(FT5) GH3 pictures (via youtube video)


Panasonic now removed the official GH3 video and I thought it would be nice to post some high resolution screenshot of the new camera. You can see quite many details on them! There is even Philip Bloom using the superb Olympus 14-35 F2.0 lens (lens here on ebay) on the GH3…LOL :)

As usual click on the thumbnails to open the full size version:

  • Looking promising!

  • henry

    I like :)

  • Ragnarok

    Where are the stereo mics?

  • wayne wong

    0:26 shows that it is not a multi-aspect sensor
    2:12 the 35-100mm lens is an internal zoom lens

    • BCK

      Because it’s a Sony sensor.

      • V4Vendetta

        This is real, Panasonic using Sony sensor?

        • Zaph

          It’s still calling it a Live MOS sensor, so I’d suggest it’s a Panasonic. Sony make CMOS, not Live MOS, no?

          • Sean Nelson

            “LiveMOS” is a marketing term, not a technology. It’s like Panasonic using “3MOS” for it’s camcorders with beamsplitters and 3 CMOS sensors.

    • twoomy

      Didn’t get to see the video; what indicates that it’s not multi-aspect? If it’s not, bummer as that breaks tradition with the GH line. But otherwise, that camera looks awesome.

    • ED

      How does it show that??

      • oli

        Just look at the pics posted by admin and measure the sensor by yourself. It’s 1,33 ratio, not the good one

        • david

          I agree with your measurement; that would indeed be a real bummer.

        • ED

          Admin is awfully quiet about that coz many have asked about this b4 ..there was never any mention of the multi aspect ratio thing in any of the previous leaks either so it makes sense… unfortunately.. Hope u are wrong though:)

    • Mr. Reeee

      How is that mentioned? I watched the video and saw little evidence of what the sensor was or wasn’t. There was certainly no mention of multi-aspect ratio. That’s really kind of a geeky, yet fantastic, feature that isn’t really headline worthy. It’s buried in the spec sheets.

      The GH2 sensor is actually an 18MP sensor, but only shoots only 16MP max. because of the multi-aspect ratio.

      4:3 = 4608 x 3456 pixels = 16MP
      3:2 = 4752 x 3168 pixels = 15MP
      16:9 = 4976 x 2800 pixels = 14MP
      1:1 = 3456 x 3456 pixels = 12MP

      It’s one of the great features of the GH-series, so I doubt Panasonic would break with tradition and stick a run-of-the-mill cropping aspect ratio sensor in the GH3.

      • wayne wong

        you can compare the sensor and electronic contacts to your GH2, I think it is a bit smaller than the GH2 Sensor

        • Mr. Reeee

          I’m impressed by your ability to divine such detailed information from a brief video clip. ;-)

          • wayne wong

            i’m still not sure about that, and of course i hope it is a multi-aspect sensor

          • LOT

            So far no rumors regarding the multi-aspect feature, only speculations and assumptions. I am very concerned.

          • MJr

            Yes, you can actually !


            Of course, the gh3 image is only a computer render, not a photo.

            • wayne wong

              i think this is the same sony sensor which is used in Oly EM5, and I’m sure pana guys are still working to make it multi-aspect, may be we can see this feature back in 2014 ?(GH5,LOL)

              BTW, the 4:3 sensor is lame, when you shoot 1080P(aspect ratio is 16:9 ), it just simplely crop from the 4:3 frame so you have far less FOV (vertical & horizontal) than what you can get from a Multi-Aspect sensor

              • david

                Possible, but then why would Olympus only read-out at 30fps in video even in 720p? There’s also the question of base ISO (200 on the E-M5, but supposedly 100 on the GH3). Presumably if the sensor had sufficient well capacity, Olympus would have started at 100 also. On the other hand, O&P going in together could probably get a bigger volume discount on the parts and spread the R&D.

                The other vague possibility is that it’s a 4:3 aspect ratio but still oversized, instead of an oversized 3:2 like the GH2.

