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(FT5) UPDATED: Camera name is “E-M5”! Same GX1 sensor.


We already know the new camera series name is “OM-D”. And the first camera name will be “Olympus E-M5“!

About the sensor:
Olympus marketing guys cleary say that the 16.1 Megapixel sensor has an “Expanded Dynamic Range“. But from what I have been told it looks like the E-M5 uses the same GX1 sensor. I am not 100% sure yet but it looks like all the video quality and image quality improvement are coming via TruPic VI engine, a weak AA filter and probably a better circuitry around the sensor (faster readout for example).

UPDATE: Next week you will hear BIG words form Olympus marketing about the image quality improvement, but I don’t know yet if those words are on par with the expectetions you and I have. Sources are telling em that there is a visible JPEG quality improvement. But I don’t know if the “expanded dynamic range” marketing statement from Olympus is justified.

UPDATE: Probably my biggest “not so good news” is that the viewfinder has the same specs as the VF-2. It’s not a bad viewfinder but Olympus Manager Mr. Ogawa. told Impressjapan (Click here to download the pdf of the magazine) that Olympus new camera will empathize a new viewfinder technology. So I was hoping to see this on the E-M5.






  • Narretz

    I think I will cut down on my time spent here on m43rumors. While admin is doing a great job, these pre-announcement rumours are just a big disappointment, especially from Olympus. Well of course, they are rumours, but I get carried away a little too easy. It’s not worth it, honestly.

    • admin

      I think I will no more believe in any Olympus marketing statement :) When they say high dynamic range I epxect something special. not just a tiny bit improvement. But I haven’t seen any real image smaple yet so maybe there is still hope…

      • You’re doing a great job Admin! Don’t worry about the people who seem to forget this is a rumor website. Manufacturers will always try to hype their products and it’s difficult to sort out the hype from the facts. Too much analysis might get boring. ;)

        • admin

          But some of the hype is certainly correct. Like video quality for example :)

          • Indeed! It’s up to us readers to take the rumors for what they are and simply use them to get a general idea of what is to come.

            The E-M5 is, as far as I’m concerned, still the most interesting m4/3 camera. And I am still getting one! :D

        • Berneck

          Agreed. However, my fear is that Olympus overhyped the excitement for this camera, and now there could be a backlash…. Well, 7 more days and we’ll know more….

    • Do what I do. Enjoy the rumor mayhem while always keeping in mind that the real world is much more mundane.

  • Iovis80

    For a camera of about 1000 € and claimed to be a new OM, the innovation is really small, basically it seems to be an assembly of “old” componets with some marketing.
    – the sensor doesn’t provide any advantage (talking about the sensor you look at RAW not jpg)
    – the evf is the same as always.


    • Alan

      What did you expect? The company is broke. Fat men in suits have snorted, guzzled and quaffed billions of dollars in profits, and the camera division, which is constantly threatened with being shut down, is expected to pull a rabbit out of the hat?

    • Mr. Reeee

      The beating of breast, tearing of flesh, gnashing of teeth and shaking of fists at the Gods of Olympus begins! ;-)

      Wait a week for the official announcement and release of the FULL specs before swallowing that bottle of pills. ;-)

      • “The beating of breast, tearing of flesh, gnashing of teeth and shaking of fists at the Gods of Olympus begins!” LMAO!!

        Funny!! But true. Even if the sensor is an improved GX1 sensor and the EVF is a built in VF2 thats not a bad thing.

      • camerageek

        lol! And as if on cue the deluded one the great fauxtoprapher Mr Reek speaks to asuade the shattered hope of Micro Four Turdists everwhere! We all know the truth now you know Mr. Reek! The OM-D is simply the ugly fat chick at the prom in a pretty dress! After enough beers sure that Old Panny sensor and Rehashed EVF look good, but when you wake up in the morning you are still with an ugly fat chick! Bwahahahahaha!!!

