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(FT5) Body only and 17mm kit to ship in June (no 14-42mm kit yet).


I got a confirmation from multiple sources that the new Olympus E-P5 will ship in June. And there is also a surprise. At the beginning Olympus will offer the body only and the 17mm kit version only! There will be no 14-42mm kit yet (it may come later).

There is still a big “???” on the final price. Early rumors I got from an anonymous source said the price will be around $1000 with kit lens. If you consider that the actual (discounted) price for the 17mm lens is $449 (here at Amazon) this sounds a bit too good to be true. I expect the price to higher /the $1,000 price may be refered to a future 14-42mm kit option). I hope sources are reading this and may help me to gather this info. Thanks!

Reminder: Announcement next week on Friday May 10 at 6am London time.

For sources: Sources can send me anonymous info at (create a fake gmail account) or via contact form you see on the right sidebar. Thanks!
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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • mino

    Also if the price will be 100 euro only, without integrated EVF is not interesting for me. I still remenber when continuosly I missed the external EVF that drop down from the camera to floor. No thanks. If will be with internal EVF i’ll buy at soon. It a pity……I’ll wait for it, by now.

    • SteveA

      I have good news for you… Olympus released a camera called the OM-D E-M5 more than a year ago, and which does have an integrated EVF.

    • digifan

      You can always buy the external EVF it has a lock.
      Well if I could get the E-P5 for $100 I’d run and order a few of it AND the EVF.
      I like that the Pen/OMD are modular and you can add EVF with the latest technology.
      Most of the time I don’t use the EVF in order NOT to track attention. Putting a camera up to your eyes is a signal of your intent, that’s how I look at it.
      Some situations a EVF is very welcome but there are mote techniques to use the back LCD than just hold the camera at arms length. But probably that is too difficult to figure out for those complaining about missing EVF/OVF.

    • Do

      There must be secret cult, that forces you and it’s other members to post that here again and again, right? “No viewfinder, no buy” ist the mantra, that should exorcise the devil, embodied in form of the external viewfinder, out of Olympus, to save the soul of the brave camera buyers. I’m sure you also tried external-viewfinder-shaped voodoo dolls, am I right?

      • pete

        there is also the IBIS mantra as well.

        but I am curious how fuji and sony can put a v/f in their cameras and Oly and Panny can’t hey ho

        • Do

          No IBIS is indeed a No-Go for me. But it’s the first time i write that in a comment, I don’t feel the need to declare it below every Panasonic article. But there are some people that do so, that’s true.

          • Anonymous

            I think the rule is that you can’t post anything even remotely critical without some immature fan boy(s) immediately jumping in.

  • Yun

    No kit lens provided for new EP5 is good news too .
    Owners have the right to select lenses suit their shooting habit . For me , although it always a desire to own my first Oly camera but will not haste to it .
    As Oly & Pana still have some highend cameras to launch , probably around year end & that likely be my stuff .

    • Anonymous

      Yum…we ALL know you will NEVER actually buy a camera…that action will always be in some far away distance galaxy of the future.

    • matt jones

      Agree good news to come with a kit prime instead of zoom. Presumably they will also do a body only version.

  • I think that price might be right. After the lens’s poor reviews as a $500 lens, I think Olympus might be listening.

    • I’m not sure the reviews deem the lens as “poor”, but rather, more like “not great”. But i tend to agree with you, the $500 price tag is probably an exaggeration for what the lens is.

    • Bob

      To be fair the lens got mixed reviews…I own one (in beautiful silver!)…and I like it a lot. It does what I need it to do and it is so nice to have a relatively fast AF 35mm (equiv) on my OMD…
      I think this is BY FAR the best looking pen digital to date…the black and silver..and either lens will look great on it.
      Since I have an OMD..which to me offers more for less money…I will not be making a move on this camera…but it is very sharp!

      • SAD…

        “I think this is BY FAR the best looking pen digital to date…the black and silver..and either lens will look great on it.”

        This is the sad times we live in as photographers. Where Looks are more important than Performance.

        It’s really sad and pathetic.

        • nick

          We’ve seen the sensor.

          We’ve seen the lens.

