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The next battle is 4K! And Global shutter for the Panasonic GH3?


Source: Wikipedia.

It’s three years now that I am working on that tiny website. During that time I saw many “marketing-blabla-battles” :) There was first the Megapixel war, than the ISO war, than the 3D war and than the camera miniaturization war. Of course 98% of these are driven by marketing departments more than real customer needs.

The 4K myth:
So what’s coming next on the Advertising front? At NABshow in Las Vegas everything was about 2K-4K-8K video recording. So I guess we will soon see massive advertising for broadcast but also consumer cameras with 4K recording. Panasonic already announced that they will implement 4K in many new consumer camcorders. At that time it’s hard to think that the nee Panasonic Gh3 will have 4K (really don’t think it’s coming) but I thought it would be interesting for you to share that article about 2K and 4K:
Here John Galt writes says about 4k: “The great perpetrators of that mythology have been RED and Dalsa. That’s why I call these “marketing pixels.” It’s intentional obfuscation. Because they really do nothing to improve image quality. They may improve sales volume. But they don’t do anything to quality. But somehow the world has accepted that that’s 4K. It’s purely semantic. It’s like saying, “I don’t like my weight in pounds so I converted to kilos. It sounds better! You’d be amazed at how many non-technical people I meet, often producers and directors, but sometimes even cinematographers get fooled by that stuff.

Global Shutter:
One of the few things I got from my sources is that Panasonic is working on global shutter sensors. That yes could be implemented in a future GH3. To learn more about that technology read that pdf document at Caspegroup (Click here to download).

Interesting or not? I hope I can get some top rumors about the GH3 soon. About time for Panasonic to steal the show from the [shoplink 29074]Olympus E-M5[/shoplink]! ;)

P.S.: The Panasonic m43 3D lens isn’t really a hotseller and Panasonic lowered the price from $249 down to $79!!! Check at Adorama (Click here).

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