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(FT5) Images of the white GF6! Announcement 4am GMT time!


Source: Digicam

On top you can see the new pictures of the white GF6. And trusted sources also told us that the news will be official tomorrow (April 9th) at 4am GMT time (London time). That’s:
– 8pm April 8th in Los Angeles
– 11pm April 8th in New York
– 5am April 9th in Berlin
– 12:00 April 9th in Tokyo

I will be online on 43rumors on that time to give you all live updates and links to previews, reviews, image samples preorders and so on. So keep me company! :)

Here are the full GF6 specs:
– Same 16 megapixel sensor as the current Panasonic GX1 (discounted here at Amazon).
– New Venus engine
– New two-dimensional noise reduction, new multi-process noise reduction
– Low Light AF that can be focusing in the dark
– New detail reproduction filter
– Faster start-up time
– 1.04 million dot tilting 180-degree touchscreen LCD
– new mode dial on the top of the camera
– Function lever
– Function for Use with the smart phone with Wi-Fi
– Supports remote shooting touch shutter, manual operation, movie shooting, the automatic transfer
– 160-12800 ISO sensitivity (25600 extended)
– Shutter speed 60-1/4000 seconds
– Continuous shooting 4.2 frames / second
– Video (30 frames / second sensor output) 1920×1080 60i
– SD / SDHC / SDXC media (UHS-I compatible)
– (Including battery, media) 64.8 x 111.2 x 38.4mm size, 323g Weight
– first interchangeable lens camera to include Near Field Communications (NFC)
– Built-in WiFi
– Price £449 (around US$680 / AU$652) with the new 14-42mm kit lens.
– New 14-42mm smaller kit lens.
– New White version of the Power OIS PZ 14-42mm lens
– Coming in White, Red, Black.
– On sale from April 24th.

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • those new Panasonic bodies are just minor/cosmetic updates. But still interesting.

    • cine envy

      After the new BMCC news, this bottom-end retail market announcement is about as interesting as watching paint dry … trying to fob off the newest retread model is all good and proper. Give the customer a new shape and some updated specs. yahh-hoo.

  • GF2 113 x 68 x 33 mm, 310 g
    GF5 108 x 67 x 37 mm, 267 g
    GF6 111 x 65 x 38 mm, 323 g
    GX1 116 x 68 x 39 mm, 318 g

    GF6 is closer to previous GFs than to GX1…

    • … and looks better with that small lens.

      • Harbinger

        I’m not usually fussed with the white coloring, but that is one sexy piece of kit with the matching collapsible X lens.

        • Anonymous

          yuk! that looks like the nastiest cheap piece of tat. White cameras suck!

          • David

            lol, if yo actually cared if you might influence anyone at all with your opinion, you kinda shot yourself in the foot there with the delivery :)

    • peevee

      So, it is 5 mm thicker than GF2. Can the difference like that be explained by tilting screen alone? E-PL5 is just as thick )the same 38mm), and has IBIS.

      • Bob

        I don’t know what the price difference is…but the EPL5 ($499 body only) has IBIS, current Sony sensor and provision for a viewfinder…kind of no contest isn’t it?

        • Mr. Reeee

          Not many Camera Joshi care about having a hotshoe and carrying a flash in their already tiny purses. If can carry an extra battery and clip or two of ammo for my PPQ, I’m set ;-)

          For Camera Joshi, pop-up flash and narcissistic flippy screen? HAI, dozo!

      • Well, GF2 is a bit wider and taller, so they’ve moved the parts a little bit :). They could have made it smaller for sure, it’s not that they don’t have the expertise or the resources. Maybe there’s an even smaller G coming out or Pana wants to make some space between the upcoming fixed lens model with 4/3 sensor and the smallest m4/3.

  • Ming Dang

    No IBIS of course…

    • Pavlo

      Really? I’m so dissappointed… ;)

      • Bob

        If there was a provision for an optional VF and the GH3 sensor it would me much more attractive…I think I am not in the targeted market.

  • Farrukh

    Dependent on specs, but it seems the Black Magic will Super 16 will be my next…

    • David

      lol, anyone comparing this & the BM using the same standards would have to be almost schizophrienic. Two COMPLETELY different target markets. Anyone actively considering both probably needs to refine their requirements list :)

  • I am more of a G/GH kind of user, so I can’t really comment, its not as if I would have bought anyways, but I will say this : having the lack of both evf and hotshoe kind of bother me.