                • MJr

                  Good points.

                • chris

                  The EM5 only does 30p because that’s what the Olympus processing engine is taking off the sensor. I’m guessing the Truepic VI image processor in the EM5 can’t process that amount of data and of course its not in the firmware. Sony’s Bionz processor does 60p so the Nex and Alpha cameras can, and apparently the new Panasonic processor does it as well. Nikon and Pentax’s image processors do not – despite using the same 16/24mp sensors all the Sony cameras use.

                  • Esa Tuunanen

                    Refresh rate of E-M5’s EVF is 120Hz so they certainly can read and process data from sensor faster than 30p.

                    But it might certainly lack capability for doing 60p video compression. (maybe new processor is part of that “OM-D Pro”)

        • McSmooth

          With the images shown, I agree that it looks grim for multi-aspect. Looking straight at a GH2 sensor, the corners are clipped. Not the case here. Hoping the official specs prove otherwise.

          16×9 on a 4:3 sensor would have a narrower angle (2x vs 1.8x crop on GH1/2) and would be less detailed for stills (12MP instead of 14MP). 4:3 would have the same rez… but I feel like I use that ratio least.

          • TempTag

            +1 – I tend to shoot 3X2 and like the GH series for changing aspect ratios. (I tend to leave my GF1 in 4×3) However, it’s not a feature I think about much, just sort of take it for granted as something the GH2 does well.

            If these are pictures and not computer renderings then agree that the sensor looks smaller than GH2 multi-aspect sensor. While not a deal breaker, if the GH3 does not have a multi-aspect ratio, I suspect GH2 owners will be less inclined to upgrade…

            • rere

              I am not convinced that the GH2 sensor is physically larger and there has never been any confirmation it is. I think it is just a higher MP 4×3 ratio with the various crops contained within.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      It’s not sure if those parts of the video showing plain camera are actually shot footage of real camera or computer rendered in which case they might have simply used generic 4:3 aspect sensor component when building 3D model.

      So we’ll have to wait little more.
      Though if it’s Sony sensor at least that would mean good dynamic range.

  • Yes….. very nice.

  • Schwarz

    I was gonna wait for the OM Pro, but this is seriously tempting. Anyone know whether it’s weather-sealed?

    • It is weather sealed, almost 100% sure.

      • Schwarz


  • david Blanchard

    I really love what Panasonic is doing with there cameras. I’m absolutely in love with my g5.

  • leov74

    I really like it

  • was just wondering… do you think that was a new flash unit used in the video?

  • Mr. Reeee

    Naysayers rejoice! It seems like the EVF housing is pushed forward a bit, so it sticks out less in the back than on the GH2.

    @Schwarz… Yes, it’s weather sealed, though Panasonic says it’s “splashproof”.

  • We all know why they call it “Splashproof” instead of waterproof/weather sealed.. So folks don’t submerge them for underwater use and then try to get warranty when it breaks.

  • JP

    Nice camera, not as good as the OM-D though.

    • ???
      Just because it has no IBIS? Or what you makes you think that E–M5 is still better?

  • Labalbi

    I dont know…something is wrong vhere …one of worst promo vídeo ever made. Simply horrible. Low resolution, doesnt show much and panny doing a free ad for oly lenses ?

    Maybe its a fan made vídeo….or a fake one…

    • it

      I don’t recall ever seeing an official promo video where a clearly unfinished version of camera is highlighted (referring to the Lumix and GH3 labels).

  • Paul Alexander

    Looks pretty good. Oh Joy YET ANOTHER HYBRID DSLR… :( sigh!
    Still of someone shooting leaves, and the ubiquitous car chase rig is a ‘yawner’.
    Now for the meat….
    Where’s the 1080p 60 frame rate and other frame rates? We’ll have to wait till Monday the 17th to find out. Plus I REALLY want to see a decent audio connection/adapter and noise free preamps.