        Again Olympus shits upon it’s own legacy and you with your mouth agape are merely it’s toliet!

  • Yun

    Since when sensor technology came from Olympus , only Pana capable to come out new sensor for M4/3 ? I’m not surprise with Oly really use a G3 sensor , the sensor is good , comparable to best ISO performer , NEX 5n .
    This also explain Pana likely have developed a new sensor , just waiting the right time to unveil it . GH3 in rangefinder style .

    • twoomy

      GH3–probably not far off. GH3 in rangefinder style… you really believe that? LOL

      • dumbo

        Why would the GH3 be a rangefinder style? What planet do some people live on

    • JF

      Come on, look at the dxo measurements, Nex-5n sensor is far far better in ALL aspects, Nex-5n has 2.2 Ev more dynamic range (Base iso is 75), but all other aspects are better too…That’s sayed, I don’t like Sony Nex, but I would like so much there sensor in a m43 camera…

  • Wait a minute. It might be the same EVF display as in the VF-2. But suppose we refresh it much more often and feed it a much cleaner signal at low light. Would that not improve the user experience?

    • The VF-2 is superb. Really. Almost like an OVF with all the benefits of an EVF. I was hoping for a bit more magnification to help with manual focusing. I just don’t like the disorienting magnified view and without magnification the display is ever so slightly too small for that purpose.

      • admin

        I have been just told that whiel specs are the same there are some nice additions. So I have some hope again :)

      • more magnification wont help i think, more resolution or a very precise peaking feature would.

        • Yes, you’re probably right.

          • VF2 is more than good enough, for me. This camera is exactly what it needs to be for the price.
            Assuming it sells around $1100 inc. kit lens, we are paying an extra $300 over the E-P3 for an EVF, weatherproofed body and lens. Decent deal in my eyes.
            Anything else is a bonus.

            I hope they drop the E-PL line, retaining the E-P and E-PM, just adding the articulated screen to the E-PM.
            Much better range differentiation, easier to choose.

            I’m gonna make another prediction on the next E-P. It will have a built in EVF in the corner, and will be styled after the PEN FT. I’d line up around the block to buy it!

      • Dannecus

        I use a VF-2 – it’s excellent

  • Mar

    So what if it’s GX1 sensor?
    Olympus was always able to deliver better IQ from the same sensor than Panasonic.

    Look at G1 vs EP3, Oly has over 1 stop better ISO in both RAW and JPEG.

    Sincs new sensor in Panasonic has 1 stop better high ISO than pens in RAW, it would make sense that E-M5 has 2 stops better high iso over pens.

    So, perfectly fine 6400 and good 12.800

    • Raist3d

      “Look at G1 vs EP3, Oly has over 1 stop better ISO in both RAW and JPEG.”

      It does in RAW? Where? (JPEG is irrelevant for the sensor discussion). Also way to go, compare a much older G1 to the newer EP3…..

      • OlyFan

        I think he did that because the sensors used in them are the same. No? Given the same sensor, Oly seems to be squeezing more out of them (albeit on JPEG’s). So there could still be some hope that the new EM5 squeezes more juice than any other m43 camera (again on JPEG’s) given that GX1 has the latest sensor (that is announced).
        As far as sensors go, we can expect improvements only from GH3 announcement.

        • Raist

          But he is making a comparison of Panasonic’s capability *back then* to Olympus capability *now*. Not a fair comparison. As for JPEGS- whatever (and I am a JPEG shooter) – a true sensor improvement has to be seen on the RAW. What you can do for JPEG is tricks and stunts that get you closer to the best you can do with the data given – raw.

    • Ahem

      EP3 has WORSE dynamic range with RAW than G1 and GX1. For those of us who only shoot RAW JPEG improvement don’t matter, and there’s only so much you can do with circuitry.

      I’m not excited about this new camera anymore.

  • Henrik

    Its funny how several weeks of “extreme” hype can turn into a disappointment so easily and after that people are still “um well I guess its fine anyway” :). You are making it to easy for Olympus to sell things.

