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(FT5) G5, 45-150mm, LX7 and compact cameras announcement on July 18th!


I finally got the final release date of the new Panasonic G5, 45-150mm m43 lens, LX7 high end compact camera (and other cheap compact cameras). All that stuff is going to be announced on July 18th (Tokyo time). It will be July 17th in USA.
As you know the G5 will feature the same G3 16 Megapixel sensor but there will be lots of minor improvements (and small design changes). I still don’t know if the 45-150mm lens is a pancake lens. And as I told you before the LX7 (although not a m43 camera) may be the major interesting news here. It should get a larger sensor like the Sony RX100. This is a very profitable market and the Sony camera is the most sold digital camera of the moment at Amazon (here is the overall ranking).

  • Mau

    Bring it on!

  • mpgxsvcd

    LX7 sounds great. I don’t understand why they are making that lens though.

  • Bob B.

    Interesting that Panansonic has the same G3 sensor in the G5…..I wonder if this camera will be a shelf-sitter after the announcement that Olympus is using a slightly more dynamic Sony sensor in the OM-D….which will undoubtedly appear in more of their new cameras moving forward….

    • Jesper

      If they price G5 correctly, meaning the same pricing as G3 when it came out then there will be no need to worry. G3 is really a bargain considering what you get for the money. I’ve told my friends who were hesitating to buy OM-D mainly because of the pricetag.

      • Bob B.

        I agree…I sold my G-3 to buy the OM-D…hated to let it go. It’s a GREAT little camera…ESPECIALLY for the price…You could be right about the G5 selling if priced correctly…
        If the sensor is the same….I almost don’t know what Pany can do with the camera to “Improve” it…The G3 kind of has it all!

        • spam

          Agree about G3, great value and (small) size. From the image (if real) it looks like G5 is a slight redesign. There are lots of things they can do assuming GH3 is almost ready and a significant improvement over GH2.

          Video mode with manual control is one, AVCHD 2 with 60p another. They could also reintroduce the drive mode selector from G2/GH2 and maybe add another button and/or switch for direct access to more functions. The screen also need an upgrade to to a higher res one.

          • There are a few new nice features, which would be nice to see in G5.
            From GF5 and GX1 we may expect:
            * the different from G3 sensor with improved circuitry that doesn’t block as much light entering the photosite, giving better low light performance;
            * 3inch 920k-dot LCD screen (vs 460k-dots in G3);
            * improved Venus image processor (thus, ‘3DNR’ three-dimensional noise reduction system and more FPS continous shooting);
            * orientation sensor (not dependent on lens IS unit).
            It would be also nice to see some improvement in video recording and in Electronic Viewfinder.

            • Bob B.

              Spam & Igor…those are all good suggestions for improvement!!! ( I just shoot stills…but there is a lot of room for video improvement in a G5 …especially if Pany steps up the GH 3).

            • jules

              I don’t think adding the eye sensor would cannibalize the GH

              Any suggestion for the low pass filter?

              • Mr. Reeee

                Especially since a not insignificant number of GH2 users simply shut the damn thing off! Although, it is a cool “oh wow” sort of demo feature. But after the demo, shut the damn thing off! ;-)

                The G3 hits a real sweet spot as far as size, features, IQ and price go, so one would suspect the G5 to continue the precedent.

                • Diane B

                  I have the G3 (and I hate to admit a G1 and GF1–lax about getting around to reselling) and I plan to keep it if I buy a new body in the Fall after Photokina. That could be a an EM5 since I’m primarily a stills shooter but waiting to see what’s what with the GH3 also. The G3 has been a nice cam for last year+. and I agree a really terrific bargain right now.

                  • Milt

                    I also have a G1 and GF1 too but see no reason to upgrade yet – a GH2 maybe with the 14-140 lens. For me, camera bodies come as attachments to lenses. I am willing to pay for the lens; but for the body, obsolete when they come on the market, not so much. It will be interesting to see what the G5 kit lens is.

                • Bob B.

