(FT4) Olympus E-7 planed for second half 2013

A trusted source that gave me (always) correct info in the past confirmed that Olympus has scheduled the release for the new E-7 for the second half of 2013. That’s a long way to go! Of course such long term rumors are subject to change but it’s also a confirmation that you should not expect any E-5 replacement any time soon!

The real question is, how should the E-7 be in order to be competitive with the other APS-C DSLR cameras? You have some ideas? :)

P.S.: Search(!) Links o the current E-5 camera: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

  • The E-7 should be smaller than the E-5. E-30 size seems about right. I am in favor of an integrated vertical grip. I want dedicated dials, knobsand buttons to avoid menu diving. Get rid of scene modes and art filters. ASM and a shiftable P mode will do. Spotmeter direct button with multi-spot option, please. Backlighted controls. Usable CAF. Killer center S-AF is mandatory. Magnified OVF with high-eyepoint eyepiece with a ROUND eyecup. User-programmable gradation (tone curve) option. ISO 100. That’s it for now! ;-)

    • Rafael

      You should consider buying a future E-50 (E-30 sized) instead if the E-X flagship series size seems too big for you. This kind of cameras are designed to handle the big pro lenses ergonimically, not to fit in your pockets.

      • Anonymous

        I am still amazed by the number of people who think that an E-30 is substantially smaller and lighter than the E-3 or E-5.

        I’ll steal this from DPR:

        E-30: 142 x 108 x 75 mm (5.6 x 4.3 x 2.9 in), 730 g (1.6 lb)

        E-3: 142 x 116 x 75 mm (5.6 x 4.6 x 2.9 in), 885 g (1.9 lb)

        If you think 8 millimeters and 150 grams make a difference… Would you like to buy a bridge? I’ll toss a 50mm lens in the deal, too.

        • Christian

          You are right. Besides: The E-30 is not weathersealed an therefore lacks an important feature. As an outdoor-photographer, I would never buy an unsealed camera again.

        • Rafael

          I just suggested the E-30 because was the one “sized about alright” for this user. I know its almost the same size… but I didnt know it was not weather-sealed :-(

      • Anonymous

        A weather sealed and rugged camera doesn’t have to be big, just see the Pentax K-5/7 with a larger sensor but smaller and lighter.

    • arthur65

      agree !

    • T-L

      All you need is the E-1 ;)
      Well, maybe except for the multi-sport metering..

    • Karen G.

      TheEye:”I want dedicated dials, knobsand buttons to avoid menu diving. Get rid of scene modes and art filters. ASM and a shiftable P mode will do.”

  • The E-7 should be an E-5 (read E-3) with updated internals: sensor, video, processor etc. – everything state of the art for its release date. It is clearly not supposed to attract new users to the E system. This is what prospect buyers would expect.

  • HoiHoi

    most important: new (Sony) sensor

    • In a year from now even the cheapest E-PMx bodies will have this sensor inside… It wouldn’t be the best choice to a flagship camera.

      • babbit

        So are you saying it is better to use a less performing image sensor and then have E-PM models with a Sony sensor outperform the E7?

    • Tom

      Actually I’d like see Oly switch to an over-sampled sensor using an RGBW CFA; I’m thinking 4×4 rather than Nokia’s Pure View system. I’m not an expert but I imagine that a 4×4 RGBW sampling would also allow you to ditch the AA filter? Given that Oly have managed to source Sony sensors I don’t see why they couldn’t do that now, previously with Panasonic I’d have said no chance!

  • Mike1

    I also think a compact professional body with a integrated vertical grip is the way to go.

  • Chris

    Make it like the e5 without a mirror and global shutter and grip and i will buy two

  • mZD75 is mine

    “The real question is, how should the E-7 be in order to be competitive with the other APS-C DSLR cameras?”

    Simple, Sony sensor. Oly R&D guys still have some time to tweak it futher, no aa filter – wouldn’t it be too extreme?

    Go Oly Go!

  • MJr

    F2 zooms, what more proof do you need :D

  • Anonymous

    One year away with no other 4/3’s bodies in the interim? Likely the death knell for 4/3’s. Why the long wait when they have the perfect sensor/processor now? All people are looking for is this excellent sensor in a body compatible with their 4/3’s lenses.

    Many of us have remained lukewarm about the E-M5, it’s simply too small, can’t track action and doesn’t AF properly with our 4/3’s lenses. The E-3/5, too large, much prefer a scaled K-5 sized body (E-30 too large, almost identical to the E-5).

    Once again Olympus has all the pieces yet fails to put them together.

    • Ross

      Oh, not the death knell of 4/3’s again. Give it a break.

      • Iiee

        Yes I agree the funeral was a while back no point talking about the crows picking at the corpse. Would not be surprised to see a “pro” spec om-d and lenses range to replace the e5 though. Wider availablity of the mmf-3 or even better an improved weather sealed mmf-5 (ie all metal) to make use of the excellent olympus 4/3 pro glass would be nice too.

      • bousozoku

        Well, it took 4 years from E-1 to E-3 and 3 years from E-3 to E-5, so if an E-7 arrives at 3 years, it’s not unexpected.

        Besides, Olympus aren’t expecting hoardes of new professionals. Many have already switched and the faithful (or those with many SHG lenses) are sticking with the E-5. The bright light image quality is quite good.

        • Mike

          Yes, but between E-3 and E-5 were also E-30, E-620, E-450 from Olympus and the L10 from Panasonic. The situation is now different: Pana is out of FT business, Olympus replaces the E-xxx with mFT. So the E-7 will be the only FT Camera since the E-5.
          Strange practice: Wait till the sensor is old, then put it into an old Body and sell it as a pro model. Still E-3 and E-5 are good Cameras, but it can’t be a problem to put the OM-D electronics into the E-3 Body a little bit earlier…

  • napalm

    the only thing that would make an E-7 attractive is if it will use both 4/3 and m4/3 lenses at decent AF speed.

    if not, why bother? just pursue the mirrorless market and solve the PDAF with 4/3 lenses on m4/3 bodies

    • Anonymous

      It will not be an ‘E’ series body if it accepts u4/3 lens, ‘E’ series is for 4/3 glass and should be so.

      • “It will not be an ‘E’ series body if it accepts u4/3 lens, ‘E’ series is for 4/3 glass and should be so.”

        Say no more: E-Px, E-PLx, E-PMx, E-Mx.
        I’d say all these cameras also are E-Series cameras – or are they?

        • Spunjji

          They’re not E- series, They’re E-P/PL/PM/M series, if we’re going to get picky about it. :)

        • bousozoku

          The way many people write about them, they must be the EP-series and EM-series bodies.

    • Baronlee

      It be great if the E7 could use m4/3 lenses but if it doesn’t I don’t care. I don’t own any m4/3 lenses but I do own a lot of 4/3 lenses, great lenses that I would hate never to able to use again.

      m4/3 might look great for some but I think the cameras are just too small to use comfortable.

