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Is that the GH2 sensor or something new?


Panasonic released a new pdf document (Click here to download it) that includes the presentation of a Micro Four Thirds sensor. As our readers pointed out this could be the description of the current GH2 sensor. It has:

• 4:3 aspect ratio (diagonal: 21.9 mm optical format) with 17.78 million pixels.
• Effective pixels: 5,054 (H) × 3,518 (V) = 17,779,972
• 3.80 μm square pixels
• Capable of full-HD video at 59.94 frames/sec (pixel addition mode)

It’s a bi weird that the [shoplink 16254]GH2[/shoplink] image-sensor’s pixel size is 3.63 Microns and the [shoplink 26836]G3/GX1[/shoplink] image-sensor’s pixel size is 3.75 Microns. So is this really the GH2 sensor description? What’s also interesting is that Panasonic is using a new term I never heard before… “Micromachined cell technology” that delivers high resolution performance! It has a 12 bit ADC with high Singal to Noise ratio.

And there is also one more graph showing the new Imaging Processor:

Would love to hear your thoughts on that. And maybe our more expert readers can find out more?


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