                  Agree about the eye-sensor thing..sounds like a good feature…but in real use I have found that
                  I turn them off,as well

                  • spam

                    Me too, I turn the sensor off most of the time.

                  • jules

                    Actually, I flip the LCD inward most of the time, turning it off by default. The rest of the time, it doesn’t bother me nor make me feel like its a big feature.
                    But I did read some complaints here and there about the lack of it.

                    • Mr. Reeee

                      I do too, but if you flip out the LCD and shoot from waist level, which i do quite a bit, then the LCD shuts off at the worst times. Adjusting the “sensitivity” is a waste of time.

  • Gabriel

    Are you certain about the sensor? They released a new sensor with the G3 and it would be fantastic if they released a new one for this model too. Even if it was just up to par with Sony’s on the OM-D.

    • Because now there is also the higher-priced GX1.

  • Looking forward for the LX7.

    No news yet about the XZ-2? It was also supposed to be announced in early summer.

  • n457

    Should I be happy about this? Need better replacement for GF3.

    • Jesper

      It depends, G-serie has another approach then GF-serie. If you don’t mind the extra weight and size of G-serie compared to GF-serie then you should be happy!

  • Anonymous

    FT5: Higgs boson found!

    • Duarte Bruno

      Actually it was announced some months ago.
      What’s happening is that now it’s being released…

      • Anonymous

        So it’s the Higgs-Panasonic boson?

        • Duarte Bruno

          Rumours are that the elusive GH3 will be the fundamental particle of video physics.
          Panasonic has built a massive accelerator in Europe that will detect it’s presence there first… Europeans are also expected to pay the electric bill of seeing it first hand!

  • scooby70

    Panasonic seem to be lagging too far behind others now and if the latest G series has an old uncompetitive sensor from the last generation camera I personally wouldn’t be interested at any price.

    Come on Panasonic, the competition has upped their game and it’s time for you to up yours – if you can.

    • SteveO

      +1. Talk about a non-announcement: “new” G3 with same inferior 16 MP sensor, another slow zoom in a similar range to 2 other slow Panny zooms, and an LX7 with a J1-sized sensor stuffed in but with a price cranked up into what is now mFT territory. Excuse me while I yawn.

      Seems Panny has become about making all the wrong moves while never addressing the obvious lately: match Olympus colors and ability to get the most out of sensors.

    • onlyme

      I don’t think there is anything wrong with the G3’s sensor. Panasonic just need to improve their JPEGs.

    • > Panasonic seem to be lagging too far behind others

      IMO G3 doesn’t lag behind. It still remains the cheapest camera with fast AF, EVF and swivel LCD.

      > Come on Panasonic, the competition has upped their game and it’s time for you to up yours – if you can.

      I personally still consider decent ISO 1600 sufficient.

      Better is better, for sure. But there is such thing as “good enough.”

      G3 sensor is “good enough” and as a camera it still offers some features e.g. few or no NEXs do have.

      • scooby70

        “IMO G3 doesn’t lag behind. It still remains the cheapest camera with fast AF, EVF and swivel LCD.”

        Wonderful, great stuff. But I was talking about the sensor and thinking about image quality not who was going to win the race to the bargain sale shelf.

        • What difference sensor would make, if competing cameras do not have all the desired features?

          If I were buying a camera solely on sensor … I probably wouldn’t have bought any camera at all: they all get outdated in matter of months this days, often even before they are properly reviewed.

          And as I said, important is that IQ is “good enough” for you. If you’re running constantly after the best tech available, chances are that you do not really care that much about IQ in *real* *world* scenarios. Because in real world scenarios G3 is a mighty performer – in IQ, in price/performance, in price/feature set departments.