    • Spunjji

      How exactly do you propose that they make lenses designed with a short flange-back distance mount to a DSLR with an inherently long flange-back distance?

  • Anonymous

    Second half of 2013? Well, that’s it, 4/3 is officially dead now. Expect mass cheap sales of (S)HG lenses, because NOBODY IN THEIR RIGHT MIND CAN WAIT FOR A FUCKING YEAR AND A HALF TO UPGRADE FROM THE E-5, A CAMERA WITH OBSOLETE TECHNOLOGY FROM 2008.

    You failed, Olympus, you failed badly. With everything. I hope Panasonic duplicates your lenses in m4/3 (with lens pouches and lens hoods, for less money) so you may finally leave the camera business, because you obviously don’t understand it.

    My mission to steer everyone away from Olympus has now begun. Hell hath no fury like a DSLR owner scorned.

    • SteveO

      +1. This is nonsense, the sensor’s available right now to finally bring Olympus ostensibly “pro” body up to date. If they had even half a brain and wanted to keep their FT customers,they’d downsize body and price, plug in the E-M5 sensor, and announce it at Photokina. With this along with an XZ-2 and a new E-P line featuring the Sony sensor they could have stolen the show and the PR buzz.

      • Anonymous

        They’re fucking insane. A 2013 release means it’s been 5.5 years since the E-5 (it’s an early-2008 camera that was released in late-2010).

        It’s all over now. There’s no point in even making the E-7 if they can’t deliver it in a couple of months. Who the fuck is going to buy it? Which idiot is going to hold on to his E-3 or E-5 for another year and a half, and then be offered a 1700€ camera, while Canikon and even Pentax offer more features and better IQ for 1000€ right now?

        If the news about a 2013 release is true – Olympus, I hope you burn down to the ground, I really do. I am yet to figure out what to do with my lenses, because they work like shit on m4/3, and you’ve just slashed their prices by 50%.

        • brody

          What a lovely representative of modern society you are. I’m sure you’re parents would be proud.

        • “The E-5 was announced on September 14, 2010”


        • Spunjji

          By what metric is it an early-2008 camera? Oh wait, your own and nobody else’s.

          Please go back under your bridge, troll.

          • Anonymous

            My bad. The APS-C people had the same quality sensors in 2007, and the E-5 shares the same sensor with the E-30, which was released in late – not! early – 2008. A truly horrible mistake I’ve made there.

            • brody

              No, that would be your parents.

              • Anonymous

                Happy sixth birthday! That is roughly the level at which kids start insulting each other by talking smack about family members. Also, happy psychological projection day! (It’s not one. I made it up. But you have a problem with it.)

                • Anonytrackball

                  Do you have to work hard to be so nasty, or does it come naturally?
                  If the latter we all feel sorry for you and request you take the pills. If the former you should train at something else to have a talent for it.

              • Need a chill pill?

          • ihateidiots

            The camera uses a 3-4 year old sensor at launch with no better IQ than the lowly EPL1. How can it not be old tech?

    • Peter

      Hell hath no fury like a bratty consumer that doesnt get what they want straight away…geese you’d think people could get so emotional about real problems that we face in this world.

      • +1,000,000

      • Spunjji

        Hahaha. My thoughts precisely! Sure, Oly have been slow about this, but man does our Anonymous here have an over-active sense of entitlement.

    • Tropical Yeti

      HEY !!!

      E-7 is comming late 2013 (suposedly)

      But who said E-630, E-730 and / or E-50 will not be ready for Photokina this year? :-))) ;-)))

      So halt your steering away mission for a while… or for ever maybe… No reason spilling your guts for something you do not uderstand, to persuade people who obviously know what they like – even if no new 4/3 body will ever be available…

      • Anonymous

        What happens when micro 4/3 devolves into nano 4/3? I mean, we know Olympus likes to abandon standards and mounts. Why would we trust them to keep m4/3 going? Why? They aren’t worthy of that. They’ll just invent a new milking cow along with Panasonic and leave current m4/3 owners in the same situation as 4/3 owners. “You bought photo gear? Ha ha, sucks to be you, because your gear is incompatible with our new standard that we completely switched to only five years after we created the last one!”

        • Spunjji

          The quantity of bollocks you spew forth into the world would make a North Korean dictatorship proud.

          • mister_roboto

            heh- that gave me a good giggle, I’ll have to save that one for future troll posts.

        • Riley

          “we know Olympus”
          there is no ‘we’ about it dickhead, hit the door

        • blohum

          I must admit that I’m a little confused; as I see it (as a 43 user) they are still supporting us with the development of the E7… yes, it’s not exactly timely but it is support, unlike Panasonic which dropped 43 at the first hurdle.

          If they announced there would be no more 43 cameras released I could see where you were coming from…

      • bousozoku

        Time after time, Olympus has made it clear that the E-4×0, E-5×0, and E-6×0 have been replaced with the micro Four-Thirds bodies.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          > E-4×0, E-5×0, and E-6×0 have been replaced with the micro Four-Thirds bodies.
          Replacement doesn’t automatically mean successor.
          Except for usual advance in digital electronics m4/3 bodies are steep drop from mountain down to gorge in ergonomics.

          Remember that Canon hasn’t tried to replace their x00D serie with lens mount equipped IXUS called EOS-M but they see it as what it is: New different class camera not belonging to old system camera class but instead to new compact system camera sub class.

    • ograbek

      you right!!!Most important thing for me: profi sesnor and ISO!!!! And what with FF? I’m afraid in 2013 I’ll be Canon or Nikon user in this way. Thanks a lot Oly for HOT news!

    • Reality

      @ the first intelligent individual who said Panasonic should copy Olympus and Olympus should die because they stopped making DSLRs for angry DSLR users.
      You do realize Panasonic was, along with Olympus, an originator of four thirds, right? And that they *abandoned 4/3 long ago*, right?
      Olympus should be praised for at least trying to support 4/3 (and angry DSLR users like you) in some way, where Panasonic simply abandoned the format.

      • Riley

        >You do realize Panasonic was, along with Olympus, an originator of four thirds, right?

        that isnt true, everything about the IP is owned by Olympus

    • David

      Cameras are obsolete when they can’t make good photos. If your E-5 is obsolete, change the photographer.

    • Ross

      @Anonymous You’re SO brave with your comments, but too chicken to even give us a name. Please go & troll somewhere else.

      • Anonymous

        Would it please you if I called myself John? Or Thenjiwe? Or Mohammed? Go away.

        • Anonytrackball

          Repeat for you, as you may not comprehend.
          Do you have to work hard to be so nasty, or does it come naturally?
          If the latter we all feel sorry for you and request you take the pills. If the former you should train at something else to have a talent for it.

    • Zigi_S

      I’m with you dude, or I have been. I just switched to Canon and won’t look back. Oly can catter to the “haves” with deep pockets in the same niche as leica and fuji are. I’m through with oly.

