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(FT5) next Olympus/Panasonic announcements in June/July.


The 75mm f/1.8 lens should hit the stores in June/July!

I know you guys are already impatiently waiting for the next rumor period. You really will not have to wait a lot. My sources confirmed to me that both Panasonic and Olympus will have new product announcements in June/July. I will soon write a post with the stuff that we might could see in June.

Under the category “dream” or “speculation” I have to remind you that:
1) Olympus officially said that they are considering a PEN with built-in EVF (Source: here at 43rumors)
2) Panasonic also filled some patent with an L1 styled GF camera (could be the “GL1”).

Let me dream! Are you dreaming something else? :)

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  • Calvin

    Wait. What? A PEN with a Built-In Camera? I’d be shocked if it didn’t come with one.

    • Agent00soul

      I suppose a camera with built-in pen would be more original…

    • uth

      may be Built-In “EVF”

    • Price it cheaper than a Minox spy camera

  • “1) Olympus officially said that they are considering a PEN with built-in camera”

    Bwahahah! I should bloody well hope so! :D

  • uth

    it should be GH3 and new lenses (12-35,35-100 and may be a roadmap for more lenses next year)

    i think it’s not a good idea to lunch a new camera that have similar design with L1 or GX1 now (it’s too quick, if you consider GX1 just come)

    just my opinion

  • Ernest.orf

    Ehhhh that not a bad idea , A PEN CAMERA WITH SOMETHING LIKE VF-3 as viewfinder , i will pay for it !!!
    My EM-5 arrives today wowww

    • Maybe it’s a tlr

    • VJVIS

      @uth, I completely agree, It should be a G5 or GH3, not a whole new kind of camera especially based on L1. I am getting tired of people wanting retro styled cameras. Let’s improve on the current line up instead of creating a new looking (old looking depending on how you see it) camera. We need to stop living in the past. Can’t wait to hear what kind of improvements the GH3 is going to bring.

  • BLI

    Regarding previous discussion on cameras with Android, etc — check out the possibilities in newly announced Nikon D3200! But build the wlan support or whatever into the camera!

    • Ernest.orf

      Wow nikon failed again , god damn it , i always hate the nikon 3XXX series , is a simple camera , has 0 creative options, is plastik, bulky, and cost wow 500- 600 – 700€ for that price u can have a lovely D90, 550D , 500D, 600D, Kr, olympus PENs ,or some good high compacts XZ-1, X10, and a G1X , a loooooot of options, and then nikon put 24 megapixels, and i just need to ask, WHY, why 24 megalixels , if the televisions FULL HD has 1920 x 1080 ( 2 MP) , as the same as computers, and some printers can afford 20 MP, with that resolution , we’ll need a spetial sd card, and more , more and more .
      I like nikon i would love to see a succesor of the D90 ,but with the d800 , and this d3200 im really disapoint !!

      • yawn

      • Kaean

        What a boring comment.

      • BLI

        What about instead commenting on the issue I raised?

      • jrk

        The D90 successor is the D7000. Pretty nice camera IMO.

  • BLI

    I was hoping for an announcement of the 75/1.8 sooner… Ah, well.

  • Mr X

    Admin: are these m43rds or 43rds announcements?

    Thanks :)

    • admin

      m43! But I have one small 43 rumor too. Going to post it soon!

      • Positive this wont be compact camera announcement ?

      • 43 rumors, interesting! ;-)

  • Maybe a bit off topic, but …
    Just saw the video about the BlackMagic film camera that is introduced at NAB. It has a m43 sensor!
    Extraordinary dynamic range is claimed! Good for the future for Olympus/Panasonic cameras.

    • anonymoose

      it only has canon and zeiss mounts…not an mft system camera

      • Nikku

        He didn’t say it was a m4/3rds system camera.

    • BLI

      But wasn’t it 2 Mpx or something?

  • tmrgrs

    Everyone here wants to be a comedian. Admin obviously meant to say built-in EVF – sigh.

    • Lighten up man :p. It was a funny mistake!

