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(FT5) And now Olympus E-PL5 and E-PM2 leaks out!


What a day! Within a couple of hours all images about the new cameras got leaked! On top you see the E-PL5 and on bottom the E-PM2! As you already know both use the same Olympus E-M5 sensor with TruePic VI image processing engine and touch screen. Price should be 399 Euro for the E-PM2 (with 14-42mm kit lens) and 599 Euro for the E-PL5 (with 14-42mm kit lens).
As you knwo there will be a new 15mm f/8.0 cap-lens and 12mm Black edition (both leaked here). Announcement on Monday! Stay tuned on 43rumors to get all news about the Oly/Pana Monday showdown!

  • nice!!
    Admin, do I get it right – also the PM2 comes with touchscreen?

    p.s. first ;)

    • admin


    • Peter

      “p.s. first”

      And let me be the “first” to call you a fuckstick

      • Zaph

        Pretty sure you weren’t the first to do that.

  • DonTom

    Liking the E-PM2 as a replacement for
    my E-PL1. Hope it’s cheaper with the 15/8 than with the kit zoom!

  • Ash

    Touch-screen operation similar to the E-M5 will be fantastic on PEN cameras!

    I hope that new viewfinder options are also announced, maybe an external hybrid OVF/EVF?

  • Keith

    Although I will probably replace my EP3 with a EPL5,
    they are fugley cameras.

    The EPM2 looks like the old EPL1.

    The EP3, EPL3 and EPM1 were the peak of beauty, for sure.

    • BLT

      Agreed on the looks front.

      Also much smaller than the E-P3 looking at the size of the lens mount on the front.

    • Agent00soul

      You’re right. The E-PM1 and E-PL3 were better looking. I have never liked the grips on the pens. It’s ugly and doesn’t offer much grip to speak of. But I still think the new Pens look okay-ish. Could have been better, but…
      This time the “mini” and the “lite” have different styling. In the previous generation they were more similar. The E-PL5 retains more of the old look. But on the other hand, it has the E-P3-style grip that sticks out on the side and is particularly ugly.

    • I was going to say the same, the leaked xz-2 pics look better. These cameras are ugly.

      The e-pm2 looks like a cheaper, uglier e-pl1, and the e-pl5 looks like a cheaper uglier e-p1.

      I guess that’s one way of making you buy the om-d…

      • stickytape

        You want E-M5 sensor? Sure! But first, allow us to design some repugnant bodies to put them in!

        You don’t like it?

        GO BUY THE E-M5

        Yours sincerely,

    • WT21

      Agreed. I don’t like the looks for these, especially the EPM2. I’d rather have no grip, and build a custom one (or third party) then to have that useless grip as shown. I’ll have to see if I can pry it off.

      The EPL5 looks better than the EPM2 at this point, IMO. We’ll have to see it from more angles to get a good sense.

    • Miroslav

      “Although I will probably replace my EP3 with a EPL5, they are fugley cameras.

      The EPM2 looks like the old EPL1.”

      100% agree, hideous design, although removable grip is much better than no grip. I’m going to have to replace my PL1 with another ugly camera :(.

      E-PL5 looks like shrunk E-P3 or PL3 with P3 grip, while E-PM2 looks like E-PL1 with E-P1 grip. Horrible.

      For me E-PL2 and E-PL3 were the peak of beauty, each for different audience, though.

      Let’s wait for the design of the back, that’s going to be more telling.

    • a

      if you prefer modern, gadgety designs over retros designs then you have poor taste.

      • stickytape

        Not saying that one is better than the other (though I do prefer the retro look), but these “new” designs are stuck in between old and new, like they were trying to compromise but ended up with something that doesn’t really know what it wants to be.

  • Very nice disign!

    • Jens

      I agree. The front looks are moving away from new stylish (PL3 design) back to the retroish P3 design. Let’s hope that the back with the flipping display etc. is better. I’ll buy it for the tech reasons anyway, but I think Oly should know, that the design is improveable!

    • Mr. Reeee

      +1 Yes, nice looking indeed. finally Oly ditches some of the superfluous decorative junk and makes really nice looking PENs!

      I wonder if they’ll do the same sort of work on the user interface and dreadful menu system?

      • rrr_hhh

        I don’t like the look of the E-Pm2, it looks more like the E-Pl1, which I disliked, than like the E-Pm1, which I liked.