      • prc

        You’re still posting here, so you’re obviously looking back already ;-)

      • MikeH

        If you are through with Oly and now a Canonite, why are you here?

        • Ross

          Probably because he regrets changing.

    • Matteo


      Your comments are really not a big surprise, considering the amount of morons Olympus has got through the years. It is mind-blowing to me how so many 4/3 users are in reality frustrated Canon/Nikon wannebes. Hey, you could just have left Olympus without making a big fuss. I mean, to you photography is just having a bigger sensor right?

      And that is exactly the problem. When, long ago, Oly & others came up with the 4/3 format, that was one hell of a gamble; I’m not sure they won (considering the idiots out there) but at least they tried. There is currently no other better proportion available when it comes to a format in the dSLR world. Not only that, Zuiko lenses are among the best you can buy, not at Canon/Nikon prices.

      But hell what do I know. I am a professional photographer, have been for almost 20 years, and I still use an E-3… Unbelievable uh. Funny though how the people that are most angry about Olympus are (again) just wannabes. To them (shall I say you?) the only thing that counts is just having BILLIONS of pixels, because the photo in itself is nothing; all that counts is the size of the sensor.

      Which kinda makes me wonder why clients still don’t say anything about receiving their commissioned works on a camera which, UNBELIEVABLY, only has 10MP. Yeah, I just can’t believe that, they must be blind or something. Not only that, they come back for more.

      So, let me just ask you, are you a professional photographer? Do you have your ‘works’ regularly published, exhibited? Ok I don’t know you, however my guess is: no.

      Olympus along the years has made quite some questionable marketing decisions, no doubts about it. But it always has delivered. Quite well if you ask me. But what do I know, I live of photography.

      Good luck.

    • Pei

      Ha, in late 2010, $1700 can get you a 7D or D7000 which out class E-5 by a big margin.

      In 2013, $1700 can get you a 6D or D600 FF which wipes the floor with E-7.

      Good luck 4/3 users.

      • bousozoku

        That’s true when you don’t have studio lighting but the E-5 was rated up there with the best both companies make using studio lighting.

      • Mike

        Not if you compare Edge-Sharpness (using the E-5 with Zuiko Top-Pro glass). No other system is near FourThirds in this topic.

  • Andrey Yashin

    Too Late :-(

  • Mar

    I believe top notch 43 body would be great.
    Lenses are much better than any lens on aps and much better than ff outside of the center.

    High ISO and DR is no longer an issue, and ergonomics are much better than m43.

    M43 is still great for portability, but if you want quality glass, you need a lot of primes which kind of defeat the purpose and make it impractical.
    With 43 you only need couple of zooms.

    • >>M43 is still great for portability, but if you want quality glass, you need a lot of primes which kind of defeat the purpose and make it impractical.
      >>With 43 you only need couple of zooms.

      A 12mm F2, 25mm F1.4, and 45mm F1.8 walk into a bar…

      The 12-35mm F2 stayed outside because he couldn’t get through the doorway…

  • Miroslav

    As expected, E-x cameras have three year cycle.

    I hope they’ll now concentrate on making better m4/3 bodies.

  • Agent00soul

    Maybe the E-5x will come at Photokina? An E-5 with the E-M5’s sensor. And the E-7 will have the E-M7’s sensor (both released next year).
    No, I don’t believe this. Just dreaming…

    • bilgy_no1

      Exactly! The biggest problem is the timing. The E-M5 sensor is rated very well today, but in another 1.5 years it will be behind the curve. So, Olympus should rush a revamped E-5 to the market with the E-M5 sensor in it. No real further changes needed: just the sensor and processing. For marketing purposes there should of course be some other nifty stuff: 1080p30 (or p60) video (comes with the sensor), improved burstrate. They could sell the E-5x at €1699 and discount the current E-5 to €1099.

      If a new E-7 comes out next year, it will need the 2nd generation sensor of the E-M5. They shouldn’t release the E-7 with the 16MP sensor if they already used it in the E-M5 (and very likely also the E-PL5 and another m4/3 body later this year) for 1.5 years.

      • Frederic Hew

        IMNSHO smarter yet would be to release an E-XX / E-XXX *before* the E-7 as opposed to Olympus’ strategy so far. This way the E-7 can benefit from a newer generation sensor and not the other way around.

        I never had a 43rds camera but have a few lenses that I really like and would love to be able to use them on a suitable body… count me in :)

      • Martin


        Take the Sony Rx100 1″ Sensor with 2,4µm pixels and scale it to 4/3″.

        That would give use roughly 7300px x 5500px = ~ 40MP

        This would be a sensor that would deliver highest quality from the super high grade FT lenses.

        This Sony sensor is quite good at ISO 80 (incl. dynamic range) and for highest ISO you could uses downsizing to 20MP or 10MP or maybe use some hardware binning technology.

  • Christian

    It’s good news that there will be a new FT-camera in 2013. The E-5 is a decent camera, but regarding its current price, it is imo not worth upgrading from my E-3. Changing for other systems is no alternative for me. I would only jump on the mFT-train, if Oly should enable full AF with my FT-lenses.

  • brony etr

    second half of 2013 seems a long way away for this system. e-7 needs to be a real “freshen up” for olympus, it cant be another “that will do” camera. fingers crossed for something special. and im in on the integrated grip idea

  • Marcel

    Geared towards photography (as opposed to movie making), a bright viewfinder, no silly art filters and tethering

  • chronocommando

    It is good that an E-7 will come.
    It is bad that this will happen next year.

    But these are rumors only :-)

    If this is correct I will probably not buy a body this year.
    Maybe next year or the year after or never.

    I do not understand the people talking about 4/3 is dead and Olympus is doing a mistake and bla bla.
    Go out and take some fotos using your 4/3 gear instead of waisting time and crying. If you don’t own 4/3 gear it is not your discussion either.

    regards and a nice weekend

  • vekkio

    It’s admirable the loyalty that Oly has with his 4/3 user, wanting to continue to develop the 4/3 system. But (this is only my opinion) the real Olympus hit has been and is MFT system for this i would advice to concentrate in the development with a real professional MFT camera that with an additional (and optional) module can mount and be balanced (maybe an additional grip is required too for that) also with 4/3 lenses (because there are some real masterpieces). In that way 4/3 users could continues to uses their beautiful zuiko, but new users would have a new product that absorb all the oly efforts in developing pro cameras, without splitting in 2 (OM- and E-) the pro zone. Continuing developing 4/3 big DSLR would mean attract only the upgrading of 4/3 users.. next full frame cameras will be under 2000$ … mmm… and i’m saying that also if i’ve had on the way: e-510 / e-620 / e-30 / e-5 ..

  • ugo

    I do not understand what’s the hurry. I like this timeline. it’s perfect. I work with two E-3. Can’t I do this for another year? why? :D
    Give us a great camera, Oly.

