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(FT5) One more pic…


Click on it to enlarge!

I first thought this is just a super well made collage of the three mini leaked pictures but de facto it is not. It’s a true image and probably the right original image. I have more news to post soon. Stay tuned on 43rumors today, tomorrow and the next days :)

The next rumor is about Panasonic…

Again for my European friends: Watch out the new refurbished items at Olympusmarket (Click here). They have all new E-PM1, E-PL3 cameras on auction!

  • JesperMP

    Beautiful !

    But … I find that the shutter button is a little bit too far away from the grip. It may only be 15 mm but enough to be slightly awkward. I want the shutter button to be exactly where the index finger will fall naturally.
    An example of beauty before function.

    • The Shadow

      The Oly shooters are a strange bunch. They have long noses and short fingers! :-P

      • konikonaku

        hahahahahahaha…sorry admin, i can’t help it 8-D

    • Duchemin

      Well, if this is a real picture and not some hotchpotch collage why is “E-M5” inverted…

      • … you know how many people asked this already… the other posts

        • JesperMP

          It is hereby confirmed.
          Name of the new camera is “SW-3” !

      • Digifan

        Maybe because it’s the topplate

      • It is no more inverted than Fn2. Apparently, it is designed to be read by the photographer.

      • narutogrey

        You do know that is how Olympus has put the camera name on all their PEN camera’s, right. Just take a look at all the other top plates from the e-p1 all the way to e-p3.

    • DonTom

      You are probably right, but of course there is the GH2 for that school of ergonomics!
      I think this body will be smaller in the hand than it looks, probably the same size as the E-PL1.
      It will definitely be the smallest weatherproof ILC on the market. But it needs PDAF to take full advantage of all the 43 lenses!

    • Pete

      Wow, did you try it with your own hands? Where did you find it, please tell me I wan’t to be one of the first to buy it, even if the shutter button is not at the right place.
      Did you ever try to find the button on the Canon 5D? It is very, very small….

      • Esa Tuunanen

        You have index finger in thumb like 90 degree angle from rest of the fingers?

        • Pete

          of course, like everyone in the olympus team

    • The Real Stig

      I am amazed that you can tell from a photo what the ergonomics will be like.

      For me to reach such a conclusion, I would have to actually pick one up and handle it.

      • GreyOwl

        My thoughts exactly.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        If it looks like shit and stinks like shit do you have to jam your fingers into it to tell that it’s propably the real thing?
        Of course modern consumer doesn’t know even then because marketing and sheeples say it’s the latest fashion wedding cake!

        Images tell heck lot more about ergonomy than any text. Most content of “reviews” is just repeating marketing lies and average consumer is as intelligent as that 50 year old all manual film era brick.
        Dpreview’s “In hand” pictures tell me instantly how comfortable grip camera has: If camera is held with “fingertip grip” with fingers bent hard talks about ergonomy aren’t worth the canvas they’re written on. And that style is synonym with gripless or tiny grip cameras.

        Same for controls, high end DSLR control system gives the most comfortable access to widest amount of settings.

        And I don’t need to try these retro bricks to know that their ergonomy sucks compared to DSLR design (which itself isn’t the best for digital camera) because my father has old manual focus era brick style SLR which I’ve handled.

        • Boooo!

          Just consider these m4/3 cameras as random snapshot cameras – you keep them around your neck or in a bag, and occasionally shoot a photo while walking around as a tourist. They’re not meant for any kind of serious use or prolonged shooting.

          I’ll definitely buy an OM-D several years from now, when the price of a used body falls down to about 250-300€, along with an E-7 or an E-9 for serious and comfortable shooting :D

          • Brass

            You really, really are stupid aren’t you.

            • ange7

              lol … can I answer that?

              • too late he answered for you…

            • Boooo!

              You are missing a comma and a question mark there. Try becoming literate, mr. troll.

          • What exactly is prolonged shooting? Do you sit in shooting position for hours at a time? If so, why?

            I also love that you project your on prefrence onto to the rest of the world. A tad self centered are we? So, let me get this straight; because you don’t find m4/3’s cameras comfortable to use there for they are not serious tools? Give it a rest already. I would be the exact same photographer whether I use this or a Nikon D4. However, I can say 100% certainty I’d much rather used the OM-D.

            • Boooo!

              What is prolonged shooting?

              Well, for example, shooting your kid riding horses for about an hour. A 50-200 is minimum for that. Can’t use it on m4/3, can’t get good results.

              How about shooting a wedding and having to hold the camera for a total of eight hours in a day? Good luck not getting finger cramps.

              Now please stop projecting YOUR shooting preferences on everyone. There are photo-related things m4/3 can’t do compared to 4/3, whereas the opposite does not hold true.

              If you’d be the same photographer with a D4, then you simply aren’t shooting things that require a DSLR. That’s fine, but don’t ever say that no such things exist. I’d personally *be* a better photographer with a D4 or an E-7, and I’d be a worse photographer with an m4/3 camera.

              • Hey Booo, I’m shooting with an E-5 and several HG zooms plus the ED 50 2.0 – and with the E-PL3 with numerous primes.

                And believe me: should the E-M5 be able to AF my FT zooms as fast as the E-5 – what unfortunately won’t be the case – I’d say farewell to the E-5 without hesitating a second. It’s all about being ready to accept that you have to handle and hold a smaller and lighter camera differently. Nonetheless, it can be done – and the reduced weight represents a true relief when hiking for eight or more hours.
                I never hold my cameras in my hands, I normally have them on my sunsniper and am ready to shoot within fractions of a second – no matter how big or small the camera is.

