(FT5) E-M5 has worlds fastest AF of all interchangeable lens cameras (and what I learned about the hype psychology)


Sources are now reporting us that according to Olympus own words the E-M5 should have the “fastest autofocus of any interchangeable lens camera (including D-SLR cameras)“. So while the sensor is apparently the same as the GX1 the whole circuitry around it and the processor engine are more powerful. That could explain why Olympus can afford to make such statements like “fastest AF ever” or “extended dynamic range”  and put the highest ISO at 25600.

UPDATE: It has also “3D tracking for improved moving object tracking performance

Stay tuned! More rumors coming soon!



I just learned a couple of things with the upcoming Olympus release. While the rumors I reported here are almost any time correct the perception and meaning of the used words are sometimes very different:

1) Olympus marketing words:
I talked with my sources and it looks like Olympus marketing uses big words when describing the new camera performance but de facto they compare the E-M5 with their own current Olympus cameras. So when they say the sensor has an “extended dynamic range” we have to keep in mind that Olympus has a different idea than we have when using those words. We tend to imagine much more than what Olympus is really delivering to us. It’s like when Steve Jobs said “this is our best product ever”. An Android phone can have better specs but for Apple the newest iPhone is always the best.

2) The way to present rumors:
There is a discrepancy between what I write and the perception of many readers. Example: When I got the rumor about the sensor having an “extended dynamic range” I started to talk about possible sensor and technology scenarios. As you know I always said I don’t know how image quality improvement has been archived or what sensor is used (a part that it has 16 megapixels). The thing is that I didn’t “calculate” that this would increase the “emotional” side of the story and lead you to an eventual disappointment. In summary to much guesses and fantasy discussions tend to discredited me even if I made it clear that this are just discussions based on no-facts.

So I learned from this and I will now 100 times make you clear that one thing is Olympus marketing statements and rumors, another story is reality.


  • > So I learned from this and I will now 100 times make you clear that one thing is Olympus marketing statements and rumors, another story is reality.

    IMO some people have too high expectation from the rumor blog.

    And way over the top expectations about the Olympus cameras.

    IMO, Oly cameras are good and remain viable, but real innovation happens elsewhere. For example, I like cool headed discussions about Panny rumors more – and Panny cameras releases were more interesting to me than the Oly ones.

    After 3 years of the m43, E-M5 is the first camera which based on the rumors (thank you, Admin!) might be somewhat interesting to me: the 3 year wait do tell me clearly that I, an “amateur with money” as per David Busch classification, is definitely not the target audience of the Olympus.

    But probably I have this point of view because I have managed to convince myself that E-620 is the end of my current venture into the Oly territory and (since no 43 cameras targeted at me would be released anyway) it is ripe time to checkout alternatives. Coming NX20 and GH3, as well the G3 successor, are very interesting. Who knows, even Sony might surprise me this year too – with the long overdue pancakes and fast AF NEX camera.

  • Biggstr


    Please don’t let yourself become discouraged over speculations that don’t pan out or comments that disappointed fans might make. Indeed, if Olympus monitors this site (as I think they do) then perhaps our collective expectations and speculations are setting the scene for the next round of Olympus and Panasonic camera upgrades. Olympus got the tilting screen, integrated EVF, external dials and buttons, improved auto focus, weather seals, and updated sensor right on the E-M5 … and how many times have you seen these mentioned as desirable features or definitive expectations on this site. You do a great, great service for the MFT community. Thank you!

  • Rob-L

    The problem is that most people don’t actually read the entire rumor articles. They see the headlines and that’s about it. Then they draw their own assumptions and their own conclusions.

    They can’t blame the admin for that!

  • Craig

    It’s sad that Olympus keeps tweaking sensors instead of building their own. I really want to love Olympus but they make it hard. Also, they need to quit ‘forcing’ kit lenses upon us. NOT everyone wants one. And what do I do if I already have a body and kit lens but want a new, second body? I have to buy another ‘kit’ lens. Nikon is doing the same think. Only Sony and now Fuji is not. Regardless of price, I want a choice to buy BODY ONLY! Are you listening Olympus? Probably not!

    • BLI

      Look at the next rumor headline: a body only price is listed.

