(FT4) Panasonic: No new camera the next 2-3 months (GF model in June?)


Now I got some more reliable news about Panasonic. There is no plan to launch a new m43 camera within the next 2-3 months. The next GF model should arrive right before the summer. About the GH3 I don’t know yet, but I guess it will be Photokina now! What should we expect for the CP+ show in Yokohama? Probably just the official release of the 12-35mm and 35-100mm X lenses.

So it’s all about Olympus now!

  • Berneck

    Well, that’s disappointing!

    • Berneck

      Although, I am looking forward to those lenses!

      • frank

        +1, I am really looking forward to the 12-35 lens. I expect it to be 2.8 all the way and then it will be a really, really nice lens for m4/3.

    • scooby70

      Sorry, wrong post.

  • Vivek

    With so many GF models still floating around (and unsold), why should they make and try to sell yet another GF model?!

    • JY

      GF series are hugely popular in Asia, outselling other models of any format by a large margin in China, Taiwan, Hongkong and Japan. So it’s understandable that Panasonic makes it a priority in camera development as it appeals to the mass market and brings in the money which can be used for the developemnt of higher-end models.

  • io


    Then, GH3 may be anounced on September at Photokina…

    • Bob B.

      Well..no…September would be 8 months…
      I am sure the only reason for the 3-month delay is because Panasonic has pawned off their remaining G3 sensors (seconds-no doubt), to Olympus for the E-M5 and need this time to release an incredible new camera that is going to have a ground-breaking new sensor that has 2.0 EV’s more dynamic range than previous models!!!!!! :-)

      • Very nice wishful thinking! There is a risk of course it will be a video-optimized camera. – Nice for many but not for me.

        • Bob B.

          All kidding aside, it will probably be the GH3…but who knows. I just hope we don’t get puzzle-piece images dripped to us for weeks before the release!!!!!

    • EASY

      Panasonic is sleeping giant…

      • I think Panasonic will announce a AF100 successor before the GH3

      • JY

        Panasonic is quite low-profile and undercredited although they have contributed many innovative products and technologies to digital photography. They are the first to have introduced affordable optically-stabilized digital camreas and small superzooms. They are the first to add wide angle capabiltities to their whole range of cameras and now this has become an industry standard. They pioneered in pocket superzooms such as series and large-sensor premium models such as the LX series. They are also now the driving force behind m4/3. But unlike certain other companies, they don’t brag about their achievements whenever they can or resort to overhyped marketing strategies to get people’s attention and then disappoint them with the final products. They just silently work in the background and surprise people with nice products again and again.

        • @JY

        • And lets not forget of a whole new way of shooting independent movies that spawned thanks to the dvx 100 camera.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          > They are the first to add wide angle capabiltities
          Sorry to interrupt your short memory but Minolta did prosumers with 28-200mm equivalent lens about decade ago.

          • Duarte Bruno

            I think he was talking more about 24mm and even wider.

    • Berneck

      Yeah, the GH3 or some type of “pro” model is what I’m waiting for. My GF2 just isn’t cutting it. Image quality is nice, but it’s just too slow. Depending on the reviews of the E-M5, I may just go for the GH2….sounds like a great camera…

  • P

    I think the Olympus OM-D and the Panasonic 12-35mm will make a nice camera. That lens is weather sealed right?

    • Yeah, it seems if Panasonic release the X-zooms now, it will bolster the sales of the E-M5.

      • And the lenses go click, click, click when on the EM5. Lets hope not.

    • Camaman

      hopefully not…:-/

    • Camaman

  • matt

    FUUUUUUUUUUUCK! I was hoping for the GH3 in april and all the dreams are gone :(

    • Berneck

      Nope I was. Hee hee ;-)

  • Fan

    The later the release, the better the sensor.

    • Bob B.

      Just like the E-M5?

    • C. Algor

      Good point. Imagine what wondeful sensor if they wait until 2020! ;-)

  • Hurray! I find Panasonic cameras boring ;-) So more Oly rumors, please :-))

    • JY

      I find the repetitive iterations of the same camera for three generations much more boring than the diversity of products that Panny offers.

      • “I find the repetitive iterations of the same camera for three generations much more boring than the diversity of products that Panny offers.”


        This is funny: Hasn’t there been a lot of whining as the Panny camp waited for the successor of the GF1? And aren’t G3 and GH2 just repetitive iterations of same old same old? Just with the G3 having to cope with reduced functionality?