        • Mr. Reeee

          Wasn’t it Gertrude Stein who said… A rumor is a rumor is a rumor… ;-)

          Yeah, that would totally suck if Panasonic pulled an Olympus and stuck with the same sensor for two, maybe THREE camera generations with only minor tweaks, confusing distribution of features and minor cosmetic changes. Of course, it was perfectly acceptable for Olympus to do that, because they’re a “real camera” maker and Panasonic, the giant conglomerate, makes nose hair trimmers and cordless drills. ;-)

          Condemning an unannounced, unreleased and unspecified camera makes perfect sense, especially since pretty much everything about the G5 remains pure speculation. I don’t seem to remember even ONE unfounded bit of speculation swirling around the EM5 before it was officially announced. Do you? ;-)

    • spam

      Sensors usually last longer than cameramodels, typically 2-3 years, maybe with some tweaks. The G3 sensor is just a year old and was the best mFT-sensor until E-M5 was launched. They could easily use it in G5 and maybe even another model before it’s replaced. It all depends on the competition and Pansonic’s plans. So, G5 could get a new one, but it would be a surprise.

      • scooby70

        I don’t see how a couple of tweaks can get the G3 sensor to the performance of the best in the class, and I’d include Sony Nex here, as it’s basic design is more than a generation behind and a tweak can’t help that, only a redesign can.

        I’n not too worried about cost and buying the cheapest camera on the shelf. What I want is a quality small form factor camera but sadly Panasonic seems to be drifting whilst others are moving the game on.

        All in MVHO of course.

        • spam

          I don’t think it needs tweaks although that’s a possibilty. The Sony sensors in NEX are certainly better in some areas, same goes for the E-M5 sensor, but this is Panasonic’s entry level model (with a viewfinder) and it has the second best mFT-sensor available at the moment. Most buyers don’t know it’s only the second best and wouldn’t care if they knew as it’s good enough and the G3 cost around half of E-M5.

          I’d certainly like Sony’s 16MP sensor in stead of the one in G3, but I don’t want a NEX. I want the smaller lenses and much better selection of mFT. I don’t buy Fuji X-Pro1 either, it has an even better sensor than NEX, but the sensor is just a small part of the equation for most people – including me.

          • jules


            It seems that some are worrying, not that its good enough, but that they have the absolute best.

            • spam

              I someone want the best then why get the entry level model? The E-M5 sensor is better and the GH3-sensor will probably be an improvement too, but the differences are so small that it doesn’t matter for most people.

              • Mr. Reeee

                I was at B&H yesterday checking out the Oly TG1, while a couple standing next to me we’re looking at the EM5. About the only things the salesdood could think of to sell it were art filters and in-camera editing. He mentioned the 16MP sensor and little about the IBIS and didn’t even seem to know about the TiltyScreen. What did the couple want? Yep, a built-in pop-up flash. They both made faces when shown the little add-on flash. I suggested they look at a GH2. They went to the Canon DSLR counter.

                • konikonaku

                  Mr Reeee…care to comment about TG-1 ?
                  I want to upgrade my underwater setup and i think waterproof camera with f2 lens should last until next election…i still wait that beast to arrive in my local shop


                  • Mr. Reeee

                    The TG1 looks good. It’s a huge improvement over my Oly 1030SW. The UI is ridiculous and awful in the best Oly tradition, but it’s a reasonable size, with better handling that the typical underwater camera…. with the lens in the upper corner, like mine. Do they ALL use the same motherboard and idiotic design? I lost count of how many “finger pictures” I’ve taken with that lens location! Maybe it’s the child I never knew I had, that follows me around, randomly jumping into pictures I take? ;-)

                    Since we won’t see a native M4/3 or even a 1″ sensor underwater camera any time soon, this appears to be it. When the price drops a bit more, I’ll drop the plastic.

    • Martin

      “if the latest G series has an old uncompetitive sensor from the last generation camera I personally wouldn’t be interested at any price.”
      If the rules were that simple, nobody would have bought any Olympus m43 camera between the day the G3 came out and the day the OM-D was released. But people still were interested in, a.o., the EP-3, despite its sensor lagging behind the G3’s by a considerably higher margin than the G3’s currently is lagging behind the EM-5’s. The sensor, in the end, is just one of many components that make the whole package appealing.

      • scooby70

        Yes I agree to a point and that’s why I still use a Panasonic G1. But the game has moved on now and other manufacturers offer products with greater DR, better ISO performance and (arguably) better IQ.