                • Boooo!

                  I carry my E-510 with the 25mm pancake when I’m out hiking with the kids. I know the importance of weight and I would gladly have an OM-D to replace my E-510 (and if the 12mm was more compact and cheaper, than I’d get it instead of a “normal”).

                • Sorry Booooo, but you clearly haven’t shot a wedding. You don’t hold your camera for 8 hours during the day, you might cary it for 8 hours a day (more like 12 actually), but most photographers will have a camera strap. I use a dual R strap, and hang a D700 and D3S off them. I would estimate that time actually shooting is closer to 3 maybe 4 hours, though even that, I’m rarely holding the camera to my eye is much less than that, with walking around, and waiting taking up the rest of the time.

                  Granted, sports or some other types of shooting you could have to hold it up to your eye for extended periods, but if that was the case, I’d have a monopod or tripod to help if it was going to cramp my fingers.

                  I used to shoot with a 50-200, and honestly, most of the weight was on the left hand as you hold the weight of the lens. At that point there is no ergonomics involved :)

              • Steve

                Crazy. I shoot the 50-200 4/3 lens on my E-P3 fairly often for sports. It doesn’t track worth a damn but I anticipate the action and zone focus. It’s not so hard.

                The m4/3 cameras are MUCH more comfortable for prolonged shooting than the E-3/E-5. Why? SO much smaller and lighter. I got a nice strap (Roberu leather) for my E-P3 and I can carry it all day. I also have a nice strap for my E-3 (Crumpler) but damn if my neck doesn’t hurt from the weight when it’s around my neck for a few hours!

                • Boooo!

                  It’s hard for me. I need AF. I can manually focus static subjects without problems, but I haven’t been able to do that with moving subjects. I simply can’t risk having a good photo of my kid on a horse ruined by bad focus (the E-3 CAF is surprisingly good, actually, maybe I have a defective camera :D ). So far I have 6 big prints hanging in the attic mini-gallery. If I MF-ed, then I’d have 0. I’m not good at it, no matter how much I try.

                  Note I said “shooting”, not carrying the camera around. That’s something different. What I *do* know is that I can’t do what I do with an E-510, but I can do it with an E-3, because it’s bigger and more comfortable.

        • The Real Stig

          Analogy fail. You and the person I was responding to might be able to tell what a concert will sound like by looking at the program, but I would have to actually attend the concert and listen to it to form a meaningful opinion.

          You can not use one sense to determine acurately what another sense will perceive. Seeing the waveform of a sound on a screen can not – unless you suffer from synesthesia – give you an accurate sense of how the sound will affect your sense of hearing in reality.

          Ergonomics is about spatio-motor coordination and touch. You can’t determine it from a CAD drawing or photo.

        • Rchard

          @ Esa, How many times are you going to write “retro bricks”. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it! You know that noone is forcing you to buy it, or even read about it. Btw, you write like shit, so feel free, not to post here.

        • AG

          Too bad you can’t afford a DSLR.

      • JesperMP

        I cannot KNOW how the ergonomics will really be.
        But I can make an educated GUESS, from using and trying out many other cameras.
        I need a real grip with enough volume to allow the hand to grab firmly around, all the way including the fingertips. Enough dials to make the most settings without diving into the menus. Some empty buttonfree area at the rear for my thumb. The surface should be some kind of grippy material, not shiny and smooth. And I need the shutter button to be right under the tip of the index fingers natural position.
        Amongst the mirror-less, Sony NEX7 comes closest to all this. Only they have put an irritation movie button too close to the thumb-rest.

        • Miroslav

          “I need a real grip with enough volume to allow the hand to grab firmly around, all the way including the fingertips.”


          Me too. And this, sadly isn’t such grip. I wonder why is it so hard to make E-620 – like body. Hopefully, one day they will revive that shape, like they did with OM.

      • Bob B.

        but Stig, this is the World Wide Web…everything is a fantasy.

    • Steve

      Someone please send a copy of this pic to Mark Newson.

      • Lol, that was mean

        • Charlie

          But well played.

    • I find that on my EP-1 the shutter button is a few millimeters too close to the end of the top plate for my index finger’s natural position. So the E-M5 looks just right in that respect.

    • If you not click on it to enlarge, is the maybe right size. :-D

    • MJr

      This thing may just be smaller than you think. (jesper)

  • simon

    That text is cringeworthy (‘The “world” will be transformed…’). It had better not be real, or Olympus should be more careful in picking their ad agency…

    • I agree. Look at the ugly fonts too. For me, this is a fake.

      • roberto

        I’m pretty sure the font is authentic, even if I agree it’s ugly :)
        Just have look here:

        • BBernhardt

          Does the background picture here resemble the veiwfinder on the Em5, and if so what does the circle in the middle indicate, ovf in the middle and evf on the outside?

          • BBernhardt

            The view finder look quite large looking at yesterdays pics, and there is also something in the middle of it. Motion sensor?
            If that is only the middle, this thing is huge!
            Yep I think its a hybrid with EVF around the outside of the “D” shape,to show effects and information, OVF in the middle circle for more clarity in view!!!

            • Charlie

              The font police. :D

    • Nooh, E-M5 ready for sale in next month.