    • admin

      Readers are right to make fun of my mistakes :)

      • tmrgrs

        I didn’t mean to infringe on their rights. But I did indeed mean to say that they’re not very talented as comedians. :)

        • lets hope they are better in photography :-)

        • mooboy

          I dunno. I thought all those jokers voting for a 12-50 f/2.0 lens pretty damn hilarious.

  • Fedeskier

    Last month i went to the photoshow in rome and the people from olympus said that the new E-5 is coming out this summer and that their bringing back the olympus beginner and mid level E-system cameras!!!!

    • admin

      Not true :)

      • ….might be true, I keep hearing hints of the E-5 successor being secretly tested out in the wild

        “bringing back the olympus beginner and mid level E-system cameras” less likely but possible… seeing as Olympus never brought out a 8mm and 7-14mm micro four thirds lenses

        • some FT4/5 rumors about the hinted E-7 would be nice :-)

        • Anonymous

          The E-7 is out there and will be announced in June.

          • @ Anonymous
            just one question : can the spot metering be linked to the auto focus target in the E-7???

            • Anonymous

              Not the Anonymous you’re looking for :D

              I just have it with quite a bit of certainty that the E-7 is going to be announced soon, unless they spot serious issues with the electronics at the last minute.

              The “proper” Anonymous should be able to tell you more, but I’m with you there – centre spot metering always bugged the hell out of me, and I was surprised to see that the E-5 didn’t fix that usability issue. One of the worst Olympus issues ever.

          • Thanks. Interesting times ahead.

    • Boooo!

      McGillicuddy got a big box a week ago:

      “I know this is a little mean… but hey that’s me ;0) secret parcels from my friends at Olympus… For once my lips are sealed… for now!”

      He already has the E-M5, plus assorted gear and some lenses; the only thing he could get are the 60mm and the 75mm, and the box can fit a dozen of those.

      It’s hard to estimate from the angle it was shot at, but it looks like it’s the width of the chair, so about 45x30x12 – 50x35x15 cm.

      That looks like a 4/3 box to me :D

      • Riley

        E7, probably. He gave a hint about it before
        why else show the box?
        this means its about 6 months off to me

        or Oct/Nov as usual
        put a date on it, Nov 5

  • Tim

    I m dreaming of somthing completely different:
    a Ricoh GXR Module with Mft Mount!
    I love the Ricoh GXR ergonomics a lot, and it would be quite easy for them to join mft with a modul-sadly they bougth Pentax, so i think they will force there own System, and not joining mft…

    • admin

      You are right! That is also soemthing I want too!

    • i was dreaming about that too when still owning a GXR, but i think they better upgrade the body module first.

    • Ali

      I agree. as an E-30 owner, I need something damn good to use my Zuiko 150mm f2 lens with.

    • jim

      Take that one step further – Ricoh should make a module for Nikon, canon, 43, m43, sony, etc etc…. then they could run every lens ever!

  • My friend has a PEN.

    My friend draws what he sees with his PEN. It is not that good.

    Sometimes he is drawing the wrong subject. He points his PEN at me and draw the tree behind me. I look like a ghost. I was angry. He said sorry and draw again. It is very tiring to wait for him to finish. We are no longer friends.

    I hear that he will be buying a PEN with a built-in camera.

    If only his PEN had a camera we would still be friends.

    • Achiinto

      You are not my friend….

  • Sunny

    I´d like to see an E-PL3 with the M5-sensor!

    • Miroslav


      And a decent grip.
      And E-M5 IS.
      And focus peaking.

  • Starred

    I would like to see the pana fast zooms, the oly 75/1.8 and a high quality supertele

  • Let me guess:
    G5, E-P5, E-PL5, Panasonic medium telephoto prime (100/2.8?) and Olympus weathersealed (slow) 50-200.
    GH3 and the Panasonic zooms will arrive just before Photokina.

