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(FT5) HOT: New Panasonic GF7 camera within the next 3-4 months!


Good news folks. I now got the product codes of the next Panasonic camera! It will be the Panasonic GF7! As you know this is a more pro version of the current Panasonic GF3.

As you see I got the REAL product codes:

DMC-GF7k: This is the GF7 with 14-42mm kit lens
DMC-GF7x: This is the GF7 with Panasonic-Leica 25mm f/1.4!

This usually means that the camera will be announced within the next 3-4 months!!! I am sure that Panasonic will announce new products between August26 and September 1. But I don’t know if the GF7 will be one of them. Anyway, I am working to give you some more details as soon as I can. And I still don’t know yet if the GF7 will have a built-in viewfinder like the Panasonic DMC-L1 to compete against the upcoming Sony NEX-7 (Check SonyAlphaRumors to get more news about that cam).

Feel free to help me if you heard something about the GF7. Contact me by using the contact form you can find on the right sidebar. You already know that it work anonymously :)  Thanks!


  • Mauro

    My bet: G3 packaged in a GF1-style body (polished and refined in terms of UI, buttons ergonomics and small tweaks), no internal EVF.

  • just hoping it has apps and wi-fi and that they have kept the pixel count at a sensible level :D

  • Ant

    Running on Windows Phone 7…
    Don’t know if it’s awesome or scary if that’s true

  • Nat

    What the…?

  • 7 has been a hot number lately…

  • Plasticky feel, art filters, Auto-everything, no evf, 20 megapix, 5 different colors including pink and gold plated special edition, touch screen designed by Apple, buttons removed by Panasonic. ISO 25000 on paper, iso 400 on the field.

    Please, name it “pro” and charge an extra $300 for it :)

    • Just write Apple like they did with their Leica’s lenses and charge an extra €500 :)

    • Pablo

      Good one, Jules! :>>>

    • I second the fears about the plasticky feel. I had the chance to play with a G3 and I did not like the feel of that camera at all. It felt plain cheap and fragile. Granted, I am used to my E-5, but even my E-PL1 feels more solid than the G3.

      Even though the E-P3 has no EVF built in, I still like it a lot and Panasonic has to make a strong point with a ‘pro’ camera to convince me to ditch Olympus.

      • You may hate me but personally I greatly prefer high-grade plastic over metal body. And G3 is everything but cheap plastic. But be a snob and feel free to consider that the more metal, the more professional look…

        • it is magnesium alloy in fact

        • Sorry, but ‘high grade’ and ‘plastic’ are not easily married. The G3 feels like it never made that bond. The buttons feel weak and not reassuring, the whole body feels as if it won’t take any damage well.

          Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need an E-5 like feeling for all my cameras, I said I liked the quality of the finish of the E-PL1 better than the G3.

        • High grade plastic, metal chassis, depleted Uranium armor, whatever. If it is going to be pro, it has to be built like a tank.
          Being built like a tank is unfortunately not enough : people need to be convinced that it is. It could be that despite all the goodness of magnesium alloy, its light weight is deceiving.

      • babbit

        That’s the problem with magnesium. It is a space grade super allow that’s strong and super light, but to consumers it feels like plastic. Ironically, cheaper metals that are weaker, heavier, and machined with large tolerances have the cold metal feel that people associate with high quality. Real high quality metals like Magnesium and titanium don’t.

    • George


  • Narretz

    I swear I will kill the one responsible for the naming scheme.
    That probably means we will get the entry models 4,5 and 6 and then Panasonic will change to a new lens mount. ;)
    The only hope is the bundle with the Pana 25mm 1.4, since this means it’s a more “serious” offer.

    • MB

      I think it´s named GF7 because of the Sony Nex-7!
      Maybe it will be the direct competitor of the Nex7…

      • Ganec

        hehe, it looks like “7” year:
        – Canon will also create 7XX, 7X and 7D-mark-II line :-)
        – Nikon already have D7000

        currently there is “3” year (G3/GH3/GF3/E-P3/E-PL3) as it was written lately…

        • Anonymous

          Maybe they will introduce 3 new n=models between now and then based on differences in edgy artistic skin designs. ;-)

          • Mr. Reeee

            But that’s already been done!
            3 generations worth.

          • Ah, maybe Olympus will surprise us with the E-7 just one year later. : )

      • Miroslav

        Right, very stupid decision. I expected they’ll skip 4, but skipping 5 and 6 is too much :). They had better named the camera GP1. Reminds me of the browser wars: Netscape 5 against IE 5 :).