    • Uh… the video clearly says : “High definition video 60P/50P” now they wouldn’t advertise 720/60P because we already have that so this must be 1080/60P.

    • Aside from EVF not being off-centered, on Olympus I can read a lot about lenses not being black…

  • David

    I wish Panasonic would weather seal the 7-14mm and the 25mm.

  • Pete

    Admin – do you know if it has the little level on the body to control the zoom (like the G5)?

  • I’m saying a little prayer:

    – Hopefully this product intro video is not an elaborate fake. :-)

    – Hopefully the “GH3” will feature a completely clean, bog-standard, recordable “live” 1080p HDMI video output signal! Not screwed-up the way the GH2 live HDMI is. It’s OK with me if it’s only 8-bit 4:2:0, but obviously 10-bit 4:2:2 would be nicer. But even 8-bit 4:2:0 can be great _if_ it’s properly dithered (as with Sony & Canon’s newer camcorders).

    – Hopefully the “GH3” will feature a headphone jack for live monitoring audio while recording!

    – Hopefully the “GH3” video recording quality will be much improved compared to the GH2, especially with far less noise and gradient banding artifacts, and improved dynamic range!

    – Hopefully the “GH3” will feature a much-improved JPEG engine! RAW is all well & good, but jeez, the Fuji P&S I owned several years ago did a better job rendering JPEGs than my GH1 or GH2.

    Well, maybe not such a little prayer. ;-)

    We shall see.

    My blog: http://HereForTheWeather.wordpress.com

  • Promit

    I was thinking two things to myself, watching the Panasonic video.
    1) That dude looks JUST like Philip Bloom.
    2) At 2:36 I’m quite certain that’s Zuiko glass.
    Glad to know I wasn’t just going insane at 2am :)

    • Phillip Swanspm

      That guy was Philip Bloom….

  • unsatisfied

    Picture quality and price compared to the omd em5 is the question.
    We know oly has better ibis and jpegs.
    we know panny has better video and swivel sceen.
    so it’s picture quality for stills will be the deciding factor, it must equal or surpass Olympus in stills.
    Is it also a sony sensor?

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > we know panny has better video and swivel sceen.
      You forgot Panasonic probably having now clearly better ergonomics.
      Way too small grip, one dial too little and rear controls crammed into too small space are GH2’s biggest flaws in that area and GH3 clearly improves on those.

  • Cicel

    Hey, how did Alec Baldwin get ahold of a GH3 (7th row, left)? (kidding).

  • GH3

    i hope they didn’t remove the stereo mic! that would be a backwards move!!

  • The E-M5’s IBIS is a killer feature. In order to counter this, Panasonic will have to pull a number of rabbits out of its hat. One rabbit that comes to mind is a new Leica 25mm f1.4 that includes an optical stabilizer.

    • Bob

      For you perhaps. Not necessarily for everyone. Most of my shooting is NOT of static subjects in extremely dim light. IBIS makes little difference for most of my shots.

      • Jwhs

        I am with you Bob if IS could well be the most over hyped feature of digital cameras ever. For my personal shooting it is maybe useful in one shot in a hundred . I guess that a lot of folk take photos of dead/static subjects in low light and cannot use any kind of camera support.Each to their own but it is no biggie to me.

  • Scott

    I own the omd and I would much rather have this camera because of the flash sync port. i miss using this

  • Anonymous

    If it isn’t a multi-aspect ratio and isn’t Panasonic’s own sensor (whatever they say about jpeg rendering of GH2) or if it is really a Sony sensor … then i am out. Legendary GH2 will still kill it. Weather sealing and that All-I high bitrate codec alone wont help GH3 as true successor of GH2. GH2 is GH2. Bad decision to exclude multi-aspect and it’s home made sensor. Outsourcing? and high price than GH2? without delivering as good as predecessor? Time will tell panasonic! time will tell …. I think its a battle of Sony Vs Panasonic in terms of hybrid camera concept that Panasonic brought along with GH1 but it seems like Panasonic is loosing …. I am disappointed after a long wait. I love my old GH2.