    • I Love this attitude, if it still works for you, why “upgrade”? I know plenty of photographers making a living with cameras that many would consider to be out of date, one of my friends is still using a Canon 10d, and exhibiting and selling pictures. Lots of working pro’s don’t want to upgrade their equipment unless they really have to, it’s a big expense! I will stick to my outdated 20-30 year old medium format gear, and the outdated 2009 technology of the panasonic GF1.

      • Ulli

        i love the attitude too, wish i was that consistent in using the same gear for many years. If you would see my history of cameras you might wonder if i would actually make photos too.

        • Ross

          That’s true. We shouldn’t be changing our cameras as often as our shirts, but then, I like new toys too. ;) I was tempted to maybe go for a PEN last year (as an E30 user), but waited till the E-M5 came out with a lot more going for it that helps me.

    • But… but… but!
      You won’t get that shallow professional DOF… whatever will you do?
      You’ll get made fun of by your APS-C and FF buddies… whatever will you do?

      Unless you’re using at least an arbitrarily-sized APS-C sensor camera with an eye-level viewfinder, you’ll forever be seen as a photo-n00b!

      I kid, of course ;)

      I like that Olympus is doing all of this and all that it can, given its comparatively limited resources.

  • twoomy

    I’d prefer to see a super top-of-the-line M43 camera that can focus the 43 lenses in all of their glory.

  • The same housing as E-5 (No need for a larger screen).
    No mirror, but an first class EVIL.
    Autofocus: fast and reliable even under bad light (maybe a Phase-Contrast-Hybrid).
    A very quiet shutter (it is not the time to dream of a non-mechanical shutter). No need for more than 5 fps
    A Sensor with “only” 12 MP and 1-2 EV better High-ISO capability than the EM-5.

  • Olympus Fan

    My E-5 still takes better photo’s than any new releases . Time fly’s ! They need to stop thinking about craming a large round whole into a small one – long live 4/3rds

  • Well,
    after having said farewell to my E-5, the only reason for me to buy back into the FT system would be a C-AF on the level of the best sports cameras provided by CaNikon – but I don’t think that this will happen. At this point in time, the C-AF of my E-M5 is just as good as the one of my E-5. So why should I want to schlepp around the kilos. Yes I know, the µFT zooms available to date aren’t on the level of the FT Zuikos and the 75-300 is anything but fast. But as I do my action shootings nearly solely in nice weather and the IQ it produces is only slightly inferior to the one of the 50-200 SWD I can live with that until they bring the µFT version of this wonderfil lens. And for anything else, I’ve got the lovely µFT primes such as the Summilux 25 1.4, the M.Zuiko 45 1.8 and soon the M.Zukio 75 1.8 – with the m.Zuiko 45 1.8 being just as good as the stellar ZD 50 2.0 and the 75 1.8 being expected to be as outstanding as the astonishing ZD 150 2.0.

    So no – I don’t need FT any more and I even said farewell the the idea of the ‘One Beautiful System’. I want my lenses compact and lightweight – like my cameras.

  • E7 has no sense. 4/3 is dead.

    If Oly wants to make a favour users of 4/3 lenses, Oly should make a version of m43 body or special adapter (like Sony) with fast AF for old 4/3 lenses.

    m43 is future, 4/3 is past

    • Exactly! But what a future this will be!

    • Martin

      The E-7 IS the “adapter” that allows quick focus on FT lenses. This is what’s possible with current technology.

    • Ahhhh, all my 4/3 lens and camera, is in life. :-P

  • Riley

    I think it will be sooner than next year, I think your source is BS :)

    Terada said an E5 successor was planned
    Ogawa said the same
    McGillicuddy mentions it on his site
    I was told yesterday “Guessing the cam would be a moderate upgrade over series 5 – tech from OMD. Should satisfy optics owners. Speculation only ;-)

    next year seems a bit far out for something that seems so certainly planned when the whole imaging business is pretty much in flux.

    • Ulli

      Maybe the long wait untill mid 2013 suggests Olympus wants to include more then the OM-D’s sensor and IBIS

      • Riley

        Doesn’t take years to do that, if they have a problem it is with available production slots. I dont think it will have the new IBIS. As a development this camera is quick and cheap to implement and a short run to produce.

        Its impact on the scale of the available products exceeds its price.

        • Ulli

          another reason could be that are not in a hurry at all, assuming they are just doin it for a handfull of loyal FT users. We can only guess.

          • Anonymous

            And there’s money to be still made from the E-M5. ;)

            • Ross

              That was my reply. I forgot to make sure my name was there.

  • Gilly

    If it will have a brand new Sony sensor, not just a tweaked OMD senor it will be worth waiting for. My E5 still produces great photos and the next E series is sure to be even better. After all the woes Olympus has been through the last year or so I think it is pretty damn amazing we are getting decent cameras and lens at all. The OMD exceeded many expectations and has set a high benchmark for all the future releases.

  • st3v4nt

    While this rumor got very high FT4 badge and I certainly don’t have a plan to upgrade my trusted E-1 to E-5 or E-7 thanks to EM-5 for it, the news makes me wondering.

    If this is a service for existing 4/3 owner just how many are there to warrant Olympus to keep releasing 4/3 camera? I walk to shop couple of months ago, this shop in the past supporting Olympus yet when I ask if there’s any 4/3 lens they say I have to order it first they don’t have any ready stock. On the contrary there’s a lot of m4/3 lens in stock.

    What’s the point keep releasing the new 4/3 camera if they halt the new 4/3 lens development?

  • Scott

    Yea thats a little too late for me. Put a built in battery grip omd sensor and start shipping them now and they will sale like crazy

  • The majority of comments here are just plain BS.

    I own an E-5 and a bunch of lenses, including the 50mm, the 12-60 and the 50-200. I also own the OM-D and use it only with prime lenses (some Zuiko, most Panasonic and Voigtländer). I actually prefer the E-5 for some use cases, simply because it’s much more usable than the tiny E-M5.

    If I had a say in Olympus product strategy, the only thing I would expect to change from the E-5 to the E-7 is the new sensor and a body only price of 1300€ instead of the likely 1700€. With that in mind, I am happy to keep using my E-5 for more than a year as there’s nothing wrong with the camera, it’s a very good camera that when matched with good Zuiko glass will beat the shit out of most other camera systems with appropriate light at most times of the day. Also, the E-5 is about the most usable camera I ever had in my hands. Don’t make it smaller please. Don’t take away dials. Don’t simplify the firmware. Just improve on an already good product.

    • KRH

      I agree with you wholeheartedly…and own the same lens lineup as you. I would ask for one thing back though…a mode dial. Can’t be that hard :)

  • Chris K

    If I were Oly I’d be tempted to skip the E-7 entirely, but if I DID release it I’d keep the cost of development as low as possible. I’d take the E-5, add the sensor and touchscreen from the EM5, and try to improve the CDAF to match current Oly bodies.

    That’s it. Ship it, and it’s my Four Thirds sign off. If it sells REALLY well, give the E-30 and/or E-620 the same treatment.

