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(FT5) Two new Olympus m43 lenses to arrive after the E-M5


Good Morning!

I finally sleep 10 hours and I am a bit more relaxed and “lucid” today. Yesterday I had to work at -15 Grad Celsius and than we had all those sensor rumors and discussions. I hope I can give you soon more updates about the image quality. The only thing I can tell you know is that a trusted sources (not Olympus marketing guys) tested the camera and said video quality is better than GH2 and image quality is definitely improved in JPEG (he didn’t test RAW). Of course those test had been made by a single person and you know that can be very subjective. So forget discussions about who made the sensor, how good/bad are the specs….we have to see the real images to see if can be happy or not!

Ok, let’s start to talk about a very good news. Olympus will announce two new Micro Four Thirds lenses that will be available early summer:

1) The 75mm f/1.8. It has a metal design. I haven’t seen that lens yet but I guess it has a similar 12-50mm finishing. It’s a perfect portrait lens!
2) The 60mm f/2.8 macro is weather sealed like the E-M5 body and has a close focusing distance of 0.19m.

I have no info about the price yet but those are definitely nice addition to the already good looking Micro Four Thirds lens range.


For my European friends: Watch out the new refurbished items at [shoplink 22691 ebay]Olympusmarket (Click here)[/shoplink]. They have all new E-PM1, E-PL3 cameras on auction!


Personal note: Thanks for all discussion we had yesterday. Will learn from your critics and suggestions. I already have taken some good decisions. Will tell you more about that after the E-M5 announcements. Thanks!


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