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(FT5) Next two Olympus E-P5 pictures!


And here are two more pics of the EP5! As you see there will be a new external VF-4 viewfinder which we have been told is made by Epson and has a 2,3 Million dot resolution.

vai Digicaminfo.

  • Twister

    I really love this camera!!! My current camera is the GH2 but I recently bought Oly primes and I need IBIS for video with those lenses. I agree that the EVF is big but if it is good I’ll buy it and use it when needed. This will be my first Olympus camera if all these rumors are true.

  • Ulli

    Ugly, big or small…these are criteria i prefer to use for the model in front of the lens, but not for evf/humps

  • kiki

    the evf4 is too big. EP-5 + VF4 are bigger than EM-5. Soon, VF’s will be bigger than 3″ screens…

  • viewfinder memories

    Such a pity that a good looking camera with great specs generally is spoiled by including a flash where the integrated EVF should have been. If it was maybe, 3-5mm taller and had the evf in the left corner it could have been the world top seller. It would have taken a lot of sales from the other brands. Now, it is just another show by Olympus that they do not listen and have no interest in listening. Few would move from other brands for this as presented.
    The EM5 dinky flash would have looked good on the top instead of the VF4. Also is it compatible with other VF offerings or is it fork out more $. Looks like I’m going to give this camera a miss.
    Also what about GPS.

    • Anonymous

      What would be the point of having two different lines of cameras only differentiated by weather sealing and styling? The integrated EVF is the main selling point of the OM-D line over the PEN line. If you want the EVF, buy the E-M5. The EVF on the E-M5 is placed in the “SLR position”, right where it should be.

      • The Real Stig

        Have you ever considered that A: what you think is physically possible, might not be. B: Not enough people are actually as into the faux rangefinder stylee as you think.

        • The Real Stig

          Sorry, guy above.

        • viewfinder memories

          A. Look at the VF4 and look at the space where the flash is about 2mm higher would do it also look at the nex 6 and 7, fuji and the others with integrated EVF.
          B. You evidently don’t read much by way of posts.

      • viewfinder memories


    • ReadingZ

      YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT, Couldn’t agree more!
      YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT, Couldn’t agree more!
      YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT, Couldn’t agree more!
      YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT, Couldn’t agree more!
      YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT, Couldn’t agree more!
      YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT, Couldn’t agree more!
      YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT, Couldn’t agree more!
      YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT, Couldn’t agree more!
      YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT, Couldn’t agree more!
      YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT, Couldn’t agree more!

      For the “you-want-vf-then-buy-em5-instead” people, just shut up, we know what we want………..

      • tim

        I think it’s time for you take your meds

      • viewfinder memories

        Great, nice support.
        I have an em5 and also an ep2. That’s why I want an evf IN the camera I buy as the ep2 replacement, because I have tried both. Yes I have the vf2. Its tiltability is its saving grace.
        It may turn out to be a fuji or nex if Oly don’t get their act together.

    • RF style camera is only for people so is Leica M promising.

    • ceph

      I prefer the flash over the EVF.

  • Lars

    Seriously, fuck you Olympus for not putting in a viewfinder. How retarded can you get?

  • Another Thought

    I’ve never seen such an over reaction to a simple VF. Yes, it’s a big hump. But it’s not the end of the world. If you don’t like it then don’t buy it.

    However, I would expect this VF to be pretty special and outperform all others. And at the end of the day, I don’t think it looks that bad, and the camera is first and foremost an image machine, not a piece of jewelry….although I do agree that style matters.

    But I also see in this camera and the VF what others have noted: a preview of things to come in the next OMD model. Yes, if this new VF is incorporated into it, the body will probably be larger…but isn’t that what some rumors have hinted at anyway?

    All in all, I think Olympus has another winner on their hands…and that this bodes well for the next OMD.

  • farque moi

    I have pen envy

  • Oly

    Wat the fuss..?? tht VF is huge!.. After dabbling in m43 for 3 years.. im taking my shop elsewhere.. like a Nikon D7100.

    • MJr

      Yeah, much smaller …

    • LOL VF is for look in, and not one. :-P

  • Anonymous

    Evf. Bought a vf2 along with my ep3. Rarely use it. PEns are light enough to steadily compose a foot or two away from your face. Unless you encouter glare when you shoot i dont find the need to use it. Moved from a dslr.