        The only really new line was the GF2 and GF3 – and both cameras didn’t prove to bee too popular with the enthusiasts. Or did they? So what exactly are you talking about, please?

        • Diane B

          Interestingly enough I find the G3 to have more functionality than my G1. People fuss about lack of buttons but what buttons are we talking about?? I have all the important buttons at my finger tips, don’t need to move my eye from the EVF unless I choose to use the touch screen (which I consider added functions as I like the touch focus esp. for manual focus lenses, and my small Q menu which I don’t need to access often but its quick to use on the touch screen–quicker than using a button). I have AEL/AFL in a more conventient/ergonomic place, a second FN button and more custom functions. Besides which, the increased MP, decidely better EVF, smaller size make it “not the G1 of my parents” LOL (riffing on an old GM line–Buick I think).

          I pondered buying the G3 or GH2 but happy with the G3. I may consider the GH3 in the future but have no real complaints with shooting with the G3.

    • Bob B.

      Retro is boring. Yawn. Give me form follows function with ALL the latest components in one tight package with tasteful design. (The Pentax K-01 really missed all paramaters there and the XPro1 has some serious technical issues)..
      The opportunity is out there, as the camera that we all want has not been produced yet.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        Shame that Minolta isn’t around anymore because they did some really excellent controls and ergonomy for the size legacy free design prosumer “compacts” before marketroids invented that everyone needs worser controls and ergonomy entry level DSLR.
        Olympus tried to modernize design of body in E-1 but retro retards had their will and that development line wasn’t finished.

  • fodiographer

    very dissapointing news :(

  • Panasonic must have had a quiet agreement with Olympus on the synchronization of announcements.
    E-M5 + 12-35 + 35-100 = high end stuff in February
    GF + 60 + 75 = low/mid range in June
    GH3 + new PEN generation (?) = ceasefire is over in September

    • rrr_hhh

      Well why do you think the 60 macro and the 75mm f1.8 are going to be middle low range ? Olympus as recen ly delivered a lot of nice primes. I won’t name them low range.

      • Maybe he meant price? The 45mm at $400 is pretty much midrange. If the 75mm hits at $600 it would still be midrange IMO.

  • This might cost Panasonic a fortune. For me, it is also pretty disappointing. There is a big chance that for me it will be the Olympus (IBIS is good!) plus the Panasonic lens(es) in late spring/early summer.

  • uth

    that’s ok for me… just waiting to see those 2 lenses.

  • JF

    First, I hope we will see final 12-35 and 35-100 lenses at CP+ and not “concept” lenses. Then, I hope there won’t be 6 months to have the lenses available…
    Second, If GH3 is presented in september, it means we won’t have it available until 2013…It will be long…I will look at OM-5 performances to see if it’s better to wait for GH3.

    • MacGyver

      I also do the same

  • uiti

    Bad news
    Panasonic get in disaster now, because Panny’s profit is -700 billion Yen last year. Panasonic doesn’t have much money to develop a new sensor.

    • @uiti
      profit isn’t the same as cash flow (with which they will develop a new sensor with)

    • I dont think you have the right information about panasonic….it’s revenue from last year was up…in last year alone they made $104.88 billion dollars in profit alone…

  • this Panasonic gap might give Olympus a window of opportunity

    • Vivek

      That may be case but it is not good for the m4/3rds system, leaving Olympus to BS their way about “new sensors” and “tweaked whatever” and such.

      The GH-2 still would be better than the EM-5 in terms of versatility, IQ, DR and not to mention the Video.

      If Olympus can not lead with innovation, they should simply accept their reality and play second fiddle, instead of stifling progress!

      • @Vivek
        GH2 might not be better in video – we have to wait and see. I personally would be interested in filming using the art filters (something you can’t do on the GH2).
        Dynamic range is over rated as it mostly can’t be printed and also many photographers take out dynamic range by either spot metering or boosting the contrast in post.

        The sensor is only one part of the camera, the most important element of camera is that it should help you realise your creative vision.


        • Vivek

          Thankfully, there is Sony! ;)

          • flash

            Sony unfortanetly is in worst shape. All the Japanese electronic giants are having it hard. The most Japanese camera companies are not doing all that well either. I think I will buy a camera and/or lens to help out.

        • io

          Also, if the E-M5 has true IBIS while recording video and also other nice stuff like focus peaking, it could be a very interesting alternative for GH2. Specially if you use non OIS (like the 20mm) and legacy lenses.

