(FT5) Panasonic LF1 high end compact to be announced in late April.


The party isn’t over at Panasonic! In late April Panasonic will announce two more cameras. One is the Panasonic G6 and the other one is a completely new model. A high end compact camera with fixed zoom lens and with built-in viewfinder. The name will be “Panasonic LF1“. I am collecting the specs right now and I ask our sources to send me more info at 43rumors@gmail.com or via the anonymous contact form that floats on the right border of the website.

43rumors readers will be also happy to know that in early may Olympus will also announce a new MFT product. And it’s likely going to be the new PEN camera! Don’t miss any news. Join our group on facebook and follow our tweets. Hot time coming!

Premium compact camera price and specs check that Panasonic has to compete with:
Fuji X100s at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.
Pentax MX-1 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.
Nikon A at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.
Sony RX100 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • yo

    I’m sure that I’ll buy one of these this summer: LF1 vs. E-P5!

    Only question left, which one?

    • Pavlo

      is there info that LF1 will be interchangable lens camera? If it is “high end compact with” fixed lens, it’s out of Your interest.

      • admin

        fixed lens.

        • Hopefully this is finally the replacement for the LC-1. If they get it right, I may put my money where my mouth is, and take a break from m43…..

        • And actually a fixed ZOOM lens, right? Is that also FT5 (meaning, it’s not a fixed PRIME lens)?

          If it has a zoom, then either the sensor is smaller than 4/3 or the zoom is slowish, or it won’t be compact at all. The Canon G1X is rather bulky with a 2.8-5.8 zoom and a tiny OVF.

          I’d rather have an X100s competitor than a G1X competitor. But we’ll see what it is.

  • yoyo

    LF1 = rangefinder style
    EP5 = same old design..

    ill go panny

    • Bob B.

      Well…the LF1 sounds boring…but the Panasonic camera that admin is alluding to below sounds very intriguing! With the new Oly announcements a and the “Super Pany”, things are going to get pretty exciting around here pretty soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

      • stickytape

        Isn’t the camera admin writes about the LF1??

  • ken

    LF1 = Leica-Frame 1???

    • ru

      LF=LangeFinder (in jap)

      • admin


      • Wen

        LOL epic

      • Marvin8


      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Tells me that it’s made in China

    • Gerald W

      LF stands for Lentil Fixe, French for Fixed Lens. Imean what else could it possibly be?


  • Hi

    LF = Long-ignored Feature :-)

    • Farrukh


  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    Admin PLEASE: unveil some specs! ;) can’t wait, I need a good (to me) body to back up Em5

  • Spitzy

    LF1 vs EP5? Uh, one is a compact camera, and one is a compact SYSTEM camera with interchangeable lenses? And neither exist yet, anyway?

    Panasonic needs to fire their camera brand group, though, they are all over the map with product line names – GFx is their budget, noob system camera, but LXx is their high-end, professional’s pocket camera? GHx is their movie/still hybrid, high-end cameras, but their high-end, movie/still oriented lenses are X-branded? Except that the X brand also includes lower-end power zooms with limited sharpness and problematic interactions with mechanical shutters? And all but one of the X lenses are very large, but the X camera is the “pocketable” high end still camera? Go home, Panasonic, you’re drunk.

    • Spitzy

      Ugh, LFx, not LXx. In my defense, I’m posting from a touchscreen phone

      • admin

        Ok, we will forgive you :)

    • Narretz

      If you bring compacts and lenses into the mix, it really gets ridiculous, but least with their cameras only, Panasonic and Olympus have a quite sane naming scheme. Unlike Canon and Nikon, where you e.g. have a 6D and a 7D which are totally different camera types. Or the fact that nikon’s numbers represent not only the model iteration but the level in the product line-up.

    • Ant

      There’s also the FXxxx series compact.
      Now, where do that one fits in ?

