yet. so let’s forget about the spec’s you gave us and be patient until september 14.Hope Olympus surprises us with a nice cam / 12 stops DR/ 8fps, noisefree iso 1600 and a video mode.

    • Olaf

      You can not read much about technolgy statment from the specifications we have seen so far. It may be icreddible high ISO, DR or something else

    • Olaf

      Come on, I would like to see some images of the new E5! :)

      • Tropical Yeti

        Or better yet, some images taken with E-5.

  • 43 photo

    This was already issued in June. I think the guy is right.

    E-D1 replaces the E3 DSLR
    A brand new E-System DSLR poised to replace the E-3 will be officially announced on September 14 2010, which means Photokina time this year. The in-house project code for this camera is E-D1. There will be some significant technological statements made by this camera. The expected cost of this camera will be similar to when the E-3 was first launched. If you look back to those days (August 2007), you will find out what the expected price is in your own country. I cannot reveal anymore than what you now know. As for the demise of the E-System, the competition won’t be happy to hear that this will continue alongside the Micro FourThirds Pen-series. As to whether both systems will merge, yes, it will very soon do that. For those who talk about a professional Micro FourThirds, it is on the cards but whether or not there is a market demand that will justify Olympus releasing it is another matter altogether. Sure, a Micro FourThirds Pen model with a built-in EVF as well as professional-type features will find its way into the market. In fact I believe that if Olympus can get their act together for 2010, you could see this as a finished product and in black. Otherwise expect it sometime early Q1 2011. Make sure you realise that I’m saying: professional-type does not mean professional-class camera. It just has similar features but it will not be built like, say, the E-3.
    We know that our Pen lenses presently are on the optically slow side. There are plans to introduce the kind of lenses that serious users are looking for. The idea here is to first ’embed’ the system, give it a chance to take off in the market, introduce it to the greater mass public and to try to appeal to them. Faster lenses are always possible and in time we will begin to bring them on. There are also other ‘factors’ why faster lenses are not out yet but it’s not possible to talk about them here.
    Summary 1: E-System will not discontinue.
    Summary 2: Micro FourThirds Pen-series will not replace E-System
    Summary 3: E-System will eventually go mirror-less
    Summary 4: New replacement for E-3 will be announced this Photokina

    Written by K. L.

    • Neville

      Yes, I’m starting to think likewise about forgetting the spcs that we have seen here rumored. I might just stop the painful process of looking everyday here, and check in a fortnight. Everything seems to change every 12 hours.

  • Nathan

    To tell the truth, unless this 12MP sensor is completely new and unique, it doesn’t sound like there’s much in the way of innovation in the E-5. I’ll await the announcement, and I’m not having a problem with 12MP as a resolution, but I’d really like to see something that grabs my attention here. So far, the modular rumors got me a little excited, because I can see where that could lead to innovation, but I haven’t seen any indication that Olympus would actually take advantage of that.
    We saw that 0.5x SWD AF converter, then nothing. That was without a doubt the biggest and most dramatic thing I’ve ever seen- because with such a converter, dumb primes could be made in the 400 dollar range that would have ordinarily been 800 dollars. It could create a revolutionary new camera system.
    So far, though, boring old evolution makes tiny improvements on a camera system that so badly needs a giant leap forward.

  • BS Artiste

    What was the original market price of an E-3?

    I think my E-30 started at around $1,300 USD.

    I would rather pay an extra $500 for 30 fps or even better 60 fps at 1080p. I think the video resolution and frame rate primarily would be dependent on the processor and bus speeds of the camera. Major innovation woud not be needed. Just a willingness to put in a fast enough processor, high speed buffers, and a fast bus to handle the video rates. The price of the camera would increase, and that might not have stayed within Olympus’s marketing target. If the Pens are supposed to be entry-level systems below the 4/3 D-SLRs, then the E-5 might should have been targeted at photographers that are less concerned with price as opposed to performance in terms of frame rates, focusing speed, etc.

    • E-X

      I really am hoping that they dont release the e-5 with only 30fps, I will definitely just keep my e-3 and get a gh2 or even a gh1 (and use the savings for a 12-60mm) before i buy the e5 with only 30fps, I need at least 60 for the types of videos I am looking to produce. (slow motion, twixtor manipulation)

      I just cant accept those specs, It just doesn’t make sense to make that move on there part… in my opinion

      the only reason i haven’t moved to panny for video is because auto focus on my zukio lens and IS, but if this is what oly insists on doing I have no other choice

  • dMS


    I agree with you, I would like to see some new images of E5 as well, although I think that 12MP is a bit short. if I want to modify the format ratio of 4/3 to 3/2 which I often do depending on the subject, although I learned to use and find that 1.3… ratio is in most cases more creative, others no doubt that 1.5 is still preferable but in that case whith a native resolution of 4000X3000 (12MP) I end up with a 3/2 image about 10.6 MP.

  • Inge – M.

    Olympus wild probable use multi aspekt like Panasonic GH1.

  • hi,
    it’s crazy whe are 14 days from the e-5 day and we don’t have any photo yet… oly is not so bad in marketing ;-)

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