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(FT5) Two more images of the new Olympus MFT lenses



  • Jason

    E-5 please…

  • Chris K.

    The 75-300mm is tempting…I have the 150mm and love it, but the viewfinder is almost required equipment for 150mm. I imagine 300mm will be even tougher to find/track moving targets (birds, planes, supermen…)

  • Wasabi Shiba

    I want more small fast primes to go with the small body, not zooms.

    • I 2nd this. I have been disappointed with every lens Oly has produced for the m43 mount. Pann has done better but between panny/oly they could have covered a much larger range and locked more people into m43 system.

      I am still taking my time to find the right mirror-less system, that will support a small set of small pancake primes. (dont even need to be uber fast as some people are calling for.)
      I would love to see a
      10mm 3.5 (or 12mm or 14mm)
      20mm 1.7 (we have it (i would even take the 17mm 2.8 np))
      70mm 2.8 (or 50mm 2)

  • Chris K.

    And why no macro or fisheye is surprising to me…(And prism-based 3-d would be really cool too.)

  • Kosta

    I wonder why they haven’t listened to the consumer – what does everyone want? Superzoom mfts? Poll results say otherwise.
    Maybe they are leaving the primes to the rangefinder folk at Cosina to make the some good quality primes?
    Will be interested to have a play with these lenses. Though i quite like the 14-150 for it’s flexi/porta-bility.

    • I don’t think we here are the typical consumer. we are for the most part serious enthusiasts. typical consumers want one lens that works for them in most if not all situations. honestly, we can’t fault Olympus too much in this case. they’ve got to win over those folks to increase their market share – and make money. then they can afford to produce the more limited appeal products (as their marketing department would see it).

      • WT21

        This may be true, but the typical consumer is not buying m43 either, sad to say.

        • napalm

          not sure where you are, but the PENs has been selling pretty well (at least for Olympus standards) in the rest of the world.

          sad to say, it seems the target market is still those ‘tweeners’ (moving from compacts to mirrorless) which usually looks at zooms first before primes.

          but i’m not giving my hopes yet, photokina is still 2 weeks away. what we are getting are just leaks, i hope this is not all they have.

  • Bu

    That 75-300mm looks interesting, but where are the primes :/

  • Joe

    Heck, I’ve been crying all day. No four-thirds lens? I wanted an affordable standard prime for my E-620, something brighter than 2.8.

  • four thirds photo

    When Olympus sees micro for lower end and 4/3rds for high end user, that might be an explanation for not releasing fast zooms and primes for micro.

    I hope the Ex will suprise us all. 12 mp is okee, as long as it is a fast camera with low noise and 11 stops DR. The best image quality of micro and 4/3rds.

    • WT21

      Hadn’t thought of that. This could be it. M43 ISA low end. But, then explain the premium prices on the body… Though the lenses are affordable, or at least more so than panny lenses.

      • four thirds photo

        Olympus is going where the money is. Low end users with a lot of money. This will be their new consumer base. They pay a lot of money for an extremely slow zoom.

        The more sophisticated photographers should go to 4/3rds, as I expect Olympus to bring some new stuff here.

        Olympus approach is clearly different compared to the introduction of 4/3rds. They first release the low end stuff and make alot of money here. They will release higher end bodies later (and might leave the primes to Voigtlander, which is not a bad thing)

  • The 40-150 would be decent at contant 4.

    Sigma came up with 70-200 f2.8 constant, and all Oly can think of is this. Kinda crappy imo.

  • Maybe i’m missing something–but who cares about these crazy zoom lenses for these cameras? honestly?

    Someone please explain the market segment that was aching for two telephoto zoom lenses to go with these bodies?

    A 600mm equivalent? what the hell! How about a decent version of the 17mm first? Or just sell a kit with the Panasonic lens already!

    All i’ve read on this site is people asking for small fast primes…and it seems like the manufacturers are going the exact opposite direction…is it just me?

  • yugoslaw

    jep, they are all nuts

    i believe mFT would be somethink like leica. Many small primes, exellent iq.

  • kramerica5000

    More slow super zoom lenses … yawn.

  • RW

    Yawn – I’m totally underwhelmed. Slow superzooms and $1000 manual focus primes. Maybe I was too quick to support the m43 format – maybe I should have hung in to see if they deliver on the promises first.

  • Kyle Batson

    You’ve got it ItsaChris. Small, portable, relatively fast primes. I just got the 20/1.7 yesterday and it’s great.

  • jt

    $900 for that lens is absurd. WTF
    I’m thinking Olympus is hoping to cash in on people with more money than sense.

  • sderdiarian

    Olympus is seeking new levels of irrelevancy, and this from an owner of the E-510, E-620, 14-42, 40-150, 9-18 and 70-300 lenses (and a user for 10 years of an OM2s).

    The sheer hubris of offering the 75-300mm f4.8-6.7 for $900 shows how utterly out of touch with their user base they have become. My 4/3’s 70-300 at a much lower f4-5.6 which I purchased for $230 8 months ago shows by how much they are willing to rape their mFT adopters. f6.7 zoomed out? I didn’t realize they could go that high! Must be for shooting in the Sahara.