          Looks is all thats new:)

        • mFTguy

          I am with you the cult of style is pathetic ,you end up with an E-M5 a camera with a great feature set that is let down by hideous ergonomics due mainly to its insistence on using a fake DSLR design from 40yrs ago.While the presumably “tiny hand” club bemoan the “size” of the GH3 which has far better functionality.

        • Anonymous

          We would be living in a sad and pathetic world if all that mattered was performance.

  • Achab

    Vf-3 and this Vf-4 have a lock button; only Vf-2 have not a lock sistem.

  • So shipments for quarter 2 are looking good ;)

    • mFTguy

      I sure hope so for the camera accounts at Olympus and Panasonic are disaster waiting to happen. Too high a percentage of mFT sales are for older low end heavily discounted models .I ain’t complaining, I often buy the previous gen and save a good few bucks. But, whatever the sales numbers are there is clearly a significant problem in these companies’ profit margins. I can’t figure out how in a year that saw the launch and success of the E-M5 Olympus somehow managed to double their losses, I know that compact sales [ or rather lack of] play a part problem is that they make up a very substantial part of turnover.

      I don’t care if mFT is top dog just as long as it keeps barking lol. For me I could never go back to a DSLR and as FF is way overkill for my needs APS even the best options like the D7100 are not doesn’t have a big enough lead for all the disadvantage’s .mFT hits the sweet spot for me

      • stickytape

        It’s good that you recognise that there is something called a “sweet spot”. The designers at Olympus have decided that the E-M5 falls into that sweet spot of aesthetics and ergonomics. For those who belong to the cult of ergonomics, there is the GH3, a hulk that, despite its hideousness, feels good in the hand.

        • Anonymous

          Ergonomics are a fundamental component of good design nd functionality, how a camera looks is neither here nor and boils down to personal opinion. I am in the hates the faux retro design of the E-M5 both for its sheer ugliness but mainly due to its shockingly bad ergonomics. Unless you have the hands of a five year old girl the GH3 is not “huge” .John is wrong the Nikon APS bodies D5200 &D7100 have a sensor that is comfortably ahead of even the best mFT camera.
          With mFT sales starting to fall I guess all the men with little hands have been accommodated , we can now get back to serious cameras lol

    • I just bought the V-5.6 motonir 1 month ago and have been getting familiar with it. The only thing I can’t figure out is that with the Waveform + Audio. I cannot get the audio meter to work. I see the Audio levels bars moving only on playback but not when I engage in Live view or during record.Anyone know? Reply:August 9th, 2012 at 10:35 pmWhat camera? This suggests your camera isn’t outputting during record

  • Sqweezy

    Ah, the kit 17mm must be offered in black as well. If it really will cost $1,000 total for the kit, this would be a steal, integrated EVF or not.

  • AG

    That would be awesome with the 17mm f1.8 lens. Looks like a solid camera. This and the new G6 are going to really help m4/3.

  • This looks like the 17mm 2.8, not 1.8 from the image, which makes the price less of a steal.

    Also, without an EVF, how is that progress from the E-PL5?

    • Atom

      The writing on the front of lens looks like 1.8 to me.

    • Tobias Giesen

      The PEN line is without EVF. The Progress is the sensor and the IBIS.

      The product line with EVF is called OM-D.

      The lens is labeled as 1.8 on the Image.

    • Anonymous

      Images show 17mm 1.8 in black color.

  • The camera looks great, and its awesome that it has a flip out screen. Well done.

    Problem is, I’m not sure it offers a lot over the E-M5, which, by the way, offers an integrated viewfinder, weathersealing, is cheaper, and not that much bigger. For me, that is the point of comparison…

    • Anonymous

      E-m5 is $1000 for body only … If $1k e-p5 kit is true price then e-p5 is cheaper than e-m5.

      • michael

        You can easily find the EM5 for $800 lately, and I’ve seen Oly refurbed models for under $650.

        • But not everywhere. There are countries with much higher selling prices. The OM-D body in our “banana republic” is for approx. €900 (VAT included)!

    • Answey

      I would think E-P5 is meant to be the top model of PEN series and PEN is “lower” than OM-D. Likely there will be E-M6 above E-M5.