    • @ anon.

      What are you going on about? The “GH3” hasn’t even been officially announced yet, including no _official_ final specs let alone the sensor source info, and yet you’re blathering about being “disappointed”. Hilarious!

      • ED

        We are all just worried that’s all :) I mean why would they omit the multi- aspect ratio sensor since that was one feature a lot of people liked…

        • Mike

          Would it really matter? Lets say it is a non multi-aspect Sony sensor but got the same or better image quality than the OMD? Personally I’d rather have the better image quality over the multi-aspect sensor. So i kind of hope it’s a Sony sensor. But I doubt it.

          • Jwhs

            The two year old GH2 is less than a stop behind the E-M5.I am afraid that you Olympus fans are deluding yourself if you think Panasonic cannot design a better sensor in the new GH3. Suggesting that Panasonic would use a Sony senor in its premium product is about as likely as Apple using Windows 8 in its next Ipad. Sony and Panasonic are huge rival corporations and it would be a major embarrassment if they even considered a Sony sensor.

            Any one with any sense would see this suggestion as completely ludicrous.


    And nobody has mentioned yet.
    If there is already a dedicated rear wheel for AFS/AFC/MF setup,
    what the hell could be the second dial on the opposite part of to the mode dial?

    • LisergicSyn

      probably it’s a Pentax style solution. You can use both to change shutter and so on..

      • I’d say that it’s a Drive Mode dial. I can see that “2sec” icon. Wonder what happened to the Focus mode selector, though?

    • dzv

      The dial on the top left of the camera? Looking at the main photo of this post, I can see what appear to be the drive mode icons.

    • caver3d

      Well said, Peter. You’ll find that there are a lot of such morons on this forum. It has to drive the admin nuts.

    • ED


    • david

      AFF is curious. Auto Follow Focus for video maybe?

    • Ragnarok

      Drive mode? From top to bottom icons look like “Single” (a rectangle), “Continuous” (multiple rectangles one under the other), “Bracketing” (the same but with top rectangle filled up) and “Self timer” (incomplete circle with a line inside). In other words, the same drive dial of my GH2. I could be wrong though.

  • pdc

    Lordy, Lordy, nice camera. But I’m keeping the GH2.
    Too bad there are no pics yet of the top controls layout.

  • marilyn

    the one thing i like was looking at the PRO GRADE LENS of the Cinema i miss using my 14-35 and 35-100 haha

  • The Master

    Damn, I’m sure going to miss that chrome strip in the hand grip. I hope the camera works OK without it.. ;)

    • Mike

      I’m afraid not. Panasonic should just throw in the towel now, no will will want it without the strip. lol

  • tbunny

    what would a daily rental cost? Any ideas?

    • Mike

      Let’s find out what the camera will be priced at first.

  • SLOtographer

    Looks great with the grip. It’s a major feature missing on the GH2 — When you stick a flash and a larger lens on, the grip on the GH2 is a bit small. Making the GH3 larger is a plus. There are plenty of small rangefinder bodies that complement this camera for more discreet setups, when one wants to go small and light.

    I hope “wide dynamic range” means at least a stop improvement over the GH2 sensor, and I hope the battery is the same as the GH2.

    • Mike

      Completely agree with you. Too many people were complaining about the size when it was just a rumor. But really we needed some bigger m4/3 cameras. There are already plenty of rangefinder sized bodies out there, as you said.

  • Eddy Bee

    At 2:47 they show an articulating LCD – yay! Some of the early rumors indicated it would only have a tilting LCD, which was a big disappointment.

  • shiv

    i wish it should come in full frame version.

    • Mike

      Then it wouldn’t be a mico four thirds camera and none of your m4/3 glass would work on it. Unless it offered a crop shooting mode. Still, if you want full frame there is Canon, Nikon and Sony which all offer full frame and you can always adapt those lenses to m4/3.