    • Miroslav

      I believe you’ve got the bodies right, but there won’t be any lens we haven’t seen a mockup of. So expect those two F2.8 zooms from Panasonic and those two primes from Olympus. Unless we get another 14-42 kit zoom…

      Just remember what happened in previous years: in late spring 2011 Panasonic announced 25mm F1.4 that was rumored since September 2010; in late spring 2010 Olympus announced 14-150mm and 9-18mm that were shown as mockups couple of months earlier.

      And E-7 should be announced at Photokina.

  • Olympius

    Whatever they are announcing, it better be really impressive to overtake the firestorm of the new Nikon D3200 with a 24mp (!!!!!!!!!!) sensor!

    If it has nothing to do with regular 4/3, I’m not all that interested, except for Panasonic finally, hopefully officially announcing those two fast zooms of theirs, which I won’t buy anyway.

    But if it’s a new E-7, I’ll be paying attention.

    – Olympius

    • Firestorm? 24MP will give you about 20% larger prints at the expense of diffraction and more per-pixel noise. It may appeal to beginners, but the true value of the additional pixels is questionable.

      • Agent00soul

        And besides, 24 MP isn’t even new. The NEX-7 has had it for a while already.

        • BLI

          And you need good lenses to take advantage of it: expensive lenses.

    • BLI

      The interesting thing with the D3200 is not the 24Mpx, but the wlan add-on with control of the camera — in my view: Olympus and Panasonic should look, listen to reviews, and copy the best ideas … relatively soon.

    • Miroslav

      “the firestorm of the new Nikon D3200 with a 24mp sensor!”

      The firestorm will happen when users find out their kit lens cannot resolve 24 Mpx and that they need to give several hundreds euros/dollars more for a lens that is sharp enough to utilize fully the resolution that sensor can offer.

  • tigermanrocks

    A nice surprise would be pana announcing the fast zooms as ready to ship the next day. Oh and that they made the shorter one 12-40 so there is a little overlap in range

    • Walter

      Not that expensive. I have a $90 OM 50/3.5 macro lens that I use on Four Thirds. It delivers perfectly fine resolution to my 12MP sensor; this means it’s capable of resolving 48MP across its image circle.

      I have a $135 ZD 35/3.5 lens which resolves 12MP just fine with a 2x converter. This means that it, too, would be perfectly capable of resolving 48MP.

      I’m sure that the inexpensive 35/1.8 and 50/1.8 primes can make good use of those extra pixels stopped down a bit.

  • slave

    and what about panasonic G5? Hasn’t it to be released in May?

  • GH3 with headphone jack, more robust micro jack (3.5mm), better dynamic range and better iso sensitivity.

  • onlyme

    If the Olympus camera updates are PENs I hope the cheaper model includes a built in flash and a 4:3 aspect screen.

    • Geoff

      Can do without a built in flash, usualy a waste of space and power but please, please, please we need a true rangefinder style body.

      • I use the built in flash on my E-PL1 to trigger my off camera wireless flash. I use a VF-3 viewfinder therefore the E-PM1 and E-PL3 are not viable upgrades for me. However, if there were to be a reasonably priced camera with built in viewfinder I wouldn’t mind a clip on flash to trigger off camera flash guns.

    • Curiousburke


  • Miroslav

    June is Olympus’ traditional launch month ( E-P1, E-P3, E-PM1, E-PL3 + many lenses ). Cross fingers we’ll see a new body again in two months’ time and there won’t be a repeat of 2010 when only one m4/3 camera was announced ( E-PL1 ).

  • Perret cap Joe gear photo blogger

    Cool, at least they try to find an answer to compete with nex7 which is truly groundbreaking, good luck olympuss

    • Srsly… why don’t you stop trolling this page… if all you have to say is absolutely of no benefit for anyone.

      athe Nex7 is a great camera. We all know that. But like every other camera it has its flaws.

      • Perret cap Joe gear photo blogger

        The benefit might be eye opening, before you spend thousands in a wrong system

        • bilgy_no1

          Go take some photos with the NEX-7 and that wonderful 18-55 kit lens that comes with it. Let others make their own choices.