    • Will

      Text can’t be real. There’s questionable punctuation, and most glaringly the quote marks haven’t been replaced by curly quotes.

      • narutogrey

        Have you looked at ant of the other Olympus ads? Quite a few of them have spelling or grammar mistakes and they tend to use weird or unfavorable fonts along with over exaggerated statements. Just take a looked at the pen ads. This Om-D ad actually fits perfectly with olympus’s past ads.

    • Maybe it is a “Transformer”, as pointed out by admin. The ugly letters look like they were straight from the cinema posters…
      So could very well be a flip and whatever else (tilt swivel rotate) viewfinder. And please: nobody gets hyped in case it doesn’t move at all!

    • Nathan

      And they should know that when you put three verbs in quotation marks, since they aren’t quotations, they appear to be patronizing sarcasm.

      Oh, look at you, how cute, you want to “create”, “share” and “take part”. How f*cking adorable. *pats head*

      In English, in ad copy, you just retype the sentence without any quotation marks.

      Did it look like sarcasm to anyone else?

      • Katzen

        Not so bad, could have been papyrus with drop shadows heh

  • Leu

    The write-up doesn’t make it sound very revolutionary.

    • Well, at least it sounds like the G1, G2, G3, GH1, GH2 never existed.

      • Digifan

        Very true, they are not Olympus camera’ s so they are not included in Olympus marketing view. Quiet normal behaviour for marketing dept. Look at the Nikon ads, or Canon’s.
        E.g. Canon talks as if the articulated screen on the 600D was invented by them only and CDAF in their camera is the best thing since sliced bread, only to be found in the Canon camera’ s.

        If you know how marketing works then remarks like yours are superfluous.

  • This is a real image? I saw it on a forum a couple of days ago and figured it was somebody’s Photoshop handiwork…

    In any case, we’ll know soon!

  • Ragnarok

    Focus peaking, Olympus, focus peaking. If it comes with it, I’m buying two E-M5. Focus peaking has changed my life. At first it was: great, another gimmick from the video world. Then it was like… how could I live without this? And from now on I’ll never buy a new mirrorless without focus peaking (hey Fuji, your hybrid EVF could make wonders with it).

    Just a feature Olympus, all I’m asking is a simple software feature and I’ll be back…

    • Olaf

      What is focus peaking?

      • I think the is, use finger on touch screen for put focus.

        • JF

          No this is a display of the focused area of the image in the EVF, The display highlight the outlines that are focused. This should be very usefull for MF lenses and should be really more pratical than magnification (faster, easier)

          • OK, the hear nice, so we can use focus compose on one time.

          • rrr_hhh

            In complement to the previous post : it is a feature of the Sony Nex cameras. I’ve never seen one, but I imagine it works like the shadows/highlights blinkies.

            Oh ! And I don’t expect to see a Sony invention on an Olympus camera, there may be patents to protect such a nice invention.

        • TheEye

          Naw, that would be focus beaking! ;-)

      • Boooo!

        Focus peaking is a wonderful thing that displays a bunch of coloured dots or stripes on areas that are in focus. Makes manual focusing extremely easy.

    • Miroslav


      and HDR. Requires only software tweaking.

      • dvdyeo


        I want HDR too, and panorama. Seems likely given the rumored streamlined processor.

    • ange7

      yep…Focus peaking please

    • KlausB

      Hehe, focus peaking would be nice, but I think we have to wait some years for it ;)
      Oly needed 2 PEN-generations to put an AF-assist lamp in their PENs… And the PL- and PM-series still don´t have an orientation sensor, lol. Olympus acts a little bit strange regarding features in their cams ;)

      • I find focus peaking not precise enough when the dof is very shallow. The moment you go past the spot-on focus, the high light area does not change yet.(I am using a GRX for this)

      • Ragnarok

        Yes, but focus peaking is not new (at least in the video world) and it’s only software (already written, they just need to adapt it). I hope they are not that lazy…

        • Bobafett

          I’m usually optimistic towards Oly, but in this case I’m afraid they are lazy. My PL-2 is a year old and there hasn’t been any usefull firmware update yet, or has there?

          Anyway, FP would be awesome, since I use a lot of vintage lenses.

          • digifan

            I have worked with focus peaking and like Ulli says it’s not accurate enough. I’d rather have magnified view but with the whole outline/frame still visible. Focus peaking is highly overrated.

            • Ragnarok

              “Focus peaking is highly overrated.”

              Because you think so? Oh, come on, if you don’t find it that useful, fine, but don’t pretend that your opinion is more than that.

              I find many features to be a waste of space and resources, from video to built-in flashes to IBIS, but that’s just my opinion and I don’t call those features overrated. I know others like or love them and I’m fine with that.

              The world does not turn around you.

              • Digifan

                Yeah, for what it really does, it’s highly overrated.
                It’s a nice aid I won’t deny, but not suitable for critical focus!!!
                It can make MF absolutely more easy, but it’s just not infallable.
                The zoom in of Pana en Olympus (10/14x blownup) is slower but better for critical focus, but it’s essential that the total framing is still seen.

                • Charlie

                  NEX focus peaking is quite good.

                  • Digifan

                    Another point maybe that they won’t license the technology. It might make cameras even more expensive.