    • true homer

      Wait for the ep5 then, and pay 1000 $ for a viewfinderless non sealed plastic epl5 with one more button

  • WT21

    Just chose to pass on an OMD, and stick with my EPL5 for now. I hope you are right on this. And I hope Oly answers correctly with an EP5. Only because the LF1 will still use the GX1 sensor, if Panny stays true to form. If it uses the GH3 sensor, I will be v. interested.

    • Spitzy

      It’s L series. No interchangeable lens.

      • J white

        If it has the GH3 sensor and a fixed 20mm 1.7 lens, with integrated EVF, and the size and usability of a GF1, it’s what I’ve been waiting for all my life. As long as it’s not brutally expensive, that is.

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        Four Thirds L1 has ILenses though. And integrated VF. If otherwise this new camera will be something à la fuji x20, I’m not much interested. Curious yes, but I think I will buy it.

        • MarcoSartoriPhoto

          I missed a word: I won’t buy it. A high grade à la x100 yes, but I’d like über output. Be it from Pana or Oly I don’t care too much.

        • wt21

          Agree. I was thinking L1 — that is, integrated VF w/interchangeable lenses.

          If it doesn’t have changeable lenses, but it’s got a bright zoom on an m43 sensor, it still might be interesting. If the sensor is 1″ or smaller, or if the zoom drops to 5.6 after only 3X zoom, then I’d be less interested.

          • hagtdfghj

            The Sony Rx100 is a surprisingly good performer regrading image quality especially at the wide end it gets too slow at the long end . If Panasonic deliver a built in EVF and a faster{ narrower range to keep size reasonable} it would be an absolute winner.Something like a 28-70mm { equiv} with an F2 zoom even if it was 50% deeper and 20% higher to accommodate the lens. I would be delighted.On the other hand if it is just another larger sensor compact with a slow zoom not so hot.

    • wt21

      How about a fast (f/1.2) fixed “normal” lens (e.g. around 50mm equivalent) in a super compact body with an m43 lens, and aperture ring, shutter speed and EV dials? I’d buy that! It’s not gonna happen, though.

      • wt21

        I meant m43 sensor, not m43 lens.

        The more I think about it — this WON’T happen, because it could really kill PL25 sales, a lens which has to be one of Panny’s best sellers for m43 lenses.

  • Farrukh

    Looking forward to the new Olympus model. Hope it has remote live view controls via Android/iphone, and can make popcorn as well ;)

    • I is happy if E-P5 have popcorn recognizeing. :-P

  • Hard2Xplain

    So, this LF1 will be something like an update (at long last!) of the ancient LC1?
    Cool! but still, I’m waiting for an RF-style with interchangeable lens.

  • Anonymous

    LF = Like, finally!

  • > “Panasonic LF1“

    Engrish for RF1, “Range Finder One”?

    I hope it wouldn’t turn-out to be a “Lame Finder One.”

  • Anonymous

    or Len Fixed like X100

  • Anonymous

    LF1 = Left (side) Finder 1(st generation)
    if mar sensor inside I’m in.

  • Anonymous

    LF1 = Late Founded one

  • Narretz

    Panasonic is just fucking with us … people cry for a rangefinder-style camera for years, and Pana brings it as a fixed-lens …

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      If it can compete with x100s it’s a good thing. A fixed lens is a classic, good for photojournalism. And a perfect way to learn composition.

    • Olympus and Panasonice both seem to have a clear opinion by using built-in EVF only in certain slr shaped lines. Maybe they think that flat design EVF camera would kill the sales of the existing flat design non-EVF cameras? Or maybe a high end RF model would affect the G/GH series?

    • Mr. Reeee

      Hey, if it was GX1 sized, with a fixed, f1.4 20mm or 17.5mm, with mechanical manual focus in addition to fast AF, external, dedicated aperture and shutter speed controls, a built-in EVF and a M4/3 sensor it would be extremely appealing.

