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(FT4) New Panasonic 45-150mm lens coming along the G5?

[shoplink 25104]

[/shoplink] WIll the new 45-150mm lens be a pancake like the current [shoplink 25104]14-42mm X lens[/shoplink]?

And yet we will see the light of another zoom lens! Along the G5 (to be announced within 1-2 weeks) expect the release of a new 45-150mm lens. Now, we already have a 45-200mm and a [shoplink 25103]45-175mm[/shoplink] lens so I really hope this lens has something special that makes it worth to be released. I am not sure but this could be a pancake zoom. If it is I will happy, if it is not than I can’t figure out why Panasonic is doing this. Bye the way, the lens is not fast (I have been told so).

Stay tuned on 43rumors! There might be a Panasonic announcement within this week!

UPDATE: Curious…the 45-175mm X lens had a $70 price drop via Samys at Amazon (Click here).

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