            • Richard_X

              It is true that there are lots of AF lens for M4/3. However one of the M4/3 strenghs is that a body can be mounted with various types of lens. I have bunch of manual lens in various types of mounts (i.e. Carl Zeiss M-mount, Voigtlander M-mount, Nikon AIS, Tamron c-mount).

              I would love to see the focus peaking or focus assistance on Oly or Pana. In NEX, it is called “focus peaking” but actually the concept is to enhance the manual focus more accurately. For example, Nikon D700 supports the manual focus wonderfully and accurately, It can tell us whether the subject is in focus. If not, it also suggests us how we should turn a lens (i.e. clock-wise or counter-clock-wise).

            • deniz

              i agree with that. its a good option, certainly better than not having it, but some people are just a little too carried away. its not precise enough, it doesnt work that well with soft corners (like a face) and imho its a little distracting with all those bright colors in the composition.

              but i think the best way to manually focus on these mirrorless cameras would be a super large and hi-res viewfinder (or a rangefinder mechanism :)).

              i do hope olympus and panasonic bring some sort of focus peaking or magnified center point but neither is a real solution.

      • “Oly needed 2 PEN-generations to put an AF-assist lamp in their PENs… And the PL- and PM-series still don´t have an orientation sensor, lol. Olympus acts a little bit strange regarding features in their cams ;).”


        I honestly prefer their kind of differentitation by features but equipping every camera with the best sensor available to them to the one used by Pana or Sony: the latest sensor only for the most expensive camera.

  • I just have a hard time believing that the width is the same as the Pen. It certainly looks wider to me. Not a lot maybe, but at least 5 – 10 mm.

  • Alberto

    E-M5 is history now,

    GH3 news please :-)

  • Iovis80

    the camera looks great, i’ll wait to see some test.
    Focus peaking is wonderful when you use old objectives: I really hope that it has it!

    • littorio

      No chance. Why should they add focus peaking (FP)? It’s necessary for Sony since they doesn’t have a lot of AF lenses. But not for Oly and Pana with their wide lenses lineup.

      Just imagine – Olympus has added FP, you started to use your old Konica (or even OM) 50mm f/1.4. Result? One potential m.zuiko 45mm f/1.8 buyer is lost.

      • ange7

        sounds really cynical (of oly). Oly needs to add focus peaking because manual lens users make cam purchases with this as one of their “wants”. Making old lenses more usable might kill some auto focus lenses but on the whole..not.

        • littorio

          I’m former MF lenses fan. And I still use my 50mm Konica sometimes :).

          But hey, modern AF lenses in most cases are just better. OM 50mm f/1.4 vs m.zuiko 45mm f/1.8 – what would you prefer? Definitely not the first one.

          But in case you have given FP, you’ll probably just save some $$es. Pure money loss for Oly.

          Yes, there are some interesting lenses not in 50mm area, but their users are niche in a niche and they will prefer NEX system. So, again – I’m not hoping to see FP in micro 4/3.

          Sorry for my bad English :(

          • ange7

            I love manual focusing but I still bought the 45mm 1.8 and the panny 20mm. Your right about the 50mm 1.4 versus the 45mm choice but it’s not usually a straight 1 V 1 choice. People keep manual lenses from system to system.
            I heard that peak focusing was easy to implement via firmware and if Oly wanted it they would of updated their current cams so I suspect your right and it’s not coming. Hope your wrong :P

        • Richard_X


          I expect to have something like focus peaking on Olympus or Pana too. This would be a nice tool to support the manual focus system. I have bunch of manual lens in various types of mounts which can be mounted on M4/3 perfectly.

      • don’t think so, it takes an whole other attitude if yuo are willing to use MF lenses. So we are talking about different 2 types of buyers.

      • Miroslav

        Or you can put it this way:

        Olympus has not added FP, you wanted to use your old Konica (or even OM) 50mm f/1.4. Result? One potential OM-D buyer is lost. Spent 200 USD more and bought NEX-7.

        • fact for me is: I get better focus results with just magnifying rather then relying on focus peaking.
          FP is good for fast MF without the need for magnifying, but not for critical focusing with shallow dof

          • littorio

            I’m not NEX user, but when I tried NEX with FP – I got the same result. One more problem is that FP doesn’t work with moving subjects. Red lines just disappear, which is a huge drawback for me :(

            Btw, I get quite good results with my GH1 without magnification. I can get my subject in focus if it’s not moving, quite quickly.

            I thought FP would solve my problem with moving subject, but any movement in the frame just wipes off the red outlines… so FP is nice, but not a big deal for me.

            • Focus Peaking wasn’t/isn’t even used much in the video world, it’s just a novelty that has very little practical real world use compared to magnified view (I did warn everyone quite awhile back lol).

            • ash

              Nex FP is not making manual glasses autofocused. It is just a tool to see what is in focus. You can still turn FP off and do mf old fashion way just as you described you do with GH1 without magnification.

              Coming from low end DSLR world and guy who uses a lot of vintage glasses, FP or focus magnification is a big big thing since viewfinder in such low end DSLRs are just too dim!!

              People here also ask why want to use old MF glasses when you have AF glasses available. However there are so many awesome mf lenses whose rendering is just awesome. No AF counterpart is available for them. Its just not about cheap! If I am not mistaken most expensive glass currently available for any camera systems is MF not AF.

              just my 2 cents!