        • Nat

          iphone 4 sell very well…

          • Miroslav

            Yeah, but that’s unlucky number in Asia, so camera companies skip it often. Maybe that’s why iphone 5 is so late :) ?

  • Thom

    whats all the bitching about just because of the name? this is exciting news surely!? can’t wait – hope the sensor won’t disappoint.

    • Miroslav

      Well, we’ve only got the name, what else can we bitch about :)?

      • stickytape

        Hear hear!

    • Jim

      it will…. it always will :)

  • Boris

    Yes, it is a viewfinder, and it better be a good one (!) that would make the whole thing

    interesting to me.

    • Narretz

      Do you know for fact it has an evf or do you just wish for one?

      Thom – it’s the internet, people find something to bitch about :)

      • Mr. Reeee

        Given the GF7 name, it means that every feature you ever wanted or every loathsome feature you’ve ever encountered will be included. ;-)

        If it had a Jonathan Ive industrial design, milled aluminum body, iOS interface and an iPhone/iPad capacitive touch screen I’d not complain one tiny bit.

        • stickytape

          You’ll complain when you open up the box and there are no buttons on the camera. Remember Apple did away with the click wheel that allowed sightless operation in favour of the touch screen. Might work for a P&S, but I don’t see what Apple could offer in terms of aesthetics that would be better than the XZ-1. Perhaps a cleaner sleeker back?

          Can’t say I’m a fan of the use of anodized aluminium either, apart from the Macbook Pro. Just look at the tacky iPod Mini.

          • I personally would love an iOS inspired camera UI. I don’t know what it is about the camera makers, but no one has ever made a decent UI. It reminds me of cell phones before the iPhone arrived.

            A really spartan, yet useful touch screen UI + a shutter release button, a rotating dial around the lens mount, and perhaps 2 or 3 customizable buttons on the rear is all I need on a camera.

            That is kind of what Sony tried with the NEX, but failed miserably at the GUI part of it.

            • dac38

              Really ? Have you tried held any NEX camera till date. Most NEX users would swear that the new FW03 UI is miles better than any Oly or Pansic UI. Just enough abstraction and customization options to keep newbies and serious enthusiasts alike going.

          • Mr. Reeee

            Who said anything about getting rid of external controls? Camera menu systems absolutely suck. EVERY camera company sucks at it, some suck less, but they all suck.

            My iPad and iPod touch came with NO manual.
            My GH2? 200 miserably laid-out pages, with no usable index!

            Imagine being able to find settings in a camera without Being forced to wade through page after page of poorly organized menus?

            Check out how Mac OS X and iOS menu systems work, especially the iOS Settings App. Items are fairly simply and logically grouped, so things are easy to find with very few clicks/taps necessary to get things setup and done.

            Apple is far from perfect, but they set the gold standard in UI design.

            • stickytape

              No argument here against Apple-designed UI. They really are good in that aspect (on their portable devices, at least. Every time I use a Macbook, it just seems so unintuitive).

            • Godot

              Apple is eating up so much of the sub-$200 P&S market, they just have to be considering making a play at the higher end of the camera market, right?

              Probably just more wishful thinking, unfortunately… it’s hard to see how a camera company fits with their plan for world domination. And I really don’t think you’ll ever see a partnership arrangement with an Apple OS on somebody else’s camera.

  • Fishfishfish

    Where are E-P7 and NX7, or maybe CoolPix 7?

    • Boris

      To Narretz.

      No, I don’t know.

      I just wish, or even demand it! :-)

    • Miroslav

      Waiting for Finepix 7 or X7, whatever it’ll be called :)

  • So I guess it will be the G3 sensor – but what else from the G3 do folks think will appear in the GF7? What does Pro mean in this form factor?

    For me to buy it over the G3 I’ll need external cable shutter release input, flash hotshoe, and integrated viewfinder + a thumb-wheel for exposure/shutter speed.

  • napalm

    woohoo! good thing I held out on the E-P3 and G3. I want to see the advanced bodies first

    • stickytape

      Same here, though I’m more interested in seeing the NEX-7. Hadn’t really considered Sony before today. The GF7 has been so long in the waiting that I don’t think it will live up to expectations.

      Happy either way with this latest/up-coming round of releases from Olympus, Panasonic and Sony. Great timing for my situation!