    • Yes, that makes total sense and would be in line what I expect from an E-7. Most importantly, they need to lower the price.

  • kevin

    Maybe this camera is powered with android interface for easy sharing with wifi. A touch screen at the back. You can upload to cloud instantly with wifi. editing software is changeable due to android market choices. Works like a built in computer in your camera.

    Just my idea…

  • Brigitte Zaczek

    that really is good news, although a long time to wait!
    My wishes:
    state of the art sensor, processor, stabilizer system and video. AF working fasr and precisely with the big pro lenses. I do not need scene modes and art filters.
    Great, that I do not have to sell my Zuiko Pro lenses after all. I shall spend the waiting time using a D800 and OM-D

  • Far too late now for another 4/3 DSLR. The user base for such a camera is fading fast and will be virtually gone by then.

    Olympus should be concentrating on making those wonderful 4/3 lenses fully functional on m4/3 bodies, whether through a phase-detect adapter such as Sony’s, PD on the sensor or some unique way.

    If Olympus is going for it, to me it would need:

    – Pixel count and image quality competitive with the best we can expect from APS by that time. Pixel count in the high 20s or low 30s, extremely high definition, and excellent high-ISO performance.
    – Fully realized live view and video.
    – Perhaps a fixed transparent mirror with EVF such as Sony.
    – Fully articulated LCD of the highest quality.
    – A modern, ergonomic design.(No more of this retro stuff)

    I would love to be able to use 4/3 lenses with full native focus speed, but have no desire at all to go back to a DSLR. At this point it would seem much better for Olympus to focus their R&D on a fast-focus adapter to the current bodies.

    • Daemonius

      Yea there is small problem, only way you can do fast AF for old 4/3 lens is to build SLT adapter. CDAF is too different for fast AF with PDAF lens. Simply cant be done..

  • Oleg

    And with what cameras APS-C DSLR it is noncompetitive?
    It seems to me, Е5 at a level of professional cameras… If to not measure a matrix by a ruler, and to photograph :)

  • shiv

    aps-c is a dead meat. i won’t even look at it if its not an full frame.

  • Anonymous

    With SHG lenses on it, I do not think E5 is anything obsolete, especially in terms color and rendition in low med ISO.
    Having said that, I would very much like to see the new E7. I hope it can take back the shape size and weight of E1.

  • Matthew

    With SHG lenses on it, I do not think E5 is anything obsolete, especially in terms color and rendition in low med ISO.
    Having said that, I would very much like to see the new E7. I hope it can take back the shape size and weight of E1.
    For a 43 size sensor, the E3/E5 body is too chunky too much overkill.

  • Daemonius

    Hm.. Im not sure it has even some point.

    Tho, theres few tricks that might do.

    1) high resolution sensor (20 mpix) with various AR giving 18 mpix (theres quite a bit of ppl that like 16:10 or 1:1, or 6:7 or 5:4 etc.)

    2) sensor without AA

    3) very fast and accurate AF in LV

    4) detachable back LCD

    5) OM-D EM-5 stabilisation (improve it if its possible)

    6) top notch CFA and ADC (preferably 14 bit ADC, but I would go further and try 16 bit)

    7) big bright OVF, virtual horizons, maybe rule of thirds etc. overlay?

    8) new and cheaper good quality 4/3 lens (weather sealed ofc) – Im thinking 12-35mm f3.5 and 35-100mm f3.5 maybe even long zoom 200-400mm f3.5 or f4.

    Ofc if they made camera with all these, well I think that might work out..

  • Martin

    “..The real question is, how should the E-7 be in order to be competitive with the other APS-C DSLR cameras?…”

    The camera is only needed for those (few) that want to use their FT lenses on it. So it does not need to compete with APS-C products, it needs to seel a few thousands, keep the FT system alive and the Olmypus reputation for system cameras and idealy it would make a small profit for Olympus.

    What is imaginable

    Body similar to E-5
    5 axis IBIS
    new sensor (at least E-M5 level, maybe better)
    better screen
    touch screen
    the accessory port below the hotshoe from The PEN and OM-D
    HD Video
    fast(er) live view, maybe even silent live view shooting

    That would be good enough for those still interested in an E-x. The others will be not interested no matter what the camera would be.

    • Steve H

      Add in:

      Newer 20 MP Sony multi-aspect sensor
      Slightly better dynamic range at higher ISOs
      High frame rate live view
      Better video with overcranking and undercranking options
      Built in wi-fi
      Apps for tethering to Apple and Android systems for time lapse and other effects
      Control of remote flashes through radio/wi-fi rather than optical control

  • Whatever

    It is not going to happen. There will be no more FourThirds cameras. It is much more likely that Olympus will make a professional m43s camera. The dinosaurs are dead, and will not be resurrected.

  • How should the E-7 be competitive with APS-C? In every way of course. But I’d also like to see the E-7 be unique–not just a good camera that keeps pace with Canon and Nikon because that’s boring and going nowhere imo.

    Olympus needs to get the basics very very right. AF, resolution, video specs, DR, body…

    More than getting the basics right I’d like to see some innovation. The first mirrorless 4/3rds mount pro-camera sized in between the E-M5 and the E-5. On sensor focusing of PDAF lenses. Maybe the first Olympus with integrated battery/portrait grip of very compact size. Maybe a new focusing aid (like focus peaking) only a movable scale-able split screen focusing aid like the great SLR viewfinders had only digital. Remote LCD or smart phone control/remote. And how about an adapter to work with micro4/3rds lenses in crop sensor mode (maybe 12mp resolution or something). It would be about time micro was priority number 2.

  • Boooo!

    Not a good thing to read after getting home from work :(

    I was really looking forward to an upgrade for one of my E-3 cameras… I have no idea if I’ll still be shooting Olympus late next year…

  • ras

    Go back to the E-1 body, then add a new 20mp sensor, IBIS, EVF (larger than FF), pellicle mirror, bigger fixed LCD, and better AF (CDAF and PDAF).

    Then make a few more primes, like a 25/2, 17/2, 14/2, and 45/1.4.

    • Mike

      25mm/f1,4 and 50mm/f2 already exist…

  • One year would make it right on time, given past releases, but if they don’t release something in the meantime, like a newer 4/3 body (E50 or 720), or an OMD adapter that allows fast 4/3 focusing, you will have even more 4/3 abandonment than now. There are a couple rumors going around that a new adapter is coming, not sure now soon.

  • @ gato. I agree, the window of opportunity for 4/3 is almost closed.

    I think it was Thom who predicted that cheap FF would go down to 1500 $. What room would there be for a camera which is as big and expensive with a smaller sensor?

    There is much more sense to pit against FF smaller cameras and lenses, which cost half as much, like m4/3. So make a better adapter and be done.

  • metalaryeh

    It’s a shame they didn’t get great sensor tech earlier. Things may have been different. I still love my e-510 ten though. It’s lacking sensor has forced me to become a better photographer.