  • Nick

    $1000 with a m.ZD 17mm and I think I’d be sold… I’m planning to get the lens anyway so it’d basically be $500 for a high-quality, compact second body with twin dials and the same RAW files as my EM5 – perfect :)

    • Anonymous


    • Cheetos

      Agreed. While I love the 50mm FOV more than the 35mm (I own the PL25mm), I wouldn’t mind owning a 35mm equivalent lens if the price is right. I would be willing to drop $700 for the body so if the whole body and lens is $1000, then I will buy the whole bundle. I can always sell the lens if I don’t like it.

  • ArtP

    Looking forward to those de-kitted black 17mm lenses hitting eBay :)
    Actually just might wait a year or so until the kit is discounted and keep the camera too.
    No VF, no big deal, got the OM-D for when I need it. A more pocketable body w the 14mm would be nice as a second camera.
    Still wondering tho, if it will be made to take the OM-D’s grip.

    • would surely be a plus if it can take the HLD-6 batterygrip, but prob not as it is a different line :-(

  • axelpix

    probably the black 17 is a low cost version rather than a “limited edition” this time ;-)

  • Said price wt. 17/1.8 a steal, but perhaps Oly doesn’t sell many of the latter because of idiotic reviews?

    BTW let me remind you that the target for the original Pens were camera joshi, second cameras at best for their husbands.

    That perhaps explains preference for dSLR form factor in the OM-D: small hump, like small dick :)

    OTH I put forward the theory that Pens have no fixed EVF because camera joshi are afraid to spoil their eyelashes :)

  • HAHA!! $1000??

    Please don’t tell me you all are getting your hopes up for a $1000 price tag.

    I’m gonna laugh so hard when this camera has a $1500 and better price tag.

    $1000, from Olympus? Really?


    • plem

      You are either an a$$hat or live in a cave – The OM-D was available for 1050 (body only) at launch and it had weather sealing + in-built EVF. This is not weather sealed, no EVF but has WiFi.

      I expect that it will sell at slightly less than the OM-D did, at least initially. And then will find its ‘market price’ based upon supply and demand.


        “so if the whole body and lens is $1000, then I will buy the whole bundle.”

        ” If it really will cost $1,000 total for the kit,”

        “If $1k e-p5 kit is true price then e-p5 is cheaper than e-m5.”

        “$1000 with a m.ZD 17mm and I think I’d be sold…”

        “17mm kit for $1000 would be nice.”


        WHO’S WEARING THE a$$hat, HUH??

        • And “most people” already know the MSRP? ;-)

        • GH2 the best ever

          Quick!!! 5 GH3s just landed in the United States. Panasonic is really piling on the supplies right now. Better rush out and get them before they all sell out! This thing is hot property. Buy it while it’s still expensive so you can feel special and ahead of the pack and before the plebs get one for $499 in 3 months time. Buy! Buy! Buy! Hurry! One just sold, only 4 left now in the whole of the US!

    • Ash

      I’m expecting the 17mm + body kit to cost 1200+, maybe even as much as 1400

      Those fervently hoping for the 17mm kit to cost 1000 are not being realistic.

  • The Mouse

    Cannot believe how dumb some people are when they call for an EVF, this camera is specifically designed NOT TO HAVE AN EFV!

    Complaining about lack of EVF is like buying a motorbike and complaining it doesn’t have 4 wheels.

    Lol at those guys.

    Camera looks sweet, my 4 week old OM-D is going to be sold simply for the pocket-ability.

    • AMVR

      Your argument makes no sense at all. You call people dumb for wanting an EVF but you’re willing to get rid of an EVF equipped camera for one that lacks such feature AND is more expensive ? You go show ’em, champ!

      Seriously, I get the impression you’re not much of a photographer but rather a gear head, jumping from model to model just for the novelty factor. Why would you give up the OMD for the E-P3 for pocketability factor ? they’re just as (un)pocketable (portable? sure, pocketable ? nah). I suspect you don’t use the EVF much if you’re willing to loose it by jumping to new body (by which time you’ll probably loose some money in the transition).

      And what do you mean this is designed NOT to have an EVF ? do you even know why it’s called a PEN ? the original film PENs had VF as a standard just like the original OMs, but Olympus is arbitrarily avoiding to include an EVF in the PENs unilke the OMD, so in terms of aesthetics, ergonomics, legacy and even the current market trends, Oly is just being stupid. It’s entirely feasible to include an EVF into a Pen body, it’s been proven time and again in every single one of this threads.

