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(FT5) There will be a major Panasonic announcement for the IFA show in Berlin.


According to two of my trusted sources there will be a major Panasonic product announcement between August 26 and September 1. The new products will be displayed at the IFA in Berlin (the global trade show for consumer electronics). I am not sure yet about the products that will be announced but I am sure that there is at least a new Micro Four Thirds lens. I got some info from new sources but I do hope my trusted sources can tell me more soon. Just a reminder: Panasonic officially told that they would release at least two new m43 lenses this year. And they also told that the next two cameras they would release are the GF PRO and GH3.

If you heard something about the upcoming Panasonic (or Olympus) products feel free to send me an anonymous message using the contact form you see here on the right sidebar. As you know name and email address are NOT required and no hidden data like the IP-address gets stored. Would be nice if you could send me a sort of nickname so that I can recognize the source in future! Thanks!


Reminder -> Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Yes GF PRO

    I’m quite excited about the GF PRO but hope it will not be very much bigger or heavier nor pricer.

    • I’d be willing to pay 2k for a camera with a lot better sensor. I already love my gh2 and have invested 4 times the amount I spent on it in glass. It would be nice if it stayed light but I really hope that it gets a chrome or aluminum body and looks a tiny bit less gimmicky. The stereotype among muggles is that if a camera isn’t big its not any good lol.

  • Nick Clark

    Please let it be the rumoured fast 12-50 :)

    • Anentropic

      the faster the better

    • +1
      I hope it will be fast and start at 12mm, so that I won’t need to buy that 12mm Oly lens.

      • A 12-50mm zoom and a smallish 12mm f/2 prime are two totally different beasts. The beauty of a prime is not only that they are small, but they force you to to “see” the world in that focal length. I almost always get better results when using a prime because I am more active when working on my composition. For the record, I already bought the 12mm, and love it. It is my new all time favorite AF lens. I can’t wait until Olympus offers a complete set. I want a 22mm/1.4 with that build quality (and manual focus ring) so bad I can’t stand it.

        That said, a 12-50mm fast zoom is also most welcome for times when I need a zoom.

    • twoomy

      +! Yes yes yes, please!!!

  • jrk

    If you follow what was written at the GH2 announcement, it’s either the “bright zoom” or the “bright wide angle”

    The definition of wide angle isn’t clear. Is it a 12mm? 14? 17? 20? I doubt we will see a 14 or 20. A bigger aperture 17 would certainly be welcome. Anything shorter than 12mm really becomes ultrawide and 2.8 would be sufficient IMO. It could even be a bright UWA zoom useful for video. 10-20 2.8-3.5 would be sweet.

    • bright wide angle

      Imho it can’t bright wide angle zoom since on the same page they hinted bright standard zoom. Lack of word ” zoom” is not coincidence.

  • ton

    I hope it will be the GF-pro, an L-1 shape body w/ built-in view finder & a 35mm eq f1.4 & 12-60mm fast zoom lens. It will be a perfect show off between the NEX-7. Hopefully, an olympus PEN-pro will come along after the panasonic anouncement to complete this m43 year of the products! :)

  • Thomas

    A fast zoom lens and a “pro” body would be great.

  • bright wide angle

    Too late, I’ve just bought Oly 12mm f/2.0 and sold 20mm f/1.7 :) so now searching for 25/1.4.

    • James

      Ha! I just bought the 20/1.7 for my shiny new G3. what a fun lens that is! I’m sorely tempted by the Oly 12 but will hold my wad till the price drops a bit (if it ever does) and to make sure that the barrel distortion is not out of control (recent review said there is a lot of in camera correction going on, which is fbm so long as it works on my G3)

      • It works on your G3, no problem.

      • Mr. Reeee

        Just get the 7-14mm. Fantastic lens.

        @peroni… If you want a nice 35mm NOW, check out the Voigtländer Nokton 35mm f1.4. It’s not quite a pancake, but very small and extremely nice. I love mine!

  • peroni

    35mm f2 pancake please. ;-)

    • Neonart

      35 or 35 equivalent FOV?

    • I sold that lens and it’s killing me. I miss m43.

  • I expect/hope that the new GF Pro and GH3 includes far better dynamic range than existing m43 cameras. – And built in EVF (no more fake RF please!)that is far better than existing

    • Pierre

      I do agree!!!

    • What can they do to increase the dynamic range, technically speaking?
      Gapless microlenses, or does the G3 already have that?
      I would expect that a significant increase in DR (1 stop or more) will require totally new sensor technology.

      • explorer76

        Larger full well capacity will probably help as well

  • Panasonic had initially indicated that its top model, the GH series, was on a 2 year replacement cycle. Replacing the GH2 this year would indicate that Panasonic is under a lot of market pressure, probably from Sony.