  • bidou

    DMC L1 was a reflex camera, you must mismatch it with DMC LC1 that had an evf.

  • WT21

    Ho can the GF anything be “Pro” — has ANYONE looked at the GF3 recently?

    How about “Toy” instead of “Pro”?

    Admin is off here — either these are not the Pro product name, or there is no Pro. This cannot be the “Pro” body, or else Panasonic has gone insane. (think of the evolution — GF1 to GF3 to GF7? Serious compact to toy to Pro????)

    • stickytape

      Given the confusing numbering of this upcoming product, I wouldn’t consider the letters that prefix it to convey any useful information, apart from that it is placed below the G3

    • Zaph

      I believe the GH is the Panasonic Pro line. I believe this will be the enthusiast GF model talked about. More like the GF1, with external controls, etc.

  • ArKersaint

    There are 5 hints which suggest no EVF disappointment :
    – There is the 25 mm bundle and the 25 mm is not that small… unlike the 14 mm
    – There is 7 in the name and this means open competition with Sony
    – Ther is the word “pro” and obviously no pro can be seeking for a so small body
    – There is this 4 months delay after the NEX 7 announcement which could suggest some planning revision in order to cope with EVF redesign Panny seems to be working on ?
    – Last, there is this patent leak

    We have been disappointed for 2 years with the GF line evolution, that is sure… but I would be optimistic !

    • Boris

      So, the price I guess for a camera like this will be like a “Pro”. :-)

    • Godot

      Has Panasonic ever actually used the word “Pro” in reference to anything m43-related? Not saying they haven’t, just that I’m not aware of them ever doing it…

    • Renato M.

      I don’t think there is time for EVF redesign in 3-4 months

  • Bob B.

    So…the obvious question is how is Panasonic going to announce the GF4, GF5 & GF6 before the end of August? :-) WoHOOOOO its a BANANZA!!!!!!!!

    • napalm

      The GF7 ate them all! hehehe

  • physica

    For fun and information only . The pronounce of the word 7 in Cantonese , is similar to a foul language which have the meaning of “clumsy , foolish”.

    So…….the..GF7. 7D, A77, NEX-7……omg! XD

  • Olympius

    Sounds like my next new “pro” camera will be a a Lumix DMC-GF7x.

    Nice to see an option with the new Leica 25mm as a kit lens, but I think they should forget the 14-42 altogether, and offer either the Leica or the excellent little Panny 20mm f.1.7 as kit lenses, just like you got your choice of “nifty fifties” back in the days of 35mm film SLR’s.

    And I hope against hope that they are smart enough to put in the same sensor as what’s in the GH2, or failing that, whatever sensor is scheduled for the GH3. If it’s to be a “pro” model, then I expect nothing less than their absolute best sensor in it. As a matter of fact, if it’s anything less than their best sensor, I might just hesitate a bit…but given the 24mp threat from Sony, I don’t think that’s something to worry about.

    And since Panasonic feels Sony is their main competitor in the faux-rangefinder mirrorless segment, I’m not surprised by the stupid “GF7” name, even though I was hoping for something more cool, like “GX7” or “GQ7”. No doubt this will be the Lumix answer to the NEX-7, so I would definitely expect a built-in EVF (Panasonic isn’t allergic to those unlike Olympus) as Sony will have one in their camera.

    I would also LOVE to see a lens-mount “dial” like the XZ-1, G12, etc., so that one can change aperture, shutter or ISO by a simple twist of a big dial, but that might be asking for too much.

    Anyway, I’m anxiously awaiting this camera, and looking forward to more “leaked” spec’s in the near future.


    • Pablo

      Oh yeah.. I guess they will have to pack a free hot-air-balloon ride to that, if they want to compete. Cause besides that, all they will be left with is a smaller sensor and still no IBIS for that model… (why don’t they just, together with Olympus, swallow their pride, and make a body with a good sensor and IBIS inside, so I have no more reasons to waste money on SONY products) Cause else… they can put as many 7s in the model name as they want…

  • fta

    wtf happened to GF4, GF5, GF6???

    Maybe I’ll just wait for the GR8 camera… Let’s see how many people get that joke :)

    • Bob B.