      You’re comfortable while criticizing other people because you already have what you need, but we’ll see how comfortable you’re when you need to spend extra money for an EVF for your E-P5 which makes it bigger and much more ¨unpocketable¨ than the OMD.

      As I’ve said, not including an EVF in the E-P5 was a BIG mistake on Oly’s part, it doesn’t make sense within their line-up, nor technologically, nor does it respond to the market trends.

      • The mouse

        If you put an evf on the ep5 then you make it bigger and then what would separate it from the em5.

        Em5 is like an slr and ep5 a large compact.

        Different strokes for different folks.

        As for being much of a photographer… Well anything that makes it easier and more mobile equals more photo opportunities. Worrying about evf or lack of matters no, if it does then get an em5.

        • AMVR

          If you were to put an evf inside the E-P5 it would only make it half as tall as the hump on the omd ( This would separate it from the OMD in terms of ergonomics, which, for many, matter a LOT. Not only this but there’s also enough other things that separate the OMD from the E-P5. The OMD is completely modular, it can go from tiny to DSLR size, it’s weather sealed, has no flash, can handle bigger lenses (grips),etc… The EVF alone is no excuse to say the E-P5 would enter in conflict with the OMD, besides, there’s always space to improve the OMD itself i.e. the OMD Pro/ E-M6, so there should be enough space for the E-P5 to have an EVF, also remember, they could even differentiate the EVF too, maybe using the VF-3 inside the E-P5 instead of the same E-M5 EVF, so yeah, there was no excuse this time.

          I agree on your last point though, mobility certainly equals more photo opportunities, that’s why i favor a flush top plate instead of a hump in the middle, makes it easier to get the camera in and out of a bag.

        • Anonymous

          An integrated EVF is obviously considerably smaller than a bolt-on option as the camera chassis provides the strength of the housing needed for an external. Look at the Nex7 with a larger sensor compared to the E-P3 , the size need not be greatly different.


          • Answey

            NEX has no IBIS.

            • Anonymous

              the 5 axis Unit is not much different in size to the old IBIS in the other pens , the bump on the E-M5 has nothing to do with this


            • AMVR

              You people always seem to forget that the NEXs have a larger sensor (surrounded by circuitry and whatnot) than the E-P series, this compensates greatly for whatever ¨huge amount of space¨ the IBIS occupies (which is not much at all), so no, IBIS is not an excuse, at least not the new 5 axis as proven by the E-P5 and its lack of hump.

  • Photowang

    All together now: “OHHMMMM-D is better…..”

  • kl

    To me i’ll rather Oly integrate a touch flip twist screen first then evf. I prefer to look as touristy as possible so nobody takes note when I shoot.

  • It is rather disturbing trend: pancakes are not updated, no new pancakes released, no pancake bundles.

    17mm kit for $1000 would be nice. But still the 17mm is not a pancake. :(

    • Anonymous

      Ummm blueberry pancakes

  • peevee

    E-P5 is just slightly better than E-PL5, and you can have E-PL5 for $479 and the lens for $449, $920 without even a kit discount. $1000 for E-P5+17/1.8 kit sounds about right, competing on very favorable terms with Ricoh GR, Nikon A and even Fuji X100s.

    • redsfan

      I think you are being a bit optimistic about the pricing the E-P3 came out at $900 with the crap 14-42 . You want a new body with new IS new sensor, and a quality prime for only a 100 bucks more , good luck with that

  • Ed

    Funny thing about the viewfinder controversy, people who haven’t used it don’t seem to realize it has a function that the fixed viewfinders don’t have. If you ever want to take a picture or movie of a church ceiling or of an girl on a trapeze the add on viewfinder’s benefit will be immediately apparent to your spine and neck!

    • Anonymous

      Part of the benefits of using a VF, is that you can open your other eye to see what is going on. With a 90 degree VF like you described, that doesn’t work, which means it is not better than just using the flip out LCD screen.

      Whenever I needed to shoot straight up, I always just use the flip out LCD screen. Because you are most likely indoors when shooting up, the LCD is perfectly fine. Also, some people lay on their backs when shooting, which is actually even more comfortable than trying to use a 90 degree VF.