  • Bob

    Sigh. Wasn’t the super-duper new sensor an FT-5, too? I suspect the fantastic DR and AF speeds are both just marketing hype from Oly. At the least, I sure don’t put any stock in anything posted on this site as a rumor. FT1, FT3, FT5, doesn’t seem to make much difference in accuracy.

    • admin

      Bob: Read carefully: https://www.43rumors.com/ft5-a-16-megapixel-m43-sensor-for-the-new-digital-om-camera/
      Please guys. Don’t troll now. Be rational. My mistake was to “guess” that this could be anew sensor. But I never posted that as FT5 rumor!

      • tc


        I followed closely all the OM-D rumors and comments in the last week or two, and I do not think you made any false reporting. Readers just need to read things carefully and give ATTENTION TO THE DETAIL of what and how you report the rumors.

        I cannot describe the deep appreciation i have for you , your devotion, and this wonderful site! i check it every day, it basically my “morning newspaper”. keep doing the good work.

        sorry for my English … its my third language :-)

  • G.W. BUSH

    a camera for idiots…..

    in 5 month olympus will release a new camera with even faster autofocus… but in the end you can still only shoot static objects with it.

    all that fast AF talk is for morons who believe everthying….

  • WT21

    IF this actually tracks (someonhow!) then I’ll consider it. I just had to rebuy a DSLR for tracking. If it can’t track, then I’ll stick with my EPM1. Just cant see CDAF successfully tracking on just a SW algorithm.

  • SteB

    admin, I think you’ve done a good job. Anyone with good common sense is aware there’s some marketing psychology at work, and that there are all sorts of uncertainities. As long as you just pass on what you get it’s up to us to filter out the wheat from the chaff. It’s only fun, and useful for me because I was going to get a GH2 a few weeks back and probably still will. I will be looking towards an OM-D later on.

    What I would still like to know is what are the video frame rates/resolutions? Is there a video crop mode, and is there added AF support for 4/3 lenses?

    No one can use a rumour site and criticise what’s on it.

  • Olympus is in their own marketing world. I have owned every Pen model since they have come out up to the EP-3. They are good cameras but each generation Olympus marketers swear the sensor is better, the AF is better, everything is better.

    I have reached a stage where upgrades are not going to happen. Not when I am getting much better quality out of the Fuji x100 and Ricoh GXR modules.

    I still love Olympus but finding truth in their statements is more difficult than with any other manufacturer.

  • Keith

    Admin, your site is probably my favourite rumor website. Don’t be upset by negative comments – if people base camera buying decisions on rumors then they are always dissapointed – just look at the xPro1 and focus speed. You provide the BEST m43 rumors on the PLANET. Yea I probably won’t buy a E-m1 but I for sure am interested in reading about emerging models…. Keep up the good work and never ever feel you have to justify reality checks of over inthusiastic tech adicts :-)

  • 204504bySE

    digicame-info.com has received from some readers that the sensor of E-M5 is not the GX1’s one.
    However, it serves no more information about that..

  • A.Rahmadi

    Getting tired to see a new Pen every six month or so.. Now despite many rumoured new features of 16Mpx OM-D, we need to see how capable it is in taking images :D

    I think it is enough to simplify m4/3 lines:
    1) one with hi-speed (may start with ISO 400 till 12800 or above) + SWD m4/3 lenses, weathershield, fast-AF, fast FPS, etc etc…
    2) the other with hi-quality image (sort of ISO 80-1600) + better PDAF support for HG, SHG lens.

    Just my two cents


  • 43shot

    I’m just going to get a disposable film camera. No rumors and no hype! Static sensor technology so the slightest improvement is a welcome surprise. Most people that use them drunk at a weeding can out shoot the majority of those seeking the next digital camera with .001 faster AF.

  • AlexV

    I’ve some doubts that it’ll faster than the Nikon V1/J1, just read Thom Hogan review and you’ll see the gap for AF is huge between PEN series and the V1.

    • @AlexV
      try reading some decent websites (one that doesn’t have a Nikon agenda)that will give unbiased reviews.
      Focus has to be accurate, fast to acquire as well as fast to utilise in various conditions/scenarios….think about it.

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