      Those were the GF models where all the manual controls slowly vanished, as did the lens and LCD …and the camera got smaller and smaller..until it finally disappeared, completely. The GF7 is the rebirth. :-) …and then the MFT photographers lived happily after ever……

    • stickytape

      I think Bob B. has the truth of it. They are skipping ahead a few failed models to the GF7. The GR8 may well live up to its name, but I believe you are waiting on the wrong company. ;)

      • Leiya

        GR8 sounds like a Ricoh camera. Ooooh, maybe it’ll have an interchangeable “unit” system. :P

  • uth

    i hope GF Pro will have…

    L1 (rangefinder design)

    more button and not too small(like GF3)…

    two dials (for aperture & speed shutter)

    G3 sensor technology in multi-aspect type likes GH2 (i know it’s like a dream for this one)

    New processor

    build in EVF (optional)


    • Martin

      > build in EVF (optional)

      How can be a built-in EVF optional?

      • uth

        i mean.. it’s ok for me if they don’t put EVF in this camera

  • Simon

    I wonder when they will finally stop the me-too marketing and start an own approach: Nex c3 was followed by GF3, now NEX 7 is followed by GF7…maybe in winter we’ll see a GH5 to respond to the NEX 5n???

    Why not to it like Apple? Have only a few, refined and differentiated products and clear, distinguished names…

  • mpgxsvcd

    The naming is quite simple. They want distinguish it from the current GF3 product. People will see GF7 and think it has to be better than the GF3. They are actually copying exactly what Sony has named their products.

    I expect this camera to compete directly against the NEX-7. I would expect it to have the GH2 sensor and the color processing from the G3. It will probably not have a built in view finder but it will have a tricked out external EVF.

    I would also expect it to have the same old 1080i/30p psf video from the other GF cameras. Maybe they will bump it to 22 mb/sec though.

    It might be a really nice little camera or it might just be a rebadged GF3.

    • safaridon

      MPGXSVCD – Your explanation that Pany’s naming of its new models is following Sony NEX which they see as m4/3 main competition seems the most logical one.

      Thus I would predict the FG7 will be the patent model with built in swiveling EVF on left corner. Too bad Pany after producing the LC1 and new patent design for all to see waited will Sony beat them to producing the first rangefinder style model with interchangeable lens but no doubt a conservative management decision and they wanted G3 and GF3 to make traction first and become established.

      Since the FG7x will be model with 25/f1.4 then we can also expect a new GF5 with new sensor maybe G3, higher resolution LCD screen, and optional higher rez EVF like Sonys (that 3mp tech was produced by another independant company so no reason Pany could not impliment), and will come with the popular 20/1.7 lens as standard. They could use the same all metal body of the GF1 or use a new one to fit insides of G3 or GF2 in it.

      Reason is people seem to expect the model number reflects the quality of the camera hence Pany is matching what Sony is using when producing any comparable model. Maybe the GH3 will be GH77 instead??

  • cosinaphile

    gr-8 idea there ,lol… gr-8 cameras are worth the wait

  • x

    No 20mm in kit, no sale.
    Unless the price body-only is reasonable (which I’ll bet it won’t)

  • Just a little question, guys.

    So called „pro look” is a mix of bullshit and snobbery. Why putting the EVF in a corner is so special?! The more Leica look, the more quality?

    The EVF from G3 is really well placed and is quite close to the margin. In the other words, at least my nose doesn’t touch the LCD, instead of that it’s kept flatten against the right side of the camera when looking thru the EVF.

    If somebody does prefer rangefinder look over the classic DSLR one, it’s OK.
    But pls don’t put the equal sign between pro camera and rangefinder-styled one!

    • Ant

      The rumour does say Pro version of the GF.
      if it’s the pro version of G and GH, I think most of the peoples wanting to shoot like using rangefinder won’t complain about EVF in the middle. :)

    • stickytape

      It’s not the look but the functionality. People seem to want a viewfinder in a smaller body that does away with the hump on the G3. It’s like rangefinders vs. SLRs all over again.

      • Well, dont’t forget that you get just a hump on G3, but you should increase the camera’s height as a whole on a rangefinder-styled camera in order to get enough space for EVF and the tilting-swiveling LCD.

        • stickytape

          That’s true. I think some people are hoping that Panasonic can slip an EVF into the corner, but I can’t see it co-existing with an in-built flash or the large LCD screen.

          I myself was fairly disappointed that having decided not to include an EVF in the E-P3, Olympus decided against a tilt screen as well. It isn’t a deal breaker, but the Olympus line just doesn’t make sense to me.

          People said that an in-built flash is useful for triggering remote flashes, but it seems then that a rangefinder-styled body is not really necessary.

