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(UPDATED) Price of the new Olympus lenses (France only)


UPDATE: I have been told by a trusted sources that following prices posted by Pierre Lepidi are NOT correct. Lepidi answer is that these prices are correct for France only.
Here is the news from lepidi posted yesterday:
– The 60 mm macro f/2.8 will be priced at 599 euros,
– The ultra-pancake 15 mm f/8 will cost you 79 euros,
– And the 12 mm f/2 black limited + hood + lens cap for 899 euros. That’s 290 Euro more than the cheapest price I found on [shoplink 23576 ebay]eBay[/shoplink]. Damn, Olympus makes us pay that hood a lot! Like they do on the current 75mm 1.8 hood.

Speaking of the 75mm lens. Amazon US (Click here) is finally shipping the pre orders and the lens is marked as “Temporarily out of stock“.

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