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(FT5) New E-M5 images!!! UPDATED with new picture…


That it is a Hungarian website ( leaking new pieces of E-M5 images! Those are 100% real images of the camera. That is the maximal resolution available. For the first time you can see the back of the camera and the hot shoe. The hot shoe over the viewfinder looks a bit clunky, or better…like a Transformer Robot :)

Something else. I am completely NOT suprised to see that the Fuji X PRO 1 (here to preorders) is current most (pre)ordeed mirrorless cameras at Amazon (Click here). As you see innovation pays back. Hope it will be so with the E-M5 too! via Fujirumors (thanks Stefan)

UPDATE: One more picture:



  • tangent

    Have read and really appreciated the coverage and comments , cheer’s ya all!

    Just another thought for the thread re. the EVF…am wondering if to balance the “fact” that it is based on / using technology (EVF2)then prehaps the whole EVF ‘module’ is somehow removable / replaceable as and when the tech / product development allows? Truly then, a transformer!

    I really like the suggestions by others that it might be articulated, like the existing Oly EVF accessory…however the modular idea I’m suggesting here is just another thought from the thread, but one that maybe in keeping with the earlier design ethos for the Pen line of bodies…i.e an EVF was not included in the body as the EVF tech was not quite there?..Release the rumours!.

  • Milt

    Nice looking camera. My big question is whether I can get it into my jacket pocket with the 20mm lens. Too much on top? What do you think, Admin?

    • Mal

      Looks really small to me and that would be a good thing as far as I’m concerned. If I need a bigger grip I have the choice to put it on for larger lenses.

  • Looks like an E-620 made to look retro. Nice. Too bad it won’t have rangefinder styling.

  • the fool

    multi-spot metering?

  • Hi steve,

    Totally agree with what you have to say. For me it’s all about the IQ,and this baby won’t dissapoint.

    Believe me, you’ll be surprise at the sensor stuff, for it’s a *** sensor.

    Thanks Jim Bob.

    • MJr

      Image quality is secondary. Body, it’s handling and the lens line-up are first.

  • safaridon

    I frankly can’t make heads or tails from the picture of the EVF for this E-D5 viewfinder contraption. Seems incredible after all the hundreds of complaints by Oly fans of the small G3 DSLR hump how suddenly this huge Oly hump is a work of art? Looks pretty clunky to me (even if it proves to be very functional) and more like a transformer as early commentors noted. Given the number of posters or responders to these rumors maybe Oly may have a lot of early purchasers. Given the apparent size of this E-D5 I will be inclined to keep my Kx DSLR a little longer and will wait for the GF7 if it is a rangefinder style with built in EVF.

  • Achiinto

    Please have adapter that fully support FT lens. I don’t want to sell them away eventually. Those lens are beautiful and pleasure to use. It would be a waste to leave to with incompatible camera body.

    However, looking at how is promoting mft, by saying bad things of ft, there seems little hope that Olympus will do anything for FT users.

    • Wow, what a phenomenally poor site ( — infinite loop home page + flash. Junk.

      • Achiinto

        Yea. Suck for IOS device.

      • Carlos

        I’ve never had a problem visiting that site using Firefox and Chrome under Vista and Ubuntu.

        • MJr

          What’s a Vista and how did you get under it ?

    • Better you don’t sell your good FT lenses if you don’t have to, even if I don’t think that they will be 100% supported with this new cam, but I think that will be possible in about 1 or 2 years. I hope so…

    • PS

      E5 is already there and so will there be a E7. Why sell the Glass if you can take excelent pictures with it!!!!

      • Achiinto

        I doubt if there will be a E7. Check out The advantages of mft highlighted clearly is saying that FT is a failure in the FT site. And Ho is the leading organizer of the site? I think is Olympus.

        They bring out the MFT greatness by comparing to FT. How sad? Since Olympus would imply FT is a bad design, I doubt they will make any FT adapter that work well for mft.

