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(FT3) Olympus E-50 coming soon???

[shoplink 21666][/shoplink]

Now that’s a surprise! I finally got a Four Thirds (not Micro FT) rumor from a known source :)

He contacted me to say that Olympus developed a new E-50 camera. He didn’t share any details but he said it will be on market within the next couple of months. As you might remember the ex-chief from Olympus Watanabe already stated that Olympus will continue to develop single and double digit Four Thirds cameras. The E-50 will replace the current [shoplink 21666]Olympus E-30[/shoplink]. At least that would be a concrete sign that Four Thirds is still alive!

Click those links to see the current E-30 price and availability: [shopcountry 21666].

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