    • blohum

      Very true, I’ve taken lots of good photos with my E510… there’s a huge difference between buying a good camera and being a good photographer.

      • cL

        And being is good photographer is a transferable skill to your next camera. Old camera is usually recyclable material….

  • Z

    Wow, another YEAR.
    This means they are not placing the current EM5 sensor in the E5, as that should not take a whole year to design and produce. Or does it?

  • OM-4ever

    Someone has probably already pointed this out, but if its 2nd half of 2013, its likely new tech in addition to the current sensor/IBIS tech. My money would be on viewfinder or a way to bridge m4/3 and 4/3. Fingers crossed….

  • hema

    Thanks Oly!

    Add the rights things and you are on the right track!!!
    Can´t wait to upgrade my E620. The SHG lenses are top notch.

  • E-7 has to be full-frame.

    • Ross

      Duh! Like that’s goin’ to happen! Not!

    • Anonymous

      I want full frame on the E-7, too! Double duh! What’s the point for 4/3 anymore? There is micro 4/3. Might as well make a big boy to compete with the D800. Olympus really needs to come out strong with low noise high ISO on the E-7 as well.

      • Bart

        Ya, having limited funds already, Olympus should really invest in building yet another system…

        Just creating a full-frame body really isn’t going to lead anywhere, you’ll need a complete system offering enough high-quality (and hence more expensive to design and manufacture) lenses (it could use the flashes from the 4/3 system), which simply isn’t going to happen.

        Hence, a full-frame E-7 makes no sense whatsoever.

        What a 4/3 E-7 can compete with, offering a different performance/compactness compromise, are the top of the range APS-C cameras and the expected ‘entry-level’ full-frame DSLRs (which should be in roughly the same price range also). We have seen from the E-M5 that 4/3 size sensors can come close enough to the best aps-c sensors that (to roughly quote dpreview) ‘to gain a significant improvement in quality you’ll have to invest in a full-frame system’.

        Provided Olympus does update to a newer generation a bit quicker then they used to do, keeping at that level is technically quite feasible. Additionally, the technology used for ‘entry-level’ full-frame sensors compares better to the previous generation of ‘professional full-frame’ cameras then to the current generation, so they will perform somewhat better then the currently best 4/3″ sensors probably, but not dramatically so.

        I doubt however Olympus is still seriously interested in competing with the ‘big boys’ for as far as DSLRs go. An E-7 would serve their ‘home market’ and if it can mostly be done with already developed and payed for technology, they don’t have to sell a lot of them to make it profitable.

  • OlympusBeliever

    I still believe in them. I have an E-3 and E-5 and I still do photos that are comparable if not better than most photogs running newer cameras. It still boils down to the person operating the camera! true, there are thing I WISH Olympus would GREATLY Improve upon like Noise-free pics PAST ISO6400….and better DR. Other than that, I know the E-5’s limitations so I try not to shoot for those limitations. I know a lot will argue that you should be able to shoot whenever you want without the camera limiting you but for comparable pricing on current models from Canon and Nikon, they are actually on par (Canon 6D as an example).

    Yes, I am saddened to hear that the next gen will not be for another year – but I HOPE that when it does come out, they will FINALLY be ahead of Canon and Nikon again in regards to Sensor technology. Honestly, the Glass for Oly is incredible compared to canon and nikon.

  • flash

    I do not know why people are down on the E-5. It never was meant for the casual user, but the pro user. As such it does not have a lot of frills, but is a well built an reliable camera. Pros, in photography and in most fields, do not like to change their tools until there is a real reason to, i.e. allowing them to save time or do more types of work that they want or need to do. 3 years out of a camera is good, 5 years better. The E-5 is about 2 years old now.

    The E-5 “system” is better then a APS “system” now, for many types of professional photos (pictures to sell). This is due to lacking of some APS lens, mostly; as well as the reliability of the E-5. The E-5 seems to stay clean longer etc. The “full frame” DSLR that Nikon and Cannon have are very good, much better the their APS cameras in this regard; and they are booth releasing lower cost “full frame” cameras.

    What would be nice.

    1. A better Sensor, more dynamic range; maybe more pixels, that multi aspect that was mention above might be good.

    2. Better batteries. Not sure why camera batteries are not better.

    3. Better Flash and strobe control. Sync etc. It would be nice to have some built in strobe control that we rely on external devices for now. Or is everybody going to LED lighting now? The LEDs are maybe easier on our eyes, then strobes and flash.

    4. Obviously, Pink, Red and a lot of Xies and Gies in the name :)

    5. Connectivity to a tablet with touch focus etc. and all the em5 stuff of course.

    6. The elusive macro lens they promised years ago.

    7. A button to stop the rain. :)

    8. A little quieter shutter, seriously.

    By the second half of 2013 a lot will change in sensor tech, but I would not think Olympus will try a new unproven type of sensor in a E-7.

  • frazenbergersteinenbruner

    Not sure there’s any point in them supporting 4/3. Just slap the best sensor available in it, cut the price and get it out the door if only to ease the sting to those who invested in some very pricey 4/3 telephoto glass.

    They should be investing all their money in developing the best possible on chip CDAF and PDAF hybrid technology, better EVF, stabilization and porting lenses like the 14-35, 35-100, 90-250, 150, and 300 primes to a native m4/3 mount.

  • JimD

    If so many are abandoning 43 E cameras where are they going?
    Ebay shows second hand, nil E5, 10 E3, 2 E1 and 2 E30. Hardly a landslide sell off.

    • Christian

      You are absolutely right. The E-7 has the same user base as the E-5 and probably a bit larger as there are still some E-3 users hanging around, that intend to skip the E-5 (like myself). Of course the gearheads have already left the system, but then those people change their cameras more regularly than their underwear.

    • Ross

      I notice that on the UK forum’ E5’s that are sold are quickly snapped up by other members & they are sold by enthusiasts to others that are generally newer to the format or been using earlier E series cameras like E510’s etc. Those selling are generally going for the OM-D & going lighter in the process by updating a number of their lenses from 4/3’s to M4/3’s. My E30 sits in my bag while the E-M5 is used instead.

  • ab

    Like so many here, I would almost prefer to see a large m43rds body (but not as large as the E-5) with a redesigned grip for bulking it up. The OMD sensor is very good, but as they improved the imaging on the E-5 I would like to see it a step up at least like that…

    Then implement a type of PDAF for 43rds lenses.

    What would I love to see on top of that:

    Automated AF calibration using PDAF CDAF combination with updated PDAF
    Smart port from m43rds
    Improved video implementation
    Tethered shooting support with lightroom or an updated Studio
    New IBIS

    Aside from that, I am set. Love my lenses, love the colours, even from the old sensor, the grain, the colour… Part of me sometimes prefers it to the OMD.


  • @ Ab

    I concur with your latest sentence. In fact the only thing I envy in the latest sensor is the strongly improved DR. However the colour signature is different, and some complained.

