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(FT5) next Olympus/Panasonic announcements in June/July.


The 75mm f/1.8 lens should hit the stores in June/July!

I know you guys are already impatiently waiting for the next rumor period. You really will not have to wait a lot. My sources confirmed to me that both Panasonic and Olympus will have new product announcements in June/July. I will soon write a post with the stuff that we might could see in June.

Under the category “dream” or “speculation” I have to remind you that:
1) Olympus officially said that they are considering a PEN with built-in EVF (Source: here at 43rumors)
2) Panasonic also filled some patent with an [shoplink 23692 ebay]L1 styled GF camera[/shoplink] (could be the “GL1”).

Let me dream! Are you dreaming something else? :)

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