        • Doubt is about E-50 come, not about E-7 come.
          If a E-50 come, so will maybe the have EVF.

      • bilgy_no1

        E-5 is no real option. Too expensive for me and for what it does. OK if you already had SHG lenses, but not OK if you’re replacing an E-520 or E-620 with some HG lenses.

        • You can think on use HG lens on E-M5 if you have HG lens by blue ring, so 12-60mm SWD, 50-200mm SWD and 14-54mm MrkII.

  • Miroslav

    Seems that with every new camera release, we get a new piece of E-M5 puzzle :). This one’s a response to Pentax K-01.

    That thing on the back of the hump is accessory port cover.

  • Dumdum

    I’m feeling the styling, and I’m ready to buy one if the weather-sealed spec holds true and the size is kept smallish. Can’t wait for the official unveiling!

    Just from the sheer number of haters, looks like this one is gonna be a hit for Olympus, even with a maligned (but decent in actual use) Panasonic sensor.

    • DR

      The issue isn’t whether this is a _reasonable_ sensor or not. The issue is that this is yet another update to a whole string of m43 cameras that do not ever step into the lead in terms of image quality.

      If you want to pay 50% more for a waterproof G3, go for it.

      In fact, please do. I’ll buy it off you for $600 on ebay in 6 months, that’s about what it is worth without the sensor that should be in it.

      • mavis

        You’ve got a serious attitude problem.

  • Jeremy

    Why does this latest image sport a OM-D logo when we know it’s now the EM-5? Is this a photo of an early prototype? Is it photoshopped? Nevertheless, it’s my object of desire.

  • Vril_Ya

    haha.. the front of the camera looks classic while the back is ‘transformer modern’. The ‘hump’ is definitely not looking sexy, elegant, discreet, (you adjective here).

  • Resty

    wow, I like the all-black. What could be the function of those two dials on the right? The bigger one looks obtrusive. I hope Olympus will include the function to enable those dials into a zoom control for the powered zoom lenses (make it customizable) ala point n shoot and hope there is an accessory that can be plugged in to accessory port to control the powered zoom lenses. This could appeal to videographer. Cheers

  • 43shot

    OM-L (Lego) WIth predictive clicking.

  • safaridon

    Reportedly all these pictures are real but if you compare the top view on previous pictures there is no overlap of the top dials while on this latest top picture there clearly is an small overlap? That makes me suspicious of just how accurate the rest of the pictures are?

    • Previous leaked images have the 2 dials overlapped too, if not closely.

    • kevinparis

      safaridon…. the overlapping dials were evident from the very first picture… if you couldn’t see that then you probably shouldn’t have any sort of camera….maybe a white stick :)

      The pictures are all real… no prankster would design something that good looking and yet believable

  • To my eye the huge hump with hotshoe does not contain a built-in flash however it is detachable. It should be just the hotshoe with wireless ttl parts(?) in the huge hump.
    Once detached the camera should look smaller with the EVF as a small hump. Just like nikon j1? or n1? i don’t care :D

  • Vril_Ya

    I just hope that the back of that hump is implemented in a solid way. Just getting a sour impression of it being clunky. I hope i’m wrong.

  • dzv

    Damn, that hump really does look big… :-( It looks at least as tall, if not taller than my GH-1 hump. At least the GH-1 houses a flash. Apparently the E-M5 doesn’t even have a flash in there.

    The saving grace might be if the EVF doesn’t protrude too far off the back of the body. I can’t quite tell from the pics, but it looks as though it might be quite slim. As far as practical size goes, I think the protrusion on the GH series is more of a problem that the height of the hump. If the EVF was just a little more flush with the camera, it would make it much easier to put into a coat pocket, etc. Here’s hoping the E-M5 EVF doesn’t protrude much.