        • Martin

          Well it could have a hump in the corner. It would look marvelous and very pro for sure ;-)

  • KL32

    I think it will be a huge letdown if it doesn’t have a built in EVF.

  • Narretz

    I think “pro” in this sense is always only applicable to the GF-Series, not to Panas Gx-camera series overall, and definitely not to what a professional photographer would consider “pro”. That said, this camera must be nothing less than the long overdue upgrade to the GF1, and hopefully more.
    It should be better than the G3 in terms of production quality, functions and buttons etc., at least on par in image quality*, but have worse video capabilities than the GH series. Pana can market it neatly between G and GH, and if they really put effort in it, they can even give it the product cycle of the GF1, so a new camera every 2 or 2 1/2 years.

    * There are always incremental upgrades, although I hope for something more substantial in terms of ISO and DR

    BTW, what’s the body of the GF1 made of? Some aluminum alloy?

  • WT21

    It’s funny —

    Oly Pro talk is followed by 100+ comments that says
    “No EVF, No Sale” and
    “No Weather Sealing, No Sale”

    Don’t see those comments around the Panny Pro talk.

    I’ll bet in the Oly’s case, the postings are driven by the disgruntled 43 DSLR crowd (also the fact that Panny has already proven they’re willing to integrate an EVF)

    • Mr. Reeee

      +1 :-)

      You forgot comments like….
      “If it doesn’t match my (man)purse, belt and shoes, no sale”
      “If it’s not pocketable with a collapsable f2.8 zoom lens, no sale”
      “if it doesn’t fit on my utility belt between the Droid and garage door opener, no sale.”
      “if it doesn’t make retro look modern, no sale”


      • Neonart

        How about that comment a few days ago saying “they should just do a compact, lightweight 24-120 F2”!!!! LOL! Somebody better get Harry Potter on the engineering team!

        • WT21

          Good one! I forgot about the super tiny, super light, super bright, super zoom!

          (bundled with the body for no more than the kit lens, don’t forget!)

      • quiquelbola

        Mr Reeee:(your words)

        -Camera menu systems absolutely suck. EVERY camera company sucks at it, some suck less, but they all suck.
        -If it had a Jonathan Ive industrial design, milled aluminum body, iOS interface and an iPhone/iPad capacitive touch screen I’d not complain one tiny bit.

        Here every one of us like you have their own preferences… please let the others say what they want.

        For me G7 or oly-pro-semi pro-what you want shoud have:

        -The best sensor avaible
        -The most analog controls
        -The best desing (for me gh´s sucks)rangefinder style please.
        -Separate viewfinder (I shoot the most from the hip)
        -Razonable priced
        And since for me a m4/3 pro sucks, lightwheigt (no aluminium or titanium, or magnesium body)
        If someone of you want to pay 700€ plus for a pro body a second version with this feature.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          > -If it had a Jonathan Ive industrial design, milled aluminum body, iOS interface and an iPhone/iPad capacitive touch screen…

          And that’s exactly when I start complaining about fashion garbage.
          Capacitive touchscreen works very badly in cold weather because basically finger tissue needs to be warm for screen to detect it and fingers are already harder to keep warm at winter even without being unable to use gloves.
          And aluminum has very high heat conductance (hence its use in heatsinks) further worsening the handling problem in cold weather… unless you can use it with gloves.

          > -The most analog controls
          In digital era?
          When cameras where analog-mechanical devices in film era that worked because there was lot less settings but if you now try to use those rangefinder style retro knobs for all available and used settings you’ll run out real estate to put them very fast unless camera is the size of brick.
          (Konica)Minolta A2 had very good way for fitting lot non-menu driven controls into available space: Dial/knob which you use to select setting to be adjusted like for example drive mode. Then one control dial is used to select main drive mode (single, continuous, self-timer…) and second dial for fine adjusting like between 2s and 10s delay of timer or bracketing modes. That also leaves right hand in position where it’s immediately ready to change aperture, shutter speed or exposure compensation after you’re done with changing settings.

          You sure have to remember the past but going at reverse while staring into past isn’t good way to get forward.

          • quiquelbola

            Just your opinion. I prefer so much a dial for tha aperture, a dial for the speed, a dial for Iso…..perhaps you prefer loose your time in menus.Not is my case.

            • I can use the control wheel while having the eye glued to the EVF of my G1 and now my GH2. “Just my opinion” is that I’d have a harder time adapting to an excess of dials. One dial for PASM is fine for me.