        The E-Pl5 seems to have got the same removable grip as the E-P3; without th grip it should look more like the E-Pl3 which to my eyes has a perfect and sober design.

        I wonder why they felt the need to go ack and let the E-Pm2 look like the E-Pl1 ? May be to satisfy people who dislike sober and elegant design ? Or may be that they changed the design in Ryder to avoid the shutter shock and IBIS problem ?

        • stickytape

          Maybe they thought the E-PL1 sold so well because of how it looked hahahaha

          I have to say I felt that the PM1 and PL3 weren’t particularly sober, mostly due to the choice of materials and the flowing shapes of the cameras, which I feel departs from the traditional perception of how a camera should look. Perhaps they would look normal if they were P&S, but knowing that they are not, I feel they draw more attention that say, an E-PL1, would.

      • Peter

        Yeah the menu system could do with some rework, some prper ui design perhaps

      • stickytape

        Sorry, but what?! Comparing the E-PL3 to the PL5, surely the PL5 has more “superfluous junk”! The front plate of the PL3 was one smooth surface, whereas the PL5 adds a bevel at the bottom and a strip across the top.

        I have nothing good to say about the untimely resurrection of the E-PL1 that is the PM2, so I will stop here.

  • Vromopodarix

    Ouch the EPM2 looks hideous. Although I if it does cost 400 euro I might get it instead of the NEX 6.

    EDIT Hmm it might be the silver colour that I dont like, in black it could be nice.

    If the prices are correct It would be awsome.

    • rrr_hhh

      I don’t like the E-PM2 design either.

      • Anonymous

        E-PM2 for $400 vs. $1,100 for the E-M5? E-PM2 is beautiful!

  • Richard

    Very clean nice design. The E-PM2 looks a bit like my old Oly C-70 Zoom.

    • Hojk

      +100! The good old C-70 :)

  • Alex

    E-PL5 does not have internal flash ?!!

  • bilbo

    Hi Admin,

    will there be a kit with only the new “lens Cap” as well?


    • admin


  • solar

    Admin, you have been busy over the past few days. Any news on the viewfinder options?

    • admin

      Nope. It’s quite mysterious. But….but….I think some surprise is coming AFTER Photokina.

      • solar

        Thanks Admin. Great job once again.

      • Jens

        For me this sounds like, they’ll might offer some kind of external phone app, which works like a viewfinder ansd maybe we’ll offer some wifi/blutooth viewfinder glasses thing. They are working on thes head mounted display glasses, aren’t they?

        • Sunny

          Uff! You maybe right! 8-O

  • Atle

    Doesn’t the E-PM2 look a bit on the big side, compared to the old model?

    • Ross

      It appears both PEN’s are a little wider on the lens release side & the E-PM2 has a squared edge design that also includes a total centre surround that protudes beyound the front plate (on the top, bottom & sides). The E-PL5 still has the rounded body but with the slope on the top left (in the right of the photo) of E-Pm1 & E-P3. The grip on the E-PL5 also extends the right side effectively too.

  • YeahYeah

    Does the E-PM5 have the same control layout than the E-P3?

    • Redeye37

      I am REALLY hoping that the E-PL5 has the same external control functionality of the E-P3. I’m looking forward to pictures of the back side the camera

  • Alex

    Hi Admin,

    Does the E-PL5 have internal flash ?


  • nicwalmsley

    Apart from a mode dial, what’s the difference. I have the E-PM1 and had assumed I’d upgrade to the E-P5, then when it was dropped, assumed I’d upgrade to the E-PL5. But if it’s just a mode dial… More money for lenses.

    • Agent00soul

      Probably tiltable screen and possibly a few more buttons too.

    • Ross

      The significant increase in dynamic range & ISO should be enough reason to start with.

  • TT

    Nice, but it seems like the E-PM is again just an E-PL without the mode dial (and this time, without the removable grip). I hope there are some wheels on the back of the E-PL5.

    Anyone have an idea why on the pics, the E-PL5 has tiny notch right beside the hotshoe and the E-PM2 doesn’t. What’s that?

    • Agent00soul

      The E-PM2 seems to have an extra button to the left of the shutter release (seen from the front). Strange, since you would expect it to have less buttons than the more expensive brother.

      • solar

        On / off button maybe?

        • SZRimaging

          Should be. That is it’s location on the E-PM1.