    Btw how can this sensor have better video quality than the GH2?

    And the EVF being the same as the VF-2 is just plain lame.

    • admin

      Yeah its’ better because it uses a different codec.

      • Henrik

        Interesting, do you know which one?

      • Raist3d

        Admin- but there you go again. Are you sure? How can you be? And remember the GH2 sensor *is* the better sensor…. so that alone may make the video quality “be better than GH2” – may not not happening? This is what I referred to, hyping things up.

        It may have better- it may not- we don’t know yet, right?

        • Mike1

          Be fair, this is a rumor site. Nothing is for sure. If you want some concrete info, try the official site. But I doubt you would find anything but marketing hypes there :)

          • Raist3d

            I am being fair. In fact I have been more than fair with this site: many here that now are all “high five admin” where the ones at dpreview mocking it when it first came about- and I defended it.

            I am not talking about saying concrete info, it’s how some info is presented sometimes- particularly running close to the release of cameras (E-5, new Pens, OMD).

            • Riley

              how about a little consideration here. Its a rumor site fcol, all he can do is try assess the veracity of a source and report what he gets. If it doesnt work out wft have you lost.

      • nimda

        Maybe better than unhacked GH2 codec. Still packing smaller sensor, if the GX1 rumor is true. Hacked GH2 is a whole another story. Mr Hammer put it well: Can’t touch this.

        • ange7

          your wearing your puffy hammer pants right now aren’t you? is that where the gh2 styling came from?…the 80’s

      • Riley

        that’s the thing, the recent Olympus codecs are woefully inefficient, if they have come back to HD 16×9 at 25 fps that would be ideal. It is the target to reach, even unhacked GH2 was 24 fps….duh

  • Lily

    I’m still excited. I’m still shooting with an E-520. I’ve been wanting to get something weather-sealed, and the E-x cameras are just too big/heavy for me. The EM-5 will be PERFECT for climbing Fuji this summer. Absolutely ideal. I’m going to CP+ next week and I’m so excited I can hardly stand it.

  • CRB

    Lame, lame , lame….sorry admin, but your sources screwed big time on this one….pentax is the only hope now…canon G1x has bad sensor results from dxo….m4/3 is stucked…too bad.

    • admin

      No sources told me the correct words from Olympus. Soruces are right, but Olympus is using the wrong words.

      • They’re using all the right words, just not necessarily in the right order. ;)

        • Riley

          maybe we should send them a scrabble game…

  • Ep3zd50_ninja

    Not surprised but its not THAT bad. Besides, theres still a whole lot of features that could disappear on feb 8 :)

    Enough of the camera (just got an ep3 a couple of months ago)! Admin, what about those 2 new oly lenses?

    • admin

      Coming soon! :)

      • I can’t wait to see!

  • O

    No. Not Panny.

    • nobody

      Looks like you need a different source, O :)

      • admin

        I don’t knwo why people said I have wrong source. All I said is correct. It’s just that Olympus meaning of “increased dynamic range” is different than what we would expect. I never said there is a non Panaosnic sensor. We only made discussions about how a dynamic range increase coudl be made (for example by using Aother sensor technology).

        • nobody

          I was addressing O, not you. O claimed it has a non-Panny sensor. More than once.

  • mahler

    As expected no significant improvments might happen. Some JPEG tweaking ok, however, that could be pointless for RAW shooters. Thus, it is very likely, that Lightroom 4 will exploit more headroom than the camera’s JPEG engine is able to do.

    The biggest disappointment, however, is the view finder, I expected resolution on par with NEX-7. So, I guess, we have to wait for another model increment until we’ll see a step up here.

    So, in general, if the camera is really interesting boils down to the body concept and ergonomics. Given Olympus’s stubborn reliance on this awfull multicontroller thing, I don’t expect much. On the other hand, Olympus was so kind to deliver something else than a PEN, which is a big step forwards to their otherwise boaring and disappointing PEN product line up. Something like the OM-D (or E whatever) should have been part of their product line from the beginning.