  • Marcel

    Nope! I’m dreaming of a worthy L1 successor. Rangefinder style, X100-like viewfinder and support for tethering.

  • For the 2 new Pany primes to be weathersealed, there must be a Pany weathersealed camera coming.

  • Marcin

    What happened to the once-rumored 35 pancake macro lens from Panasonic? I would like to see that.

  • Yun

    I would like to see the very highend camera from panasonic or at least news / development about it . Lenses wise it will be the confirmation aperature for the 35-100mm X lens & Zuiko 75mm F1.8 . All this are must have “toys” for 2012 !

  • B. Thominet

    what do I expect:
    – an Oly PEN with all the technology of the EM-5 (sensor, processor, stabilizer, tilting screen) but smaller than EM-5, so without viewfinder… and without weather resitance, to get cheaper

    – A pancake zoom from Olympus, to compete with Pana 14-42X… but if possible better quality, and/or wider zoom range, and/or better apertune

    – A GH3 from Pana, to update their top level hybrid photo/video camera

    – a wide angle pancake from oly or Pana: 10mm if possible, no more than 12mm. f/3,5max, faster if possible

    – The availability of all previously announced lens : 2 for Panasonic, 2 for Oly.

    How long before we could get all this stuff in our favorite shop?

    • Steve

      Smaller than the E-M5? That would be almost unusable! The E-M5 is plenty small, definitely don’t want/need anything smaller than that.

      • Dan

        If you don’t want/need the EVF then it might be worth it. Just loos the hump and it gets plenty smaller without affecting the usability much…

        • Steve

          Why wouldn’t you want the EVF? Makes shooting so much easier. Great EVF.

          Besides the humps is not that big, hardly affects the overall size of the camera.

          • flangad

            for my part, getting a camera that could fit in my (big) pocket is more important than having a viewfinder.

            The EM-5 is too big for me. just remove the viewfinder, and it’s size would be ok for me (with pancake lenses mounted only, of course). I WANT a very high level pocketable camera, and i know a pocketable camera cannot be perfect: you have to accept to “lose” something (quality, or versatility, or viewfinder, etc…), for my part, even i consider a viewfinder is usefull, for sure, my choise is to lose this and nothing else. an EM-5 without viewfinder would be perfect for me (but keep the tilting screen, this is something i consider more important than the viewfinder)

  • Henrik

    Whatever they announce – who know when it will be in the store. At the announced shipping date? Not likely.

    • Steve

      That’s what preorders are for….

  • nicwalmsley

    I’m thinking Olympus won’t want to eat into their E-M5 sales, so an XZ-2 or a E-PM2 with the E-M5 sensor (but without the 5 axis IBIS).

  • sugestion

    Oly needs some fast primes with quality 45/1.8 and 12/2. One wider then 12/2, one 17/1.4 (f/1.2 will be better), longer portrait lens (will be 75/1.8), and long telephoto (150/2.8 for example).

    There is no sense to make 25/1.4 (PanaLeica is availble for m43), fisheye (there is Panasonic and very good Samyang).

    Something like 70-200 f/4 will be very good (equivalent 400mm with good optical quality at the long end). It should be much smaller then Canon 70-200 f/4L.

    And maybe version of superb lens from 4/3 – 14-54mm f/3.8-3.5 for m43. Not 12-50, because it will be too big and expensive, but exactly new 14-54mm. Faster then 12-50 f/3.5-6.3 and faster then 14-42 f/3.5-5.6. Waterproof.

    • Tim

      Quote:”There is no sense to make 25/1.4 (PanaLeica is availble for m43)”
      but it would make perfekt sense (at least to me…) if oly makes an cheaper and smaller 25/f2-for those upgraders that want a fast but not to expensive standart lens…

  • El Duderino

    Ok, in stores in July. I’ll look for it around Christmas.

  • Bob B.

    I am dying to get my hands on that Olympus 75mm f/1.8! I am just going to hold on to my GX1/LVF2 and G3 for the foreseeable future until a “serious” sensor change comes along from Panasonic. Not holding my breath that that is going to happen any time soon.