        • Martin

          Yes, but pls. notice that there has never been a single manufacturer who set new standards every year. Last year, Panasonic set new standards in the m43 IQ department, this year it’s Olympus, next year (or perhaps even this fall, with the GH3) it may be Panasonic again. And at a fraction of the EM-5’s price, there is nothing wrong with the G5 delivering what was best-in-m43 IQ until just a quarter of a year ago.

          • Mr. Reeee

            You know what the real answer is, don’t you?
            If it doesn’t have an “OLYMPUS” logo, it will never be good enough. ;-)

            The G5 will doubtless have an updated image processing engine. As we all know, software is always behind what current hardware is capable of doing. Olympus managed to squeeze quite a bit out of the old 12MP processor in the 3d generation PENs.

  • Yun

    I hate minor improvements , better save money for real innovation stuff .
    G5 not worth to upgrade for someone that is carrying G3 , in my opinion .
    LX 7 definitely worth to buy if it really packed with it’s 1″ sensor but would it able to rival Sony’s RX100 remain to be seen .

    • spam

      I think it’s a pretty good idea to take a good camera and make some minor improvements. It’s a fairly low cost way to make it better value. Most manufacurers do this all the time.

  • BLI

    The new Samsung EX2F also looks interesting — smaller sensor (1/1.7″), but lens 24-80 (equiv) with aperture 1.4-2.7!

  • SteveO

    Sounds to me like mostly a styling job, which the G3 sorely needs. For myself, it’s too much of an amorphous little blob at present. Funny how Panny can design an outstanding rangefinder style mFT in the GX1, where simple taut lines fully express its function, yet march ahead with characterless rounded designs in their EVF models.

    If they addressed this, managed to finally get natural looking skies, foliage and skin tones in OOC JPEG’s and managed usable higher ISO’s they’d have something provided price is maintained. Price is the E-M5’s one vulnerability looking to be exploited, something I expect Olympus will address in a non-weather-sealed model this fall.

    • MK

      price is no object when it comes to m43, just look at the prime lenses the gangsters release(12mm, 75mm)

    • beautemps

      The Pana G5 is in another price segment then the Oly E-M5 and it adresses other customers, more the point & shoot fraction. Thus it might be a good deal.
      Although with the same sensor in use, they might improve the processing in performance and quality.

      Pana obviously might not be able to make as high investments in Sensor-Technology as Sony does. There might remain a gap for the future, as sensor development is not only creativity but also a question of research investment.
      So it will be realy interesting what Olys next steps will be. Only a new PEN with Sony-Sensor, or also a midrange non-weather-sealed E-M3.
      With the new stabilization of the E-M5 there is a big advantage for Oly, customers can use both m43 lens-lines.

      That will be the only and most important reason for me to switch from Pana to Oly cameras – reliability of & choices for investments in glas.

    • maxter

      my main concern with the G3 (and probably also G5) is its lack of pocketability. Its just this tad too big to be fitted into my jackets pocket, as its to thick overall. But especially the viewfinder here is the real killer. If they could implement an om-d like viewfinder in the hump that does not protrude that much backwards, i might even be tempted, although I also like the om-d’s swivel lcd more than the fully articulated one from the G3.

  • E-1

    Not sure how the G, GX, GH and GF series fit together (not that Olympus makes more sense).


    GF/G duo for lower prices/ P&S upgrader (viewfinder, no viewfinder)
    GX/GH duo for higher market (viewfinder, no viewfinder)


    • avds

      No collision between large, expensive and complicated GH and small, cheaper and simple GF.

      The collision between the mid-level G and GX is resolved quite simply: the G is less pretty than the GX, so it sells for less while giving you more real stuff (viewfinder and tilty screen).