      I keep my 20mm mounted to my GX1 most of the time, sometimes the 15mm BCL, but it’s darn near perfect like that.

    • true homer

      It doesnt matter what they do, people will cry and bitch about something.

  • RSS

    ” Don’t miss any news. Join our group on facebook and follow our tweets.”

    Uh, no. Don’t use either, never will.
    I’ll just keep on using RSS, the way it’s meant to be. Freedom!

    Where’s your Google+ presence btw?

    • M

      How does Google+offer more freedom than Facebook? They are just as guilty trying to kill RSS. Hell, they even abonded Google Reader to focus on Google+.

  • marc

    fixed lens?? no thanx

  • Yun

    I’m not surprise with this fixed lens camera seeing Oly & Nikon already into that step .
    This fixed lens camera is unlikely to sit above the current GF6 . The most is above Lux7 .
    So what is the point getting it ? Not for me .

  • Dave

    Looks like everyone here assumes it’s a full-sized 4/3 sensor! My money is on a XZ-2 sized sensor. Let’s hopes I’m wrong.

  • Anonymous


    first i was like… jeah finaly rangefinder mft cam… but then i got a fixed lens to the knee..

  • Justin

    Not really interested in a fixed lens. My GF5 with the 20 is plenty small enough and for a m43 sensor, you aren’t going to go much smaller anyway.

    I’ll be interested to see the sensor performance in the new PEN though. Normally I’m a Panny guy but with the GX2 no where in sight, I may have to defect.

    • wls

      Don’t much care for a fixed zoom lens either. What brought me to m43 was the interchangeable lens utility. I can invest in decent lenses and take them with me when I upgrade the body for a better sensor. Also I’ve had enough of the problems of those small super zoom cameras – you get some sand in the barrels and they lock up and you can’t just switch out the lens – the whole camera is junk then. Most of the fixed zooms are small sensor too so you don’t get the quality a m43 sensor can give. If this is supposed to get the P&S market that want more – well I don’t see it.. I’ll take a GF5 instead.

      • jwh

        The Sony rx100 delivers excellent image quality , with great DR and colour depth its only weakness compared to even the best mFT is roughly a one stop poorer high ISO .In fact compared to the previous 12mp mFT sensor it actually delivers considerably better DR and colour depth while having similar noise levels.


        If Panasonic could deliver this level of performance in a good quality body with EVF and reasonably fast lens I would be first in the queue.

      • Milt

        The thing about fixed lens cameras is that they are not as good value as interchangeable lens systems. The lenses retain their value relative to the bodies which are obsolete the day they are introduced. A fixed lens camera is great until the next great thing comes along. I can see why manufacturers might promote them.

        Give me a GF1 or GX1 with a decent lens every time. And I will collect a few more lenses.

  • Tom

    This LF1 appears to be part of the strategy, it is taking over some of the PS upgrade positioning from the GF line, thats why the GF6 added somecontrols back. That is not to mention the competition from RX, G1X, x100, the new Nikon.

  • Sqweezy

    Any word on the sensor size? I hope it is Micro Four Thirds sized to compete with the Fujis and Sony of this world. Albeit, their entries have even larger sensors, m43’s smaller sensor might be a benefit in keeping the body more compact while implementing a fast zoom lens. I hope Panny can engineer the LF1 as well as Sony and put a fast lens with zoom and still be able to carry it in a coat pocket. If it includes an integrated EVF and the quality is there (aka GH3 sensor), then this will be unlike any product on the market and a definite game changer for sure!

  • question

    What size of sensor?

    1/1.63” with zoom f/1.4-2.5 and EVF?
    1” with zoom f/2-2.8 with EVF?
    4/3” with fixed prime lens?
    Maybe bigger?

  • FatDrunkAndStupid

    I’m guessing this is the Panny version of the RX100? If so, I am in. Held off on buying the Sony version because I figured Panny or Olympus would eventually come out with better cams utilizing that same great sensor.