              • Digifan

                The thing is that a lot of people want focus peaking iso magnified view because Sony has it and it must be the best, since you can react fast with it, faster than magnified view.
                The thing is that for critical focus it is not so swell as it looks, it shows the DOF, but it can’t emphasize a certain item of choice.

    • Goffen

      I don’t have much hopes for this. Oly don’t want you to actually use old lenses. If they had the slightest intention to make life easy for legacy shooters they would have made the MF zoom function a one press to enter and exit with half shutter long ago (Like panny has).

      They never gave us FC for legacy with 4/3 either.

      Im afraid this feature will come to pannys real soon, but never to Olys.

      I’ll get the oly though as i shoot Jpgs and i don’t like the panny colors

      • Goffen, look to discussion so start by Ragnarok and Olav`s comments longer up.

  • Eugenio

    The E-M5 is writen reverse
    In the preious image leaked (the silver one) there’s NO “em-5” on the side
    For me the siver one and the previous out of focus images are FAKE

    • Baronlee

      E-M5 isnot written in reverse, it’s written on top of the camera!

      • GreyOwl

        Just as it is on my E-P2.

      • MJr

        You mean SW-3 !

    • simon

      Ehmm, although you may well just be pulling our legs, let me point out that the ‘E-M5’ is written on the *top* plate of the camera, so it’s not in reverse and it won’t be visible on a frontal image.

      • Duchemin

        You’r right, so it could be a real picture, nice!

      • Eugenio

        I’m a asshole

  • Baronlee

    drool worthy… “too bad” I’m too deeply invested in 4/3 to consider buying this. Admin, any news on the upcoming E-7?

    • Boooo!


      Please ask your sources if they know anything about E-7. They have the new IBIS, video and sensor now, so it would be stupid if Olympus waited long before releasing the E-7… The E-5 was basically an E-3 MkII and it was released almost a year and a half ago, so we’re due for some more 4/3 goodness.

      • MJr

        Sorry i think E-5 was the last one.

        • Boooo!

          It wasn’t, since there was recently a VERY clear statement that DSLRs are still needed and they are working on the E-5 successor.

  • JF

    “Revolutionnary” the view finder ?? So far I don’t see any revolution, integrated EVF exist for years ! What is the revolution ?? If there is nothing more, marketing should calm a little and make a little less. This ad is really too much…

    • Ogawa said that it’s difficult to describe. He said something like “You just have to look through it to realise the differrence.”

    • daats

      revolve – definition of revolve by the Free Online Dictionary …
      re·volve (r-v lv) v. re·volved, re·volv·ing, re·volves. v.intr. 1. To orbit a central point. 2. To turn on an axis; rotate.
      So, the “revolutionnary” FV simply “revolves”: it can flip up .
      One can see the openings for it to move over the hotshoe in the “rubber”part .

  • Paulo

    This can’t compete with fuji x-pro 1, it’s just another compact, like many others, nothing special about it.

    • Richard_X

      Compete with X-PRO1?

      First of all, I think X-PRO1 needs to compete with itself rather than other cameras. Go ahead if you want to buy an proven system with almost $2000.

    • Steve

      Why not?

    • D3xmeister

      So is the X Pro 1

    • Digifan

      Sorry but what is so great in the X-Pro1. The sensor or the useless hybrid EVF. I mean a lot of people seem to be hyping the hybrid evf. It’s far from accurate and only optimal suitable for primes.
      For the price you can almost buy a D700 or a 5DmkII.
      The AF will be slower than m43. I think it’s far from perfect.
      No, all new camera’s announced have their own compromises.
      But up to now m43 still seems to have the best overal system possibilities.

  • MacGyver

    I can not wait to come out the new OM, I hope that the new panasonic voices concern GH3, i’m looking for a good mirrorless companion for my video productions, the M5-E and “ghost” GH3 if the contending

  • I measured the height of the hump relative to the height of the hotshoe. It seems the total height from the top plate surface to the top of the hotshoe is 25 mm (one inch).
    If the height of the top plate is the same as the lower part of the E-P1 top plate, the total height of the camera will be 92 mm. A Panasonic G2 is 86 mm high.

    • flash

      Humps on mirrorless cameras are like wings on cars from the 50s :)

  • omolympus

    Should not be the same width as a Pen, the controls are too crammed. Should have been about same width as original OM. Just Olympus trying to save money by using same internal injection moldings & producing a f*ck up.

  • alvaro

    does ‘share’ means anything in the leaflet?

    • achiinto

      Probably integrated with Facebook with GPS location and build in 3G capability. It might have an Andriod OS too.

  • Yun

    Panasonic news ? Quick . Just can’t wait to know what is Pana’s counter to all latest mirrorless since GX . I still hope Pana can come out a rangefinder cam with build in viewfinder . But must with innovation technology otherwise no point come out something that still sharing all the old technology .

  • Salty

    I’m hoping this will be the camera that lets me sell my 50D and my G2 and just have one set of lenses.

    I’d like a weather sealed 17 or 25mm 1.4 pancake to go with this.

  • Goffen

    So now all that’s missing is a good view of the backside.

    • TheEye

      Don’t forget the bottom plate. I can already hear the outcry of millions as the off-center tripod thread is revealed.

  • anonymous

    Admin, you were right with the wording: “a revolutionary new camera”, but this might be limited to Oly marketing department’s point of view.
    I know – its just marketing speech, but if they had real innovations, wouldn’t they mention them in an add?