  • Jørgen

    Well…is it me or does it look a lot like the Olu EP-series? I think so. I think it looks better than any other GF/GX cam. But looks can be deceiving….

    • ah, I got thinking of my white oly e-pl 2 right away :D

  • What a joke

    Looks like old GF3. Where is the promised viewfinder?

    • Narretz

      You are probably trolling, but nobody promised a viewfinder on a GFx model, ever.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Promised by whom?

  • Quality LCD at last (1.04 M dots).
    And there is a „low light AF”. Sounds more than promising.

    • NFT

      Sensor does not appear to be the same as the GX1 as seen from the number of pixels, but the adoption of new noise reduction, improvement of high-sensitivity performance seems to be expected. New detail reproduction filter, or would that mean the improvement of the low-pass filter. Also, LCD’s are retrofit of high resolution is nice improvement

      • observer

        Sensor LiveMOS 1668 megapixel!
        Manual video control (selection on mode dial)?
        White Power OIS PZ 14-42mm zoom at no extra charge!


      • Hard to believe. Let’s wait till tomorrow to see the official total number of pixels.

  • Narretz

    5 am in Berlin? I’ll get up that early for a tasty rangefinder-style camera, not for this one.

    • :)


      We’ll have more leaks this evening, anyway.

  • Narretz

    Just because we didn’t have this discussion in a while … is there a mFT camera that can do 1/8000 s shutter speed?

    • Anonymous

      I think the Samsung APS-C will do it. MFT users have to use ND filters or smaller apertures to keep below 1/4000 :(

  • peevee

    So it does come with 14-42 PZ? It has a chance with that lens, if it is not priced higher than NEX-3n.

  • Anonymous

    Not convinced this is exciting enough to merit two exclamation! marks!

    It hardly even justifies an announcement.

    Seems to be getting into the P&S mindset of “update every 12 months max, just for the marketing”

    • Narretz

      Panasonic is doing this with the GFx third year in a row, this is nothing new. But you seem to forget that this is the most substantial update feature-wise that the GF series has seen yet.

    • Anonymous

      A Lot of electronic companies update their good selling products annually, but when Panasonic does it, it’s marketing?

      Cool spin, Bro!

  • Yun

    Nice camera .
    Hard to believe the GF get such huge improvements especially the 16 megapixels GX sensor over GF5 .
    Could this mean the next GX will be the one everybody is waiting for . The L style camera !

  • The bad news for me is no Hot-Shoe or accessory port. Dealbreaker.

  • Father Time

    Note to Panasonic: this is 2013. Why are you charging 2011 (yen) prices for a 2011 sensor?

  • Ranger 9

    Scoff all you want, but the built-in WiFi and NFC features will be a big deal to the camera’s intended target market (people who like to take pictures and want a “good camera” but don’t worry about being “serious photographers.”)

    For them, the ability to post and transfer pictures easily is more important than the ability to add an EVF (which most of them would never buy) or IBIS (since most of them will stick to the manufacturer’s lenses.)

    Increasingly it comes down to: Do you care about pictures, or do you care about photography? On these forums we’re mostly people who care about photography; the people who buy this camera will be people who care about pictures.

  • Marck

    Please remember that GMT time is the “winter” London time and it does not consider the “summer” time (+1).

    So this time tomorrow should be 6am in Berlin (and all central europe) and so on…

  • TLS

    GMT is not London time, as the UK is on BST right now, i.e. summer time, do you need to adjust your times by an hour.

  • Sean Nelson

    Really? No 1080p60? Ah well, that rules it out for me then…

    • EpyonXero


  • daymon

    Any idea about what the “New detail reproduction filter” feature is?

    • Probably an Aliasing Filter. :D

  • MdB

    I find those customs modes 1-3 on the mode dial rather interesting for such an entry level camera. Normally they would be some kind of stupid scene modes or something – would be pretty cool to see what they do with them.

    • Dec

      At least the GF3 also has those custom modes – but obviously without a “hardware” mode dial, only in the touch menu… doesn’t seem too far fetched that they just moved this menu to the dial 1:1.

  • Uncle_Pix

    Why buy a GF6 with an ultra old GX1 sensor and not a E-PL5 with a superb sensor? Not to mention IBIS … And why buy a GF6 and not a just as well compact cam for less money (e.g. LX7)?

    But the overall design with the new lens looks inherently consistent.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Because the intended buyer values a pop-up flash over the pocketable, droppable, breakable, forgetable and loseable Oly clip-on flash?