    • Wen

      more like a panny version of X100, fix lens+viewfinder

  • Anonymous

    What many enthusiasts seem to want from Panasonic / Olympus is an interchangable lens CSC with a VF, Rangefinder style, like the Nex 6 and Fuji cameras.

    How hard is this to understand Panasonic / Olympus?

    Yet it never comes.

  • BLT

    I think people hoping for a compact with m43 sensor, EVF and Fast Zoom Lens – Need to forget about that idea. It would kill sales of their ILC cameras. Unless of course it is super-duper expensive.

    • Rick

      Better than Nikon, Fuji, Oly etc killing their sales.

  • Frye

    Sounds like the perfect 43rumors camera – except it has a fixed lens! Someone in Panny marketing really doesn’t like this site it seems. :)

    • admin

      No, the prefect camera for me is coming in a few months ;)

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        Admin: OMD-Pro? ;)

        • admin

          nope…a Panasonic. More about it soon on 43rumors. All I can say..it’s the best MFT ever :)

          • Frye

            And I thought you might be referring to the blackmagic camera – as that’s coming in a few months – which is a nice camera but not exactly an L1. :)

            • admin

              I will buy the Blackmagic camera because that’s a camera we need in our company (for reportages).

          • Jákup

            Sounds exepensive!

          • MarcoSartoriPhoto

            Admin! Maybe a “modular” camera??? I need to know more! (As I already wrote I must prepare to buy a m43 body to back up what I alteady have, an I’m planning to use them on some actors)

            • admin

              no modular camera. I got htis from one trusted source and I am trying to double check this with others. That’s why my mouth is closed for now. I want to be sure on this.

              • Well, now you have me very curious! Knowing you are still using your E-P1, also I am still with my E-PL1. Thought I would always be using Olympus due to the JPEG engine…but now shoot RAW only. I’m ready to buy something new this year, if something ticks all the boxes!

              • street

                uffff thankyou!!!!!! iNow I know that i have to wait a litlle bit…. Now I can buy the “second body”….

            • Marco, just keep in mind how you want to use such a backup body.

              I have been using a ‘2 body’ setup for a long time now (pre-dating digital photography by some 2 decades), and depending on how exactly you plan to use the ‘backup body’, it may be very desirable to have nearly identical primary and backup bodies.

              If the ‘plan’ is to just keep the backup as a spare, and use a single body during a shoot, having 2 different bodies will generally work fine as you only have to switch in case of trouble, or when you plan on using them in entirely different ways normally (ie one for video and one for still images or such)

              I typically use both bodies with different lenses mounted, and will be switching between them a lot. In that case, having 2 identical bodies with identical configuration for as far as button/dial assignment really makes life a lot easier.

              The classic variation is to have an older and newer model camera from the same manufacturer and from the same ‘line’, as long as both cameras are highly similar that tends to work well enough, tho not as well as 2 identical ones.

              • MarcoSartoriPhoto

                Bart, first of all thanks for the suggestion: it’s getting harder and arder to read kind and usefull advices on the net and I really appreciate it, as much as polite persons.

                Back to your suggestion: my plan is doing as you, since I don’t want to swap lenses frequently. I’m not lazy, simply I want to keep the sensor covered (it already happened to me that a small leaf hit the sensor because of a sudden gust of wind while I was in a wood).
                Depending on the situation I’d like to have a second camera ready for the shot. An example: I’m in a theater and I use 75mm for portrait/close-up of artist/singer, then switch to 25mm for a stage photo, then back to 75mm and so on.
                Therefore I would need if not the same body at least a camera with the same software and similar button lay-out.
                That’s why I’m curious about OMD Pro.
                A this moment Em-5 price is still high, considering how fast prices are dropping in this segment today, so I prefer to spend something more and have a new tool. (Of course noone know anything about OMD-Pro so I’m just guessing)

          • safaridon

            So are we talking of 2 all new cameras coming in the next few months, ie the LF1 compact with zoom lens ( 1″sensor?) and a XXx m4/3 rangefinder with EVF with interchangeable lens?