  • mocha

    Every time I see Pana releasing a “new” model that I can’t help shocking my head, especially comparing with Olympus OM-D. Olympus uses her historical value smartly but Pana GH series just keep mimicking a conventional DSLR style of the out look like Canon or Nikon. The design of GX1 is just too 1980’s while GF series are all over slimmed. I can’t comprehense why Pana can’t reuse the design of L1/L10. GF1 almost did it but Pana just can’t get the point.

    • Uh.. one could also make the claim that Olympus just copied it’s older style as a “fad” thing to do to sell cameras. I personally love the standard DSLR feel over the smaller 60’s box style OMD. Bigger = More room for quick access buttons, more connections.. more comfortable in an adult male’s large hands especially with a long lens and flash..battery grip helps.

    • Ragnarok

      “I can’t comprehense why Pana can’t reuse the design of L1/L10.”

      I can understand the L1, but the GH1 and GH2 actually look exactly like the L10. Maybe you meant the LC1 which is more like the L1 (its Leica version being one of my all-time favorite cameras BTW).

    • Mike

      There are some things that are tried and true. People have been shooting SLR style cameras for over 50 years now and very few people are complaining about it. It’s an evolutionary process to make them better, not necessarily revolutionary.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      At least Panasonic managed to put apparently decent size grip into GH3 and front and rear dials to where fingers fall naturally instead of overhyped fashion retarding to analog-mechanical era.

    • Bob

      How silly. Olympus copies it’s old bodies even if it means heavily compromised ergonomics. Panasonic focuses on ergonomics, which means it’s bodies happen to look and work a lot like DSLRs. Why do you think SLRs evolved into this style? Because it WORKS, that’s why.

  • I hope this is not as expensive as to Nikon D600.
    Or anywhere close.

  • chris

    I hope it uses the Sony sensor that’s in the EM5 – that would give the GH3 the DR that the GH2 was severely lacking and help to prevent all the ugly shadow banding and poor transitions that plagued the GH2. I love my EM5, but the video isn’t up to broadcast quality. Neither is a hacked GH2 because of the limited DR. Hopefully the GH3 or A99 will be up to the task.

    • Mike

      I honestly hope the same thing. So long as we still get the great video quality the GH2 has, without the negative things you mentioned. Like noise and banding. It would definitely improve the stills quality as well which would be very welcome.

    • Bob

      How silly, redux.

      The GH2 doesn’t “severely” lack DR. It’s about one stop worse than the OM-D, which is hardly “severe.”

      And who gives a rat’s pattootie whether the sensor is made by Sony, Panasonic, or Auntie Mame? I care about how it performs. Frankly, I hope it kicks the OM-D sensor’s butt, not because there’s anything wrong with the OM-D, but because I’m sick and tired of all the Oly fanboys acting like the OM-D is a revolution in DR, when the truth is it’s just the next evolutionary step.

  • Looks like they got rid of the 5 button pattern and went with the wheel. I’m not a fan of the wheel and doing a lot of underwater shooting it is much harder to add controls for it.

  • Mikaël Bellina

    I saw the video today thanks to you guys, but I was very disapointed by the video quality for a commercial … the quality was ugly compare to what we can see with Canon or Nikon commercial. I hope to saw a real commercial representative of the real quality of the camera (Pleaseeee better than the 5mark3 and a DR close to the Black Magic ;-) )

  • Anon

    GH3 is a big fail and i’m disaspointed, i expected more from Panasonic.

    GH3 = GH2 with a Sony sensor ? that all ?….
    No IBIS, No Good Encoder, Still no real Clean HDMI (to keep that on the Panasonic Camcorder), etc… Seriously ???

    A99 seem to be more interesting -> ibis, fast af, better encoder, clean hdmi, etc…

    Why take the GH3 when have no real advantage vs GH2…

    Seriously keep the GH2… the GH3 is not interesting at all or take the Nikon D600 that also have a IBIS… and stop saying that IBIS is not usefull under video mode… every pro know that we are waiting that for a long time now… that you don’t need to spend too much money on a Steadycam etc…

    I nice move sensor can work even better.