      • Ed

        I have a Pen 3 which doesn’t have a flip out LCD. I found the value of the viewfinders flip out function and realized that I should be using it when I was outdoors in a sunny situation. The viewfinders flip out function outdoors when trying to film an beautiful girl up in the trees doing an acrobatic performance at the Bristol Renaissance Faire was just the ticket to concentrating on capturing her performance with no neck pain.

    • AMVR

      I have a VF-2 and yes, the tilt feature is really useful some times, but not as useful as having a flush top plate, a free hot shoe and most importantly, and EVF with you at ALL TIMES.

      The Add-on EVFs are perfectly fine as a solution for lower end models like the PL & and PM bodies but for a flagship such as the E-P5 it just doesn’t make sense.

  • Jack

    $1000 for E-P5 body only would be ridiculous. At a time when mirrorless shipments are declining and the yen is down 25% from last year, plus the E-M5, X-E1 and NEX-6/7 being at the same price or lower, anyone who would pay that much for an EVF-less M4/3 camera is a sucker.

  • David B

    I am sure the price will be $1000 but it will be with 17/2.8 not 17/2.0. When did anyone put a quality expensive lens in a kit? That never happens, it is either 14-42, 12-50, or other crapola

    • johnwilson

      well the GF1 came with the 20mm f1.7 ( still have them both lol )

      • Uberzone

        Yeah and the other alternative was the excellent 14-45. Ahh those were the days……

    • B2

      I also think it’s about 17mm f/2.8 which is often paired with older E-Ps.

  • kodachromeguy

    I do not understand, why is there so much emphasis on always introducing new “kit” zoom lenses? Don’t most owners of micro 43 cameras already have a standard range zoom? Or is this new body aimed at novice users who want (or think they want) a modest aperture zoom lens?

  • Momojojo

    The price is not rocket science and pretty easy to figure out with simple marketing logic. These cameras are tiered based on spec, and so are their prices.
    EM5 body = $999 USD MSRP
    EPL5 = $799 USD MSRP
    EM5 > EP5 > EPL5, guess what price Ep5 body is going to be?…yup, $899 for body only.

    17mm lens retails for $450 to $499
    $899 body + 17mm lens = $1,350 to $1,399 if you buy individually.

    Since they are bundling the two and selling it as a kit, the price will need to be lower than the cost of buying individually. Factor in a $50 to $100 discount you are looking at a MSRP of $1,299 for EP5 body +17mm.
    So technically it is around $1,000 but don’t expect it sell for exactly $1,000. For $1,000 they practically giving away the 17mm lens which will make no business sense at all.

    • Uberzone

      I think this estimate is spot on. My gut was $1300 for the kit.

      • ggweci


        $1200-$1300 sounds likely. Similar in price to the X100S (I know it has a VF).

    • Jon

      The 17mm has the same stand alone MSRP as the 12-50 and that goes for $300 extra in the EM5 kit. It would not be unreasonable to expect the same $200 discount for the bundle here.

    • Ash

      Spot on, somewhere between 1200-1400 for the 17mm kit

      • AMVR

        Why would anyone in their right mind buy the E-P5 for $1400 when the EM5 is only $1200!? the few improvements don’t warrant that kind of logic, not when considering the amount of (important) features it lacks in comparison.

        • Answey

          What are those lacking features? When VF-4 is counted in I can’t see any except for obviously no optional grip.

          • Anonymous

            Vf-4 is another $200 at least

          • Anonymous

            Vf-4 is another $200 at least

            • Answey

              Looks more like closer to 300.

          • AMVR

            Since when is an add-on considered a ¨built-in feature¨ ? specially when you actually have to pay extra for it. Here, let me list the number of features you’ll miss by actually paying more for an E-P5 instead of an OMD:

            – WEATHER SEALING!
            – EVF!
            – Higher EVF refresh rate (in case you buy a VF-2 or VF-3)
            – compatibility with HLD-6 (so no extra battery, no modularity, no extra tripod mount, no better handling of long lenses,etc)
            – 4:3 screen

            The only new features compared to other Oly cameras are:

            – 1/8000 shutter speed
            – improved IBIS (if you believe Oly)
            – better AF (hardly needed at this point)
            – focus peaking (mainly good for video, which is not Oly strength)
            – Built-in Wifi ( you could get this function with the included wifi cards though)

            Now, if Oly had put an EVF in there, THAT would be a nice deal.