    Regarding the initial hype, it is always the same. The GH2 did not have the sensational IQ improvements as promised (although there were some), the EP-3 AF isn’t that significantly faster or better than that of the GH2 (if at all), and so will the IQ of the OM-D not be the landmark, as Olympus makes us believe. Not for RAW shooters, at least.

    So everybody should be advised to make a purchase decision not before it is clear, what Panasonic will do with their upcoming GH3. The OM-D does not seem worth to jump ship and make prematurely purchase decisions.

    • Mal

      VF-2 is better for me than Sony EVF (clip-on EVF using 5N). I cant use the extra resolution because I wear glasses and my eye cant get close enough to the eyepiece. Something about the VF-2 is better in this regard. And the Sony EVF is frustrating to use when it takes so long to switch between screen and viewfinder. Prefer the simple button on the VF-2 now.

      • mahler

        Well, I did not mean that it should be the same VF as in the NEX-7, because indeed the NEX-7-VF has problems. I would have expected that Olympus could make something, which would improve the visible quality of the finder image, so that it would be on par with that of the NEX-7 without having to deal with performance penalties.

        Since we are in a comepetition here, we customers should and can expect such things.

  • CRB

    No wonder why sony will continue to grow inside the market…even me, not being a nex fan, because of the lens selection, will end up buying one…panasonic had more than 4 years and their sensor still far behind competition….

  • Wolfie

    I’m with Lily – frankly all I really care about is sealed lenses and body in a compact, carry every where size. The WR of the Pentax K7 and WR kit zoom that I had didnt last a year – lens was leaking around the zoom collar and water getting past the silly rubber body covers. Oly WR integrity from E-x series DSLRs and HG 4/3 lenses has much better reputation.

    I’m very happy with IQ and AF performance of my E-P3, just make it splash proof!

  • Henrik

    Btw how old is the VF-2 now and how come Olympus doesnt come up with anything better for thier new high-end camera? Isnt that a bit wierd?

  • jacek

    I told you from the beginning.

  • matt

    OK, gx1 senzor isn´t bad.. but I´m personaly tired from these minimalistics improvements that panny and oly makes (except the GH series) It seems the real big step up will be the gh3.. oly should really find a better suplier.. maybe they have old panny senzors for good prices but they can´t just tweak the old stuff every time and feed us with minimal improvements in IQ..

  • Alan

    Give us Peaking and I’ll buy it. Finally an upgrade from a GF1.

  • Reto

    The “not so good news” is about the viewfinder??? It can’t be so much worse than the one from the GH1, which is quite good anyway. Does the viewfinder take the picture or the camera’s sensor???

    It’s all about IQ. Ok, so let’s see. A 2012 model of the same system is likely to have worse DR than the GH1 that was introduced in 2009? Or the 40D from Canon that was introduced nearly 5 (!) years ago? That can’t be, can it?

    I’ll wait for the dpreview’s thorough test drive but quite possibly it will not be what Olympus’s Marketing Machine OMM has promised.

  • Vivek

    Admin: Great job! Fair reporting!

  • I dont think we should push it all to Admin for all the disappointments. He is merely doing what he is doing for a rumour site. If not for his works, would we been kept up to date with 4/3 developments ?

    A rumour is a rumour, it is not meant to be taken as the truth until proven right

    • Henrik

      People aint doing that, Raist3d raised the question if Admin was somehow responsible for the overall but thats about it. Others think that Admin is doing a great job and so am I. Im still disappointed about the VF-2 speccs and the sensor but I hardly blame Admin for that.

  • wmlayman

    Dear Admin,

    Anything on the 5-Axis sensor stabilization? (Is it 5 axis??)

    It would be a BIG DEAL if the In Body Stabilization was improved by another one or two stops!! Well worth buying this new body for.