    • david


      I’d certainly expect the encoder to be quite good, given Panasonic’s track record so far with the GH series and the bump in bit rates. HDMI output is unknown at the moment AFAIK. Focus peaking is a new addition; screen and viewfinder are improved; then add 1080@60fps, wifi, 1/3.5″ mic, headphone output, XLR, and weather sealing to round it off. It’s obviously not “just” a sensor change. But you are of course free to buy something else if you’re disappointed with the package.

      • agachart

        “D600 that also have IBIS” :+ IBIS is not an option for Nikon

        Are you drunk @Anon.

    • Bob

      This goes beyond silly, to stupid.

      All the angst based on nothing, zip, nada. No reliable data has been released at all. Oly fanboy, eh?

      • Anon

        @David “’d certainly expect the encoder to be quite good, given Panasonic’s track record so far with the GH series and the bump in bit rates. HDMI output is unknown at the moment AFAIK. Focus peaking is a new addition; screen and viewfinder are improved; then add 1080@60fps, wifi, 1/3.5″ mic, headphone output, XLR, and weather sealing to round it off. It’s obviously not “just” a sensor change. But you are of course free to buy something else if you’re disappointed with the package.”

        1080p60p was already available on every camcorder Panasonic and every Sony camcorder/NEX for over years… this is not new… supposed to see a 1080p120p that is the best way to represent something more interesting in 2012/2013 no ?

        Wifi is already available on many camera too… is not new

        3.5 don’t change that much from the 2.5 mic (you know that adaptater mic/xlr exist too ?)

        Headphone output seriously ? every camcorder series panasonic has the headphone output and some dslr too… again is not new… it’s just a lack that panasonic try to show that as a new feature that they are just waste time and wait the time to release a new revision to make more money sure we don’t put all features directly why we should ?…

        Weather sealed ? did you forget the Pentax, Sony Alpha, Olympus etc… ?…
        for me it’s just a sensor size that doesn’t make any sense, the bonus features take from other brand, what is really new ?.. so late Panasonic


        Mister bob spamming ?… sorry if you are not happy to see the truth

        This is not based on zip or nada etc… this is based on experience, official announcement and Panasonic worker.. what you are talking about ?…

        I’m not a Olympus fan but the fact is that olympus have a strong camera that is more better than what panasonic announced almost 1 year after !

        Olympus has ibis, nice dr, encoder, image processor, weathersealed too, nice size better base lens, ergonomic menu that don’t feel old stuff… check the menu of the EM5 vs the old menu of the GH3 that they didn’t change from the first hybrid they made, boring menu with less function, look how much setting you have on the EM5 that is pretty usefull, etc…

        The GH3 exactly same has the EM5 without some nice features and better ergonomic (well depend for who) the GH3 came with what new ??? the ALL-I
        you have also the MJPEG on EM5 that is pretty exploitable, the 60p ? the EM5 take so much detail than you can work easily with twixtor without having some artefact.. the 60p don’t mean that it can be good for slow motion, if is that you are thinking