  • Alexander

    no EVF = no camera !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Agent00soul

      I find that I don’t use the EVF on my E-M5 very often. It’s nice to have sometimes, but I use the touch focus/shutter much more often than the EVF.

    • Ross

      You will need an OM-D then. There has to be choice somewhere & that is why I didn’t get myself a PEN previously but am now very happy with the OM-D.

      • Alexander

        I would be happy if the OM-D would have a flash inside, than I would buy it. but so.. no way. I am already start to look at sony.. :-(

        • Anonymous

          In my experience built in flashes are of next to no use at all and the only type of camera I would consider purchasing with such a feature would be the cheapest of compacts. Even the PL-20 which I used to use with my E-P2 I consider ineffective for 9 out of the ten shots I make, I quickly opted for a PL-36 as my minimum artificial light source.

        • Balthier Bunansa

          @ Alexander – i have E-M5 since May and so i far i didn’t need to use the flash once, so not having internal flash in E-M5 is really no issue

        • Ross

          I generally leave the clip-on flash attached to the E-M5 & only remove it to put a bigger flash on (for FP TTL use, as well as more flash power & further off axis). I personally would have liked it built in, but that is only a slight drawback.

          • Alexander

            The Nixe Thing on Sony is that they gave the User what he wants from the beginning and not at the 3 rd series. So an EVF & internal flash is Standard this days. Watch the nex 6. I really Would like to buy an olympus but After all this years they still have not the right Model. … And i am sure it is because of the Marketing guys…

            • Agent00soul

              But no touch screen focus/shutter on the NEX-6. And no sensible dual wheel interface. So they certainly didn’t give this user what I want.

              • Pjpo

                Are you sure? The 5R now has touch shutter.

                • Optical1

                  That is correct. Nex-5r has touch screen, Nex-6 does not.

                  • Redeye37

                    NEX continues to lack lenses, or even a decent lens roadmap. That’s not giving this user what he wants

            • well, then i am very happy that the OM-D has a great new IBIS included instead of an overrated feature like a built-in flash.

        • chris

          The EM5 comes with a small flash. If you haven’t shot with one I would try before you buy, the 5-axis is phenomenal and better than the OSS Sony uses in a few of its lenses. I have the EM5 and the Nex5n – and I had the Nex7. I sold the 7 because there was no real difference in IQ and DR compared to the EM5, the 7 just had larger raw files. I only keep the 5n because I have a FS100 to shoot video – otherwise I’d be all EM5.

    • frodo911

      Its a PEN. You always have the option to put an EVF on and off. Thats part of the concept.

      • Michael

        You mean the EVF that I need a rubber band to keep on? No, thanks. I’ll wait for the non-weather sealed OM-D.

        • Redeye37

          My personal experience, The EVF has never fallen off my E-p2. I was worried about it when I purchased it, but it has never been a problem. It has a snug solid fit (though it doesn’t have a lock).

  • Sunny

    Really COOOOOOOOOOOOL! :-)

    But: I´m sooo curious about the back side of the cams. Could you turn them around, please admin?

  • TT, that would probably be a slightly heightened mark for the mode dial.

    • TT

      Ah, I see, thanks!

  • Biggstr

    Admin, any word on size. I own the PL3 and PM1. I’m sensing the new PENS are about the same size. Really don’t care. I’m anxious for the new sensor and hopefully focus peaking.

    But a touchscreen the size of the effective LCDs on the PL3 and PM1 would be awkward. As all owners know, the effective screens of the PL3 and PM1 are not really 3 inches … more like 2 1/4 inches.

  • Kevin

    When can we see the back? :D haha

  • Not too bad actually.
    I mean the design is certainly “ugly” but did not deviate much from the original E-PEN series. With the new EM5 sensor, I see it as a logical point of time for EP-1 to 2 users to upgrade.

  • PRICE, now there’s the matter of… In Italy you can now get the E-M5 for 879 body only, and I expect it to drop further for Christmas, perhaps even with a rebate.

    So how does this compare with the E-PL5 which has no built in EVF at 600 EU? They are too close.

    Personally I prefer the shape of the latter, but I sorely miss a built in VF.

    The other important part is to have a screen which covers the whole 4/3 aspect, not like the PL3. Could we see the back of the camera ADMIN?