          • safaridon

            This makes more sense as to why Pany clearing out stock of GX1 now as the model with EVF is coming. Better yet if best m4/3 yet as Admin says then surely has GH3 sensor or even better, is a rangefinder style people have been clamoring for and still small and portable?

          • Milt

            Thanks for this tidbit, admin. Best ever is saying a lot. Am looking forward to it, and trying not to get my hopes up for anything in particular.

          • true homer

            What would you say the best mft camera ever has to have admin?

          • safaridon

            Admin – ” The perfect camera for me is coming in a few months” “No .. a Panasonic.. All I can say it’s the best m4/3 ever”

            That was quite an admission or slip given the fact it was in answer to someone suggesting the ideal camera that was coming was the OMD-Pro! Admin must know a lot more about this camera specs than we do and hope we won’t have to wait too long to find out. This must be driving Oly fanboys crazy hence the flood of recent rumors of coming Oly products?

            • MarcoSartoriPhoto

              Safaridon, I was the one asking if Admin was referring to OMD Pro. And I named OMD simply because it was rumored to be released by the end of 2013. Needing a second m4/3 body for my work, the best thing for me would be to have an identical body (Em5) or the new model (supposingly having the same control lay-out), just to be able to switch camera faster.

              • safaridon

                Thanks for the clarification. I do regard the OMD5 as a very good camera, only was a bit surprised by the comment coming from Admin.

          • @ Admin: for a GF1/GX1 lover looking for an upgrade this is a very interesting remark, but how does it relate to your newer information stating that there will be no “big news” from Panasonic in 2013 (in the entry about the 14mm and 20mm Panny not being updated)?

      • dude78

        must be the L1 style mft camera then

  • Per K

    The LF1 may be the camera for me. Say it is a “RX100” with GH3 sensor, great lens and great AF and EVF. Size a little smaller than X100. Great camera for street scenes….
    Depending on lens spec it could be a perfect 2nd camera. A “first” camera must need to be ILC.

  • No m43 sensor, no buy.

  • As I am usual I made a mockup of the LF1…m43 sensor, fixed 17mm 1.2 lens (equivalent to 34mm in 35 format).


    • admin

      Amazing! Can I post this on 43rumors? of course with credit note!

      • of course! :)

        • admin

          Thanks a lot!

    • safaridon

      Thanks for the good looking mockup. The very fact that Pany may be releasing a rangefinder compact with EVF makes me think to keep the size small they may use a popup EVF where the flash is now on the GX1 and straddle the hotshoe with the flash?

    • NFT

      cool ,but i want saw back side about EVF?
      admin more info about G6?

    • jwh

      Mike, when you start to build them put me down for one { maybe 2 } lol

  • onlyme

    The LF1 sounds very interesting. Admin, do you know if it will have a manual zoom lens or a motor driven zoom lens?

    • Rick

      Here’s hoping for manual as it is faster and more precise.

  • Observer


    Since the most recent Panny chart only showed 4 MFT lines to “aggress” the competition. The “best MFT” to come in a few months can only be the GX(too).

    Also the LF1 will not have a MFT size sensor as that will “aggress” the MFT mkt? So most likely to be a 1 inch sensor to “aggress” that mkt segment.

    • admin

      You are a very good “observer” :)

      • Is this “the rangefinder rumor” or there’s another one :) ?

        • admin

          The LF1 is not the rangefinder rumor I told you about this week. Sorry if I don’t share the info. But I want to confirm the details with other sources before to post this.

          • Thanks. I was afraid it was this one.

          • Seems that Panasonic wants to resurrect both LC-1 and L-1. Nice! Go ahaid, Pana!