        Ok let’s check what Panasonic did over 6 month after the release of EM5

        • 16 Megapixel “Wide dynamic range” CMOS Sensor / same as the EM5
        • New Venus 7 engine / i still think that the TruePic VI is far more better
        • Electronic shutter / same as the EM5 100%
        • ISO 100-12.800 / the EM5 can do 25600 (back the image processor better)
        • 6fps / the EM5 can do 9fps
        • Fastest AF of any interchangeable lens system camera / the EM5 is pretty fast
        • Video Bitrate 50Mbps (72Mbps ALL-I) / No bitrate limitation under MJPEG on EM5
        • 60/30p/25p in MP4, MOV and AVCHD / 30p on EM MOV and MJPEG
        • 3.5 Mic in / Mic port with accessories Olympus
        • Built-in stereo mic / same as the EM5
        • Audio out / same as the Olympus with have the accessories
        • PC control / same than the EM5
        • Time Code / ok new
        • 1740k OLED LVF, Touch Monitor OLED 610k. / same as the EM5
        • External battery grip / same as the EM5
        • Wifi with remote control through iOS and Android Applications / same as the EM5 and even more features on EM5
        • External XLR accessory / Adaptater XLR/MIC 3.5/2.5
        • Interval shooting and slow motion. Slow Movie extension (40%, 50%, 80%) Fast 160 / 200 / 300% (yes like with twixtor and co)
        • Magnesium alloy body. Body is bigger than the Panasonic GH2. (body bigger for nothing than disturb your mobility) also i prefer the GH2 that is less ergonomic than have a bigger one…

        Like i said… what is really new on the GH3 that don’t have the another DSLR/Hybrid…

        Everything was a copy paste of the EM5 to GH3 with the software os of Panasonic and few different features… at least have more interesting features announced on the EM5 than GH3

        I’m not defending Olympus but in here, yes the GH3 is a big fail… when you that probably gonna cost 2x the price of the EM5

        Please let me know what is really new ?

        • agachart

          video maker with OM-D 555 i think you are crazy for OM-D.
          please let go filmmaker you will know about GH series.you are still camera joker.

        • agachart

          so many fake data and stupid comparison.
          get back to your Oly Club.

          • Mr. Reeee


          • Anon

            mmmm you don’t even know my job… but yes let go say i’m a olympus fan
            don’t be paranoiad please… we talk about M43 camera in here and not only Panasonic, if you can proove that i’m wrong, please go away than insulting

            • Jwhs

              Let me guess your job is a paper round after school lol

              Amongst your numerous mistakes regarding specs the E-M5 has a 1.4 mp EVF it is the exact same Epson 1.4MP model as used in other mFT cameras with a better refresh rate.

              If your Mummy allows you to go online you can easily check your numerous errors. She may even help you if you ask nicely just like she does when you use scissors

              • Anon

                What’s wrong with you ? i can’t have my point ?… this is my point, if you not happy with that, go away.

                Stop with your insult please… also you are brainwash by Panasonic or what ? i’m working on the cinema industry, i’m working as a chef operator, etc… i know what i’m talking about as i’m also a developper.

                Tired to see stupid intervention like yours, again is my point.

                I said that the GH3 is a big fail if i compare this camera to the EM5 released over 6month before… and a GH2 that is over years ago….

                Panasonic announce with extra features that can be easily ported on the GH2…for me is more a GH2 rev2 than a GH3.

                I expected more from Panasonic, because i saw better stuff from them, again i’m defending not Olympus (as they don’t know what is release a good firmware update), i’m defending a product they release that is over 6month old and that Panasonic take the same stuff to make the GH3 with better ergonomic.

                the sensor of the Panasonic is exactly the same as the Olympus, have also a partner contract between both company about the M4/3 format… why Panasonic should make a different expensive sensor when they can take a cheaper one ?… you know that Panasonic loose a lot of money on other product, etc ?… they are not in the right position to make a new sensor when they already find a good one from the Olympus (Sony one) is a new direction for Panasonic.

                Again, i have received some video sample and co from the GH3 and i can’t show it because the Panasonic worker trust me but even him don’t believe on the GH3 and believed more on the GH2… another bad thing, it’s that the Sony Sensor has some problem to restitute the original pixel information (artefact problem and co)

                But Sorry i don’t know anything, i’m so dumb, i’m a stupid kid guy… come on be adult and stop hate the people like that just because they expose the point.

        • Aron wrote:

          • 16 Megapixel “Wide dynamic range” CMOS Sensor / same as the EM5

          This is not the Truth, it’s just your Opinion, based on Rumors.
          Or do you have any proof that this is exact the same Sensor?
          Can you tell us about and show the Proofs?