    “OMG, the EVF allows to check the Art Filter effect”.
    All they really have to say is it’s smaller than a Dslr (since the Pentax K announcement we know that’s not a given) and has viewfinder.
    Oly are quite impressed with themselves for adding a viewfinder after 3 years. Wonder if they realize they’re a bit late to the party?

    It looks like it’s going to be a nice cam, but with no real innovations.

    • JF


    • Thats pretty much it and in all fairness, long lasting game changing novelties only happens once and then. Cannot reinvent the wheel on every occasions

    • ange7

      yeah oly hype only makes sense when they compare their new cams with their old ones. If revolutionary evf simply mean “yeah it has a viewfinder” most will be disappointed but not that surprised.

  • Alexander

    if it cannot compare with the NEX-7 it is a disappointment !!!
    This camera will show us the direction of Olympus future – top or flop !

    • Pete

      This camera will show us the direction of Olympus future – top or flop !

      I heard this so many times…

      • napalm

        heard it since the E-P1 hehe

  • Right. The fog is clearing to reveal a well thought out concept. This is indeed what an SLR should be in my view: not too large, not too small, solid, durable and comfortable to hold for an extended length of time. Somehow all the digital offerings have failed to meet this set of requirements, but this is more like it.
    Ironically, the perfect DSLR may not be an SLR at all, but who cares about semantics?

  • not really interested in Panasonic, keep the Olympus flood of gossip goin on!

    • Frankly, I’ve had enough Olympus hype for the next year. It’s time for something else, at least until Wednesday.

      • How about Ricoh? I m waiting for their new GXR body specs :-)

        • C. Algor

          Is this Ricoh a m4/3? You may be on the wrong rumour site.

          • is it forbidden to speak out another brandname here?

            • MJr

              well it is for admin to post about it. mirrorlessrumors would be better.

              • come on my comment was just a reply on Sneye. go hangout the policecop somewhere else lol

  • Lucem

    That’s to bad, I do not wait to “take part”, “create” and “Share”. Especially not in quotation marks. I just want to take the best possible pictures, to the limit of my skill and creativity. A marketing revolution will probably be more hinder then help in that.

    If the size of that hump was determined based on form, and a retro fad, rather then function, this is a fashion accessory with hopeful some photographic potential.

  • bilgy_no1

    I saw this in DP Review, and it looks like someone’s hobby. Maybe the picture of the camera is real, but no way those texts are the authentic Olympus texts (the give-away is the extensive use of the quote marks).

    • Boooo!

      Welcome to the wonderful world of marketing. This is so badly written that it simply has to be real – only retarded marketroids could be capable of doing such a thing.

    • Lucem

      Hope your right. I fear you have to much faith through.

    • MJr

      No i think they signify something in those words. Like the highlighted ‘O’ and ‘M’ in the magazine teaser thingy a while ago.

  • Jojo


    • admin

      Alreayd posted here yesterday. Didn’t you see them? :)

  • Marcel

    The next rumor is about Panasonic …. they are going to announce a L1 successor.

    • simon

      No, in an attempt to re-take the retro crown they will announce the L1 predecessor! ;)

      • Vivek


        Fuji can not be left alone!!

        • Fuji is look hight and up, also will Leica play. :-D

    • napalm

      It’s the new GX2! :D

      • tobi

        Ohhh yes!

        smaller, rounder and with less confusing buttons… yay!

        • C. Algor

          Smaller, rounder… The GF3 exists already.

        • MJr

          LOL, confusing buttons ? Yeah i’d recommend a GF3 for you as well.

    • C. Algor

      No, they will annonce the GX2. GX1 will be discontinued soon, already been in the market for 2 months, obsolete stuff. :-)

    • Anonymous

      It’s far late for Panny to make the NEW RE-Model L1,.after GF2, GF3,&GX1,.it’s precisely 3 attempted model but nothing come close to make re-model /precisely like ,L1

      I doubt panny can take the crown after this in term of -image quality

  • 12-70 2,8-4 Power OIS?

  • knipser

    Hi Admin, thanks for your work here!

    The next rumor please ;-)

  • Stageshadow

    Why there is no weathersealed prime?
    Please make the 17mm mk|| weathersealed!

    • The 60 mm macro is a prime and is reported to be weathersealed.

  • Anonymous

    I like the contemporary look of this camera, it’s beautifully crafted and solidly built; but I don’t see the resemblance of the OM series in this one, however, it is a beautifully designed, and it is a better camera than E-P3.

  • om-4

    “Create” new art filters

    “take part” possible 3d feature in stead of panorama. press button move camera to left or right = 3d picture.

    “share” built in Penbuddy/new accesoire or crappy built in wifi that only supports the oldest receivers (slow) or will not connect 90%. Will take 3 generations OM-D to correct.

    What I like to know is what they did to aid manual focussing.

    • chonggo

      lol, manual focusing. how old are you, sir?

      • MJr

        if only you knew how stupid a comment like that makes you look.

      • om-4

        @ Chonggo
        Get off your Segway and learn to walk, lol

  • Camaman

    When are we gonna see Panasonic 12-35 and 35-100 lenses?
    Whats the release date and price!?
    What are they waiting for? Will they release a weather sealed video GH3 body?
    (and you think OM is an expensive body) :-)

  • ShatteredSky

    What’s with the strange rendering of the “l”s in the text?


    • I think the only is anti alianse in combe by image so is sharp in low dissolution.