    Also one must realise that every time one increases Mpx and sensitivity there are tradeoffs, because base ISO is naturally more noisy. So you put better in-camera denoisers, but then the image becomes more artificial looking.

    So old cameras, if you are a good in p/hy, might still make sense.

    Generally it only after the 2nd or 3d gen of cameras that a sensor reaches full potential.

    • ab

      Hey Al,
      I have the EP2, EPL2, and OMD, while I do like the DR, and the high ISO, I agree and have always thought the leaders in DR and noise are doing something that changed the image… How is hard to pinpoint, but the EP2 and EPL2 still has output I live very much.

      But looking at the E-5 and the crispness of the files, along with the colour profile, and comparing it to the EPL1 which people believe has the same IQ you can see a difference in the colour, and a slight difference in the crispness… However I have always appreciated olympus not crippling the images from their lower bodies, and I buy the higher end bodies for ergonomics.

      So the EP2 was my first, love it, but couldnt use the EVF and any type of trigger for my work, eventually I got the EPL2 for the wireless triggers using the built in and the Olympus command function, but there is always the line of sight issue… The built in EVF of the OMD means I can use any triggers and still use the EVF for composition when I need to.

      A pro m43rds would be brilliant, allowing me to use myHG and m43rds lenses on one body, like many some extra size would be good simply for ergonomics and button placement… But I am all m43rds bodies now for my work and for my personal shooting.


  • Not sure if my reply to a… well… anonymous (very) angry guy, so I’ll post it again:

    Dear anonymous (better keep it this way, trust me,)

    Your comments are really not a big surprise, considering the amount of morons Olympus has attracted through the years. It is mind-blowing to me how so many 4/3 users are in reality just very, very frustrated Canon/Nikon wannabes. Hey, you could just have left Olympus without making a big fuss. I mean, to you photography is just having a bigger sensor, right?

    And that, to me, is exactly the problem. When long ago Oly & others came up with the 4/3 format, that was one hell of a gamble; I’m not sure they won (considering the idiots out there) but at least they tried. There is currently no other better proportion available when it comes to a format in the dSLR world. Not only that, Zuiko lenses are among the best you can buy, not at Canon/Nikon prices.

    But hell what do I know. I am a professional photographer, have been for almost 20 years, and I still use an E-3… Unbelievable uh. Funny though how the people that are most angry about Olympus are (again) just wannabes. To them (shall I say you?) the only thing that counts is just having BILLIONS of pixels, because the photo in itself is nothing; all that counts is the size of the sensor.

    Which kinda makes me wonder why clients still don’t say anything about receiving their commissioned works on a camera which, UNBELIEVABLY, only has 10MP. Yeah, I just can’t believe that, they must be blind or something. Not only that, they come back for more.

    So, let me just ask you, are you a professional photographer? Do you have your ‘works’ regularly published, exhibited? Ok I don’t know you, however my guess is: no.

    Olympus along the years has made quite some questionable marketing decisions, no doubts about it. But it always has delivered. Quite well if you ask me. But what do I know, I live of photography.

    Good luck; with this pathetic attitude of yours you need a lot of it, not just mega pizels. That won’t do.

    …Uh I almost forgot: I’d be happy to see some of your pictures. Entertain us dude.

    • Robert

      You are so right!

    • blohum

      At last some common sense, well said!

  • mjp

    I’ll call it right here – The e-7 will be an SLT – it’s the only way releasing another DSLR into a growing and more powerful ilc world makes sense.

    • No please, look on so better IQ is on NEX-7 so on A-77, only for this transparent mirror. :-(

  • Olympius

    So, Olympus is keeping the usual 36 month product cycle on their pro body….though by late 2013, there will probably be only four people left using 4/3.

    The E-5 was a 18 to 24 mo. camera at most….and the price is ridiculous. I’m sure it’s a nice camera, but not for the $1700 USD that they charge for it.

    But to play the game: I want focusing that is as good as what’s on the Nikon D7000 and Canon 7D. Olympus continuous auto-focus is a joke. We could use, RIGHT NOW, and E-body DSLR that can actually do action photography at least as well as a Nikon D3200.

    Oh well, it’s been fun Olympus, but it might be time for me to go elsewhere. I’m sure Canon and Nikon will have a new DSLR or two on display at Photokina.

    – Olympius

  • 1:1 sensor ratio. I’ve wanted one of those for a long time.

  • Jim H.

    It can’t compete with low end APS, but it could compete at the high end”
    Option #1: Equivalent IQ, features and ergonomics, but smaller and cheaper.
    Option #2: Same price, but superior IQ, features, etc, and smaller, and a classic, professional appearance at home in a professional’s camera bag.
    As far as the time line? It seems E-3 and E-5 users still love their cameras, and their customers still love their photographs. As long as good photographs are their priority then there is no hurry to change cameras. They’ll continue to be happy with their cameras until they are near the end of their service life, or until something clearly better comes along, i.e. late 2013.
    If, on the other hand, they only wanted the latest, greatest cameragizmo, then they’d be buying a new camera every month.

    • Agree, and also if you use FF camera is the not large difference to APS camera only if you use same lens, and not large difference on IQ.

  • peevee

    If the rumor about “second half of 2013” is true, Olympus is crazy. Who buys 2-year-old E-5 anymore? Not to mention that it had outdated sensor even then. By the end of 2013 nobody will be left interested. They should be integrating E-M5’s sensor and IBIS (and newer version of the processor) right now if they still plan to make any money on 4/3 system.
    Sheesh, they have great engineers (as E-M5 shows), but their product planning and pricing is baffling. It’s like they DON’T WANT to make any money.

  • T-L

    By the way, in 2013, it will be ten years of 4/3, so maybe there will be a new camera good enough to satisfy people for another 10 years, just like E-1 ;)

  • shanti

    give us an E1 body with 16MP sensor like the OMD..perfect size and feel..cannot figure out why Oly changed from that body design???

    • bousozoku

      They wanted to go with a body that was more familiar to Nikon users.

      I’d think that reviving the E-1 body with an improved auto focus and sensor from the E-M5 would be great. I couldn’t care less about movies or Live View. A 1.8 inch LCD is big enough for anyone just shooting stills.

  • Olly Mpus

    Very easy, it has to have something outstanding. I am thinking of a prisma inside and 3 sensors of the E-M5. Each colour seperate, 3 times more pixels but same pixelsize like before. And of course some high definition lenses. Something like this.
    And of course a complete new design. Not this design like a piece of soap but a minimal skin arround the technic. I like to see what is inside. Think of the inside out design of centre pompidou in Paris. Show the advanced technic. And all direct buttons on the backside.

  • E-7 will be released mid 2013? So OM-D quality won’t be available for the best zuiko lenses ever made. E-5 still cannot match these lenses. OM-D is great but cannot focus SHG glass very fast.

    I made the correct decision to move to Nikon D800E. I will keep my GH2 with two lenses for stealth and film.

    • I think E-7 have more better IQ so E-M5, and also E-5 have better IQ so E-P1.