    • admin

      yes it is.

      • wmlayman

        WOW–GREAT NEWS!!

        I’m placing my E-M5 order the instant it becomes available.

        This made my day ;-)

        • dvdyeo

          lets see what panasonic has to say about OIS > IBIS now.

          but still, lets wait for 8th feb.

    • Four by Six

      I’d settle for an IBIS that works, and an accurate autofocus.

  • OlyFan

    So much for all the hype surrounding Sony’s and Fuji’s partnership with Olympus. I have pretty much resigned to the fact that Oly will NEVER change their sensor provider. I was really hoping for it this time, given that its a new line and all that jazz.

    • Ichneumon

      That may still happen in the future, given that Sony and Fujifilm (among others) are interested in a business partnership with Olympus. I just don’t get why you expected this to happen already with the OM-D/E-M5. A product which has been in development for several years can’t benefit from a possible future partnership, can it?

  • I’m still waiting for the first tests ;-)

  • Bromo

    I guess it would be safe to assme that AF performance with standard 4/3 lenses has not impreoved much. I know nothing has really been said on it so there probably isnt much change from EP3.

    Is there any hints about that? Thanks :)

  • DR

    Well, you know I said that if this new OM had a significantly new sensor and not some rehash of an existing Panasonic sensor, then I’d buy it?

    Looks like I’m off the hook.

    What a letdown.

    Regardless of the good or bad of the Oly hype and understanding their words, if M43 can’t get into the front row with a decent up to date sensor, they’re doomed.

    Why make a ‘new’ also ran camera. WTF do they think they are doing wasting the market presence to OM with this? They’re off their rockers.

    I’ll check the prices in 6 months and buy one for $300 :D

  • All: This is a rumor site! Alweays read and write with a smile in your face. Don’t take everything so serious!
    Admin: Go on with your work! In my excel evaluation sheet for choice of next mirrorless system, one of the rows say: “Nice rumor site”… This site is the best and a joy to follow.

    • Dannecus


  • Zo

    I had posted some time ago, that we have been disappointed before and looks like this is happening again

    A few things are clear now

    1) Olympus is happy to follow and now lead. When they come out with products, it is for the Japanese market and if it looks good from their windows, then it must be fine for the rest of the world too even if it makes no sense

    2) Panasonic is doing the innovation, Olympus is happy to look in their parts bin and find whatever they have and “tweak” it to make a “me too” camera and then use flowery words around it. It is very ironic that they are using the E-M5 name almost not to disquise the fact that this camera will basically be a parts bin camera similar to the E-5

    3) Olympus is happy in incremental improvements — this tells me their heart and soul is really not in this game any more.

    4) Olympus has to do stupid marketing tricks to hide the fact that what they have is nothing special.

    That said, it gives m4/3s users another choice, but Olympus may be selling to the same users, not bringing in new users. This type of product development may work in Japan but the rest of the world maybe not so much because many will see a GX1 at double the price with little difference to justify the extra cost

    All in all, it is not a bad camera, but it is nothing special

    • I’m not disappointed. I’m still happy with my E-PL2, and if iq of the new cam is better (and it seems that it will be better) and if the new is works fine I will buy it :-)But I could also live with my E-PL2 for the next years, no problem for me.

      I know, some people here expected a new wonder cam, I did not ;-)

      But how I wrote above: I still wait for the first tests ;-)

    • bibi

      1. With the yen being so high is more interesting to sold things on their market, next EU and by far SUA. So, if they have 30% of the camera market in Asia this is far better then have 5% in SUA or else where un the mapamond. In bussines you go where the MONEY is. Don’t liked, there are others.
      2. Panasonic are not big innovators. They making the sensor. Olympus don’t. I think i’ll never get a Mercedes becouse the pomp injection is from Bosch. Childish thinking!
      3. Nobody reinvents the wheel. Everybody just evolves : Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fuji etc. Not you.
      4. Olympus DID’NT GIVE YOU ANY INFORMATION! NOTHING! And you never seen the product, never touch it, never seen how it works.