            • Answey

              So, actually what you need is OM-D. With OM-D even options seem to be okay. I guess you would have called E-P5 too big if VF-4 size EVF had been built in…

              Anyway, now there will be at FOUR models (by Oly) with the same image quality. Rumors posted here tell there will be also the next OM-D model in September.

              • AMVR

                No, I’m only defending the OMD as a better option because it objectively is in fact a better deal; As I’ve said in previous comments the OMD is not for me, I simply loathe the SLR ergonomics. I was simply stating how stupid it was of Olympus to leave out the EVF and how that cripples the E-P5, making it an unreasonably bad deal in comparison to the OMD which has important advantages (even though I despise it’s shape)for less money.

                The size of the VF-4 makes sense only as an add-on, having such a huge EVF inside the camera defeats the purpose, I would’ve happily settled for VF-2 or VF-3 inside the E-P5. They could’ve differentiated it from the OMD by using the VF-3 guts or even the VF-2 with original refresh rate.

  • Fuji X

    If EP-5 with 17mm f1.8 is $1200 then it competes directly with Fuji X100S. Apart from interchangeable lenses (which a lot of owners won’t bother with) it loses out on sensor size and hybrid EVF). The Fuji would be the better buy.

    • ISO 1638400

      The Fuji X100/S is the best priced buy for a 35mm equivalent focal length large sensor compact mirrorless on the market, IMO. Competing products (Nikon Coolpix A, Sigma DP1 Merrill, Ricoh GR, Leica X2 which is priced much higher) require an external viewfinder at extra cost. An ILC alternative will necessitate combining a body with good external physical controls and a reasonably fast 28-35mm equivalent lens. After all the calculations, a new Fuji X100S at $1250-1300 still presents very good value, considering the features that are standard on that camera.

      The X100/S is a good buy if one knows what they’re getting into before purchasing. Too often people think, “This is the camera for me”, and after getting the camera, find out the camera isn’t really for them at all. And then blame the camera and brand because they couldn’t get along with it or it failed to do what they hoped to do with it right away. These aren’t point and shoots. Not even the Fuji X10 and X20 are. The Fuji X cameras are complicated cameras that require forward planning and setting up to get the most out of them. Fuji cameras are full of quirks and idiosyncrasies: this just comes along with the brand. But the overall enjoyment and results one can achieve with them are well worth it for those who can put up with or work around those issues.

      A fixed prime lens camera is a great photographic tool that works best as a complimentary camera to an existing system. People who can only afford one camera in this price range would be better served by getting an ILC, where the possibility to change focal lengths by changing lenses adds “value” and some “future proofing” to their purchase. In this case, I think the E-P5 + 17mm f/1.8 + VF-4 will make a formidable package, even with the smaller sensor size (which is competitive with APS-C already, only lacking it in small percentages). The E-P5 makes up for what it may lack with superior image processing, touch capable high resolution flip up/down rear LCD, fast AF, 5 axis IBIS and presumably some fast processing power to deal with all the above and more.

      I’m in the very target market right now for this type and class of camera. I’m decicing between the Fuji X100/S, Ricoh GR, Fuji XE-1 with a fast X prime, or Olympus E-P5 with 17mm f/1.8. I’m not in any hurry, so I’ll keep saving my money. I think all these cameras are a few firmware updates away from performing at their optimum anyway.

  • stickytape

    We would be living in a sad and pathetic world if all that mattered was performance.

    • Anonymous

      For a device designed with one purpose ( to create stil/ moving images) other than performance ŵhat else matters , colour , prettiness , smell !

  • api75

    Since there’s no 14-42 kit yet, my guess is that Oly is developing a new standard zoom, which could be:
    – either a pancake zoom a la Panny PZ;
    – or a M. Zuiko version of the 14-54/2.8-3.5 a lot of us are waiting for!
    This last option would make sense to counteract the Fiji X-E1, which is the other retro mirrorless.
    Heard something about it Admin???

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