          • New Venus 7 engine / i still think that the TruePic VI is far more better

          This is not the Truth, it’s just your Opinion, based on Rumors.
          Or do you have any proof that TruePic VI is ‘far more better’ than New Venus 7 enginge?
          Can you tell us about and show the Proofs?

          • Electronic shutter / same as the EM5 100%

          This is not the Truth, it’s just your Opinion, based on Rumors.
          Or do you have any proof that it’s exact the same Electronic-Shutter-Technology as in EM5?
          Can you tell us about and show the Proofs?

          • ISO 100-12.800 / the EM5 can do 25600 (back the image processor better)

          This is not the Truth, it’s just your Opinion, based on Rumors.
          Or do you have any proof that EM5 has better Quality on ISO 12800 than GH3?
          Can you tell us about and show the Proofs?

          So i’m awaiting for the Proofs, to understand your Knowledge. Otherwise one of us doesn’t understand the principal of Logic.

          For the Federal Goverment of Switzerland:
          Alexander Moshe, Bundeshaus West

  • come on pana(gonna see the 17th) ;)

    do i see noise in the last pictures? or bad compression :/

  • Yeah, honestly I’m not impressed by Sony Sensors for video. The detail is less and the moire is more. The GH2 sensor was special because of multi-aspect and the multiple read out points- even if the GH3 has better color and dynamic range, I won’t be happy with losing what we had before and having to pay more. The biggest issue for me with the GH2 was the banding thing, which might go away but at the cost of a weaker output. I wish it had a Pana sensor updated to 10bit readout. Really, all-i and high megabytes are mostly hype except when shooting specific situations. They are nice as an option. 99% of my paid work doesn’t need high bits or intraframe.
    That said, the body of this camera is still enough to tempt me into buying. I don’t make money with stills, but if it’s impressive I would be happy to have it.

    • Bob

      Really? One guy says he bets it has a Sony sensor, and all of sudden everyone’s convinced that’s true, and that the video will suck, etc., etc.

      Get a life folks. At least wait until real specs and an informal test or two show up before condemning this camera.

  • Bob

    I’m surprised, after all the praise for the OM-D’s dual control wheels, that no one’s pointed out this body appears to have THREE. One behind the shutter release, one at the top, right rear, where the GH2’s is located, and one, Canon style, on the rear. And I think it also has the rocker on top, like the G5. That’s four control dials / wheels / toggles. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Oly fanboys. ;)

    Time, and tests, will tell, but from the control and ergo standpoint it looks like a hell of nice camera.

    Oh, one more thing. It’s very definitely as large as the 7D / D7000 bodies, isn’t it? ROFLOL

    • Anon

      Actually have three control wheels on the EM5 (you don’t know how to calcul)


      one in right -> manual/video etc control
      second -> another one on the top of the name OM-D (yes is one control wheel too)
      third just under the shooting button, yes is a control wheel too..

      yes it has three control wheels :)

      Also the control you are talking about, it’s both the same control using !! it’s hope to your feeling to use ever one, that’s all ;)

      Go check the better wheel control on the A99 for the video mode ;)

  • Anon

    I forget to say that the EM5 don’t have record video limitation, just in case ;)…

  • safaridon

    Over on DPR 4/3 forum Gravi did a comparison showing the relative size of the GH2 and the GH3. Scaling from those pictures I would estimate the approximate size for the GH3 is 5.15″ wide by 3.6″ high. I only wish Pany had been able to keep the size down more but more than likely this will drive a lot of people to getting the G5 instead. In my case this GH3 is larger than my Pentax KX with its small lenses so video would be the only reason to go for GH3 but I already have several camcorders. However I already have the GF1 + 20mm and would prefer a smaller version like the NEX6 for m4/3 ie a mini L1 than the GH3 size.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Pentax K-x is entry-level body with entry level limited controls and smaller grip.
      If you want that worser ergonomics and controls G5 is there to fill that market position.

  • Zach

    Philip bloom write up and video here!!!!


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