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New Olympus 25mm f/2.8 macro lens patent May coming at photokina?)


Egami spotted a new Olympus patent describing a 25mm f/2.8 macro pancake lens. It’s also collapsible, when you use the macro function the lens gets larger. As you may remember last week there was a rumor about a possible 25mm f/1.8 lens.

At 25mm focal length we can chose between the $599 Leica 25mm f/1.4 and a $900 Nokton 25mm f/0.95. Both options, a pancake 25mm and a cheap and fast f/1.8 variation would be a welcome addition to the m43 lens system.

  • sneye

    I can’t think of many less useful lenses. Too wide for macro and rather slow for a general normal. I bet it will not show up at Photokina, 2012 or 2014.

    • Jules

      I beg to differ. No one will be doing insects at such FoV, but its not to say we can’t use close focus at all. A 1:2 magnification would make it a sweet and affordable multi purpose lens.

      Having moved from the 1.7/20 to the PL25mm I do on occasion miss the 20mm’s closer focus distance.

      • TomR

        I agree with sneye “rather slow for general normal” and while macro would be interesting it seems like too much of a compromise. I would be disappointed if this lens was Olympus’ priority. I think a high quality weather sealed standard (or wide) should be the priority.

        • Jules

          Seems like f2.8 primes are *always* trashed prior to being released…

  • Gianluca

    yes, really stupid lens!…I prefer a 25mm f1.8 pancake lens with the same optical quality as the 45mm 1.8

    • pfeddeh


  • Yun

    I have to say no on this one .
    Already bought micro conventer for 14mmF2.5 so have to skip this one .
    Would be delight if Olympus can come out another tele photo lens 150mm ( 300mm ) with fast aperature to fulfill my focal length collection .

  • matt

    another boring lens for m4/3 system

  • Duarte Bruno

    I wonder why we aren’t seeing digital extensions rings instead… :(
    99% of the times, macro photography demands preparation. Why should we have lenses with compromised designs when we could mount them on extension tubes in about 10 seconds?

  • Farrukh

    Come on Olympus/Panasonic, where are the fast-ish super wide primes? 7mm, 9mm? Give me something useful!

    • Jason

      Yesss +1 +1 +1

      All I want now is a 7mm prime lens.

      • JF

        +1 Weather sealed f2.8 (or even f4 is enough) all frame sharp to take great seascape pictures. Oh yes: with filter thread for GND and ND

  • Mr. Reeee

    A patent is just that. And little else.

    50mm and 55mm is a fairly standard focal length for macro lenses from the 35mm film era,, so what’s the problem with this?

    @Admin… The Voigtländer Nokton 25mm lists for $1199. $900 was the original price.

  • sweln

    I just wish to see a very fast AF f1.2 lense to show up, like 60mm-65mm.
    Same for 25mm to beat that Pana 25mm f1.4 (which is already very good).

  • 120% fail concept

    already at design board.

    Good luck Oly, will buy/wait your 100-150mm macro.

  • DonParrot

    Completely off topic:
    Has anybody else the problem that they can’t log in any more? The log-in box seems to be just gone.

  • Miroslav

    There are enough 25mm lenses in (m)4/3.

  • 50mm was a standard in 35mm.
    and it s also usefull for macro underwater pics

    olympus is just making lenses with a macro option. that s nice to have it

  • Oh no, not a pancake, they are always a compromise.

  • Lily

    Am I the only one whose interest is piqued by this? I haven’t gotten the 20mm yet because it’s so noisy and slow to focus – my budget is non-existent so I literally can’t afford to compromise. I’m not going to spend $300 I don’t have on a lens I’m not 100% happy with, and I was really turned off by the 20mm when I tried it at CP+. Meanwhile, the 25/2.8 pancake is my favorite 4/3 lens, and I often wonder why a m4/3 version doesn’t exist yet. Come on, folks, just because YOU don’t want/need it, doesn’t make it “useless”.

  • FMJ

    i want a good 17mm (35mm equivalent) F2.0 or <

  • Agent00soul

    I would welcome a shorter macro. The 60 is too long for my work. I’m currently using the DZ 35/3.5 but the AF is painfully slow and the lack of distortion correction sometimes troublesome.