  • Roger

    Why would they keep the hump for the prism assembly? Is it so hard to make a digital rangefinder-like camera in the $1000 and less range? A viewfinder in the middle of the body leaves no room for your nose, don’t you know. The wait continues……

    • kevinparis

      sheesh,,, don’t you get it….. the hump is there to make it look like an old OM……lots of people in the target market have a strong affinity for the old OM… first ‘real’ camera etc…the OM was a pretty significant camera in its day…if you ever get a chance to hold one… and some of the lenses then you might just get what this is all about

      if you don’t like the hump… then hump off and find another solution…. personally I am looking forward to holding an Olympus to my eye

      • bli

        I own an OM-2. I have ZERO nostalgic feelings about the hump. Those who believe that a hump with the only purpose of feeding nostalgia is a good idea, are wrong — that will not sell many cameras; quite on the contrary. Any hump, and in particularly a big hump, must serve a purpose. And if a pop-up flash is not included, the only acceptable excuse is the weather sealing — or that the sensor is of D3S/D4 quality — in my view. Of course, if a weather sealing is used as an excuse, how to explain any movable external “things” with electrical connection? (tiltable screen, movable EVF, etc?)

    • Even though the VF is E, it still takes room for the optics. And if you take a look at the Olympus PDAF patents, you’ll note that they require some room above the sensor cavity…

      • shutterwill


      • amvr

        explain to me then, how does the NEX 7 achieve its slim profile and yet its considered one of if not THE best evf in the market right now !? I’m not defending nex in any way, I wouldn’t touch that system with a 10mt stick but I’ll give kudos where kudos are due, the nex7 dares to achieve something which m43 has had the potential to do since day 1 (G1’s viewfinder could’ve easily have made it into the GF-1 if not a proper GF-2). Sure the VF-2 uses nice optics to achieve its great quality but that doesn’t explain the HUGE pentaprism hump. I pray that olympus had time to implement its patent but I doubt it. As some have said already, this humps seems to be there for style’s sake and little more.

        • Jonko

          Sony’s EVF is OLED if I remember correctly, which is much more slim then ordinary LED. So, that’s a large part of it.

          • amvr

            Not significantly, and besides, that’s just one component (and the least space hoarder I’m guessing). What uses most of the VF-2 volume is the glass, hinge and acc. port, most of which isn’t needed in a built in EVF, so that’s no excuse. Oly or Panasonic could’ve easily done what Sony did with the nex 7 LONG ago, it’s not a matter of capability, they just decided otherwise and they must have good marketing reason (although they totally escape me). Perhaps they thought that if they were going to finally implement a built-in evf they also needed to make a big impression on the market so they went with the nostalgia factor once again (I’m actually fine with this) and decided to add a new OM line to complement the PEN line.

            • MJr

              LONG ago ? lol, pre-orders and promises ‘s all they’ve got.

    • spanky

      What kind of giant nose do you have that you can’t put your face against the camera?

      • achiinto

        Pinocchio’s nose

    • Troy_X

      A viewfinder in the middle of the body leaves no room for your nose????

      Are u sure that it is the point? Millions of DLSR bodies also have viewfinders in the middle of its bodies, and I’ve never heard anyone that complains about this.

  • Stravinsky

    Is this going to be a plastic hump, like the 410?

    • MJr

      you are aware that this is a €1100 weather sealed body ?

  • PaulB

    Since the new camera line is called the OM-D I will hazard a guess that they will try very hard to make the body look and feel just like an OM-4. Or as close as possible. Plus, I will predict that the close Olympus comes to duplicating the look, feel, and most importantly function of original OM/series cameras, the better they will sell.


  • lolo
  • Troy_X

    To me, the price VS performance of E-M1 (correct?) is a bit inferior to Fuji X-PRO1. It’s hard to make a decision which one I should choose. but it seems that X-Pro 1 is more attractive at this time.

  • physica

    If the water-seal ability is same , or better then the E-5 , then I will consider it. I’m a canon user , but really looking for a camera which is highly water-seal , even at the heavy rain… I really love to take photo while heavy raining. But canon’s camera’s weather seal is not very good…… The E-5’s Weather seal ability is very impressive , I even think about to bought a E-5 for heavy rain , but after knew the dim future of 43 , I hold my step….