    • I put a VF-2 on my Pen and never took it off. It’s slipped out of the hotshoe a few times – I caught it each time before it fell. Then I put a shim between the shoe and the shoe mount. Now it doesn’t slip any longer.

      I don’t want to shoot with the camera at arm’s length. Saw some grandpa crouching like he was about to take a dump, while ogling the display at arms length with his reading glasses.

      • Anonymous

        I respect your preference. I just wanted to say to other guys to try it out first. I couldn’t imagine shooting without looking through the viewfinder before I bought the ep3 (and vf2).

        Personally, I wouldn’t mind if the new pen had a built in evf – for the reason that it might be more of a commercial success. Thinking about m43 as a whole – as this would be positioned against the e-x1 and the nex-6.. both have evfs.

        • I agree that there should be a Pen with inbuilt EVF.

          I am sure there is a whole generation of shooters who never used anything but an external display for composition. You can’t miss what you don’t know.

  • black 17mm! now the real question is if it will get “special edition” pricing…

    • My thoughts exactly, brett. It seems like it doesnt say “limited” in the same place the 12mm has it, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Hoping black becomes a standard lineup along with the silver.

      • Yes i think so too, 17mm coming in KIT by E-P5, i hope price is same so Silver version.
        12mm in Black, coming only in small series so can be reason for “spesial edition” hight price.

  • About that FV-4: It looks large, but that’s only relative to the small body size. Surely, with twice the resolution of the VF-2, the VF-4 could and should have image magnification at least 50% higher than the VF-2’s. Also, longer eye relief would be welcome.

    An inbuilt EVF with good eye relief would stick out quite a bit from the back. The EM-5’s finder and eyepiece certainly protrude quite a bit.

    • Naah — replace the EM-5’s eyepiece with an EP-11 and you’ll see what protrusion looks like.

      • I was talkinng about the eyepiece, not the eyecup. The eyepiece contans the lens elements that allow you to see the viewfinder display with the eye close-up against the eyepiece.

        As far as the eyecup goes, I have no idea why Olympyus fails to design nice ones. A simple, round or roundish rubber ring seems to work best (for me).

        • Admin, if we can’t get an EDIT option, can we get at least a PREVIEW option?

          • MJr

            lol, imagine this, you could read the words you’ve typed BEFORE you press submit ?

            • Your premise makes sense, but only in theory. As it turns out, I’m extremely trigger-happy and never take the time to proofread, unless there’s a preview feature. If this weren’t a common issue, there would be no preview feature on any forum, blog etc. However, I very much prefer an edit option over a preview.

              • MJr

                I believe on forums it is to check quotes, images and smiley’s etc in live-view mode, here it’s just plain text isn’t it. :)

                • I wouldn’t know, because I have never dared using html tags without a preview!

          • Speling Bea

            Yeah, poor boy left out an ‘i’ in ‘contains’. Punish him with one hundred lashings and beatings and three months in the gallows. That’ll teach him.

            • Tough crowd! I’m glad nobody noticed an extra “n.” :-P

              • MJr

                I agree about the edit feature though.

        • MJr

          Indeed, that eyecup was the first thing i noticed. :(

  • D

    Thanks but I’ll stick to my VF-2.

    Based on the previous pics, I didn’t realise it had a tilting screen. Plus the front and back dials, I like those a lot. I wasn’t planning on picking this up but I think I’m gonna have to now. I don’t know if I can justify it though over the E-M5 if this’ll be more expensive.

  • Rob

    It’s a gorgeous looking camera. It would make a nice back up to a EM5.

    Otherwise, nothing is selling me it over the EM5. It’s virtually the same price, comes with wi-fi and without a EVF. I’d rather take the EVF. I take it no word on weather proofing yet too? Either way that is not so important due to the lack of weather proof lenses unfortunately.

  • jazzcrab

    EVF is definitely too big. I am wondering if the E-P5 has the IBIS of the OM-D…

  • Let me say I am very satisfied with my PM2. But this P5, already now, is very very tempting. If it has 5 axis IBIS, I won’t be able to resist, regardless of any outrageous price tag.