      And that’s how they fit :)

    • SteveO

      GF’s, like the E-PM1, are inexpensive entry level ($400-500)

      G and GX are mid-range ($500-700)

      GH upper range, but not pro (body only $800-900)

      Once Olympus plugs the new sensor into their full range (as thankfully has been their habit), Panny will have a tough time competing other than by scalping prices. No IBIS, no Olympus sky/foliage/skin colors, and now non-competitive performance at equivalent ISO’s of 1600 and up.

      Smartest thing Olympus has done is hooking up with a better sensor manufacturer given their brilliance in tuning performance. No looking back now, Panny, your turn to play catch them if you can.

      • sneye

        Don’t be so hard on Panasonic. Every camera they bring to market has its strong points going for it. The G3 is an affordable “mini-DSLR” with an excellent viewfinder and a touch-responsive tilt screen. Very appealing to beginners IMHO. G5 will be even better. The differences in sensor performance are becoming more and more irrelevant in practical terms (for most shooters) and are immensely over-rated by us gearheads.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          It’s true that normal easy condition shooting doesn’t need highest dynamic range and in fact always fitting high dynamic range into final image would easily be plain harmfull to ordinary images which need good contrast in midtones to avoid looking flat.
          That’s why JPEG processing of cameras commonly discard some shadow and highlight dynamic range of RAW and also do compression to rest for retaining better mid tone contrast. (reason why out of camera JPEG can’t be used for comparing DR of sensors)

          But for sunsets and other demanding situations like many landscapes (m)4/3 has long lagged behind other systems.
          Remember that EV scale isn’t linear but every EV more doubles dynamic range so difference between Panasonic sensors (old 12MP and 16MP G3/GX1) and E-M5’s sensor is notable:

          E-M5’s RAW is pretty much equal to HDR from couple EV different exposure shots with those Panasonic sensors.

      • MikeH


        Olympus finally after years in m43 has a better stills sensor than Panasonic and you are all doom and gloom? Did you also moan about model after model of lackluster Oly m43 cameras?

        The EM5 is the most expensive m43 camera, it darn well better have the best sensor. The G3/5 aren’t the top of the line Panasonic model, why would you expect them to surpass Olympus’s best at a cheaper price point?

  • Jy

    So, no GX2? Can buy GX1 without worries?

  • I’m a happy G3 user, great value for money, and sparked my interest in more than P/S photography. Until a significant improvement of the sensor comes along, I do not feel the need for upgrading to G5. Right now the lack of IBIS in Pana bodies is my main concern, as all of my favorite lenses are non-stabilized… let’s see what the “PEN revolution” is going to offer. :)

  • JRK

    Ha! On my birthday!

  • devorama

    Hmm… Announcement on the day the Sony RX100 ships. Coincidence or Panasonic trying to woo RX100 buyers to the LX7?

  • Miroslav

    Can’t see the point of third Pana 4x-xxx mm tele zoom…

  • nik

    IBIS pls.

    • Miroslav


  • Milt

    I want lens based stability, not IBIS – although I don’t use legacy lenses. But IBIS might be an easier technology than trying to stabilize pancake x zooms. Just a surmise.

    As has been noted, the G5 looks like a Leica S2 shrunk in the wash. I am looking forward to seeing and handling it.

  • dau

    Its amazing the g5 rumors have been floating around for quite awhile, and now we even have a confirmed announcement about it, and yet all we have seen of this camera is this one ealy render. Panny seem to be good at plugging the leaks when they want too! Who knows, we may be in for a surprise…

  • Ben

    When can we see a panny range finder body with built in view finder?
    I hope we will see it in GX2…

    • Milt

      Plus one.

  • I am holding off on pre-ordering the Sony RX100 until I see what the Panasonic LX7 has to offer (I love my DMC-GH2). The Sony RX100 is currently the only camera that provides what I want in a travel camera.

    • dk73

      Looking at Olympus EM-5 with Sony sensor, there is a good chance that Sony RX100 1″-type sensor will be much better than LX7 sensor even if it is also 1″-type (Panasonic is really lagging in sensor development now unless they decided to catch up). I pre-ordered RX100, there will be enough time to return it if LX7 appears better (I won’t even be opening RX100 in this case until I reach the verdict).

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