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(FT2) Two new Olympus MFT camera rumor (E-PL6 and high end MFT).


Digicaminfo got a rumor that sounds a bit “unexpected”. He reports about two new Olympus MFT cameras. Digicam itself said that he is not sure about that rumor. Anyway, here is the rumors:

  • The first camera has the codename “TRAD2“. It is a premium model and comes in black silver and white. There will be two kits, one with the new 17mm f/1.8 lens and one with the 14-42mm.
  • The second camera is the E-PL6 and comes in Silver, Black, White and Red.

As long as I know Olympus will announce a new E-P5 in early May. And there will be no new E-PL6 yet. So as Digicaminfo said…keep your feet’s on ground on that rumor!

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