        • P4INKiller

          Spoken like a true photographer, in that you are completely unaware of what benefits video.
          The point of having dynamic range is to allow you a greater range of visibility in brightness.
          To say that “it’s going to be boosted by contrast” shows how little knowledge you have about post processing, very rarely does it happen that you crush the brightness, you make use of curves.
          And the extra latitude allows for better grading.

          And shooting with art filters? Don’t even get me started.

          • @P4INKiller
            I’m saying the E-M5 is an unknown quantity in video (btw I shoot about 20-25% video), I do know the GH2 is excellent in video already.

            Regards dynamic range many photographers reduce for composition purposes anyway in post and yes curves is the most common post processing I do.
            What if you could grade in camera? Wouldn’t that be better for video workflow?

            Some art filters are almost equivalent to shooting in film so you could shoot black and white films such as Control (2007) or The Artist in camera, warm colour films such as Brother Where Art Thou , cool colour films such as Let The Right One In (Swedish version).

            A lot could be done with the grainy black and white, duotone, pale light and colour process for film composition, because with current PEN and E5 they are too choppy in video but maybe it’s been improved in the new E-M5.

            • True, there might be people who crushes blacks and clips highlights in post, but i would like to have the option of choosing wether to do that or not. I dont want the camera to do that for me…which is certainly what happens when a m43 camera is faced with a wide range of tones in a scene. No thanks, ill take 1, ideally 2 more steps of dr to any other feature every day.

      • melvin

        GH2 is a great cam although not weather proof and mine died very quickly during rain. Now if Olympus fils the gap with a descent weather proof cam that is on par with GH2 on video front and with quick AF, 9 frps, Olympus colors and good electronics behind the sensor to expand DR a little. Then this might be a very nice offer.

        Let them do what they are best in. Olympus making rugged cameras and Panasonic may lead in sensor tech.

  • Panasonic – all the right moves, two years too late.

  • NineFace

    m43 is just like p&s the new camera come out every month lol

  • Mr. Reeee

    There’s no need to release new cameras every few months with minuscule feature updates. Perhaps the consumer-level GF and PEN series can sustain that sort of thing.

    As far as the GH-series goes, it’s Panasonic’s flagship camera, if not the current M4/3 system flagship. For a top-of-the-line camera, incrementalism in terms of updates is counter-productive. I’d rather see a full-bore upgrade with serious improvements in numerous areas… wider dynamic range, lower noise, lowered and improved base ISO, improved and higher-res EVF and external display, faster data throughput, improved software and interface… than the equivalent of a face lift, shifting buttons around and more “art” filters.

    Those sorts of meaningful improvements take time.

    • Vivek

      I agree it should be meaningful and should not be like the G2 or G10 or the endless GFs. :)

      • Mr. Reeee

        Or the ONE Pen, with 7 bodies in a rainbow of colors.

        • rrr_hhh

          well there are white ones too if you don’t like colors ;-)

    • What Mr Reese says is what I hoped the Oly OM-D would be. The GH2 is old enough for a serious update. Personally I think GH2 qualities are not on a level that makes it a true flagship. It may be the current best, but that is another thing.

    • Totally agree. Besides longer product cycles are better for my pockets :)

    • Sales to US customers of the replacement for the 5DM2 from Canon are likely to precede sales of the new “GH3” to US customers by many months. Panasonic has been incredibly slow at delivering GH series cams to the US after their announcement.

      I was hoping Panasonic would start shipping meaningful quantities of GH3 cams to US customers months before 12/31/12, but if it’s not announced until Sept. then, based on their past miserable performance, that seems extremely doubtful.

      5DM2 video quality is already quite good, and will almost certainly be better in the 5DM3. Canon may addresses issues such as moire & aliasing in their new cam. It may also have a headphone jack and improved A/V monitoring capabilities (improved LCD & improved HDMI output functionality). The 5DM3 won’t be perfect, but it’ll be better than the 5DM2 & GH2.

      If Canon does these things, many video shooters, including possibly myself, will opt for the 5DM3 even though it’s more expensive than the GH3.

      The 5DM2 & GH2 have both been hacked, and the new versions of each will eventually be, too. Neither has an advantage in that regard.

      Although the 5DM3 will be more expensive than the GH3, at approx. $2,600 US list price the 5DM3 will cost about half what camcorders such as the AF100 & FS100 cost.