    Personally I love the idea of the IC grip. I hope the make one in faux brown leather :)

    • Alexander

      Olympus change the marketing coverment !

    • Sunny

      Sorry, but it doesn´t make any sense to compare online shop prices of body only with suggested manufacturers prices of body with kit lens. That´s double nonsense ;-)

      M5 kit is 1300 euros, PL5 kit is 600 euros.

      In Germany you have to pay at least 1250 euros for the M5 kit at the moment. Three months after release you will also get a PL5 for about 480 euros.

    • kent

      Where can yo get the E-M5 at that price , I am in Italy a few times a year , they are still charging £999 here in the UK . 879 euro equals around £710 that is a great buy sign me up lol

    • Optical1

      Am, you’re comparing body only to a kit. Wouldn’t it be closer to 599 vs 979 for the 14-42 kits?

  • physica

    any spec?

  • Mathias

    Sorry, but I think these are plain ugly. They don’t even look retro, just old. The E-PL3 and E-PM1 looked *much* better. That said, the new sensor and an added grip are sure very welcome. But the styling is a catastrophe. Of course this is only my personal opinion and I can already see that some people like it, but it also seems many people find these as ugly as I do. Not sure what Olympus was thinking there…

    • rrr_hhh

      I hunk that you can take the E-Pl5 grip away (look at the screw on the edge) like on the E-P3. So the E-Pl5 design won’t be much different, but the E-PM2 looks uggly, just like the E-PL1 !

    • Alexander

      +1 watch Fuji Design!!! One again change oly Marketing Département !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • based on the size of the lens mount… if my calculations are correct,

    e-pl5 : width (excluding strap rings) = 110mm, height (to top of hot shoe) = 64mm

    e-pm2 : width (excluding rings) = 108mm, height = 64mm

    comparatively measuring from the same points my e-p1 : width= 120mm, height= 70mm

  • blohum

    Admin, any news on if the EPL5 has the thumb wheel from the EPx range?

  • Jorginho

    On paper, EPM2 looks like the excellent companion to my GH2 and who knows GH3.
    399 euro for such a cam with such a sensor seems very, very attractive for all those users with a faux DSLR styled m43 cam I guess. But that is on paper, the looks are okey but I don’t mind that too much. The way I will use that cam will make it look…very used in a short time…So I don’t mind.
    We will have to wait and see how it all pans out in reality. As I have a Gh2, for me the EPM2 can be really dumbed down quite a lot actually. But if foor 200 euro I can get EPL5 with much better controls etc, 200 euro is just very little for a lot more convenience or control over your shooting. I have noticed the extra knob on top of EPL5 of course…

    I was going for the Nikon D600 (not as switch or main cam, but for special uses) but the price is much higher than first anticipated. 1500-1600 euro D600 would be excellent. It is still worth its price I guess but it is not that compelling. GH3 might now be my next cam. But its price might be prohibitive too..

    • Agent00soul

      If the extra knob is a PASM dial, I think I’d rather be without. My cameras rarely leave A-mode and the knob might snag pockets.

  • yonsito

    I like the design of the E-PL5, looks like a E-P3 with a more sensible price tag. I might just replace my GF-1 then.

  • Yun

    Pretty good looking camera but I’m looking something that is above EM5 in m4/3 arena so not for me . The OMD Pro will be my next m4/3 camera if my dream GL fail to turn out .
    EPL5 & EPM2 will be great for someone’s birthday threat .

    • stickytape

      …what. You dream about good luck?

  • Alienated

    Are PENs gonna be flashless?(fleshless:)i don ‘ t get it. With RX1 we know that everything is possible as for miniaturization. I want a built in flash, stabilized sensor, good quality jpeg, touch screen, tiltable if possible, wifi and applications friendly, good(not necessarilly state-of the art) set of primes, one collapsible zoom lens, user friendly Ergonomics(lot of customization). And a lot of other features that are fortunatelly present at most models these days. I want to use it as a back-up or travel set to FF slr. Funny how each of the makers is going to the same point from a different side of the mountain. Gimme a combination of om-d, gx1, nex6 and some features from nikon v1 and we are easily there. It will take one of the manufacturers …3 years. Which one is gonna be there first?:)

    So far gx1 14-42x, 14/2.5, 20/1.7, about to buy 45/1.8. Ready to upgrade in about 4 years. Can any of the manufacturers listen to me?:)