    Whether Sony or Panasonic, I’m looking for a rangefinder shaped body with full manual controls, integrated EVF and articulated screen. If Panasonic’s GF “pro” has those features that would be my first choice. If not, the NEX-7 will be more interesting, even if I only use it with one lens (the Zeiss 24/1.8).

    • Nick Clark

      I can’t see the GH3 coming out this year – I just don’t see the need (from Panasonic’s perspective). It’s probably the only body in their line-up that isn’t under pressure, at the moment it simply doesn’t have any competition… Not to mention the fact that they seem to be selling as many as they can make.

      I expect to see the GH3 come out about the same time as the 5D MkIII, and a brutal video marketing war to follow :)

      That said, if it happens the NEX-7 + CZ 24/f1.8, Pen Pro + ZD 12/f2 and GF Pro + PL 25/f1.4 on shelves at the same time would make a hell of a case for mirrorless! Definitely batter the idea that these aren’t ‘real’ cameras :)

    • >Whether Sony or Panasonic, I’m looking for a rangefinder shaped body with full manual controls, integrated EVF and articulated screen.

      Well, the G3 and GH2 ticks all your boxes except the first. I highly doubt that Panasonic will develop a rangefinder style camera that otherwise has the same features as the G3 or GH2. Expect the rangefinder style camera to be more like the E-P3, I.E. no built-in EVF.

    • Mr. Reeee

      A yearly replacement cycle makes little sense. Sure they could add a few more features, but aside from a marked improvement I the sensor, I see little point.

      There were rumors of a couple of Panasonic M4/3 dedicated video cameras in development. So, maybe one of those and the mythical 12-50-60mm f2.5-3.5 that’s video optimized, like the 14-140mm. I’m not a big zoom fan, but a lens like that could find a home on my GH2.

      Yes, the NEX-7 is looking VERY compelling. I had originally looked at the NEX-5, but a built-in EVF, especially at 2.4MP, could be the kicker.

    • infinity jr.

      +1 for rangefinder-type with tilt AND swivel screen!

  • IFA is a broadcasting event of the television and radio industry. It is safe to assume that any Panasonic announcement will be video related.

    • Narretz

      It was once, but nowadays it’s about all types of consumer electronics.

    • Exactly. My bet is that Panasonic will show a new version of the AF100, something closer to the PMW-F3, than the FS-100. The HPX-170 just got out of the market, replaced by the nice HPX-250, who competes with the Canon’s XF 300/305.

      I think that will be announced a model that is a fusion between the AF100 and the HPX250 (maybe the AF200?), probably an m43 camera, 10 bit SDI output, 10 bit on-board AVC-Intra. There’s no chance that an optional S-Log solution, such the one on the Sony PMW-F3, appear, since Pana has no history in developing such systems, but, can I dream?

    • >Well, the G3 and GH2 ticks all your boxes except the first. I highly doubt that Panasonic will develop a rangefinder style camera that otherwise has the same features as the G3 or GH2. Expect the rangefinder style camera to be more like the E-P3, I.E. no built-in EVF.

      I’ve been using a GH2 since December 2010 and while the it’s a very capable camera with most of the features I need, I’m not a great fan of the faux DSLR form. Not just for aesthetic reasons, but I would also prefer the EVF in the rear, upper left corner so that my nose is as far away from the screen as possible.

      I’ve recently been using a Sony NEX-3 and I’m really enamored with its articulated screen. I like how it folds up behind the camera and doesn’t get in the way of the neck strap like the one on my GH2 which needs to be opened to the left of the camera. But even Panasonic’s solution for an articulated screen is infinitely better than not having one at all (and obviously better for vertical photos than Sony’s solution). I don’t see why I should have to do without an articulated screen – never mind an EVF – just because I prefer a rangefinder shaped body. So if that’s Panasonic’s marketing solution, I will look at competing systems.

  • BBernhardt

    Official announcement of global shutter technology to be put into future M4/3 cameras would be nice!

  • bilgy_no1

    Exciting! Let’s wait and see…

  • FMJ

    i really hope the lens would be similar to Canon 24-105L or Nikon 24-120 F4

    in a small form, that would be my ultimate travel lens

  • Bernd

    that will be no camera announcement.

  • mpgxsvcd

    My prediction is that we will see a GH3 this December. They have to keep up with Sony that is already doing 1080p @ 60 FPS in their cameras. The GH3 will just add 1080p @ 60 FPS to the GH2.

    They next lens will be a 17mm F2.0 pancake to compete with the Fuji X100 and the other cameras that are doing a fast 35mm equivalent lens. I think the pro camera will be the 35mm equivalent rangefinder that we have all been waiting for. However, it will still have a EVF. The days of OVF are numbered.

    • Mr. Reeee

      It seems that Panasonic could release a firmware update that activates more advanced video modes. Vitaly the hacker has managed to jailbreak the GH2 and boost all sorts of video-centric features.