    What nonsense. All while they’re abandoning a great camera like the E-620 without such mind-numbingly simple upgrades as using the E-PL1 sensor/low AA TruepicV processor and implementing HD video like all the competition has.

    Hey Olympus…whatever!

    • E-X

      I don’t think they think. They just act… I beginning to have small thoughts of regret for investing so much in oly

  • Kosta

    HD video is the last thing they (DSLR/ILC) camera makers should be worrying about IMO. How many photos do you take on a camera of this sort compared to videos? The video is just a tack-on sales point.

    Mr.43rumours, can you please send some of this feedback to Olympus.
    What is there reason for bringing these lenses into the market? To me it seems like they are trying to show it’s the ILC to get because “wow, we have flexible zoom range lenses.”

    Wake up and smell the roses Olympus. I love you, but you’re making it hard for me to want to buy another lens from you.

  • Kosta

    in the mean time…i’ll eagerly await photokina for something…”more”

  • sderdiarian

    We agree, HD video is not a big deal to many of us who shoot stills.

    But, and it’s a big but, not to include a low cost feature that has become standard on all cameras, DSLR’s and compacts alike, is to risk being marginalized in the marketplace as way behind the curve of current technology.

    I’m also a longtime Olympus fan going back to the 80’s, thus my frustration with their current direction. They flamed out once before with their SLR’s. I’m crossing my fingers the nincompoops currently showing a deaf ear to their base while setting their “strategy” won’t succeed in pulling this swan dive off yet again.

    Sometimes I wonder if Canon has a mole in their boardroom, that’s how out of touch they seem at times like this.

  • So strange. Canon Rebel shooters care about crazy zoom lenses.

    I’m waiting for a MFT/APS camera that has some good small primes to chose from.

    If Pentax or Nikon beat Olympus/Panasonic to the punch… so be it.

  • Neville

    Olympus I want a divorce :(

  • Pilgrim

    Really sad. Where did the Maitani spirit go?

  • Bakaka

    nothing much to say.. bye bye

  • WT21

    This just blows.

    I have the 14-150. Great lens as a travel lens. Really. Just fantastic. Wish it were a bit cheaper, but no worries.

    Why do I now need the 40-150?

    Wheres the EP3
    where’s the high res LCD
    Where he better mf controls?

    This sucks. I’m now looking at Sony a55 or maybe pentad will do something. Both oly and canon are letting me down.

    • Ganec

      why 40-150 .. little smaller, much lighter, cheaper, less optical errors? Why not?

      • Ganec

        I forgot probably the main reason for Olympus .. this lens is necessary to offer DZ kit.
        Lately I noticed there is selling E-PL1 kit with base lens + adapter and 4/3 lens 40-150 .. which is not a best solution…

  • BS Artiste

    At a price of $500 to $1000 for a Pen, is that supposed to a premium camera or an entry camera? If they come out with a $1500 pro body Pen, then I would think they would need a bunch of small fast primes to go with it.

    $900 for the F6.7 300mm seems steep, but I guess that is a size redution compared to the 70-300 4/3 lens.

  • Jacky

    I am under the impression that they Olympus and Panasonic have taken 2 route as to the development of the M43 Line up.

    Olympus: compantness as a priority
    Panasonic: image quality taking priority

    in fact, it is pretty clear from their current lens line up

    17mm 2.8 vs 20mm 1.7
    14-150 vs 14-140
    9-18 vs 7-14
    14-45 vs 14-42
    45-200 vs 40-150 ……. ish

    Many here complaint that Panasonic and Olympus duplicated on their lens line up, but in fact it appear to be a clear decision that both company is completing their lens line up on their own but taking a slightly different direction in the quality of the lens.

    Now with Cosina, it’s another new direction altogether.

    This is perfectly reasonable as Olympus is supposingly keeping the 43 format. Focusing on compactness for m43 differentiate the 2 product line.

    If we want fast lenses from Olympus, the way to go is to stick with 43. About time to move on and accept their product strategy

  • Voldenuit

    WTF f/4.8-6.7??? Failsauce.

  • Jacques

    What is the point? With such slow lenses, one will have much larger DoF and mediocre image quality because of higher ISO. I can get that with a small sensor for a fraction of the price.

  • Chris

    Agreed on all counts. Is Olympus mFT going for compact quality, or semi-compact half-assed quality?

  • Rob

    F6.7, what can you possibly shoot with that? sun spots?

  • Mumbly

    Do we really need ultra fast primes on one side and slow ultrazooms on the other side!?! That’s like choosing between a rock and a hard place. Can’t the manufacturers think of those persons who need the versatility of a zoom, but need a minimum of luminosity too!?! I can’t imagine I am the only one who doesn’t need such huge focal ranges but wants a halfway compact (doesn’t need to be ultra-compact) MFT-equivalent of the good old 70-200mm/f2.8 we used on our 35mm-SLRs…

  • RomeoBSM

    Wait a moment, new m43 40-150mm is as big old 43 40-150mm and not much smaller than 75-300! What’s the purpose of buying the lens??? I don’t see it!
    Quality indeed seems to be on the low level…

    I think both lenses could sell well in the first period but they will not last in Olysmpus’ supporters’ hearths…

  • dumb

    Olympus today died

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