    Stop releasing new models without enough profit each year, listen more to the users and make it a two year cycle. There is to much electronic waste around…

    • I do not understand all the fuzz about a built in flash, that stuff is practically useless placed on the camera. The only thing I use the built in flash for is to trigger my external flashes

      • Alienated

        I get it if you have a DSLR. With bodies like gx1… Have you ever tried to bounce the build in flash against the ceiling with iso set to lets say 2000 for indoor shooting? Can help a lot…

        • Ross

          It can help a lot with the more powerful flashes with articulating heads but to expect something with a guide number from 10-12 to bounce sufficient light (even with bumping up the ISO) is asking a lot from it.

          • Alienated

            And have you ever tried it? With lenses like20/1.7 or 14/2.5 and iso up… Just make easy calculations:)

            • Ross

              I’ve only bounced the light from built in flashes with a card for close up work & used FL50R or FL36R for any other use for bounced light since I have them. I’m sure you are right, but the other gives me more flexability.

      • Bart

        Builtin flashes are useful for daylight fill-flash and for controlling FL*R ttl flashes remotely. Not being able to use this combined with a viewfinder is a disadvantage, how severe this disadvantage is however totally depends on your photography.

        • PS

          Amen on the daylight fill-flash. I do that on my E-PL2 and DSLR every once in a while. Getting my son to sit still for a picture is hard enough, let alone asking him to wait while I fish a clip-on flash out of my bag.

        • Miroslav

          “Built in flashes are useful for daylight fill-flash”

          That’s exactly what they are NOT for. Because of flash sync limit of 1/160 – 1/180 on PEN cameras and their low power, they’re completely useless. I’ve ended buying a Nikon SB-30 flash for my PL1 because of that.

          But they are useful for night time shooting when higher ISOs extend their range.

          • Bart

            Higher sync speed allows using fill-flash in brighter lighting conditions, and the sync speed of most cameras isn’t fast enough to use fill-flash in bright sunlight without something like ‘FP mode’.

            But there are many daylight situations where shutter speeds are below sync speed, and where that popup flash means you have an instant fill-flash available. Because it isn’t the primary light source, but used to soften shadows, its far less problematic that the light is coming from very close to the camera.

            Once you take the effort of installing a bigger external flash and have no issue always having that on your camera, a popup flash makes no sense, sure, but you end up with a fair bit more size and weight, a less comfortable camera because of being top-heavy, and many people are simply not going to do that unless they know beforehand they are really absolutely going to need that flash, hence no popup flash will also mean no ability to use fill-flash since the moment will already be gone by the time they have gotten their flash from their bag and installed it (provided they took it with them to begin with)

      • Sqweezy

        Plain and simple… no pop-up flash, no buy!

        All the other guys seem to include one, why can’t Olympus? They’re an easy yet incredibly convenient addition. Say what you will, but using one DOES affect your photos!

    • Very well said. I am also getting angry at the waste. Find a canonic shape like the Fuji, and give at least a two years cycle. We are not goats to be milked to death.

      Give us the whole set of features, and just make evolutionary improvements like in the bigger cameras. This system is getting mature, don’t treat it like P&S, issuing one feature at a time.

      • stickytape

        I guess you can just walk away from 43rumors for 2 years? lol

        In all seriousness though, unless Panasonic and Olympus decide together to have two year cycles, it’s not going to happen. They may have hooked you as a customer, but there are plenty more potential customers out there, specifically the target market of the PM and PL lines. I would have said that the P line could do with a 2-year cycle, but Olympus, in its unenviable wisdom, has written it off. The OM would be the most likely candidate for a longer cycle, but it’s never going to happen to the PENs.

    • hlbt

      If you’re comparing the RX1 to a Pen, you should certainly compare the price too.

      • Alienated

        Why should i ? Pen is bigger, with much smaller sensor. Look at NEX6, or gx1 if you insist on price point of view;)

      • RX1 is fixed lens thats why it can be made smaller….

    • Miroslav

      Completely agree on built in flashes. Stupid decision by Olympus. Now their whole mirrorless lineup relies on external flashes. If small size is so important is some models, what is the explanation for omitting flash on larger ones? Maybe large stocks of clip on units…

      • stickytape

        It’s because Olympus’ marketing dept. is illogical. They made us choose between the tilt screen in the PL3 and the flash in the P3, and when the PL3 was so popular, they decided to dump the flash and keep the tilt screen. Or perhaps they were too lazy to figure out how to put it all together.