          • Seems that Panasonic wants to resurrect both LC-1 and L-1. Nice! Go ahead, Pana!

  • beefcake!!

    Olympus PEN announcement in MAY? Whats up Admin? I thought Late APRIL was when we’d hear about the Oly 2.8 Zoom? Has this been pushed back? Where are the rumors/details on this one?

    • admin

      not pushed back it’s veyre arly May instead of very late April. No big deal. Probably there is some kind of “closed” Olympus event in late April while the public announcement is in early may.

      • beefcake!!

        phew… that’s good news…

        You’re usually about 1 week ahead with specs/details… So maybe we can expect a 43rumors “announcement” late April :D

  • FF or nothing

    This better have a FF sensor and a Noctilux constant aperture superzoom lens or I’m jumping off a cliff. Please make it under $15,000. I could stretch it to $17,500 if they include a nice wriststrap. But no more than that. Thanks!

    • Mike


    • wt21

      It’s Panny, so they’ll at least include a lens hood. If it was Oly, you’d have to pay $1,329 for the add-on hood option ;)

    • Frye

      Sorry but if it’s under $15,000 I won’t buy it. Too cheap.

  • This RF rumour should have maximum priority. I have resisted the E-M5 for 14 months in the vain hope of getting one and am ready to jump ship, from Jeckill going to Hyde, if Oly outputs another lame Pen.

    Bring it on! (and Fuji be damned)

  • aqasem

    Let’s dream a bit ;)

    sensor 6mp or 60mp similar to pureview tech. with high dynamic range and low light.
    5-axis IOS for better handheld, or floating lense similar to nokia OIS tech for better stabilizer and slim size.
    articlated screen,

    price 1000$ not more.

  • Bollox

    Finally a good usage for that puny sensor. I may even buy one if the ergonomics are good, which I doubt tho, it’s probably lame as usual with non-photographer manufacturers.

  • I am a repented sheep. I might go for Leica after all :)

  • Renato S.

    High-End compact, EVF and fixed zoom.

    The ideal would be a m4/3 sensor on it, but with fixed zoom, is that possible to keep it compact without coupling it with a slow-aperture? A high-end compact should start with at least f/2 so I don’t really think it can have a m4/3-sized sensor.

    Can they do it with something bigger than 2/3″? Can they do it with a 1″ sensor at least? Sony was able to maintain it compact but the tele end of the lens, the aperture is very, very slow.

    What about the Micro Color Splitter? Can they use it already?

  • dick ranez

    LF1 – fixed zoom lens, high end – an LX7 with a viewfinder perhaps? Compete with
    Fuji X20, Canon Gxx, some Nikon or sony?

    • spam

      Sounds likely, the question is if the go for the LX7-sensor or something slightly larger. My guess would be that they stick with a 1/1.7″ sensor.

    • Anonymous

      LF1 = LX7 + VF = instant buy for me as long as it isn’t much bigger. It’s a shame that small compact cameras don’t come with VFs anymore.

      • bjuf

        I agree a good compact with a built in EVF would be attractive , to me at least lol . I will never buy another camera from any maker that does not have either a built in or add on EVF/OVF . I hate the composing on an LCD that has been forced on us , no doubt as a side effect of the phone users.

    • Rick

      An LF1 w viewfinder but only a 1/1.7 sensor will not compete with a Fuji X20. It would be an also ran. Needs a 1″ sensor as a minimum, as well as manual zoom if Panasonic wants to take it to the next level and eclipse the competition.

    • Rick

      An LF1 w viewfinder but only a 1/1.7 sensor will not compete with a Fuji X20. It would be an also ran. Needs a 1″ sensor as a minimum, as well as manual zoom if Panasonic wants to take it to the next level and eclipse the competition.

  • Anonymous

    X100s uses ASP-C sensor size.

    LF1 won’t compete unless it m43 size.

    Will it?