  • CRB

    “groundbreaking”……lol. groundbreaking already existing tech…built-in EVF (sony has) with a 16mp sensor (already being used by panasonic)…lol

    • Let them have the day, CRB. Because no Oly hype ever lasted longer than a day past release.

    • MJr

      The sum of its parts man, the sum of its parts !

  • fodiographer

    Hopefully we are getting rumors today about the GH3. That’s the camera i’ve been pining for :)

  • man

    That pic is totally fake. Haha

    • Could be one of the early mockups, given to designers to make the flier mockups.

  • Yun

    Someone mention L1 successor , is it real ? That is what I been waiting . Pana need to create another highend rangefinder to compete with NEX 7 & the ultimate rangefinder cam , X Pro .
    I still remenber words from Utmattsu , Pana want to be no 1 in mirrorless .
    Let’s prove it , Pana .

    • Neither the NEX-7 nor the Fuji Pro are “rangefinder”. RF is the way Leica measure distance and by double images in the viewer supports MF. Introduced 1952. The Fuji has an EVF and and OVF like Leica, but uses CDAF for focusing. The NEX has an EVF and uses CDAF like m43 and others.

  • Troy_X

    “Share” probably means that it may support WIFI or 3G. Once a image is taken, we can upload it to our facebook at once.

    Of course, it’s my guess.^_^

    • Do

      Although I would prefer WIFI, i guess it’s rather a built-in Penpal, supporting Bluetooth only.

      • MJr

        I think bluetooth is more reliable is it not ?

        • Do

          In my experience not, but may be that depends on the gear you use.

  • jocky

    The beginning of the end ! Who the hell pays good money for such shocking copywriting. Where is the revolution? If they think seeing effects in a viewfinder is the main selling point it is very telling. This is a consumers necklace.

    • MJr

      Doesn’t matter. If the camera is all it appears to be then that’s all i need to know. This isn’t for people who have to rely on information they get from marketing anyway, because whatever their selling story is, a true enthusiast would need no such crap to know whats good or not. And in this case before it’s even released :).

    • 43shot

      Agreed. But if it has at least 10 “Art” modes and Paypal app inside to sell pictures from the viewfinder I’m in!

    • I’m tired of reading senseless comments like this…

      • MJr

        And you realize how you’re not helping ? ;)

  • It certainly is beautiful. But so is the Fuji X-Pro1. And the X-Pro1 is a real camera beyond its beauty.

    Currently, I am more drawn towards the Fuji although I already have invested into MFT lenses.

    I’ll have to get hold of both cameras and try them for a bit before I make a decision, but the non-improved image quality in the MFT camp turns me off to be honest.

    • MJr

      I don’t agree. First of all they are completely different systems from each other. X-Pro1 would be in stead of a SLR, but m4/3 works well alongside a SLR owner. I don’t get these twisted comparisons people do all the time. So you’re figuring out what system would be best for your needs, but that has noting to do with one being better than the other. It’s apple or orange, take your pick.

      Also, “X-Pro1 is a real camera beyond its beauty.”. I’m sorry but are you saying unlike this one ? Because that is just stupid. If this is not a ‘real’ camera then i don’t know what is.

    • I am in the same dilemma as Tobias and also considering NEX-7. There are real photos of the Fuji and also hand-ons and some example photos. I need to see more photos of the Oly before judging design qualities incl ergonomy. Then we have IQ issues.
      Most likely the Oly is a clear step forward in many areas – but IQ is unknown.
      MJr: You may feel you have the right to determine which systems are comparable or not. A more humble attitude is understanding the different people can use a camera/system in different ways.

      • MJr

        And that was my point.

    • Steve

      What does a “Real Camera” mean? Does an Olympus not take “Real Pictures”? I can point to you several photo magazines that exhibit photographers’ work using Pen, E series. Are these somehow not “real” pictures?

  • 43shot

    “Exceptionally light and small”. Well I suppose if you compare it to cameras outside its class. I would not go bragging about size because if looks very bulky to me and huge compared to a GX-1. Far too big, they should be getting smear not fatter, longer and taller. “ground breaking”, I suppose once it hits the ground:) It appears this is marketing to DSLR folks as a revolutionary replacement because of size yet it fails to mention the compromise.

    • Ragnarok

      We won’t know for sure until we see the camera. But it is not that Olympus can’t make small cameras. Look at how big their ‘full frame’ cameras once were (including one amazing viewfinder):

      I don’t expect the E-M5 to be that small, but I hope it doesn’t get that much bigger. A Sony NEX-5n with a ‘prism’ on top would be very close.

  • Edz

    Two model numbers? You’ve got to be kidding.

  • OllieS

    Any chance of removing the evf (smashing with a hammer) and installing a prism in the hump? Mirror could be within the adaptor?

  • neeming

    Sigh… How can you not buy something that pretty?

    How many men have married a pretty woman knowing that she is shallow (lack of depth and “dynamic range”:-)? Well, fortunately, this is not a marriage.

  • Mike

    This looks amazing! I hope the sensor is really an improvement, in which case this will be a slam dunk. Maybe they’ll come out with a black 45/1.8 now…

  • fgl42

    I can’t wait! If only I had the money for it. Best micro four thirds camera yet! Look forward to the commercials. Love those Oly commercials.

  • Admin, thanks for finding this — nice to see one pic that shows most of the dial locations.