  • AMVR

    The E-P5 looks like a good upgrade for pen users, but as countless others have said the lack of built-in EVF is a big turn off. I understand people getting tired of the whining and whatnot but seriously, an built-in EVF wouldn’t affect anyone negatively and would most likely position Oly very favorably against Sony and Fuji within the mirrorless market, it’s as simple as that, if you don’t want a built-in EVF you could either not use it at all or just buy another model, but the fact that it LACKS an evf just puts this camera at a huge disadvantage against Sony/FUJI and even against Oly’s own OMD.

    The fact that the E-P5 + add on EVF (specially the new VF-4) will ALWAYS be more expensive than a E-M5 and offer LESS features still stands and it’s still a pretty dumb move by OLY. In the end it’s as simple as this:

    Against the competition (including OMD) the E-P5 offers

    – No built-in EVF
    – No weather sealing
    – it’s more expensive
    – more bulk than faux-slrs with add-on evf
    – partial modularity
    – not enough differentiation with lower models

    what you gain against the alternatives (what we know so far):

    – Flash
    – New dials (only in reference to lower models)
    – Focus peaking (mostly relevant for videographers, yet it lacks good video)
    – faster AF (unless this means C-AF, it’s unnecessary)

    Too little REAL advantages IMHO. I’m tired of explaining over and over the benefits of an RF-styled EVF, how that is technically feasible and why it would be justified within the line-up but if this had a built-in evf no one would have much to complain about right now and Oly would have gained a really strong foothold against the Nex’s and fuji’s. If an OMD-pro was released there would be no conflict between lines because of a simple EVF, in fact it would make more sense than today’s line-up.

    This makes it really difficult as a m4/3 user to upgrade from a PL1, in one hand there are certainly many worthwhile features to justify an upgrade yet on the other it lacks the one most crucial to me, I want to stay whitin one system but Oly’s retarded decisions make it really difficult. I could wait for Pany (the LF1 makes me hopeful) but then I would loose IBIS and some other nice Oly exclusives…I’ll wait to see what the PL6 looks like before i make a decision

    • 25thnan

      I am also tired reading all those nonsense whining over and over again. EM5 also has the build-in EVF, IBIS, Weathersealing, i just don’t understand the suddenly fever over rangefinder style. Instead since the style so crucial for you, why not turn to sony or fuji? But you sure will keep whining about something else.

      • J White

        It is not about rangefinder style, it’s about usability. An EVF is a useful feature. Since the first pen that in general everyone wants a pen with a built in EVF. The wining that you speak of is people who like the brand, want to buy the brand, and are disappointed to see that the brand refuses to listen to their customers. The existence of an integrated EVF is not due to differentiation, it’s due to profit on the external unit. ANY DSLR has an VF, and they don’t have any trouble differentiating their lines. Fuji has built in EVF and they have no trouble differentiating their lines, why would Olympus? The PEN has a specific firm factor that I particularly like. I do not like the EM5 and will not buy one. I want a pen with a built in EVF. Olympus does not give me that as an option, there are only two options for me, the upcoming GX2 or the upcoming Fuji X-E2. Let’s see if they can bring something to the table, because obviously Olympus can’t.
        The E-p3 sales were reasonable, but not on the level that was expected, the reason is obvious to anyone except to Olympus. The line was almost dropped because of this, and I suspect this camera will kill the line unless there is a fast update with a built in EVF. There will be plenty of sales, but the people who matter won’t buy it and keep it. I ‘m talking about the people who establish trends, and make hundreds of thousands others buy the product, like the loyal fan base of the X100 that despite the huge AF issues made the camer a big hit.
        I hope I’ mistaken, but I think that the unwillingness of Olympus to offer what their client base wants will kill the brand. I bought the E-p2, E-pl1 and E-p3, if I’m not a faithful client, I don’t know who is. I will not be buying anything else. Hate the SLR look of the EM5, and want a pen with built in EVF, if I can’t get one, I’ll move out of the system. It’s harder to gain a client than lose one, and Olympus is losing clients faster than they are making them.

        • AMVR


          Ditto on all accounts, couldn’t have said it any better. Olympus was already dumb to omit an EVF on the E-P3, but to repeat the same mistake with the E-P5 after such a lengthily delay ? they just went full retard.