      Plus the 5DM3 will be a superb digital stills cam.

      So, other than the very nice benefit of m43 form factor (smaller lenses & bodies), for many video shooters, the 5DM3 may make more sense. From their point of view, an improved 5DM3 (if it’s really an improvement over the 5DM2 & GH2) will make more sense, and a bargain at that.

      Of course, traditional photographers who are primarily interested in shooting only stills may wave “bye bye & good riddance” to the video shooters who leave m43 for bigger video-capable DSLRs available months sooner. That’s understandable. ;-)

  • Andrew

    As I recall they’ve been saying for a while that it would be a fair while before the GH3 comes out. I would expect that demand for the GH2 will drop somewhat once the OM-D and the Nex 7 become available, which might prompt them to speed up a bit.

    I think most of what we’ve heard from them indicates it won’t really be a revolutionary leap. Offhand, I would hope for weatherproofing (almost guaranteed, I think), better DR/color/iso performance, and more leeway for color-grading. Focus peaking would be nice as well, and obviously isn’t too terribly hard.

    I doubt we’ll see PDAF for 4/3s lens from Pany, as they really don’t have too much to gain from that, especially with the new fast zooms.

  • As opposite to many previous comments I consider it as really good news.
    This clearly shows that GH3 will be truly a huge technological leap.

    • Berneck

      Agreed, the longer they wait to release the GH3, the more it has to be a big leap. If they fail to do that, they will lose credibility. It frustrates me, because I feel m43 should be much further along…

  • Hope you’re wrong about Panasonic, but it makes sense. Its probably to soon for the next GH camera which it what many are waiting for. Realistically its two X-zooms lens that are more important for the overal system at the moment.

    I’ll be at the CP+ show so really hoping that Olympus have their new cameras available for some hands-on time!

  • Mr. Reeee

    Is that CP+ Expo poster one of the most hideous and cheesy things you’ve ever seen, or am I alone on that? ;-)

    • BBernhardt

      The blue camera looks like the new Pentax ;)

      • Bob B.

        nice call!

    • Bob B.

      I kind of like it…but then I am mostly like a 7-year old and like things that are simple, colorful and fun. (NOT the K-01). Maybe if the illustration showed a vastly improved Panasonic sensor in Joseph’s Tech Dream Coat at the end of the rainbow… I would like it more tho.

  • scooby70

    Panny are a little frustrating and TBH I’m on the point of giving up hoping that they’ll ever release anything that’ll tempt me to upgrade from my GF1 and G1. I was almost tempted by the Nex 7 and I really like the look of the body but there’s not a single Nex lens I want to buy. The latest Fuji looks promising and if it meets my needs I doubt I’ll give Panny another penny.

    • rrr_hhh

      plus one for the latest Fuji Pro ! It is under watch here too.

    • > The latest Fuji looks promising and if it meets my needs I doubt I’ll give Panny another penny.

      What precisely e.g. G1 doesn’t have what the Fuji has? Except for the retro look and up-to-date sensor? Just asking.

      • mahler

        Something, which I don’t see as well. The lens system of Fuji X-Pro is rather lame in comparison to what Panasonic offered at system start. I don’t see that Fuji X-Pro and Lumix G are good to compare. While Fuji is a very expensive system focused to a few high quality primes (as of now), Lumix G is a more all around camera system with affordable (of course less quality, but not bad) and high quality components.

        A switch from Panasonic to Fuji just because their camera body release schedule is not in sync with that of Olympus or whatever, should be very carefully considered, because with Fuji, you are much more constrained at a much higher price point.

        You may wait years until Fuji provides a native fisheye, ultrawide zoom, long focal telephoto lens etc. etc. .

        m4/3 is mature, has a wide selection of native lenses. Given the current product line (Olympus and Panasonic) there is no rational reason to jump ship.

  • Steve

    You guys are too funny. You act as if the GH3 coming at Photokina is something new. We have known since last August (based on comments from Panasonic) that the GH3 would be coming at Photokina. Nothing has changed.

  • “Official release of the 12-35mm and 35-100mm X lenses” is still a pretty big deal. Until now nobody has seen anything of them except mockups with pasted-on labels, so their exact specs still aren’t known (well, maybe Admin knows, but the rest of us don’t!)