  • JS

    They should think of a FF body instead of investing in a system with a dead end.

    • Bart

      The purpose of a possible E-7 is to support the owners of high/super high-grade 4/3 lenses, I don’t think a full frame body is going to accomplish that…

      • JS

        Investing money just to support the owners of high/super high-grade 4/3 lenses is not feasible in my opinion. For those owners, mediocre camera will not be an option so investment would be needed. Imagine if the Olympus is releasing so called semi pro body for the 4/3 in the end of the 2013 that is apparently inferior to competition. It will only give them bad press. Sooner or later this system will be abandoned so I do not see a point in investing more money in that.

        I think that what we call now DSLR will be marketed only to professionals in few years. All consumer cameras will be rather the size of m4/3 like. Systems like APS-C will be also dead very soon.

        On the other hand pro body boosts sales of the consumer cameras because people see pros on big events with huge lenses with bold logos. That is why I am thinking Olympus needs a FF pro body.

        • Bart

          To those owners (I am one of them, and know many more of them) an E-5 with updated sensor and processing and 5-axis IBIS isn’t a mediocre camera at all. Body only it will be expensive for what it does, but switching to another system and replace lenses like the 100-250/2.8 with an equivalent, and ending up with similar overall quality (keep in mind that the body is only one, and not even the most important factor in IQ, the lens is), is going to cost many times the price of a body only upgrade. Since this allows spreading out investments over a longer time while maintaining quality, this is attractive to amateurs and professionals alike.

          Your logic works perfectly fine in that part of the market where people mostly use kit lenses, but it doesn’t for that part of the market where the camera body is only a small part of the investment in a system.

          There is absolutely nothing that dictates that a m4/3 camera aimed at professionals has to be small, it can be of very similar size to a D4 if that is really desired, and consequently, its quite possible to create a professional m4/3 camera that has all the quality, ergonomics and handling that the majority of professionals require, but some improvements in AF and viewfinder are really needed.

          A full frame camera however requires Olympus to design and release an entire new line of lenses, enough so to make a system that at least covers the basic requirements of a working professional. This is a very large investment, and when you are of the opinion (as Olympus seems to be) that with the advance of technology, ‘reflex mirror’ based technology will be relegated to very small niches in the coming years, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to invest in developing a new full-frame DSLR system.

          Not to mention, there is absolutely nothing ‘magic’ about the ‘full frame’ format, and the way people cling to it is rather similar to how people were clinging to medium and large format in the film days. What you are calling ‘full frame’ and present as ‘professional’ is generally called 135 format, and has always been regarded as an amateur format (which is just as short-sighted as calling ‘cropped sensor formats’ amateur).

          There is a very good reason why Nikon with its D800 is aiming at the bottom-end of medium format, for almost all practical uses where 135 format used to be king, smaller formats can now do the job. For those uses where 135 could just barely do the job and medium format used to be a better choice, 135 format is becoming a more practical alternative now. That is just a part of a development that has been going on since the early days of photography.

          An E-5 or for that matter E-M5 is a “full frame” 4/3″ format camera. A D4 is a “full frame” 135 format camera, and both sizes are just a result of practical considerations, trying to get sufficient quality from as small a medium as technically feasible at the moment of the conception of those formats.

          • JS

            I do not exactly understand your point nevertheless what I do understand is „that the body is only one, and not even the most important factor in IQ, the lens is”. A sharper lens on a smaller sensor can resolve the same than a less sharp lens on a larger sensor. So having larger sensor you can have cheaper lenses and maybe (but not necessarily) more expensive camera but the system in overall will cost you less. That is why this system doesn’t look very attractive for customers demanding the highest IQ. In the area of advanced photographer who doesn’t need top IQ m4/3 is more attractive because of its size. So potential market for E-7 is niche – just you and me and maybe couple of other guys probably all of them posted a message here so it is approx. 150 in total ;-)

            Of course if you invested in expensive lenses (I did) you would like to be able to use them virtually endlessly and from time to time buy a new body to take advantage of technology development. The only question is if further development of 3/4 system for niche market is considered a good business for Olympus shareholders. Take into account that Olympus is not making money on imaging in recent years. So my prediction is they will focus only on the most profitable sector of the imaging business and it looks it is m4/3 and not 4/3. Saying all that I just recently bought an expensive 4/3 lens …

            • bart

              There are a few points here:
              1. Olympus has a complete line of 4/3 lenses
              2. Olympus has NO 135 format lenses at all
              3. A 135 format body needs a new line of lenses which is a huge investment
              4. A new 4/3 body for which most of the required technology already exists is a minor investment compared to 3.
              5. A 4/3 body will help in transition to m4/3, a 135 format body will work against it
              6. A 4/3 bofy can share much of the technology with m4/3 bodies (sensor, ibis, procesdin) while a 135 format body can’t.
              7. Olympus has a not so good past with regards to continuity of their lens mounts (pen-f, fld, om, 4/3, with little to no upgrade path), if they fail again in this, many professionals simply will not consider any serious investment in m4/3
              8. Olympus believes 4/3 is a much better compromise then 135 format

              All this makes releading a ‘full frame’ body not an option not to mention they’d have to release an entire system, a body in itself is totally useless.

  • Don’t be silly m4/3 are for kiddies

    PL25, the F2’s 14-35 + 35-100 plus Zuiko 50 on E-7 can’t wait!
    Sorry look @ the German ColorFoto Scores for the Four/Thirds Range, their
    better than Zeiss, and way better than Canikon beer bottles that pass for glass.

    • Alexander

      This is not fully true, to make FF from 4/3 very easy – as minimum to put the 1 lens before matrix instead of mirror and you can get any size of picture with the same objectivs. Just example.

  • How to make E7 competitive?
    Make it full frame, of course, duh!

    Look around boys. Do you see full frame camera choices diminishing or growing?

    • Mike S Auckland NZ

      Most people do not need fullframe cameras with their huge file sizes, hardware requirements, backup space, lack of speed in processing and the real need to have high-grade lenses to leverage the sensor size. All of this is a significant investment that the average Joe/Jane would have very poor ROI unless they sell their work for $$,$$$ of dollars.

      If Olympus were going bring out a fullframe camera existing customers would loose their investment in High-grade and Super high-grade lenses – Olympus once annoyed their customer base before when they abandoned OM lens owners. If there would be yet another full frame offering why should annoyed Oly users once again trust Olympus and not go with Nikon, Canon or Sony.

      Most people do not need extremely low ISO capability plus have the fast and superb Oly lenses. It is sad that market trends get set by marketers and not customers i.e. higher and higher pixel count that most people do not need as they do not produce wallpaper-sized images (6MP for one A4 sized image), full-frame (huge files) and ever decreasing camera body size (while our hands do not get smaller), features that most people do not need (8-10 frames per second, unless you are a sports photographer),….instead how about producing better quality lenses for all brands, specialized cameras for various purposes, customers should force open standards,ah well, one can but dream.

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