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(FT5) G5, 45-150mm, LX7 and compact cameras announcement on July 18th!


I finally got the final release date of the new Panasonic G5, 45-150mm m43 lens, LX7 high end compact camera (and other cheap compact cameras). All that stuff is going to be announced on July 18th (Tokyo time). It will be July 17th in USA.
As you know the G5 will feature the same [shoplink 22077 ebay]G3[/shoplink] 16 Megapixel sensor but there will be lots of minor improvements (and small design changes). I still don’t know if the 45-150mm lens is a pancake lens. And as I told you before the LX7 (although not a m43 camera) may be the major interesting news here. It should get a larger sensor like the Sony RX100. This is a very profitable market and the Sony camera is the most sold digital camera of the moment at Amazon (here is the overall ranking).

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