        Well, that’s my understanding of Olympus’ marketing anyway!

  • Sqweezy

    The best looking PENs yet!!!
    Hope the specs are just as nice…

    • Gianluca

      Beautiful design…like all olympus camera!

  • Henrik

    I expected atleast internal flash and hoped for an EVF in the corner of the E-PL but ofcourse not.

    • Ross

      You can expect & you can dream…. ;), but that doesn’t mean it will happen.

  • Mathias

    Any news yet whether these will be available as body only? Last thing I need is another kit zoom…

    • Miroslav

      That’s why there’s a new cap lens – no more body only options, you’ll have to buy it with 15mm F8 lens :).

  • cab10886

    I wonder…

    What corners did they cut when making the E-PM2? Did they make it more plastic than the E-PM1? Is it built with lower quality materials? Is it going to feel like a Nikon J1?

    I have the E-PM1, it is plastic but it feel very solid. There seems to be a decent metal housing under the plastic.

    If it maintained and improved upon all of the features of the E-PM1, and comes equipped with a touch screen and much better imaging hardware… then the lower launch price could indicate real sacrifices in regards to build quality OR it could indicate Olympus will be selling these things at significant loss to attract more new customers (aka. the bargain of the century).

  • MJr

    LIKE IT ! Very functional looking, to the point. rather than some digital toy like E-PL3/M1.

    So no E-P5 then ? It seemed redundant anyway, you’d either get the E-PL3 or the E-M5, but what idiot buys the E-P3 ? :P

  • Tomm

    … Much more Important than the more or less ugly style is the q.:

    5 axis Ibis??????????

    • Redeye37

      The E-P line was the flagship Pen line. They should have gotten rid of the “light” Pen line. Hopefully the PL5 will be the best of both worlds.

  • Do

    Funny, the E-PL5 gets the look of the E-P3, while the E-PM2 strongly reminds me of the E-PL1. Im one of the few people that really like the E-PL1 design (at least in black, the other versions’ colors make the grip looking a bit Frankensteinian).

  • WT21

    Can I retrofit the new sensor from one of these into an EP3 body :)

    • alf

      i would retrofit the whole into my e-510

    • stickytape

      I wish so badly that it could be done…

  • MJr

    Here’s a E-PL5 vs E-P3 comparison:

    It may look very similar, but it’s a lot smaller !

    • Miroslav

      Nice, 10x

  • Dilinger

    Yaaaaaay! And what? Where is the innovation? Anything changed? nope…
    The same boring featurelessness. Where is the built in evf?
    The whole PEN line could be a global breakthrough with it, but this way these are only variants without a kick.

    • ishootfirst

      Can you do the same for the two new cams please?

  • nicwalmsley

    I’d prefer a white grip with the silver body

  • the e-pm2 does look like the e-pl1 indeed.

    probably because the latter has been the best selling mirorrless system camera in the amazon ranking?


    for me the e-pl5 looks like a mix between the E-PL2 and the E-P3.
    I like the new design. But i will keep my E-PL2. :)

  • Anonymous

    One think I don’t know is,is it going to sell 399USD for EPM2,599USD for EPL5 ?

    Or 499USD for EPM2,699USD for EPL5?

  • Cathy

    No hybrid focusing?! If no, no thanks, I’ll stick with my E-PL3 and Nikon 1 V1. I just want the phase detective focusing to PENs, they are really useless shooting moving objects, whatever some people may say! :(

  • Looks good to me. Like it.

  • I don’t understand everyone whinging about no EVF…what do you think the E-M5 is for?

    • Ego0

      E-M5 cost too much, is another category.

      panasonic G5 is good, but ugly dslr shaped.

      Sony Nex 6 seems the answer, but is a bit costly too, with a too much modern design (for me, as i like the “vintage” style from olympus).

      • Henrik

        NEX 6 certainly got alot more attractive now…

    • AMVR

      Why the heck should we be forced to use a slr design !? Everyone else is selling RF-styled cameras with corner EVF, it’s time M43 got on the bandwagon.

      • Ross

        There is supposed to be another surprise after Photokina, so keep your fingers crossed.

        Remember in the rumours, there was a hint that another style of body might be a possibility.