    I agree that it isn’t really possible to tell much about the handling by looking at the pic, but the basic layout of the knobs looks good. Presumably you will be able to program the two right-side rings to adjust aperture and shutter speed with your index finger and thumb, and you’ll be able to switch modes with your left thumb, so most of the things you need to do during picture-taking will be right where you need them.

    I still wonder what’s in that vestigial “pentaprism” humpety-hump. Panasonic’s hump is 100% function-driven — its shape and size are the minimum needed to contain their somewhat bulky sequential EVF and a pop-up flash. Giving the Olympus hump the shape of a pentaprism simply for the sake of evoking the ’70s SLR look just seems like purposeless nostalgia.

  • Olaf

    We are starting to get a better picture of the new Olympus camera, but has it not been a bit quiet on the sensor front lately?
    Is it really sure it is the Panasonic GX1 sensor?

  • Michael

    Now this finally looka like a nice camera from olympus. All previous model had something lacking.
    water proof, both flash and evf built-in, ibis, tilting monitor, up-to-date sensor. Now its all there in one package. nice.

    Looks like they improved the handgrip a bit, and together with the thumb rest and wheel around the trigger, it may well be usable with one hand (something i personally like very much).

    the only thing thats really (!) missing here, is a water-proof 17mm f2 lens. That 17/2.8 pancake just doesn’t do it. bit too slow, not water-proofed, not particularly good optically.

    • fgl42

      Michael, I could not agree more. When it comes to the 17mm that lens just does not cut it. We need a high quality 35mm. It was one of the two most popular focal lengths for decades. I think it needs to be f1.8 at most. A larger size lens is okay for this camera. Olympus, please make a new version of the 17mm. The f2.8 is a joke!

  • Olaf

    I still cannot see whether or not there is a built-in flash, can someone confirm please?

    (And I know already that some people hate built-in flashes, that is *not* the kind of info I am after. I only want to know whether this camera has one, or not.)

    (For me a built-in flash is an important point in order not to miss any shots that would be impossible without any flash, but where the motive would be gone after digging up and installing an external flash. “Pros” do not have to use the built-in flash, there is no force to do so.)

    • OllieS

      Admin said no pop up flash the other day. Personally i’m happy if thats the case.

  • ibbz

    Absolutely GORGEOUS camera. I have an OM2n which I use and which I love. The OM body is superb, solid hunk of metal, ergonomically designed and still after all these years looks beautiful and is so very compact.
    For all those folk who are complaining about the ‘Hump’ or wishing for a Contax G2 styled RF (such as the new Fuji) – you’re missing the bloody POINT!

    This is an SLR style camera, NOT a Rangefinder – it’s also called an OM, so therefore is supposed to LOOK like an OM has the same ‘Hump’ , and if this camera didn’t have the ‘hump’ it’d no longer be an OM – If you don’t like the original OM, then pass on this and get yourself a Fuji or Leica or even a Pen EP.

    The RF style camera market is being dominated by Leica and Fuji with others joining the fray – Olympus has the exclusively styled Pen (I have an original Pen F and the Digital one is almost there – all they need to do in the future is include a VF) Olympus would be committing suicide if it decided to bring out a Digital Trip 35 or 35 SP or such RF camera, as they’d be facing too much competition, whereas with this, they have a compact SLR styled camera TTL, which is a Pro spec, quick, fast, accurate, great with filters and grads, and excellent for all types of photography – want to shoot a sports game with Long lens? check, street? check, landscape with grad attached? check – SLR are so very versatile. – those wanting huge amounts of DR/latitude – go get an OM2n or any other 35mm and load up some Negative Film for a nice 16 stops range.

    It’s also a Pro weather sealed body with fast AF – it’s NOT an RF I state again. it’s ‘TTL’ whereas an RF is NOT. When you use a filter such as a Polariser or Graduated Filter, with this, you can SEE the result, with the Fuji you cannot, and have to GUESS!

    I think Olympus have struck gold here, gone back to form, a form they turned away from when they abandoned the OM series.

    it looks wonderful, retro, but Modern in design – and looking at it, oh yes, it definitely IS an OM. The only thing lacking is a shutter speed dial around the lens mount and a film wind crank.

    I just hope the build quality matches that of the original single digit OM series!


  • ibbz

    NB. With the Fuji you can see TTL with the eVF version of the hybrid VF I suppose.
    But with a Leica? no. However an SLR style doesn’t make it ‘worse’, There have been scores of beautiful classic SLR cameras over the years with ‘humps’ which were and are superb in every way shape and form, which people are proud to carry and use. The OM series is one of them, and the list is endless for the rest..

  • flash

    What ad copy. I wonder if it was a Google translation.

    If “share” (used twice) means it can post directly to Facebook it will sell very well. I do not use Facebook, but if “world” means GPS that is great, probably means art filters though.

  • safaridon

    If this latest picture is real than the views of the top and contraption of a viewfinder shown yesterday were fake or from another experimental prototype?

    The E-D5 does look a lot more attractive in this picture to me. Seems odd they would have both E-D5 and OM-D model names plastered on the camera?

    • man

      yeah that camera looks really great so far (hey pentax guys watch this … maybe next time don’t look at bulldozers for inspiration!)

      maybe in one or two days we get full body pictures to gaze on :)

      • flash

        If Olympus made a digital camera that can use their old glass OM like Pentax, I would even get the Yellow one.

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