              I’d simplify the one on the GH2, doing away with face detect, iA and scenery stuff.
              PASM, C1..C4 and Movie, with the C1 being iA by default.

        • Mr. Reeee

          Shall I write “JOKE ALERT” before everything, just to be absolutely sure no one misunderstands? I was rifting with WT21. Sheesh.

          Sure, we all have our preferences. I try to keep them at bay. Crappy software UI, on the other hand, is a big peeve, which really does affect functionality and getting more use out of what’s built into a camera. Functionality that’s buried and lost serves no one.

          @Esa … Try fingerless gloves! Aluminum may not be the best material, I was simply using Apple’s milled bodies as an example.
          Fashion garbage? You usually complain about ergonomics!

          I’ll take a dedicated aperture ring and shutter speed dial any day. Although the Panasonic control wheel works pretty well.

          • WT21

            “I was rifting with WT21.”

            And having a good time doing it, too!

    • stickytape

      I think everyone is just tired of waiting for this camera. All the commentary took place when the GF2 was released, and then the GF3 earlier this year. By now, people don’t really have any expectations of this camera.

  • JeremyT

    After the GF3 I had thought Panasonic was linking body style with quality, with the little brick form factor being stuck at entry level. Glad to see that they’re branching out and giving the Pens some competition :)

  • Neonart

    You know what would make my loins tingle? How about a DMC-GL1k part number leak? That would be a clear message. Are you listening marketing department at Panasonic?

    (For Olympus E-POM4Ti would be way too long :) )

    • WT21

      “You know what would make my loins tingle?”

      Ummmm…. no? I don’t want to know that?

      • Martin

        hit by a football perhaps?

        • Neonart

          That too.

  • Just because you got “product codes” doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. And besides since when does a “usually” ships in 3-4 months become a FT5?

    The product numbers are pretty logical by the way, anyone could make them up. I’d like this to be true, but is it really a FT5? Putting a “K” on the end of a product code just means it’s black, and all panasonic digital cameras are DMC-whatever.

    Anyways, I hope it’s an FT5, because it’d be nice, but… sounds FT4 to me, from how you wrote up the post.

    • Narretz

      Yeeah sure. There are several things wrong with your post.

      1) How is it logical that Panasonic names the (spiritual) successor to the GF1 GF7 when they established the GF series as the entry models with the GF2 and GF3? Not to speak of the “missing” numbers GF4,5,6
      2) “K” means with standard zoom, not black. Ever bought a Panasonic m43 camera? “C” means pancake, and the GH2 has “H” for the 14-140mm.
      3) Admin didn’t say it will ship in 3-4 months, but will be announced within that timeframe

      Seriously, are there so many illiterate people reading this blog?

      • bookervrk

        Well, It’s all due to the history of Lumix camera.
        If you guys notice the code of lumix camera in 2000-2007, you would follow the clue. Panasonic plays the same trick.

        As to the me-too policy, I would say the fanboy preoccupied with the Fame of Nex series, however that would be a lovely coincidence.

        • Calm down. I guess I’m out of the Panasonic product naming scheme for too long. The K does still mean black, but your right an additional K beside the model means the type of kit.

          DMC-GH2K-S Silver bodied with kit
          DMC-GH2H-K Black bodied with different kit
          DMC-GH2K-K Black bodied with kit

          My mistake.

          I still stand by my comments that Admin seems to be stretching the FT5 on this one. But only because the way he worded the post. He seems to word that it’s an FT5 “because” he has product IDs, which as you suggest are pretty easy to make up.

          Perhaps I’m a bit illiterate at times… but it’s the internet, it’s my God given right!

          PS, this was meant to reply to Narr…

  • Brod1er

    This rumour tells us almost nothing we didn’t already know. It is just another way of saying “panasonic will release another new camera before Xmas”.
    Admin, I am sure you can tell us something more substantial?!

  • Justin

    I’d be happy with a gf1 inspired body design aesthetic. Two thumb wheels (like olympus ep3). Built in left corner viewfinder. Best sensor panasonic makes–at least 16 mpx. Improved high iso. Clean 1600 and very usable 3200. A higher resolution lcd (why can’t we get a canon quality lcd on there?) for assessing critical sharpness in the field–currenlty an impossibility on the GH2. Keep the same shutter speed as the GH2 or faster. Same AF or faster. Bundle the Leica 25 and I’ll gladly pay $1500.