    If this E-M1’s weather seal is as good as E-5 , able to resist the heavy rain with just a camera and water resist lens , then I will buy it for sure. Really looking forward to watch for the camera preview…..also hope OM could provide some water Resistant test…..
    (Just a hope only , Don’t LOL so loud…..)

  • Shanti

    the hotshoe comes off and the VF can tilt up 90deg…that’s my bet…alot of space between if its waterproofed??

  • 43shot

    If the camera is both small and ergonomic it will win and so would the user If they could take a great photo via the finger and it would truly open a creative window even if the sensor was five years dated. Is that not the end game of M43 and the next thing to come? Was that not the intent of this system? If you believe in shooting candid works of people and the like, or the freedom to create, then a fast lens and a small body are a creative object of large beauty. In time, the lens will be the housing and the body will be an afterthought. Too much focus is placed on the crutches rather than the tools that enable creative freedom. Zoom out, see the forest no mater who plants it.

    • MJr

      Nice to see somebody else who gets it :D. Death to the pixel peepers ! :P

  • A new photo from a magazine has been leaked!!/

    • Yep, just saw it.

      Pretty exciting!

      • MJr

        why ?

    • PS

      The same image is also linked above/before at the flikr site!!!

    • simon

      Must be a fake. The image looks like the composition from the leaks and the copywriting is terrible.

      • Charlie

        Already in this thread.

        Not sure why Admin didn’t post it?

      • Steve

        Well, the leaked images came from somewhere, why not this brochure?

  • marilyn

    i really wanna buy this if the price is right
    admin we want it

    • MJr

      it will be expensive at first, no doubt about that. and we already know the msrp.

  • The full front image looks great.
    A Korean beta tester also commented IQ is better than EP3 with the same lense.

    • Looking at that image, I just can’t beleive that it’s the same width as the Pen. It definitely looks wider. I would say around a centimeter wider.

  • So no built-in flash?

  • Alexander

    I expect this will be the biggest disappointment ever on u4/3, unfortunately.
    Hope I am wrong !

    • MJr

      Yes, for pixel-peepers.

  • HB

    “share” – this means Penpal is now integrated?

  • Jalo

    Compared to this, the Pentax K-01 starts to look interesting, at least personal :)

    • Rchard

      The inspiration for the new Pentax!

    • MJr

      What does that mean ?

      • Jalo


        Considering the look of E-M5, suddenly in my eyes, it does look old-fashioned, but not in a positive way. Not retro, not modern… of course when the really official images are published, anyway this image might not display the real thing:

        Somehow the K-01 looks more promising, even if weird :)

        • MJr

          Well i’m glad for Pentax that there are at least some folk crazy enough out there ;)

  • Jojo

    The front of the camera looks so good, so elegant, I’m struggling to believe that the same design committee accepted the set up around the back of the hot shoe!!!

  • Camaman

    WOW 487 comments! I feel like on Nikonrumors talking about D800! LOL!

    • MJr

      Oh man a D800 with E-M5 would be a perfect kit to get around whether you wanna look like the pro, or play inconspicuous.

  • Ton

    Still no image “leak” yet from the whole back view of the om-d. Im still guessing the controls layout & if the thumb wheel of the ep1/2/3 will be used in this cam

    • MJr

      I’m spotting a nice ‘menu?’ button right next to the titly screen where the image is cut off. I wonder if there is an additional clicky-wheel around the main 4-way buttons because there are plenty dials already and in the right places imo.

  • MJr

    Did anyone notice that magnify icon below he main dial in the first image ? How does that work, is the black thing below the dial actually a button which activates the magnify after which one can use the other front dial -where your pointy finger is- to zoom in and out ?

  • man

    that picture is fake… i bet

  • L

    I still think there is a flash under the hump! Check out the second image it looks like the front cover is designed to rotate. Also like the design of the old GH1, it is possible to keep the stereo mic and the flash at the same place…

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