    • BLI

      It looks gorgeous with that chunk og glass :-).

    • Milt

      I really like the idea of the 75/1.8 lens too, (Is this deja vu all over again?) but am wondering if it will work well on my pany cameras without lens stabilization. Might get the Panasonic 35-100mm instead – which should have it.

  • jrworthy

    I want to hear the rumor about the delivery of my pre-ordered OM-D again. If you could, please pass along to your connections at Oly that they should have really used the pre-order numbers to gauge their production needs. The ball has been dropped but they still have time to catch it before it hits the floor. Yesterday I seriously considered canceling my order and buying a 60D from Canon.

    • Steve

      You can’t wait a couple of weeks? Patience, the camera is worth it…

      • jrworthy

        I shoot with an e-pl1. The lack of knobs for manual controls is becoming even more frustrating knowing that I have to wait for the om-d.

        Plus, deferred gratification is not my strongest suit.

  • My dream is an m43 without AA-filter. Just saw examples D800 – D800E substantial difference.

  • Walter

    If they make a good long prime with excellent optics in the 300/4 or 400/5.6 class that plays nicely with CDAF they will sell me an E-M5.

  • pdc

    Dear Panasonic – I want, I want, I want ….. more manual controls
    (ISO wheel, puleese). The GH3 must not be dummied down, like you did with the G3. So, build a better GH2 and I will buy it, build a reformed stills-centric G5 and I will buy it. Build a traveller’s GL1 and I will buy it. IBIS?? Certainly consider it for the G5, GL1, GX2 but don’t screw up the GH3 video with it, and in any event make it switchable, so the better OIS can still be used when appropriate. Metal body shells? Definitely for the GX2 and GL1, but in my book the bolt-on polycarb shells for the G5 and GH3 are tougher and much cheaper to repair. Don’t slip on sensor R&D – you are good already in my opinion, but that is where the rubber meets the road and the brand name depends on continual performance advances.

    Dear Olympus – we have never danced together, but keep up the good work and it may happen. Definitely have some of your primes in my sights.

    Dear Ringfoto/Cosina – keep the Noktons coming, and please think about long and fast MFT telephoto because no-one else is – a modern 11-element 400/f3.5 at under $6000 should be profitable – there are just not enough old Nikkors to go around – not in your history, we know, but there is a void to fill.

    Dear Canon – join the party!

  • Ugh. Why does Olympus have such a fascination with silver? It’s like they’re stuck in 1998.

  • LovinTheEP2

    EP-4, 5axis IS with no AA, OM-D sliding screen with internal flash SOLD..

    • Hojk


      The hump of the E-M5 does not suit into my pockets and I do not need EVF so

      OM-D E-M5 1300 EUR

      ./. 12-50 200 EUR
      ./. EVF 200 EUR
      ./. Sealing 100 EUR
      + 14-42 100 EUR

      PEN P-4 900 EUR


      • flangad

        +10000 (next one from me is a mistake)

  • I have enough from rumors, want my E-M5 and a few good new zooms ;-)

    • flangad


  • And please make the built in viewer in the middle of the cam!!!

  • Gabriel

    Yeah, a Pen with that new 16mp sensor, built-in EVF (in the middle, please) and built-in flash, and maybe without AA filter would definitely be my next camera.

  • Sqweezy

    I know it’s not m43 but how about that pocket-friendly XZ-2 release for the summer? Hopefully one that fixes the quirks, improves the video, and keeps that same lens.

  • vfcs

    GL1? Hope it’s more than a rumour! The DMC-LC1 was a fabulous camera, so was the L1. I thought Fuji would pick up that line with the XPro, but cumbersome AF is a major handicap. Panasonic should return to the basics of the LC1, albeit with interchangeable lenses, good resolution, decent low ISO performance and dynamic range.

  • ann

    well its june , july

    nothing out so far … want to change the month?
    im waiting for this new release too

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