    These two zooms are must-have ranges for professional-caliber photography, and (along with the existing 7-14) will make Micro 4/3 the only mirrorless system with the full standard range of fixed-aperture zooms — meaning that for the first time a mirrorless system will be a genuine alternative to a DSLR system, rather than just a supplement. Their wider apertures will be very welcome for indoor video-making as well.

    I for one will be very interested to learn all I can about these two lenses!

    Incidentally, I don’t think the new Olympus, the NEX, etc. will really pull away much interest from the GH2 for video-centric photographers. As far as I know the GH2 (along with the earlier GH1) is still the only current “hybrid” still/video cameras that can record video until the card is full — all the others stop either at 29 minutes 59 seconds (because of European Union tariff regulations) or sooner (because of sensor overheating or other technical problems.) Panasonic is the only maker that has been willing to spend the extra money needed to provide unlimited-length video capture — which is important when recording sports events, theater performances, etc.

    • rrr_hhh

      ” ….meaning that for the first time a Mirrorless system will be an alternative to A DSLR….”

      Well they still have to issue a tilt shift lens before that and we are still in need of AF tracking, although I’m only in need of the TSE lenses.

      • Well, yeah, those would be nice to have (although there are third-party tilt/shift adapters already) but not every DSLR user profile requires them.

        For example, I use a tilt/shift lens at work for product photography, but none of the other kinds of photography I do require one. And AF tracking is important for high-speed subjects such as auto racing and football, but current contrast AF works fine for almost everything else.

        So, DSLRs still would be needed by some specialists, but M43 could still be an alternative for most. The only reasons I ever haul my Nikon DSLR out anymore are because I need to use wireless flash (which I could get in M43 by buying an Olympus body to use with my current lenses) or tethered shooting (still have my fingers crossed that this feature will make it into the new Olympus body, but not holding out much hope.)

  • Rinaldo

    C’mon Panny, take your time, catch the wave and bring us a revolutionary GH3 body!

  • Zo

    Honestly, this is the best for both Panny and Oly. If they continue to stagger they do not beat up the platform and the competition is faced with a new m43 release twice a year. For oly, they can release the XZ-2 and E-7 while Panny releases the GF/GH line. This way there is no overlap.

    What is more disappointing, unless there is some more news, is where are all those 3rd party lenses. I expected more by now

    • rrr_hhh

      Well I guess that since mft lenses are way less expensive than Canon or Nikon lenses, third party manufacturers will have less potential clients and their profit margin will be lower, so I don’t expect lots of third party offerings, at least not untill the market share of mft grows bigger, taking on the shares of DSLRs

      • Zo

        Expense (what a consumer pays) and profit what they make, are not necessarily the same. You can make a lot of money on a cheap item plus with additional volume you can make more, than a very expensive item where you sell less and potentially make less depending on what the market will bear.

        m43 definately has enough foot print in Asia. Less so in N. America and Europe but growing. If they Oly/Pany sell the fact of a complete system and show all the available options they can spur demand which will sell more lenses — at the same time, you cannot make profit at all if you have no lenses in the market to being with.

        Pany/Oly have to market better and the 3rd parties actually have to have products to sell. The profit margin for the lense companies is there if they actually had products people want to buy.

        • rrr_hhh

          i’m well aware of what you say. What I’m trying to say is that given the prices at which Mft lenses are sold, in particular some very good lenses like the 45mm Olympus or like the small Panasonic 14mm, there is not so much room for third party lenses. Also kit zooms are selling at such low prices that it would be difficult for them to get much lower prices.

          My guess is that those third party manufacturers who entered the mft organization some week ago hope or know that Canon will also produce an ILC mirrorless camera for their new sensor, which is almost the same size as mft. So they may issue lenses with the Canon coverage and could easily make an mft mount on them, without too much unneeded weight. Adding the Canon market share to the mft share could make that more interesting for third market manufacturers, especially if Canon prices are higher than actual mft prices.

          So to sum up, if the new compact ILC draws a large part of the former DSLRs users, the third party lenses manufacturers will have to produce for that market too, you are right, but it will be more difficult for them to issue cheaper products.. May they woud have to offer better products then ?

    • Steve

      Unfortunately, I don’t think we will see 3rd party lenses designed for m43. They will all be APS-C lenses with m43 mounts and will likely have slow CDAF as well. I have no interest in these lenses.

  • fgl42

    Wonder if they’ll FINALLY add an evf?