  • MP

    25mm f1.2 and 17mm f1.4 !!!!!!!!

  • JP

    Those that think just adding an extension tube to an existing lens clearly don’t understand how to produce good macro shots. You need a dedicated macro lens.

    • Mr. Reeee

      +10 Not everyone wants, needs or can afford a dedicated macro lens, but it really is the best way to go! Manual focus is preferable to autofocus, because of accuracy. It’s often faster than trying to force AF to focus where you want it to. That’s why I opted for used lenses over the PL45 f2.8. Certainly price, too!

      Having more lens choices only helps the M4/3 system. Although, I doubt this 25mm macro will be very cheap.

  • Frye

    There are so many 25mm lenses for micro four thirds!! It’s just a question if you want to spend $600 or $1200. What’s the problem, people?

  • Keith

    Very boring lens.

    If it was a 25/1.8 for £250 like the 45/1.8, I’d buy it.
    If it a 2.8 macro, I will defo pass.

    The prime most needed now is a 17/1.8 or f2 to replace that crappy pancake.
    The 20/1.7 is optically great, but dog slow focusing.

    12/2, 17/1.8, 25/1.8, 45/1.8, 75/1.8 – that would be WOW!!!

  • stopkidding

    love how these arm chair physicists and photographers think they know lens design and understand photography better than a company making lenses and cameras for over 80 years…

    • Vlad

      You would be surprised at how inept some companies can be.

  • stopkidding

    There is a lot of planning that goes into creating a product. A few to mention; optical characteristics, performance envelop (IQ, speed, size), cost (cost to manufacture, cost to consumer), market requirements (demand for a product) etc. etc.

    Now I see all these comments “I want a 10mm f/1.2, 28mm f/1.8 in a pancake) etc.. If only designing and manufacturing lenses was as simple as stamping out widgets, then we would all be able to “print” out the lens specifications we desire.

    • Mike

      If you’re referring to those who expect a 3X f2.0 zoom for about $500 and bemoan a high quality 2.8 zoom priced at $1200 well then I whole heartedly agree. However it seems most here are asking for some rather fundamental designs that are glaringly missing from m4/3. A fast, quality, 35mm equivalent, 17.5mm f2.0-1.4 seems top on most lists. A quality prime in that focal length/speed range covering a mere 13x17mm is not asking for a lot assuming everyone is willing to pay a justified price.

  • pippo

    superstupid lens…. like the superstupidzoom 12-50….

  • JL

    Hmm.. A pancake with a built-in extension tube… not a bad idea. F2.8… have to think about that, debends a lot on the price tag and IQ. The same (not pancake) with F1.8… I would be in on pre-order list right away. Boring lens? No way!

    Olympus has a long history with macro photography equipment. OM -series had about the best lens line up for that. Maybe we are seeing the new dawn for those.

    25mm boring? 50mm boring? Use your imagination – all these lenses are made for use. Today I have used focal lenghts from 12mm to 400mm just for macro/ close up stuff. Whats wrong with 25mm?

    • Mr. Reeee

      An f2.8 macro lens is pretty standard. 50mm, 55mm, 60mm, 105mm.

      The “25mm is Boring” crowd I just don’t get. I suppose lacking creativity makes all sorts of basic things boring, like the most standard of all lenses.

      Use only ONE prime lens, of what you consider an “odd” focal length, exclusively for a few days.
      You’ll either…
      A. Give up in frustration, bemoaning what you’re “missing” and all the things the lens isn’t.
      B. You’ll discover all sorts of interesting possibilities that you never would have thought of before.

      • Jules

        I don’t know who said that, with a delicate touch of rudeness : there are no boring FoV, there are boring photographers.


  • Nelson

    Certainly more interesting than that NEX F3.5 35mm Macro, at least this one is a pancake in normal mode

    I would choose a 25mm Macro F2.8 as everyday lens than the other 25mm f1.8 (mind you I got DG F1.4 25mm and F0.95 25mm), you get the normal focal and macro and pancake! Beside you don’t need fast aperture in normal day time anyway

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