        • stickytape

          I remember there being something about an Olympus or Panasonic patent with built-in VF in a rangefinder-style body, but I highly doubt that it will come this year. That is, unless, Olympus has somehow successfully fooled everyone into believing that the P line is dead. Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if a future rangefinder-style camera with built-in VF was slotted into the OM line, considering the geniuses who work in the Olympus marketing department.

    • The E-M5 is for cyclopses.

  • Ego0

    no popup flash…no way!

  • Cicel

    I somehow missed the Memo, WHY no E-P5? Why only the Lite an Mini?

    • stickytape

      No reason given.

      Maybe it’s a new marketing tactic! The legendary E-P line is representative of the perfect camera that everyone envisions. Now, we all know that the PL and PM cameras will always be a step behind the P cameras, effectively lowering our expectations of any future cameras!

  • mahler

    What I don’t get is that important dial like the mode dial, get smaller and smaller. The mode dial of the E-PL5 looks so tiny that I can imagine that it won’t be comfortable to operate, especially with gloves. Already, the E-M5 started this trend. Someone should look at the first images of the GH3, where this aspect has been done right.

    • metalaryeh

      Small is great, but there is also too small. I love my E-p1 but it is already a bit small for me. I can’t imagine using anything tinier like the E-pl5. I just want an e-p3 with new sensor!

      • Redeye37


        beyond that, I would only add the tilt screen.

  • BB


    Touch screen.
    Removable grip.
    EM5 Sensor.

    Almost sold on the E-PL5. Need to see the screen size. The screens on the EPL-3 and EPM1 are too small.

  • lazybeans

    I like it, it looks more utilitarian with the grip. Believe me, the grip does make it easier to hold and shoot with. They no longer have the shiny cases that used to make them look like fashion statements. I still lament the death of the e-p3 line, but I might just pick up the e-pl5 to replace my e-p1 in the future.

  • AMVR

    I cannot understand how there’s so many people who still like the aesthetics of the E-PM1 and E-PL3, they looked like toys, not cameras, with all the rounded edges and slanted top plate. These new cams look nicer but still retain some of the curves, the E-PM2 looks nicer of the two to me, but that might because I own a E-PL1. They should go back to the E-PL2 looks but thinner profile.

    Are we TOTALLY CERTAIN that the E-PX line is dead ? or are they buying time to release a counter measure to the XE-1 and Nex-6 beginning 2013? I’m willing to wait if it means a built in EVF in a non SLR body.

    The image comparison between PL5 and P3 from a comment on top made it clear to me that there’s ebough space for an EVF in the E-P3 (Nex 6 is another clear example of small body+evf), it’s just a matter of Oly growing some balls, there’s enough consumers for both a RF and SLR type of body, price it the same as EM5 if you wanted to, I don’t care I’ll still buy it.

  • Pjpo

    Any more word if it will have wifi? I want this to be a fun carry around camera and lower/eliminate the use of the iPhone camera. The Bluetooth adapter which is Android-only just doesn’t cut it.

  • Fish

    Is it just me or is that a different camera than the one that was shown on the Admin’s September 8 “hotshoe image teaser” photo?

    That photo was supposed to be of the e-pl5 but the mode dial would have also been in the photo wouldnt it?

    Maybe this means there is still another body to be announced.

  • I like both cameras. I will be purchasing the em3 since I usually shoot at aperture priority mose I have no use of the mode dial. I rarely use the built in flash except for triggering my fl 36r. My only concern right now is the screen. It would be great if olympus went back to the old 43 aspect ratio screen with a higher resolution. The epm3 is the best bang for the buck among the m43 cameras. I was almost tempted in purchasing the gx1 at bargain pr ice, its a good thing I waited for olys new pens. Will be purchasing this together with the 45mm for my walk around camera.

  • Bruce

    Can anyone tell me what the button on the LHS of the camera is? The button half way down the body near the grip?

    • Ross

      That’s a screw to remove the grip like it is on the E-P3

  • fishtank

    So sad… 2 ugly new bodies… Why couldn’t Olympus bring the nice E-PL2 look back? So sad…

  • Yooie

    The E-PL5 looks decent. The E-PM2? What an ugly disaster. D:
    But I guess if the image quality:price ratio is good, some people will bite.
    I was waiting to see what Oly would release, but I just may go with a NEX-5R as things stand.

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