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(FT5) E-M5 camera specs (external battery grip and flash coming!). EVF has “tweaks”. Price $1200.


The E-M5 will be the first Micro Four Thirds camera with external battery grip! Ahm…ok, we have a battery grip for some m43 cameras from [shoplink 27770 ebay]Ownuser (Click here to see them on eBay[/shoplink]). But that doesn’t count :)

Here are some new camera specs:

1.44 million dot viewfinder. Same specs as the VF-2 but with new “tweaks” -> Olympus seems to love tweaking…sensor and EVF :)
Fastest AF of any mirrorless AND DSLR camera!
MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 or Jpeg motion recording
9fps without the super fast AF. 4.2 with super fast AF enabled.
5-axis image stabilisation
610 million dot 3 inch OLED screen tilted by max. 80° upwards or max. 50° downwards
HLD-6 external battery grip
MMF-3 Four Thirds mount adapter
FL-600R electronic flash
Comes in a silver or black body.
In Stock in April 2012 for 1099.00 Euro ($1200 Dollars in USA) or with 12-50mm kit lens for 1,299.00 Euro ($1450)

That’s 500 Dollar less than the Fuji X PRo 1 ($1699 at Amazon).  $400 more than the GH2 ($800).  Will it sell well at that price? Everything depends form the final REAL image and video quality.

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