      I fail to understand why people complain about cameras that they aren’t interested in buying for whatever reason.

      I wouldn’t buy one, don’t like some of the features…
      so what? I ain’t a-gonna bitch about it. ;-)

      • HMR


      • spam

        Integrated flash is much better than the Olympus solution, but I’d like the hot shoe for the EVF.

      • Uncle_Pix

        I didn’t want to discredit the buyers of this cam. We are living in a free country and it’s good to have a choice. I just wondered why Panasonic does not give a better sensor to the GF6. But performance isn’t always the most important feature, that’s right.

      • gravityboots

        Also, it has a 4:3 ratio screen instead of a nex/oly 16:9.

  • wls

    The weight listed is just crazy high. Could it be with the lens? I’m still thinking the mode dial was a big mistake. Apparently the “Function Ring” will have other modes than Zoom – Focus or ISO for perhaps if there is no power lens attached, but I think it is just an added distraction.
    As has been pointed out you can get an Olympus PM-2 now for less. Amazon has it for $450

    • Narretz

      Maybe the GF6 is metal, like the GF1 (335g)? (GF5 was 267g)

  • Guy McLoughlin

    I am curious to see how the image quality compares to the Olympus E-PL5?

    That would be the deciding factor for me.

    • sam

      I’d expect the jpgs to be rather good (but so are olys) but since the sensor is the same as GX1, the PL5 will definitely be quite ahead in raw with its OMD sensor.

  • it

    I’m not the target market for this, but as a GH3 owner with an interest in Panasonic’s overall m43 success, this looks like too little too late. It’s a nice looking camera and decent upgrade over previous GF, but nothing differentiates it from the competition. Oh, wait – Maybe I’m thinking too much like an enthusiast. P&S upgraders might find the wifi and nfc appealing, and I doubt that many will know Olympus has newer sensor and ibis. I think video is an area where Panasonic could really increase appeal, but they still treat it like an afterthought in the sub-Gh3 models.

    • David

      Maybe you are right about “too littel too late.” I have no idea, except that given that the GF3 & GF5 were two of the top 8 selling MFT cameras in Japan last year (and combing #s would make them #1), I’m not sure they are as “out of it” as you imagine. And I personally think this camera adds a LOT more than the GF5 did to the GF3, starting with bestter sensor, Wifi, actuating screen, NFC.

      I think perhaps though I am coming at it from marketing, while you are evaluating from your own personal technical POV.

  • safaridon

    Interesting how much a new set of pictures can change one’s perception of this new GF6 and good to see it pictured with the smaller collapsing lens. Previously from the pictures taken at an angle and larger kit lens, I would have assumed the camera was larger than it actually is which is only 1mm thicker, 3mm longer and 2mm less height than the GF5? So no, Pany has not abandoned the small P&S market or attempting to replace the GX1. The hefty increase in body weight makes one wonder whether or not this is in fact an all metal body and not plastic? Surely the tilt screen would not add that much to the weight? While the rumors say the sensor is the same as that of GX1, other knowledgeable commentors note a different number of sensor pixels so at minimum tweaked and significantly increased ISO range? I bet if the poll were rerun today or tomorrow you might find a significantly different result and change in initial opinions of this camera.

  • beefcake!!

    it looks like an olympus EPM2

  • BdV

    It’s a sweety. Wouldn’t mind if the same team would design a GX2.

  • Justin

    Now that looks much better than the silver thing. Still not for me but better looking.

  • Alex

    Lame, what a bad joke camera.. lady’s first, a real man newer woud buy such a garbage camera. Panasonic playing Canon 400d->700d game, little to none upgrade to previous version

    • David

      Lady’s camera. Hmm, someone has self esteem issues ;)

    • Anna

      Hey, so they’ve got onle approx 50% of the world population as possible custumers = what a bad idea…

      Grow up, lad!

  • I’m soooo dapointed – no optional VF of any kind!

    • Me too Peter

      I’d be “Dapointed” too….

      But seriously, this is for a entry-level, point and shoot camera user. Even if you were to use mirrorless for a secondary camera, would you even want this? There are better choices for a pro/semi-pro such as the GX1, Fuji X-E1 or even the G15.

      This is the GF “Girlfriend”, camera. It is what it is. Panasonic changed the makeup of the GF series starting back with the GF3 and it works for them.