  • Anonymous

    I would gladly to buy a GF1/7 with a pro capability than to have a “PRO name but can not serve the purpose,.. Please fix the noisy SHUTTER LAG

  • st3v4nt

    So in order to compete with Sony NEX, Panny decide to double up the MP in sensor to 24, bring back the physical dial button, built in non bump EVF, peek focus, etc but reducing the lens just to three with promise more will come and insisting new mount system and push the new recording media called SD-Stick….and call it Lumix G-NEX 7…. :-D

  • annaty

    Please Panasonic 5 frames per second! Otherwise not pro.

  • Joe

    There are plenty of super small, unreasonably thin cameras out there. I want a camera I can hold properly. Give me an LC1 style camera (much better than the bulky L1) with a m43 sensor. Plenty of space for manual controls, a built-in EVF and a pop-up bounce flash yet still smaller than a DSLR.

  • Renato M.

    Being optimistic, what would I expect from this new camera? I’m ignoring the name issue.

    – closer to the GH3 than the GH2 – about sensor, AVCHD 2.0, new processor, etc.
    – closer to GF1 than GF3

    I don’t know about the EVF, if they were to call it PRO, I would expect a EVF but if the GF7 is true, I’m not sure if they will include that. My fear is about this “getting smaller” thing, I understand doing that to the GF3, but with the G3, for ex, it compromised the battery and the grip. Hopefully they won’t insist on that with this new camera and the GH3, when features should overcome this “getting smaller” thing.

    I think that the difference between a GF PRO and the GH is that the GH is focused on video, the GF PRO should be focused on street photography (E-P3 and NEX-7 as rivals). If it’s really a PRO type of camera, in terms of quality (build quality, photo quality, etc) it should be as high as the GH3. But I’m wondering how are they gonna make it competitive with the new NEX-7, because the NEX-7 seems to have nice video feats. And if they make the GF PRO with nice video feats as well, how are they gonna make the GH3 better than this GF PRO.

    • Renato M.

      From what I read, these new Sony cameras will be very focused on video. How is Panasonic going to respond to it?

      Sony has a new sensor (24MP), new processor as well, the cameras should respond well with high ISO too and they all seems to use the AVCHD 2.0 (1080p60). Apparently they have an improved AF speed, continuous AF during video and the NEX-7 is pretty portable. The only downside for the NEX cameras is that they don’t really have many lenses, I think they have only three. But the new A65 and A77 should be tough competition for the GH3.

      Global shutter should be good for Panasonic if they really can come up with that. What else can be improved? What can the Panasonic do to improve over the competition?

      • Voldenuit

        You’re right that NEX has a paucity of lenses at present. But Sony has announced a 24/1.4, 50/1.8 and 55-210 with rumored availability within the month. And while 50mm on APS-C is at the lower end of the portrait lens range (I use my EF 50/1.4 as a portrait lens on my 40D from time to time), it’s taken Sony half the time that P&O did to release a fast portrait prime (the Oly 45/1.8 is still unavailable at this time).

        Meanwhile, Samsung has a 20/2.8, 30/2, and upcoming 60/2.8 Macro and 85/1.8.

        m43 had a head start with lenses, but its mirrorless competitors are catching up, if they haven’t already. And in many cases, their solutions are much more atractively priced than m43 – the Samsung 30/2 for instance is easily as good as the 20/1.7 (which I have and love), but $100 cheaper.

        P&O need to be more aggressive to fight off the new contenders, and charging $800 for a wide prime (not to mention gouging customers $100 for a lens hood) is not the way they should be going.

        • Brod1er

          Agree a price reduction is now due – although some folk seem to be a bit unrealistic in their expectations. However the new Sony lenses seem to underline the major weakness of NEX ie that they are unable to produce small, high quality optics. The new Zeiss will be good quality I am sure, but it is comically large compared to the Panasonic 20mm or 25mm. All the other Sony lenses are notably mediocre. The Samsung 30mm is better but the upcoming lenses look large too. Only MFT seems to offer good quality at a compact size. The laws of physics seem to be against the APSC formats.

  • John

    They skipped GF4,GF5,GF6 and went straight to GF7. I wonder how much they going to sell this GF7.

  • Jack

    The Sony NEX-7 is here with amazing specification, 24MB camera with 10fps!!
    I wonder what will be the Pana and Oly reply to this tech wonder…

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