      If you go somewhere else you’ll see the same problems. Nikon fans are disappointed, Canon users same, Pentax also, even Fuji fans are.
      Conclusion: if you don’t like Oly, just go! Be happy in another courtyard! Life is too short to be upset becouse you don’t have enough DR.

  • Milt

    Except for some minor differences that we obsess over, the technologies of the different camera companies are basically the same. What differentiates these companies and their cameras is design, both esthetically and functionally. So far, the new model seems to be a good design, with weatherproofing, a built in EVF and controls that will please an enthusiast consumer group. Will it – and its kit lens (which is the real “collectable,” not the body) suit me? Don’t know yet. Need to see its size, feel its weight, use it.

    The marketing departments of camera companies also know, at least to some extent, how to push our buttons of anticipation. But they are in trouble if they lead us astray, and therefore make their own products a disappointment. Something like this seems to be going on. Admin is the point man for all of this. The site needs the excitement of anticipation, but he gets the blame for the disappointment of reality. Admin walks a fine line. That is his job.

  • These FT5 rumors seal the deal for me looking into the Fuji X-Pro1 rather than the E-M5. While Admin was suffering from the hype and making inquisitive claims the E-M5 will compete against the X-Pro1, any such claims are now hopelessly useless as the first real life image samples at ISO6400 are available from the X-Pro1.

    I still own a VF-2 (no PEN though currently, just a GF1), so I might wait on a price drop on the E-P3 in the future to have a modern body for my MFT lenses, but I won’t invest into MFT beyond that anymore. Fuji will be the way to go for me. I’ll probably wait until Photokina before I buy anything new, then the rumored Leica system should be announced too and we’ll see where Fuji stands against Leica. Nikon has already shown it’s not a player in this segment, Canon seems to be hopeless too.

  • spong

    Admin, as expected quite a few people are tossing up between this E-M5 and a possible Panasonic GH3 appearing round the corner. Have you any rumours about if and when the GH3 will be announced? Perhpas we will have to wait until Photokina later this year.

  • karay

    Olympus could have chosen E-M1 like in the case of E-P1. Now we can start speculating whether they are reserving the name for something big in the future? :D

  • JF

    pfff, what a disapointment…sensor will still be behind competition and no real improvement over G3/GX1. GH1 will still have better DR…

    • DR

      +100000 Exactly.

      Nice body with average sensor. What a waste of time.

  • Reto

    Olympus E-M5 vs Lumix G3

    If you can do without IBIS and weather proofing, it sounds as if you could buy a Lumix G3 as well. The sensor will quite likely be the same and if you shoot RAW (like I do) the “improved DR” in JPEGs is not interesting. Spend the difference of the body price on lenses or maybe even better on a weekend out on a cool location.

    Looks as if I won’t spend any money on camera bodies this year, even though my GH1 looks a bit worn out.

  • flash

    So it is a homage camera. Typical new Olympus one major improvement “5 axis”. It is not the mFT “pro” camera. That one was suppose to come out next year anyways. I do no think it would be worth an upgrade for most P3 or PL3 users.

    It is in the right direction, so maybe M6 will be the one, for the new view technology, and to upgrade to.

    The new glass is much more exciting news. lets see I want a 25mm and a 65mm and a 10mm, all weather sealed. I am expecting a close focus 25 mm, due to the leaked photo.

  • Charlie

    So Olympus is building the camera from the used parts bin — what a shame.

    A contrived retro, fake penta-humped, NOT professional offering. Guess I’ll be returning those lenses I bought in anticipation of the OM-D. OMG, what a waste of time.

    Sony NEX blows the GX1/EM5 away. Totally disappointed … and put out. Boo! :x

    • Neonart

      Well, at least with the NEX system you won’t have the ability to return too many lenses if you pitch a hissy-fit prior to an actual product release.