  • Milt

    This is going to be the first Panasonic enthusiast compact camera with an internal EVF for a long time. I wonder that the EVF is going to be like! Will it be better than the Canon G1X? Will it be as good as or better than as the Sony NEX? Would it be the same EVF as a m4/3rds rangefinder camera that Panasonic might give us? It will be fun to learn the answers to those questions.

  • Anonymous

    LF1 = Large Format One
    4cmx3cm sensor fixed lens f1.9

    One may dream, right?

    What’s with the number trend, Pany? No LF100

  • peevee

    At least they use mass-market zoom and not a single FL fixed stupid 28-35mm prime competing only with every phone out there.

  • Ash

    It could possibly have an m4/3 sensor but only if it also has a fixed lens.

    If the camera has a zoom lens I am predicting it will have a smaller sensor size.

    I think that a 20mm fixed-lens camera with a corner viewfinder, latest sensor and latest software/firmware options (such as wi-fi, intervalometer etc) could sell well. The competition from Fuji is very stiff in this area however. Panasonic would need something special to compete against the X100.

  • Ash

    It could possibly have an m4/3 sensor but only if it also has a fixed lens.

    If the camera has a zoom lens I am predicting it will have a smaller sensor size.

    I think that a 20mm fixed-lens camera with a corner viewfinder, latest sensor and latest software/firmware options (such as wi-fi, intervalometer etc) could sell well. The competition from Fuji is very stiff in this area however. Panasonic would need something special to compete against the X100.

  • Nick

    Personally I’d be more interested in an MFT sensor with a fast, matched 17mm or 25mm prime, rather than a zoom, but whatever…

  • Alfons

    I’m very interested in seeing what LF1 brings to the market. I like Panasonics LX-line, even though I have never bought one of their point and shoots. If LF1 is meant to compete with Fuji X20, I’m pretty sure it will be better to handle camera than the Fuji.

  • Donsantos

    I’d consider buying it if it had a fixed 2.8 zoom

  • MFT professor

    A fixed 17mm prime with 3x zoom, a variable constant apature + a removable built in flash would be something!

  • According to mirrorlessrumors the LF1 does not have a large sensor. So it pretty much sound like an LX7 with integrated EVF..

  • Lee

    If this is going to be marketed as “high end” then it will have to be at least an APSC sized sensor to even hope of competing with the likes of the Fuji X100s Sony RX100 etc. GIven that Leica may well wish to clone it, if it’s good enough, then it will need to fit between LX7 spec and not undermine their Leica X2 sales, (albeit that’s not a zoom lens). It will need to have a comparatively fast lens, and optical/high quality EVF, otherwise it’s not going to stand out from other manufacturers and existing models. It needs to effectively be a FUJI X PRO 1 with a fast medium zoom lens fitted. If not, then it’s certainly not “high end”

    • Christian G


    • Milt

      Since you insist on a APS-C sensor, you are saying that m4/3rds or a m4/3rs sensor is not “high end” Surely we don’t have to have this argument again.

  • utomo

    Panasonic need to pay more attention to the sensor. The sensor is noisy.
    If panasonic can not produce cleaner sensor. try to buy from other supplier such as FujiFilm, or Sony. I hope by doing it will increase the image quality, especially when combined with good leica lens.
    Don’t forget Sony is preparing RX 200 which will be better than RX 100

  • one_oldman_4u

    I WISH that the Pana LF1 will replace the almost 10 years old Panasonic DMC-LC1 as this was and still is one of the best camera/lens combination on a fix system. By the time it will be available to public, it will be it’s 10th year anniversary. Just in case, I’m going to start saving if my wish do come true.


    I’m not even going to speculate on the sensor size (hope it’s BIGGER), # of megapixels (at least 16-18M), size (similar to LX7), weight (similar to LX7), etc. as long as they keep the lens that this camera had or a better one (lens start at 24/1.4).

    The one improvement that I would like is to make this a weather sealed camera.

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