  • Rocky
    • If only you would have bothered to read a tad bit further:

      “Its grim outlook follows forecasts from Sony and Sharp Corp. for combined losses of $6.7 billion, highlighting the impact on Japanese consumer electronics firms of fierce competition from foreign rivals such as South Korea’s Samsung Electronics, weak demand and a strong yen.”

      IOW, it is tough time for all the electronics manufacturers.

  • Give me the Lenses

    “just” the X-lenses? Come on folks, that’s the big whole in the system now. Bodies come and go, but we have no, nada, zip lenses that match the basic 12-60+50-200 4/3 lenses. We have no zooms that competes with the canon L glass. If we get those X lenses and they are really great, this will be a turning point for the system!

    • T-L

      Even Oly kit zoom beats Canon L glass :D

  • safaridon

    I hope this Pany rumor is incorrect. The GH3 coming in late fall is no surprise but I expect Pany to produce a new GF7 model with EVF by June in time for the June Olympics and to go with the new fast X lenses. Hopefully the delay is only to incorporate a small high resolution EVF like the NEX7.

    Perhaps Pany thought of including the GX1 sensor in the GF3X and GF4 earlier but then the sales of their GF models and the GX1 have been so good no need to move up any replacements or competing models. Given the competition from the NEX7, X1Pro, Nikon I, E-D5 Pany really needs to produce their version of a rangefinder w EVF ASAP.

  • mahler

    Disappointment? Certainly not! The GH2 is still a competitive camera. Instead of releasing a new model prematurely just to compete with OM-D or NEX-7, it is better that Panasonic spends more R&D effort to get real new stuff out: i.e. really better view finder, better sensor on raw level (not JPEG trickery), build-in GPS module, more advanced flash system, better continuous shooting capabilities (speed, buffer size).

    With respect to new investments, I would envision that budget is enough strained for most Panasonic users, if they buy one or two of the fast zooms.

    With the GH2 at my disposal (and Lightroom 4 beta offering unmatched results with that camera), I am more in desire to buy new lenses than a new body.

    So photokina for GH3 with a new landmark, comparable to what the GH2 was, when it was announced, would be perfect.

  • GH3 at Photokina. Ah, long wait.

    GF3 update is kind of overdue – and IMO it was kind of lame of them to release it with the old sensor. Now they have to update it, if only for the sensor.

    I wonder what Sammy would show with the NX20. It is rumored to be announced at the end of the February.

  • Max

    I’m glad the GH-3 won’t be announced until later. This is a really big Camera year. D4, 5DmIII, C300, Maybe a 4K Canon, perhapd a new 7D, D800. So more time for the wonderful Panasonic Engineers to give us a very technologically competitive GH-3. 1080p/60, P-Log, More Dynamic range, better low light, higher res display.

  • Aly

    If the GH3 is announced in September, you know that means you won’t be able to get your hands on one in the U.S.until Summer 2013? Not sure I want to wait that long. I might just take a look at that new Oly OM-E-Whatever.

    • Swejk

      Aly avatar looks cute … ;°)

  • the bunker

    An updated equivalent of the GF2 would make me happy, with the new G3/GX1 sensor, support for the new EVF & fullscreen touch AF
    I don’t need the “prosumer” bells & whistles of the GX1, and the GF3 is a touch “girlie” for my liking (plus I’m assuming we need the hotshot for the EVF.

    Oh – and I want 50/60 video fps progressive at 720p.

    I really doubt we will see an integrated EVF into a GF replacement – unless it’s a simple/low res affair (but this doesn’t seem to fit where Panny are going with the GF series).

    The worst GF update would be no support for EVF – but I worry that this is exactly what Panasonic will do to ensure sufficient differentiation between it & the GX1.

  • Dave_in_MI

    I think the Olympics, not Photokina, is Panasonic’s deadline for the GH3. That’s a bigger advertising audience than even the Superbowl (mainly because it’s 2-3 weeks long and international). They have to make a big splash! ;-)

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Exactly, Olympics has heck lot more visibility with ordinary people than any Photokina.
      Sure photography circuits and medias make big deal out of Photokina but just how many normal consumers would know anything about it if asked?

  • With all the new announcements I am thinking about the coming up photo show in Yokohama and I wonder if the high radiation readings in Yokohama city are going to cause invited journalists to shun the photo show:


    those are very high levels … normal background radiation is around 0.2 microsvh … I personally would not go there no matter what the new tech on display is.

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