  • camerageek

    I love being right! I knew this “camera” – a term used very losely with Micro Four Turd units, is what a expected, rehashed and warmed over old tech in a fancy dress! Just like that fat chick at the end of the bar, you will need beer goggles to seriously love this obvious pig of a camera!

    Congrats to Olympus to taking a shit upon the great legacy of the OM line!

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > rehashed and warmed over old tech in a fancy dress!
      And even that dress is from warld war 2 surplus because instead of going forward Olympus m4/3 cameras have been only going backwards to retro.
      Thank god Henry Ford didn’t design cars basing to horse wagons!

  • jacek

    One more time you announced lots of overhyped rumors and now people blame Olympus for that. I don’t know is Olympus happy with this website.

    • admin

      Everything sentence I wrote like “fatest AF”, “super video quality” or “extended dynamic range” will be online next Wednesday. I am not overhyping. If there is a hype than it’s Olympus :)

  • jlw518

    I had a feeling this was a bit of Oly hype….What I really was hoping for was the GH2 sensor, but since it is most likely the GX1 sensor, this makes my next buying decision easy….I will wait and see what the GH3 has to offer when it comes out, and go from there. My GH2 is just fine til then…..

  • calxn

    Oh well, looks like more JPEG + Post Processing. I would have bought back in, but now, I think I will hold off again. m43 needs a Sony sensor so bad.

  • nem

    E-M5?! I don’t like the name. So, this is not for me.

    • flash

      M5 is British Intelligence (think James Bond). Should help sells in the U.K. vs. V1 which was the German bus bomb, that targeted London and the rest of England in WW II.

      I think I will wait for a “X” model, got to have an “X” in a camera name.

      • I think you mean Military Intelligence Section 5 aka MI5. Not M5. Incidently, Mr. Bond is from MI6 (aka SIS).

        And erm… V1 is a flying bomb during WWII with the nickname of BUZZ BOMB and nothing to do with German public transport.

        LOL… sorry, I can’t help it. :P

        And somehow it seems I like have ‘X’s in my camera names too… I’m quite a n00b at photography and the only 2 cameras I own are the Konica Minolta Dimage Xg and the Panasonic Lumix LX3.

        I am seriously considering the GX-1 or NEX-7 at this point in time and only realized my hidden obsession for X after you mentioned it. No wonder Olympus was never in my consideration and I briefly contemplated the x100. :)

  • GenoGibson

    I hate gear heads who complain about crap. All you loosers can’t even take decent photos This camera will be just fine. I’m cranking out awesome photos with my E-PM1 and supposed outdated sensor. Go learn how to take pictures jerk wads.

  • Stimmer

    Not the gx1 sensor…admin has bad sources.

    Also viewfinder is not vf2.

    • flash

      You might be right on the Sensor, there maybe a problem using it in a Olympus, with the other things mention in the camera rumors. The Panasonic GX1 does take great pictures so it is not a total disappoint if that is what is uses.

  • traubenheinrich

    100 to 0 in 1.5 seconds

  • Bob

    Gee, what happened to all the oh-so-certain hype about a brilliant new sensor from Sony, or Fuji, or someone? I think the more rational minds have been saying to expect the Panasonic sensor and a built-in VF2 for a couple of weeks now.

    Olympus simply doesn’t have the money for the kind of R&D costs associate with all the pie-in-the-sky rumors posted here.

    • Russ

      If all this camera is nothing more than the Panasonic sensor, a built in VF2, weather sealing (very important to me,) and (I’m not holding my breath on this last one) capable of focusing my 12-60 as fast as an E-3, I’ll buy an EM-5.

  • Does the price include a kit lens, or is it body only?

    Because while this is still a big disappointment, if it includes a lens, that means we can get the body for under $1,000, and a weather-sealed camera for less than a grand is actually a tempting proposition.

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