      At the very least, that sort of move would buy time for Panasonic to really beef up the GH3 into a solid upgrade.

  • Neonart

    Fuji got it. Sony apparently got it. Why is it going to take Oly and Pany so long to spit out a manual control camera with a built-in viewfinder on the left rear corner?
    Panasonic already had 2 cameras like this, the LC1 and L1! I had two L1s and absolutely loved them! I’ve yet to fully become acustomed to shooting with an SLR. Even after years of the E3 and E5, the L1 was more fun, and pleasant to use. Unfortunately the viewfinder was puny, and anything above ISO400 was rough.
    I don’t think these companies realize the pent-up demad that exists. Hopefully the huge buzz of the Fuji X100 was a wake up call for them.

    • Tom

      I really don’t understand this from companies like Panasonic / Olympus. They must do market research / focus groups no? If they had released such a camera this year, I would have already bought it and been all in. Now they have the Sony NEX-7 to deal with. Whichever one has better IQ and certain must-have features, will get my purchase, and it will be difficult to compete with the NEX I think. I really do feel that Olympus is out of the running, don’t think they have the corporate culture anymore to release anything high end. Panasonic, maybe, but will probably try to focus on the touchscreen or something silly like that.

      • Neonart

        Agreed. Only thing I see with the Nex7 is the lenses, and arguably the styling. That 24/1.8 is enormous for a 36mm equiv! Compare that to the Panny 20/1.7 and it becomes apparent small lenses is not their thing.
        The styling is also weird, like they’re trying real hard to be edgy and cool. That camera reminds me of our Sony alarm clock we got as a wedding gift 14+ years ago, which still works great though!
        If they release just a couple of somewhat fast primes of a decent size, I think I can get over the aesthetics :).

      • Narretz

        You always have the consider the focus of the companies. So far, it seems, Panasonic os focussing more on lenses, since they need a big lineup also for their video cameras. So they may lack manpower to develop a good enough internal evf. This said, it’s totally possible that they just have not had the technology available for teh camera they want. And bringing a half-assed camera with a mediocre evf won’t bring them any friends. But I am ver ysure that the GF Pro will have an EVF. That’s mainly based on the comment of the PAna official who said tehy will bring a special camera for the 10th anniversary of the L1. And they would be amazingly stupid not to bring a hommage to the L1.

        • Neonart

          Did they really say that? The L1 was released in 2006 and the LC1 in 2004, ten years would be still a bit away. But I sure hope they do revive that form factor.

          One thing that was fantastic about both those cameras and often gets overlooked was the bounce flash! I hate the look of flash, but with the L1 it was really nice to have it in a pinch and with bounce people didn’t look like washed out zombies.

        • Nick Clark

          “So they may lack manpower to develop a good enough internal evf.”

          What are you talking about? 2 out of the 3 current Panasonic G models already have very good internal EVFs…

          NEX – zero models
          NX – one model
          Pen – zero models

      • Anonymous

        If they released it last year, peoples who still hold back from buying camera might then choose the NEX because the model from Panasonic or Olympus is “last year’s model”, and those will be replaced in a year (their days are counted).

        Can’t understand marketing folks’ logic, but I’m sure they think giving too much, too good and too soon is bad for their future because they ran out of things to response the really serious threat from their competitors.

        Lets hope NEX-7 could kick the MFT sales down a lot in Japan so they will have to respond to this.

        Narretz: not the L1, it’s the Lumix brand’s 10th anniversary :)

  • Any chance for a bright 70-200 Equiv. lens? Like a 35-100/2.8 or so? Together with a 12-35/2.8 it would be a awesome combo!

    • adam

      I’d love to see a 35-100 f/2.8, but I doubt it’s going to happen. It’d be too big to balance on most m4/3 bodies. Also, they’re more likely to release a bright standard zoom first, as it would sell better…

      • Would a 35-100/2.8 or 35-100/2.5-3.3 be as big as the 45-200? I dont know how to measure it, but in theory it should be around the same size, or not?

  • Nelson

    GH2 certainly have pressure from Sony who will do AVCHD 2.0 on their A77/NEX7

    • I hope they feel the pressure lol. Because the sensor on the nex camera’s are amazing I just don’t like the interface or the glass. I basically love everything about the GH2 other than the ISO and the lack of 1080p.

  • Joh.K

    I guess (and hope^^) it’s gonna be the 12-50mm 2.5-3.3 :)

  • Max

    60p is an easy upgrade to full HD to compete with inexpensive POS Sony cameras. Like the upgrade of the GF line so soon after the GF2 was released. Updating the frame rate would keep competitive.

  • xxxx

    The GH3 will be ready in two weeks in Indonesia
    (of a trusteed source)

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