      I predict the Gx series to merge with the GX1 camera. I think the GH3/2 stole the thunder from the G5. Even though the G3 was a great camera, the G5 was well reviewed, it was shadowed by the GF, GX1 and GH cameras. I really think Panasonic will give Pros/Semi pros what they want this year, With their sights set on the Fuji and NEX lines. I really think the L-1 shaped camera (even though the GX1 was shaped after it) that everyone is clamoring for will finally see the light of day.

      Imagine… A L-1 with a swivel display in the back, GH3 sensor, weatherproofing, WiFi connection with the built in swivel VF? That would be a serious camera aimed at Pros.

      Oh, and the 2 position flash would be a nice added touch. I love to just play with the one on my L-1! So ahead of the game….

  • George

    Peter, you’re thinking of the GX line, this is clearly not a GX1 replacement or even the same bread of camera. It’s the GF-mainly-sold-to-Japanese compact upgrade for amateurs who want to dabble in ‘real’ photography.

  • George

    Peter, you’re thinking of the GX line, this is clearly not a GX1 replacement or even the same bread of camera. It’s the GF-mainly-sold-to-Japanese compact upgrade for amateurs who want to dabble in ‘real’ photography.

  • yonsito

    Thumb wheel is missing, isn’t it. Even though there would have been room for it.

    • Yonsito…

      Where you been, bro? You just got out of a coma or something? They stopped with the Thumb wheel since the GF2!

      -Oh wait, you’re pulling my leg… You’re TROLLING!! Haha! Y’got me… That was a good one!

      • yonsito

        No, I’m serious. I think it should have one. Makes using the camera a lot more convenient.
        Now I’m probably not in the target demographic, but I still think that usability goes a long way.
        Well, maybe for the GF7. The mode dial did return, too.

  • Jón

    So we have these model categories from Panasonic

    G = middle tier, slr style
    GH = top tier, slr style
    GF = compact, sleek design
    GX = a little bigger than GF models, more controls + hot shoe

    I see that there is no GF camera listed on, and we should see a new GX model soon?

  • safaridon

    Pany seems to be moving their models upscale with these upgrades as their reps suggested a few months ago. The GF6 is aimed more at the EPL5 and NEX5R then it is at the NEX3N or EPM2 in price and specd features with exception of possibly sensor and IBIS if you need them. The GF6 is same dimensions, weight, and list price as EPL5 but offers larger higher resolution screen, better lens IQ or smaller kit zoom lenses and inbody flash which the others outside of NEX3N lack.

    Hopefully this means we may see significant upgrades for the G6 and GX2 as well?

    • David

      We’ll have to wait a month to hear about G6, supposedly.

  • One foot in the grave retired engineer

    Outta my way, whippersnappars! This is the camera me and the boys have been waiting for! Forget the marketing material! WE old timers are the real target market for this camera. And every other GF, E-PM and NEX 3 camera they wanna throw at us! Join us one foot in the grave retired engineers, along with our fellow GF and E-PM users, those midlife crisis middle aged metroqueers whose wives divorced them for buying a GH3. Life’s too short to waste on an proper camera, folks. Leave those viewfinder cameras to the whippersnappars! All we need now is a Polka Dot Metro Pink and Lime Green Limited Edition to match our equally astute choice of attire. Hey, laugh all you want. We old timer engineers are the life of the lawn bowls club. Can’t wait to get me this GF cam for some late night low light lawn bowns lunacy! Now, gotta go and check my engineer’s retirement fund to see if I can afford this thing. Have fun whippersnappers waiting for your proper cameras!

    • David

      I can’t believe I actually read past halfway through that …

    • wls

      +1 Yep that’s my group!

  • Bob

    No hot shoe, no EVF, no interest from me. But I’m not the target market for this cam. It looks like a significant upgrade from the GF4, 3, and 2.

  • kiki

    gx1 naked for 274€ on amazon

  • Sqweezy

    The new GF6 brings a swell of upgrades over the previous model. This begs the question of what exactly is in store for the upcoming GX2. The GX line is obviously intended for a more seasoned user, so it needs to differentiate itself from the GF with features that now have to go beyond a mode dial. Features such as a hot shoe and function dial are no-brainers as they are mere carryovers from the GX1. Along with the GH3 sensor, it seems likely now that the integrated EVF will certainly be added as a clear addition to the GX line for the advanced market it is targeting.

  • nik

    I’ll take EPL5 for IBIS

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