      • AMVR

        Why I haven’t switched systems ? Simple: I had already heavily invested in m4/3 glass by the time the Fujis and Sonys came out. There was no alternative at the time i went mirrorless, it was either a Pen or a Lumix G, and I loathe DSLRs (hence my preference for going mirrorless)so that was a NO NO (and still is, so the EM5 is not an option).

        Also, even if they(sony & Fuji)catch up at some point, their lenses will still be larger. Besides, I’m completely sure Olympus has the capacity to deliver a direct contender to the Sony’s and fuji’s, they’re just too stubborn to follow the market and stop profiting from add-ons. It’s a matter of time, they’re just milking each and every minor feature until they come up with the final Pen, we’re just whining because this is obiously just a BS strategy in face of the fact that Sony and Fuji are ready to launch their 2nd or 3rd generation of RF-tyled bodies. There’s just no viable excuse for Oly at this point.

    • If a Pen come by a EVF in future, need the be a pop up EVF. ;-)

  • Well, the main advantage of an external viewfinder is the possibility to use it with an angle: I do that all the time with my vf-3.

  • Bobafett

    Why a pop-up flash for a cam with low-light capabilities and superb fast primes? Why not placing an evf on the left side or even introduce a revolutionary pop-up evf? I don’t think this would have been impossible for a company who invented a fantastic 5-axis IBIS!
    With the e-p5 oly could have absolutely change the game and gain shares within the mirrorless market! Well, let’s see what oly’s answer gonna be to Sony’s NEX FF!

    • Flash or EVF is a false dilemma. Sony has shown that it’s possible to put both in E-P5 sized body. And asked why IBIS had been omitted in NEX cameras, Sony managers said that it would make the body thicker. Not higher. So, if Olympus had put proper grip on E-P5, they could have moved battery in there freeing up space for additional parts needed for built in EVF.

      IMO, Olympus is not doing it because of some kind of agreement with Panasonic and Sony. Notice that no mid range or high end mirrorless from any of them is a direct competitor to the other two.

  • Nelson
  • JimD

    It is easily possible to have flash and built in EVF on the left.

    The EVF takes up very little space. For a comparison shot with a hand. Look at the fourth shot.

    This unit could be mounted flat under the top cover facing down with a small prism under it to direct the image to an eyepeice. Or on the left camera side frame with a small prism. It would fit in less than half the space of the flash, leaving room for a flash as well.

    • The EVF contains not only a tiny display, but also an eyepiece. Half of that usually protrudes beyond the back of the camera, which isn’t exactly ideal, unless your name is Pinocchio.

  • JimD

    Don’t forget Leica supplys the external EVF as an option. It’s an option because the cameras have a built in viewfinder. The option allows longer lenses and zooms to be used on a Leica. Something which was almost impossible in the past.
    But the Leica can still be used without the option and there is no need to stand like a dork with your arms out in front trying to keep a camera (with no ibis) steady.

  • Gman

    Does this electronic viewfinder flip up like the one for the Panasonic GF series? That’s the most annoying thing about the omd e5, and something I missed when switching to olympus.

    A hinge feature would also explain the extra thickness of the piece…

  • Marathonianbull

    I couldn’t be happier that the “rumored” E-P5 comes with no internal EVF!!!

    As a matter of fact, on my E-P3 I truly adore the fantastic, handy, stylish, efficient VF-2 most of the time: for proper manual exposure outdoor, for zoom-focus shots, for better fast-action framing, for my awesome Zuiko lenses on adapter, etc. But I also do enjoy, once in a while, the option of simply removing the EVF and dropping it in the closest pocket when I use the cam for casual, family-related evenings. Add to this a panckake lens, tada! DSLR person or not, the “dirty-dipper” pose has its role.

    I couldn’t care less with regards to the several technical improvements brought to the sensor capabilities at high ISO since the E-P3; as long as its neat-perfect color accuracy is preserved (E-P3 >> OM-D, by the way). But the refined IBIS technology and possible AF speed, in both PDAF and CFAF modes, would certainly offer an amazing upgrade to users of both 4/3 and m4/3 systems!

    Last but not least, to my eyes the ultimately sweet icing on the cake already seems to be that new ergonomics for more advanced shooting: two bigger, better-positioned control wheels!


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